Birds – Chapter 17

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Wednesday-16:03 P.M.


The sun was surely out in full force. I was walking on foot to The Circle.

Omowumi was right. Pontso is such a bitch. “No, she’s just a rookie”…really? Wow miss ‘suddenly big shot’. Who shoots nudes like that and not want them to leak anyway? She leaked them! Lying, desperate and fame whore. She would do anything to trend!

I was riled after an altercation with Pontso from her stupid Thee magazine cover shoot. Audrey the Ethiopian beauty is “just a rookie”! I can’t believe the things she said to me! How dare she say she MADE me? So if it wasn’t for the almighty Pontso; Audrey wouldn’t have walked for huge designers? Oh wow, let’s all bow to Pontso!

Me, Audrey. One of the few people who actually support her and she just looks down on me as the poor foreigner and spits on my face! Oh, I’m sorry Pontso that I wasn’t born in a wealthy family. Nothing was ever handed to me for free Pontso. I work for everything I have and have had, however perverse. The fact is that nothing was ever handed to me! You on the other hand just take. You just take Pontso. Because it is so rightfully yours! You really can’t be that smart to have all you have. The big house, and the boutique? Did you get a loan that you actually needed to work your butt off for like a normal ambitious being – to start your silly boutique? NO! Your father Pontso! The one you love to hate? Just signed a cheque and placed it in your hands. Spoilt, ungrateful brat!

What did she say again? “Stop jumping men to men”? Really Pontso? While you open your legs for fools like Macky? Who else did you sleep with that I do not know of Pontso?

A young and muscled looking guy in a yellow Jaguar honked at me, – “Hey baby girl, where to? … You are too pretty to be walking in the sun like that. Let me drop you off. Where are you going?” he said rubbernecking beside me. I observed him with his black shades and bald head. He now was smiling revealing three fake front gold teeth. I glanced at the road and the cars going fast past us. I then stopped and treaded closer to his car, – “Okay you promise you will drop me off at my place right?”

“Do I look like some kind of a criminal?” he replied. Oh what the hell. I got in the front passenger sit. He smiled at me again licking his lips. He continued driving; – incredibly faster.

The interior of the car was surprisingly clean. He ogled down at my long legs, back at my boobs, and then my face. “Wait, I know you.” he said.  “I’m sure you do.” I replied unmoved. He looked at me with comprehension,-“Yes I know you. You are that girl from Teens Mzansi neh? Audrey the Barbie? And you are dating MK right?” How oblivious.

“Well. Not anymore.” I said slightly annoyed. “You and MK broke up?” he said with such a stunned amazement. He clearly lived under a rock; just ignorant and relishing around in the expensive car.

“Yeah we did.” I responded looking outside the car window. “Oh wow, I thought you are still dating. You two looked like a happy couple; I’m sorry.”

I glanced around the car again. Its orderliness and scent was inviting.

“Nice ride.” I said.


“Is it yours?”

He laughed,-“Of course it’s mine.” he couldn’t have thrived for it. He’s just another Pontso, I thought.

“So where are you coming from walking on foot? I’m sure you have a car.”

“Long story.” I replied

We arrived at The Circle.

“This is where you said I should drop you off right?” I nodded. He applied the brakes and looked at me smiling ardently again. As he was to say something;-I slowly slid out. I knew he was staring at my behind.


“When can I see you again Barbie?”

“You won’t cheese boy. Thanks for the ride though.” I shut the door at him

“Oh, it’s like that huh? Okay!”  He shouted. I strut towards the complex gate. He then veered his jaguar and speedily drove off.

My cell phone chimed. I opened my purse, and it was a text message from Dingaan: *Pumpkin, I’m at the airport already. Are you still coming?*.


He had asked me to come pick him up from his Cape Town trip. Such a peculiar rich man. Asking his girlfriend to come pick him up in her old car.

I texted back: Give me 10 minutes baby. I’ll be there.* I pressed send.

I literally ran to my car in the garage. I took out car keys from my purse. I then slid in a tight jean and a pink & proper non-revealing top. I then drove to the Airport.

My relationship with Dingaan was going in the right direction. I liked him. He was such a romantic and sweet man. Everything was perfect. Everything, including the sex.

He had stamina of a twenty year old to my surprise. And he surely knew his throne in the sack.

I reminisced over our night after the dinner date while driving. How, when I entered his hotel suite; there were red roses leading towards his bar table; – where more roses circled around three bottles of champagne, strawberries and chocolates. “I’m glad you agreed. It would have felt idiotic arriving to this without you.” He had said. Oh how thoughtful Dingaan.

We had a shower together. The love making started there all the way to the bedroom. He was the most vulnerable I have ever seen him. His body begged and howled for me. He moved when mine said he should. I was in control. I was the Queen and he was my Acolyte. And I made sure I performed things his wife would never try doing. Wives grimace the activities we practiced in that hotel suite.

However sinister one might somehow ludicrously decide to take it; but when the sun goes down in the east, and the children clear the streets;-everyone has a part to play. Everyone has a role. I was playing mine. I was interested and ambitiously ardent in mine. And I am happy to say; it was one of the best nights of my life. No one can take it away from me. Not even Pontso.

I found Dingaan waiting for me at the airport entrance. He tottered slouchy towards me. I hugged him and gave him a smooch. “You look exhausted.” I said brushing his shoulders. “It was a very tiring trip. How are you?  You look cute. Look at you.” he said.

“I do right?” I turned around for him, -“I’m good baby. I’m happy to see you.” I said kissing him again.

“Hmmm, so this is the car.” he said. “Yeah, this is the car. I told you its old.” I responded. “It’s not that bad…no I’m lying, it’s bad.” he chuckled.

“Oh you laugh. Get in Mr”

I took his two bags and placed them in the back seats.

“Take me to the hotel. I just want to take a shower and lie down.” He said


His phone kept ringing when we headed to the Hotel building. “I didn’t imagine your life this busy. Successful people like you should be relaxing Dingaan.”

“Not on earth. Maybe when I’m dead. The working never stops.”

“That sucks.”

When we arrived at the hotel; a guard took his bags, and we went up to his hotel suite through the elevator; – with my hand in his.

“Come in.” he said. The guard placed his bags by the door. Dingaan gave him a tip.

He then headed to the ensuite bathroom; and I poured myself a glass of pineapple juice and sat on the couch.

“What did you do today?” He said from the bathroom. “I had a shitty day.” I responded.

“Oh?  What Happened?” he said now standing at the bathroom door; brushing his teeth. “I went with my friend to her photo-shoot for a magazine; which went disastrous. And after that, we had a fight.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” and he went back inside. “It’s okay; she can be such a pain.”

“And you?”

“What about me?”

“You are pain too Audrey. I’m sure you gave her a piece of your mind.”

“I’m a very nice person Sir; you know that.”

“Yes you can be when you want to.”

I observed him going to the bedroom and back. I eyed around the living room and kitchen. This can actually be my life, I thought. Spending time with my man in this expensive hotel. I can really make amazing love in this pent house!

Pernain kitchen set, antique oak furniture, chandeliers and Archeocopper bathtubs. What a ridiculously lavish hotel suite. This is the life!

He came out of the bedroom in a white towel. “I’m going to take a shower.” he said.

“Okay big daddy.” I responded.

I looked around the living room again. I took off my heels, grasped the TV remote from the glass table and switched the TV on. Nothing tickled my fancy. I went to the kitchen.

Without thinking twice; I started cooking. Does he like pap? Does he prefer rice? Or he goes the other way and enjoys minced meat samosas with wine, just like me? I went with samosas. I looked inside the fridge and cabinets. Everything I needed was there. Better to cook your man your best dish than make a fool out of yourself…

A cell phone started ringing from the dining room. I paced to where the sound was coming from. It was Dingaan’s cell phone in one of his bags. I rummaged for it, and on the screen appeared the name ‘Mrs Dlanga’

I just gawked at it in my hand with its taunting vibrations. It then stopped ringing. I could hear the water in the shower. He wouldn’t want to be disturbed, I thought. The phone rang again. Do I answer it? Who am I? How annoying. Next his kids will be calling him; oh he doesn’t have kids. Thank God, I reminded myself.

I placed the phone on a table ringing and went back to the kitchen. What does the woman want? How does she look like? Probably in her forties; fat from all her husband’s money and sexually repelling. Why else would he be here with me? I conjectured.

Dingaan came back from the shower with his hair all damped and his small belly poking at me. I was now lying on the couch browsing through my cell phone while the TV was on. “Are you cooking?” he asked.

“Oh yes,”

“Good. I’m hungry.”

“Hungry for food right?” I said sitting up. “Both.” he said smirking, – “What are you cooking?”

“Food Dingaan. Which I hope you would like.”

“Okay, let me put on some clothes.”

I ran stealthily behind him and jumped on his back. “Audrey…” he murmured flinching forward. We giggled heading to the bedroom.

Cocoa butter soap and shampoo. He was clean and full of energy. I caressed his neck with my lips. He leisurely threw me on the bed.

He moved to his large closet and took out a dark red collared t-shirt and grey sweat pants. “Come here.” I said, – “On the bed, come, and lay down face down.”

“What are you doing?” he said curious. I paced to the bathroom and went back to the bedroom with massaging oils.

“Audrey, So thoughtful.” he said.

“I know, even after that shower you are still looking a bit tense.”

I swivelled him against me and spread drops of oil on his back.

“Uh…uh that’s really good Audrey.” he purred as I moved my hands on his muscular back. I went back and forth his shoulders and nape.

“Audrey…” he purred uncontrollably as I massaged him; I chuckled.

He then turned to face me. He leered up into my eyes and said- “I got you something…I hope you will like.”

“What is it?” I was curious.

He walked out of the bedroom and came back with a jewellery box. My heart was jumping up and down like a cheer leader holding pong pongs.

“Open it.” he handed the box to me. I opened it slowly, and making sure I did not show my excitement. My eyes popped when I saw the pair of diamond earrings. They looked extremely expensive. For a moment I thought I did not deserve them. But imagining how great I would look in them; I showed my excitement by giving him a smooch.

“So you like them? … They seemed like your style.”

“I love them…I love them Dingaan. Thank you.” in my head I was calculating what could actually be coming next. A gold necklace? A million rand car probably? The thought made me eager for everything to go at a fast pace! I needed a strategy to get there quick.

He grinned and slowly let go of his towel. I quickly placed the box by the side of the bed and took off my jean shorts. I leered back at him,-“So, what now Mr Dlanga?” I said swivelling on the white sheets.

“You are so beautiful Audrey.” he said grasping my buttocks, – “I could just look at you laying here and do nothing…. just watch you be.” he said mesmerised. “While thee honourable John Thomas is excited like that?” I said looking at his manhood. He grinned again.

“Your condoms are still in the drawer?” I said.

“In that left drawer, yes.”

I crawled across the bed, took out two condoms and placed them on the bed.

“Come handsome.”

“A girl of safety.” he said leaning further onto me. He kissed my thighs, up to my navel, and all over my torso.

“It is an unsafe world…” I said panting.


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