Birds – Chapter 16

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“Okay we can go to shooting when you are done with the make-up.” said the style editor.

In a half an hour I was done. Audrey was back and said I looked great as always.

“Next you will have an interview at the garden with Mpho our gossip column writer. You are going to have a shoot there as well.” Said the style editor

“Okay, alright.” I responded. My adrenaline was rushing; I have to kill this shoot!                                                                                     

We stepped in the shooting area; -which was outside. It was a lush and impressively decorated set. A king size bed was arranged on a lawn since it was a ‘Bedroom inspired lingerie shoot’.

After putting the lingerie wear on; I went through covered with a gown. The weather was perfect, and the photographer seemed experienced. I was relieved and felt more confident.

The photographer greeted and hugged me and mentioned he hoped we will work together well. That seemed familiar; I felt at place.

I unclothed the gown away. I noticed the males who were on set were so engrossed at my body; I sought to look as if I didn’t notice.

It was show time! The poses weren’t hard. I could do any pose in my sleep. I had a black weave on, -which was more lingering than my normal day weaves. I had more makeup on than my preferred ‘minimal makeup’. I also had my own Victoria’s secret red lingerie on, and my eight inch Black heels with red console. Every piece of the clothing was mine.

The first shooting I was sitting in seiza position against the photographer with my face turned to him. “Can you move a little bit to the left?” he said

“Uhm, like this?” I behaved like a real pro.

“Perfect…ehm can the fan be more intense please. We want to achieve that sexy vision that this whole thing is about right? Let’s work together people…” he commanded. He had that dark, chocolate complexion, and a very deep and strong imposing voice. Brian came to my mind. Don’t all these photographers just look the same? Lord this man is hot.

The next one I was lying on the bed. The hot photographer was very impressed, – “You are really a model aren’t you? I’ve never seen anything like this. Wow these look great.” I was happy and flattered. However, the things I was requested to do next baffled me.

“Can you now please remove the bra, and trade with your arm so to cover your cups?”

“Uhm?” I mumbled looking around, – “Excuse me?” I said. He was surprised with my response. Everyone was just staring at me as if waiting for me to kowtow.

He said- “Huh? I was told I was going to take two pictures of you in lingerie, two at the garden and one half-nude. Isn’t that the agreement?” he looked at the Editor.

I instantly said-“No, i was told I’m going to be in a swim wear or lingerie. And no for God’s sake I won’t remove my bra!” he looked at me confused,-“Oh, okay then I guess we are done here?” he said. Audrey had her mouth covered.

“This must be some sort of misunderstanding, I’m sorry.” the editor apologised to the photographer. “And where is my apology Ma’am? Did you really think I was going to pose naked for you? You must be insane!” Without a second thought; I took my heels off, stormed off the set and flounced to the rest room. Audrey followed me.

“Can you believe these people? Suddenly everybody wants me to pose nude? This is crazy!” I exclaimed. “I know right. I couldn’t believe it either.” said Audrey. I begin changing into some proper clothes.

“So we are leaving right?” she said. “Damn right we are leaving. They will hear from me soon.”

There was a knock at the door. “Pontso can we talk?” she said in a confidential tone and came inside, closing the door behind her. It was the editor.


“I’m sorry about what happened. We were just trying to make it look better.” She said.

“Better how? Do you know how many magazines right now would die to get me in lingerie? But being one of the biggest magazines in this country -I chose you. This was obviously a mistake. And to think I was doing this for a couple of pennies, I-”

“I know. That’s why I’m so sincerely sorry right now.”

“No. You are going to have to pay for what happened, and the interview altogether. That was so disrespectful and unexpected.”

“I’m sorry. We can continue with the interview tomorrow. I apologise again. I will arrange the payment as well.”

Audrey interjected- “You know she could press charges right? That was sexual harassment. And it being such a sensitive topic in this country right now; this will get some attention, and your little magazine will be done.”

“I know. I really am sorry. Please do not do anything outrageous, I thought with-”

I interrupted her-“With what? You think I go around revealing my tits out to everyone? What kind of a person do you think I am?”

“Please calm down. We can settle this in a mature manner. Just forget this ever happened. I apologise with my whole heart. I am a woman as well… I regret what transpired deeply.”

Audrey was now shouting- “Lady, Do you know who she is? You can’t ask a girl to take off her bra!” she just nodded and continued pleading. Having seen how frightened she was; I finished dressing up and Audrey and I left.


When we got into the car; we burst out laughing- “Did you see the look on her face? She was scared!” Audrey said clapping her hands and imitating her facial expressions. “She knows who I am now. These people should never be in control. We are in control….trying to sell using us, nxa.” I said,

“That was so unprofessional. I will teach them professionalism.”

“The photographer was hot though! If I were you, I would show him my boobs anytime he wanted me to.”

“I know, my palms were sweating! He doesn’t beat Brant though.”

She just nodded.


I was now driving. I said- “That reminds me. Brant is hosting Bontle’s party tomorrow night at Azania. You are coming right?”

“Girl you know am there. Let’s hope Macks won’t be there. Considering what happened the last time you partied with him.”

“You stop bringing him up. And he’s obviously going to be there.”

“I really wonder what made you cheat on Brant with him. He has money and all, but other than that; – he’s a pervert. Brant is a gentleman. He doesn’t deserve that.” she was now pressing, I ignored her remarks.


She glanced at the time and said-“I have to be somewhere in like twenty minutes.”

“Where? You never get serious stuff to do.”

“No Phontsho. I went with you to your photo shoot. I need to do me now; I’m always following you around.”

“Okay whatever; no need to justify It.”, I quickly added- “And you also had to see how I do my thing anyway. I’m sure you learnt a thing or two.”

“Oh please, I know pretty much. I’ve been on magazines and walked ramps like you …. You always look down on me. I don’t know why.” she suddenly looked narked. “That is not true. I merely just say the truth.”

I concentrated on the road. We were at a highway. The traffic was ridiculous.


Audrey then looked directly at me and said-“Saying I am “just a rookie”? I was so offended; but I kept quiet. I have done so much in the past year. And considering am your best friend, and I do pretty much the same modelling as you do;-you could have at least considered to do the shoot with me. Not brush it off the way you did.”

I was not in the mood for her sudden heart to heart talk. It was hot and the traffic was draining.


“That’s absurd Dree.” I finally said.

“How is it absurd? You just like being centre of everything. No one else deserves to shine but Phontsho!”


“But the shoot was about me. The cover is supposed to be me. And the story is to be about me –Pontso. It won’t make any sense putting both you and me there.” I looked back at me and continued- “I’ve done way too many things in this industry Audrey. Maybe if you actually reach that; then we can consider making covers and interviews together. It’s not about whether we are friends or not.” she just shook her head looking morose like she could breathe fire at any time.

Just when she wanted to say something; I continued- “I cannot believe your attack even. Are you being serious right now? I literally made you in this modelling thing, and be at least known than presenting on that kiddies show.”

“Excuse me?!” she exclaimed.

“Yes Dree. Am I not the one who helped you get the Mr Price as well as the Legit deal? Am I not the one who helped you walk for David? The one thing that actually got you recognised? I made you Audrey.”

I was trying so hard not to be loud like her, but…- “Are you saying I have and done all that because of you? Honey, I’ve always wanted to do modelling since when you too was hosting Teen Mzansi! And I have tried and worked hard! It is just unfortunate I’m not connected and rich like you!” she was so loud; I kept looking at the sides. It was mortifying.


I said to her-“Is that my fault? And stop shouting Dree; people are staring.”

“Lord you are so rude! …You know what, let me out.” she said. I couldn’t believe her sudden tantrums. “Here? Are you nuts?” it was right in the middle of a highway; cars everywhere. “Let me out i say! You are so unappreciative!”

Unappreciative? Of what?

I couldn’t fathom what she was so upset about. Attacking me for not agreeing to do a feature with her? On my cover?


“Look we are almost there…wait for a while. I will drop you off at your place, relax. Stop shouting; for God’s sake, Audrey.”

“Bitch, I said unlock this door!” she yelled banging the dashboard. This was certainly not going to end well. I unlocked her door. She slammed it when she got out.


There she was walking between the cars fuming, lord have mercy.




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  1. Queen Pontso. “I made you” Yes hunny! Love a person who tells it like it is and does not sugar coat. I am becoming a groupie LOL. Dree seems to have a crush on Brant. Always bringing him up in conversations and calling him a gentlemen. He seems like a prick so far to me.

  2. Pontsho y do I gt the feeling dat u e those kind of friends who undermine other.everything seems to be abt u,u seem to think u r the better 1.entlek o batla go goriwa as a friend mxm

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