Birds – Chapter 15

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Wednesday-12:12 p.m.


I was suddenly excited about the Thee magazine cover shoot. This was going to be the first time receiving a full article on me, and it was also my first ever being on the cover of a gossip magazine. This was definitely the right move for more fame.

When I received the schedules of the shootings; I just couldn’t wait. I wasn’t nervous anymore.

I had invited Audrey to go with me and she agreed. I did not want to go alone. Brant was too busy preparing for his gigs and his afternoon radio talk show. I also did not want to be viewed as Brant’s girl anymore. This was going to be about me and me only.

I picked up Audrey at her place. The complex was surprisingly always noisy. Loud music, screaming infants, people in large groups going in and out; -just chaos! And as always I was never prepared for the things she put on.

“Are you seriously coming in that?” I questioned when she treaded to my car. She was wearing a skimpy bum-short and a pink push up ‘bra’ top. Her boobs were all I could see.


She replied annoyed-“Yes! What’s wrong with it?”

“Audrey, I can see everything.”

She rolled her eyes and got into the car, – “Just drive Phontsho. There is nothing wrong with what I’m wearing.” she added – “I’m even advertising for you. I got this outfit from your summer range.”

“I know all my clothes. And the idea was not to wear them together like that.”

“And where was that written? I look hot! Look at me…just drive.”

Lord!  I just pressed the gear.

If she was going for a tacky, desperate, ratchet and whorish kind of look; then she nailed it. I turned the radio on.

It was 12:30 p.m. and on the way to the venue; we listened to Brian’s show- which he co-hosted with Dj Macky. Their conversations were always controversial, fun and they worked together so well.

Brant was very good at his job. His voice agreed for Radio as well. Their show had many listeners from the youth, and received high ratings. There was never a dull moment. They never spoke about their personal lives, and had obliged not to answer to any personal questions if they so encounter; nor be chippy with the viewer’s opinions. However, this one caller caught Brain off guard.

They had asked listeners to give their celebrity crushes. They had also asked if they were to take them out on a date; – where would they like to take them.

Obviously more guys called than ladies. Humour was intended as many callers would make jokes when calling. But this caller did not make Brant laugh,-“Hey guys, Hello? Hello? Can you guys hear me?” said the caller.

Brant jumped in- “Oh yes my man. We can hear you.”

“Hello, i am lucky, calling from Soshanguve.”

“Alright Lucky my man. So who would you like to take out if you had the chance to and why?” without waiting any longer, the caller said- “Oh man, Pontso Molomo! That girl is hot!”

Audrey clapped her hands laughing. I shooshed her and turned up the volume… this should be interesting.


Macky said laughing awkwardly- “Wow, okay you got balls man.”

Brian was abruptly silent as the grave. The caller continued- “Bruh, askies to my brother there. But I saw some pictures of her… yoh, yoh, yoh! Ah Brant! I understand Bruh!”

I knew then that Brant was definitely not pleased. Macky continued- “So where would you take her if you had the chance?”

“Ah man…I heard she has money; so I would impress her and take her to Jamaica and-” Whilst the caller was talking; we could hear that Brian mumbled something to Macky which Macky was not agreeing to.


I was now driving slowly. This is not going to end well, I thought. We were not far from our destination.


The caller said-“You know girls from here ekasi are saying rude things about her. Hey man Brant! They are jealous bruh!”

I was a bit flattered. This caller was the most interesting and happy fan I ever heard. He was very enthusiastic in his voice talking about me. Macky then said-“So let’s say Phontsho was listening. What would you say to her?”  I couldn’t believe what Macky was doing. And one could tell by his tone he was not completely free; but only wanted to entertain the caller.


Audrey and I listened without words passing between us. “I will tell her she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen! I love her, her body, she is-” and out of the blue; – the caller was cut and on came a commercial break.


Audrey and I looked at each other. “Brant must be furious where he is.” I said driving a bit faster.  “Can you blame him? Macks was a total jerk. He should have cut that caller long ago.”

“But the guy was harmless Dree. The topic was stupid anyway. As always, Brant let his sensitivities get the best of him. That guy did not even insult me. He needed to be professional.”

“Oh please Phontsho, Macks had intentions and Brant had every right to get mad as your man. The caller knows you guys are dating, even mentioning those nudes; I mean really.”

A certain taint smell was suddenly all over the car. “Oh my God Audrey! Did you just fart?”

She was laughing. I opened the windows quickly. “I’m sorry.” she was still cackling

“You are so nasty Dree.”

We arrived at our destination. 13:30 p.m. it was; right on time. Their attentions quickly shifted to me.

Everything seemed in order. I hugged the Editor of Thee Magazine, and also greeted the other people who were there.


“Hello Pontso. I’m Lindile Sobukwe. I’m the style editor of Thee. The makeup artist is waiting for you in the dressing room…. I will be monitoring this whole shoot. Please, everything you might need, you should not hesitate to tell me alright?”

“I hope you are not too busy because you are going to be here for quite some time.” said the lady with a hoarse voice and a grin which screamed ‘butt licker’

“It’s alright. I’m free today.” I said. I managed to smile back. My makeup was to be done immediately.


“These are the colours which are preferred for the shoot but you can-” this other blonde woman said standing in front of me in the dressing room. I interrupted her- “Uhm who is she?” I asked the style editor. “She’s our makeup artist, she-”

“She is? No I don’t think she can do my makeup. I think I will do my own make up.” the blonde woman looked at me as if offended. I wasn’t about to feel anything for her. She did not look like a makeup artist. Her own make up was a catastrophe. When I eyed her hands; her nails were so untidy. I was flabbergasted!

“Okay then you can do your make-up Pontso. It’s alright.” the Editor said. And suddenly, the so called make-up artist wanted to do Audrey’s make up.

“No, no, no. Only Phontsho is doing the shoot. I have no connection to this.” said Audrey.

“Oh, I thought you are both on the shoot. I’m sorry.” she said tittering. I rolled my eyes. Then the style editor said- “Maybe it is not such a bad idea. You guys are friends and both models. She can also be featured.”

“No.” I jumped in,-“That’s not a good idea. You can’t put me and her on the same cover; she’s not that experienced. She’s just a rookie. Maybe some other time.” I felt so insulted. You cannot put an experienced and mature model with a rookie. It did not make any sense.

“Ma’am, where is the rest room?” Audrey asked. “Uhm just go straight right out of this dressing room and turn left. You will see it.”

“I hope you are not sick Dree.” I said. She just made a lazy laugh and she rushed out.







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  1. Pontso, how insensitive of you. Reminds me of Nonhle Thema…. Don’t you think that your “rookie” friend deserves a break too. You were once were she was too.

  2. Totally understand where Pontsho comes from, this is her 1st ice breaker, yew can’t share the spotlight with someone when it’s only your first opportunity tuh be out there.. She was juss too rude b0u it!!!

  3. Pontso…couldn’t she just be polite? It was not necessary especially infront of her so called “Best friend”

  4. She was right just said it wrong. She should have put it in a polite way. Besides Dree would have reacted the same way given a chance…

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