Birds – Chapter 13

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Monday- 17:38 p.m.


Everything was in order at Zazzles even after what transpired with the journalists. It was now around 5 p.m. All I wanted to do was go back to my place and be alone. Even then I was getting calls. My mom called when I was entering my place, -“Ngwanake, my child. Are you okay?” she sounded fussed.

“I’m okay Ma.” I replied .

She was calling at the wrong time. I was knackered. Terrible day it was. My nude pictures on front pages, and the media at my Boutique; it was like my life was just blowing right in front of me.

“What are you doing now?” she asked.

“I am just at my house. Ke kgathetse, I’m tired.”

She quickly said- “We saw the pictures on the paper today. Your father obviously is not pleased.”

I exhaled and rolled my eyes,-“Well, I don’t care what my father thinks, I don’t care what you think, and I don’t care what everyone else thinks.”

I added- “I’m not the one who made them go public Ma.”

I was now taking my clothes and shoes off. I just wanted to lie on my couch.

I headed to the bedroom. I laid the clothes in the wardrobe, and I quickly got into my nightie. She said- “We all make mistakes baby. That boy is obviously a bad influence. And to think I thought he’s mature; you need to-” I interrupted her – “I don’t need to do anything Ma. He says his friend leaked them.” I went back to lock the door.

I wasn’t planning to go out anytime soon. “What is this friend’s name?” she probed. “It’s Thabz.” I responded


“Thabiso Lerole Ma. He’s just a computer geek.”

“What are you planning to do then?”

“I don’t know. I’m dealing with so much right now. I don’t know.”

“Well your father wants to sue the papers.”

I was taken aback by what she said; but of course papa wanted to sue. All he does is sue, sue and sue like that would change anything.


When he was splashed all over the papers with his second mistress; he shouted about how he was going to sue them. My mom would sit down mute and meek like the submissive wife that she is whilst he strolled tall around the house, and cursing on top of his voice: “I will sue them and get them all fired! Do these people know who I am?”

I felt like slapping him and run to my mother, shake her and shout at her: “This man cheated on you. This man cheated on you countless times! Don’t you have something clever to say?”


I wasn’t shocked when his ass was painted all over the media about him and the woman. We all knew papa was unfaithful to Ma.

The first one no media needed to announce that my father was sleeping with a model. I knew the girl as she was in the same modelling agency as mine.

“He told the wife that he was going on a business trip and that fool believed him.”

“Shhh she might hear you.” I overheard the girl talking to her friend when I was in the rest room. The friend then asked- “So you are going to Mauritius together?”

“Yes. Hand me that bag, I want to show you what I’m going to rock in. I bought it in Woolworth this morning.”

I flushed, and went to the mirror were the two girls were standing. The girl then revealed the sluttiest lingerie corset I have ever witnessed.

She then said- “Khumi is going to love this.” Whilst placing the corset against her chest; and they giggled.


I only gathered when I exited the room that they were actually referring to my father. I could feel my heart tilt and bleed. My mother uttered and did nothing when I told her.


“Well he can do what he wants to do as he always does. Why didn’t he ask me how I feel about them? Why hasn’t he called? Lebogang called, and at least you are calling.” I said going to my bedroom. “When are you coming home?” she changed the subject, typical.

“I don’t know. I’m not planning to any time soon. I was just there not long ago anyway.”

“But are you happy where you are nana? You need family at times like this. You can always quit all this and concentrate on your degree.” I was getting irked. They never agreed to any of my career choices.

“Ma, I’m doing fine! I’m making money for myself. I’m doing well. This will blow off eventually.”

I don’t know whether I believed that or not. I just wanted to get over with the conversation.


I took out blue berry flavoured ice cream and turned the TV on. “Did papa put you up to this? Why yena asa fone? Why didn’t he call himself?”

“You know he’s busy, he will-”

“Yeah, busy sleeping around; cheating on you. That’s what he’s busy with.” she kept quiet. And as if she did not hear what I said, she then said- “O swanetse o hlokomele Pontso, You should really be careful. All we ever do is try and understand what you do.”

“I am very much careful, and I have been ever since I’ve decided to come into this industry.” I continued – “And I take myself to be a very intelligent person. I can take care of myself Matshidiso.” I called her by her name whenever I was annoyed, and she knew what to do then, and that is to shut up.


“Okay baby.” she said.

“Right, I have to go. Bye”

“Okay bye baby.” she responded.


My favourite reality show was on, “Dineo’s diary”. I wasn’t even concentrating.

Later I logged on twitter before I could sleep. I was now being called “Porntso” how pathetic. It was amazing how I was being insulted and not many said anything to Brant. He was also in a picture longing for me.

I haven’t responded to anything on social media since I found out about the pictures. I felt so bullied and dictated.

I then went to Audrey’s Time Line and the photo she took with me at the restaurant earlier on was receiving attention as well. Some saying I looked too happy after what “I did”. Was I supposed to pose crying? And apparently the top I was wearing was “Inappropriate”.

They were now eulogizing Audrey’s sense of dressing saying it’s beautiful and that she looked like a Barbie. I couldn’t believe it. She wears rags and garbage! How can you even compare us?

I always was complemented on for my style and fashion. Fellow celebs, ordinary people and fans would ask where I get my clothes and how to get them. Some would even ask for fashion advice. And now suddenly my dressing went from classy to trashy. To think what I wore earlier that day was very sophisticated; I also questioned myself. I knew then that I was going to be attacked for everything I do, say, put on or even what I think. The thought depressed me.

I decided to respond:

*Those who claim I leaked the pictures; well I have nothing to say to you. However, know that I was raised well! I come from a respected family, and most of all- I have all I need and want. Why would I leak them? But anyway, thanks to some of you who responded well.*

On all my social network accounts.

Brant immediately called me after my response received some expected attention and comments. “I saw your posts just now. How are you holding up?” he said.

“I’m fine. I really don’t care anymore…what are you doing? You sound busy.”

“No, I’m driving.”

“Where are you headed?”

“To work Pontso. I texted you. I’m having a gig in 15 minutes.” I glanced at the time. “It’s like two o’clock right now….your job sucks.”

“Yeah, but it pays the bills.”

There was silence.


I then said-“You want to tell me what was up with you this morning?”

“Me? What did I do?”

“During sex Brant. You were so aggressive.”

“I was?” he then made a corny laugh, -“Well you seemed to like it. Did you like it?”

“No I didn’t.”

He tittered,-“We both know you are lying babes. What are wearing now? Those sexy pyjamas?”

I knew his intentions to the question; so I played along, – “No, I’m totally naked right now.” my voice was now incredibly low.

“Is it? You know what that does to my imagination right?” I licked my lips. “I picture you licking your lips, touching and fiddling yourself right now”

“You know me well.” I made a naughty moan.

“Damn” he murmured as if flicking around something.

“I want to come over.” he said.

I laughed-“You are a horny bustard. Go to work. There is money to make.”

“Oh, is like that huh? You seduce me and leave me hanging?”

“Well it must suck to be you don’t it? You are crazy baby.”

“I’m crazy about you.” he said with his deep grim voice. I kept quiet.


“I know.” I finally said.

“I don’t want to lose you Pontso. You mean the world to me.”

“You won’t.” I simply said as if reassuring him.


There was another silence. I decided to change the subject, – “Uhm you know papa wants to sue the papers? And he will do it.”

“Really? But I don’t blame him. That article was uncalled for. I didn’t even see it…As always twitter went crazy.”

I sighed. He suddenly sounded caught up, – “Baby I’m almost at the venue. I have to go. You will be good right?”

“Yep.” I replied. I could hear noise in the background. “Okay bye.” I said

“I love you baby.”

“Me too.” I said hanging up.



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    Thanks for the great chapter Kelso… You never disappoint.

  2. I like Pontso’s “I don’t care” attitude but she does not have to be so rude to her mom. Dj brant is very suspect.

  3. pontso z disrespectful, arrogant, bad frand. no wonder ey leaked those pics they wr tryna fix her arrogant behind. brant z dodgy too. ….

  4. Dj Brant reminds me of Shakespeare’s Othello. I fear for Pontso. Yeah he might not kill her but he would not stop at anything to make her “undesirable” to others just to keep Pontso to himself. So without a doubt I think he leaked nudes. He’s probably doing it to teach her a lesson because he knows she cheated… Hai whatever the reason Birds is really interesting. Keep up the AMAZING work Keletso

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