Birds – Chapter 12

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19:40 p.m.


I sat on the seat with my head and shoulders upright. I wore a pageantry smile. However, I made sure I did not look robotic, – just lady like and cute.

“I do look great don’t I?” said Dingaan giggling, and putting on his seat belt.

“Yes, you look so different when you’re not in a suit.”

He was now driving. Classical music playing.

“So where are we going Mr?” I asked.

“A good restaurant. Not far from here actually. I eat there often. Are you hungry?”

“I am. I had such a long day. I was just about to eat actually.”

“What did you do?”

“Projects, my boutique…Just a lot.”

“Oh yes. What did you say your boutique was again?”

“Uhm Zazzles… I own it with a friend.”

“Oh okay. That seems like a sweet deal.”


He the asked-“You reside alone at the complex?”

“No. I stay with a couple of friends. Some you saw that night when we met.”

“Oh yes. Interesting bunch of girls…I hope you enjoy living with them.”

“No, not really. I just want to own a place soon.”

“Soon…” he said as if amused.

“Yes soon.” I said looking at him beside me driving. He looked so different.

“What?” he asked noticing my stare. “No nothing. You just surprise me.”

“You said you like surprises.”

“I do…so where are you going tomorrow?”

“I am going on a business trip, Cape Town. I have a few things I need to do there. I’m only going to be there for a day actually.”


“Yes. Why?”

“No, no just asking.” I quickly replied.

“Well we are here…” he said opening his door.

I tried looking through the tinted windows. He then finally came around to my door and opened it for me.

“You are such a gentleman.” I said.

“Let’s go eat gorgeous lady.”

He held out his hand. I slid out of the car. We then went in the restaurant hand in hand.

The place was quiet. The people all looked business orientated.

We sat down and were ready to order.

“So what would we like?” he asked. “Uhm I think…. the stake will do for me.”

“I shall take the stake plate too please; and a bottle of good red wine.” he said to the waitress, – a middle aged black lady with very heavy makeup.

“And that will be all Mr Dlanga?” I gathered she knew him

“I think so.” responded Dingaan. She nodded and proceeded to another table.

I explored the restaurant again. It was like a business meeting; and an old white couple’s conference.

I then noticed that Dingaan was observing me. “Why are you always searching everywhere you are?” he said.


“No. You are always looking and searching, up and sideways. Are you looking for someone?”

“No, no uhm… I just like looking for familiar faces, that’s all.”

“For what?”

“Uhm …I don’t know. I just look.”

“Cautious, I see.” he said leaning his stature towards me.

“Not really.” I managed a smile.


I then changed the subject, – “So tell me more about you Dingaan. Ehm … of course except being chief executive of Karoo conglomerates and coal. I gather stakes in various companies?, and having an MBA in Law from Edinburgh University in the UK,- where you lived for almost twelve years….Uhm three houses in the whole of South Africa, a wife and no children?”

“Wow… You really did your homework” he said astonished

“I Google…”

“Every man you go out with?”

“Yes, and unfortunately Wikipedia recognises you.”

He laughed,-“Oh okay Audrey, well-”

The middle aged waitress then positioned the food on the table; looked at Dingaan, then gave me a bizarre look of contempt.


“Excuse me Miss; why are you looking at me like that?” I said to her.

She responded- “How am I looking at you?”

“You gave me a look. A very disturbing look.”

“Audrey-” interrupted Dingaan. “Did you not see the look she gave me?”

The lady looked at the nearby table. I noticed the couple seated on the table were now staring at us. She then turned her eyes back at me, – “Well I don’t think I gave you a look.”

“Woman, I saw you under those huge eyelashes!”

“Okay I’m sorry.” she said with her demeanour not coherent. I rolled my eyes, and she walked off.

“You did not have to do that.” said Dingaan looking upset. “But she-”

“No but’s Audrey. People will not always be happy with you. You should have ignored her.”

“Well she shouldn’t -”

“Audrey…” he hissed.


He then suddenly seemed more upset, and said- “Are you discomfited with being with an older man, is that it?”

“No, of course not. I don’t care.”

“You don’t?”

“Yes I don’t.”

“Well now you look like you do.” he sighed and added wryly- “Just eat Audrey.”

There was silence between us as we devoured through the food. I kept quiet as I was aware I made him uncomfortable.

The stake was delicious; along with everything that came with it. I looked at him, was I wrong?

“I’m sorry Dingaan.”

“You don’t have to apologise. Just… I just thought you do things because you feel like it. Not caring what everyone else thinks. You are now making me uncomfortable because of your discomfort.”

“No I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m comfortable.”

“Are you sure Audrey?” he asked looking directly into my eyes. “Yes I am.”

“Alright. We are on the same page then.” he continued, – “When I said I like you; I wasn’t trying to…. You seemed, uhm….carefree and vivacious. I want that. I need that Audrey.”


“Okay?” he asked,

“Yes…and I meant it when I said I liked you too last night” he nodded and continued eating.

He then took a sip of the wine and suddenly seemed as if he was mulling over something.

“Are you enjoying your food? Try the wine, its good.” he tried to lift up the mood. “Yah I will, just… I’ve never eaten in this restaurant before.”

“Oh is it? I thought so. I know you celebrities like trying new things; so I picked this one”

“That we do Mr.” I tittered.

“Uhm…” he murmured.

“What is it?”

“I’m currently temporarily staying at a penthouse; at a hotel a block away. I was wondering…if you don’t mind-” he looked hesitant and strangely shy. Something that disturbed me considering his transcendent wealth. Shouldn’t I be the one daunted?

“Yes.” I interrupted him.


“What? Of course yes. I want to spend the rest of the night with you Dingaan.”

“Good” he said laughing; seeming relieved.

“Yes.” I said again smiling at him. I was elated. Inviting me over at his place is what I wanted. “Okay then.” he smiled back.

Dingaan then told me about how it was studying in the UK, the places he stayed and when he got married. And i knew at that very table that Dingaan had strong feelings for me.

He was different. The older men I have been with before him only wanted me to be around them in public, and for me sleep with them. Then they would give me what I needed-Financial support. It will all end the same way. I stop answering their calls or their wives start calling me. I immediately walk away.







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  1. Lol Audrey o rata drama. Will see if he’s different, we always think the new guy is different from the rest until he screw up .

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