Birds – Chapter 11

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Monday-16:54 p.m.

Pontso’s life was abruptly a melodrama I do not think she ever planned for. Her nude pictures were already in print. Journalists at her store. People making up stories about her and her family, as well as her relationship with Brant. And since she was not always on social networks; I do not think she was aware how much impact the pictures have made in the media. Who would have thought? Brant’s girl making the news? Cabinet Minister Molomo’s daughter?

We were at Zazzles. I was assisting unloading garments and shoes.
“Are these the shoes Bontle instagramed she was going to wear at her party?” I asked Pontso while she was noting something in a notepad.
“She instagramed them?”
“Yeah…She was so excited. They are so gaga. Look at these cherry ones Pontso!”
“Did she mention she got them here?”
“I don’t remember. Love, why didn’t you tell me you now sell shoes? You know I love shoes”
“So you can just take them? These shoes are expensive Audrey. I cannot just give them away.”
“Half price, or you buy them and give them to me.”
“No I can’t. You know I can’t.”
She then turned around and said to one of her employees-“Mbali could you please recount those blue wedges.”
The girl quickly did as she was asked.

“I’m going to come back for these shoes.” I said with confidence. The shoes definitely screamed “pick me”, I wanted them.
“I thought you implied you can’t afford them.” She said.
“I will soon.”
She then glanced at her watch, – “Wow five o’clock,”
“Really? Okay, since I’m not getting anything; I think we should get going then. We have been here for almost six hours. You are done right?”
“I know it’s the new stock. Such a huge load on my shoulders.”
She added-“I’ll leave the rest to the girls. Let me get our bags… uhm Thembi could you forward the email orders to my address? I’ll attend them at home. I’m so exhausted.” she said to Kgontse at the reception desk while she ambled to her office.

I moved to Kgontse at the counter, who said- “You are leaving?”
I nodded.
“Thanks for sticking out for me neh? When those people came in here, I seriously thought they were customers.”
“It’s alright.” I replied.
“So from here where are you going?” she asked.
“I’m going to Wumi’s work place.”
“Omowumi right? That girl from that show ‘Fashion Reloaded’ with Lerato?”
“Yes her.” she laughed saying-“I love her! I think she should just have her own show. I watch that show because of her; so dramatic and hilarious….and they don’t show her all the time. It’s Lerato, Lerato, Lerato hayi.”
“Hmmm right? But it’s Lerato’s show-”
“Argh uya bhora Lerato, and she’s so controlling.”
I giggled. Just then Pontso came back with our hand bags. We strode towards the door. “Take care of my business you guys!” said Pontso waving back.

Pontso and i drifted apart. I then drove to ‘Fashion Reloaded’ studios. There were cameras all over the place.

“Audrey! You are here…come!” yelled Omowumi. She was with one of her co-workers, Zinzi. The dark and unsightly not so pretty Zinzi. Whom with her neat dreadlocks and baggy clothes looks, unsettling.

“I hope you guys are not shooting.” I said to Wumi,
“No, not now.” she responded.
Zinzi then said-“The fake part of reality shows. You know I like your afro Audrey. How do you maintain it?”
“Comb, nets, sprays. The likes.”
“It’s really nice.” she said. “Thank you Zinzi… your dreads look great as well.” I lied.

“Wow. Are these the new designs guys? They look great….oh my God, look at this dress. Can I try it on?” I said to them whilst fiddling with the clothes.
“Of course. I think it’s actually your height and size. Try it on.” said Omowumi.

I placed my hand bag on one of the tables; undressed and quickly slipped into the dress. It was men co-operate wear inspired black and white dress- which exposed the side of torso; all the way to the waist line.

“That has your name written all over it Audrey. You look super cute” said Zinzi.
“I know right? Whose idea was it?” I asked.
“Wumi’s. They are good neh? …. Lerato loves them too.”
“My friend, you are talented.” I said looking at myself in one of the huge mirrors in the room.

Someone knocked on the door. “Hello ladies.”
“What are you doing here?” I said. It was Thabz,-“Uhm what do you mean?” he said. I looked at Omowumi, -“I mean what-”
Zinzi quickly said-“Thabz is my boyfriend…you guys know each other?”
“Not really…” I replied and looked back at Omowumi.
“What?” Omowumi asked.

I was trying to gather what a huge coincidence it was that Omowumi -who has so much dislike for Pontso was suddenly Thabz’s friend.

Thabz quickly said-“Brian is my boy and Pontso and Audrey are friends… So A equals B I guess.”
I said to Omowumi-“Anyway apart from seeing your designs; I came here because I’d hoped we will get dinner.”
“I’m done for today anyway.” She said.

“Could you?” I said to Thabz as I wanted to sneak my clothes back on,
“Oh, sure.” he went outside the room. How convenient. Does Zinzi and Wumi know about him leaking other people’s private stuff?

“Where do you come from anyway?” Said Omowumi as we walked out the studios to my car. “I was with Pontso the whole day.” I responded.
“Oh yeah, and what did she say about the pornos?”
“Thabz is something else….” I said.
“He is the one who leaked Pontso’s nudes!” Omowumi eye balled me
“Wumi!” I said.
“What?” she said confused.
“I know you don’t like Pontso…But do you have anything to do with her pictures being leaked?”
“Excuse me?”
“Am asking Wumi, please say no…”
“Whetin dey say? I… You know I would have loved if it was me; but it wasn’t me o!” She added, – “If she says it’s him, then what does it have to do with me?”
“Persuade Thabz to leak them?”
“If you say so then.”
“Yes! Haba Audrey.”

We reached my car. We decided to buy three pizza boxes. We immediately drove to The Circle house.

“Pizza!” Kamohelo shouted and came running to us. She grabbed the boxes from us.

Only she and the Twins were in the living room- dancing to singer Zakes Bantwini’s charismatic voice on the loud sound system.

My cell phone buzzed. It was a message from Dingaan:
*Hello beautiful, how are you? How was your day? Your classes?*

I decided to reply. I texted: *Hey Dingaan. My day was great. I had no classes today. How was work?* and pressed send.

I then placed my hand bag on the dressing table, and wiped my make-up off.

My phone vibrated again: *Work was alright. I’m sorry I can’t be with you tomorrow anymore. I have to leave in the morning.*

I sighed and typed: *Oh okay. Some other time then.* I pressed send.

When I was to take my shoes of; – my phone rang. It was Dingaan to my surprise. “Hello.” I answered it.
“I can’t see you tomorrow.” He said.
“Yes, I just replied. Why? Where are you going?”
“Can I see you now?” he said.
“I’m at your entrance gate. Can you please come out?”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes, I am waiting. Are you not at your place?”
“I am.”
I went to the mirror fidgeting.
“Are you coming?” he asked. “Uhm okay, I’m coming. Give me a few minutes.”
I hung up the phone and I started panicking.

“Wumi! Wumi!” I shouted.
“What?!” she shouted back from the living room. “Come in here!”
I could hear her running to my room.

“What?” she was having a slice of pizza.
“Dingaan is here!”
“At the gate. He’s waiting for me…I don’t know what to wear.”
“He’s really here? Eh eh….. What’s wrong with what you are wearing?”
“Are you kidding? I can’t see Dingaan looking like this.”
“Okay, okay. Relax.”
She gobbled the slice of pizza, scurried to my closet and started fiddling with my clothes.

“Take this.” It was a short revealing red dress,
“And these?”
“You think he will like that?”
“Yes Audrey!”
The phone rang again. “Dingaan, wait I’m coming.” I said seizing the clothes Wumi chose for me from her hands. “Okay please hurry.” he sounded edgy.
“I’m coming.” I hung up.

I quickly slipped on the high rise black leather skirt, tight red crop top, and remained in the short 6 inch short red boots I was wearing. I then applied on some cologne and face cream, eye liner, eye shadow, blush and a red lipstick.

“Extra underwear check. Makeup check. Condoms check….ehm I think you are good to go Barbie. Here…” Omowumi said handing me my white handbag. “Do I look alright?” I said.
“You look hot.”
“Whooo…” I said wiggling my buttocks. “Now go. And say hi to that rich bustard.”

I rushed to the door. “Is that Dingaan’s car at the gate?!” Shouted Kamohelo
“Yes it is.” I responded shutting the front door.

The boots were working with me as i sashayed on the pavement towards Dingaan waiting for me. He was alone.

“Hello Audrey.” he said with a bright smile hugging me. He smelled good as always.
He was wearing a casual Blue jean and a tight black shirt. He looked different and smart.

“Hello Handsome.” I attempted sounding cute.
“I was enchanted to see you again. You must be surprised.” he said; once again with a broad smile on his face
“I am…why didn’t you tell me you were coming? It’s a Monday evening.”
“People do not just go out on a Monday evening.”
“In whose world? Yours?”
“Uhm. Yes.” I said tittering. “Well, get used to it.” he said opening the front passenger door for me.

“You look magnificent by the way.” he said gazing up and then down at my frame. “Thank you. You don’t look bad yourself Mr Dlanga.” I slid into the car. He then walked to the driver’s seat.

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