Birds – Chapter 10

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13:14 p.m.


I studied Audrey smiling at her phone; while I on the other hand was stressed and anxious. I said to her -“By the way. Why didn’t you alert me about the nudes? You are always on twitter.”

She sat back against her chair gently before answering me, – “I was out. I only saw them this morning. That’s why I asked to meet for lunch…I’m sorry love.” she responded, I know you are lying.

We bought strawberry milkshakes and headed out. At the door we came across Dj Macky. I did not like jumping into him. It was so uncomfortable.

“What do we have here? Hey gorgeous ladies. Phontsho, Audrey yes…” he said. There we go again “Phontsho”, because he’s white?

“Great seeing you Macky.” said Audrey coming between us. “We are leaving now Macks. Good to see you though.” Added Audrey. He ogled at me with so much longing not looking on his way. He then turned around and I did too without saying anything. This guy is everywhere.

“I cannot believe him. Did you see how he was looking at you? You both need to repent.” Said Audrey. Oh pish posh, I thought. “Brant would turn his white ass blue if he finds out his golden girl slept with such a guy. What were you thinking? He’s obviously a pervert…Tell me you are not sleeping with him anymore. Please child?”

“No he’s not. And of course not. For God’s sake Dree, leave it alone…..lets go to Zazzles. I haven’t gone to check on them yet today, and I have new load of stork delivered.” I quickly changed the subject.

She said – “Plus I need new pants. It’s great having rich friends, oh you have no idea. You wish you were me!” we both laughed.

“We are taking your car right?” she said. I drove a black Mercedes Benz C63 and she drove an old ford focus. “Of course.” I replied.

My phone started making irreverent noise once again while we were headed to Zazzles. I couldn’t recognise the numbers so I did not pick up.

“You know these people won’t stop calling you. Why don’t you just answer it?” said Audrey

“Answer it and say what exactly? I don’t have anything to say, and I won’t say anything.” I replied as we waited at the red light.

Then some ugly looking guy who smelled like cow dung, and dressed like a cave man was busy pressing and touching me to buy his maize. His face mucky and whacked; he looked like he just came out of a dumpster. I took my strawberry milkshake and decanted it on his face, and swiftly rolled up the window. The guy stared at me like he wanted to cry. He toddled off cursing. I couldn’t even hear what he was saying.

Audrey was laughing,-“Did you have to do that though? That guy could strangle you! You are something else Phontsho!”

“No Dree. Did you see how he was touching me? He’s disgusting. He should have asked me politely to buy his freaking maize. I don’t even eat corn. Like seriously these people. I’m having a dreadful day already and now this. Nxa.”

Another one came and knocked on my window at another red light selling newspapers. I veered to rebuke him; However, I noticed one of the nudes on the front page of a huge South African newspaper. And it read: “Cabinet minister’s daughter poses naked with famous Dj.” my heart stopped!

I quickly rolled the window down. I took some money and gave the vendor.

My hands were quivering. “Oh my God!” that’s all Audrey said. Cars behind me were now hooting at me to move forward. I couldn’t feel my fingers. It felt like a cold had just suddenly hit me. I felt numb. I just drove straight. On a newspaper! Front page!

“You know you are going the wrong way right?” said Audrey. I just kept quiet and stared at the road while she took the newspaper, and started reading. The article was not only wrong, it was absolutely barbaric.

-“Wow. They claim there is a sex tape, and that you are now a nude model. What?”

“Oh, they also say your father has now cut you off his finances- because, I quote: “I was so revolted by the pictures. That is no daughter of mine. Until she becomes responsible; she will not get a cent from me.”

“God, you don’t even rely on your father anymore. They are just making up stories. Our media is so pathetic. They would say anything to sell. This is all nonsense.” she folded the newspaper and flung it at a back seat. Once again I just kept quiet.

My phone rang again. Audrey picked it up. “Hello.” She said. “No, no comment. And stop calling on this freaking phone!” she hung up.

I run a successful business. I walked on ramps for respected high fashion designers. I’ve featured in numerous magazines. And now someone who knows little about me; literally implied I do porn. I was P-capital Pissed!

“Where are we going?” said Audrey. “I don’t know Dree.” I said. Tears started to come out.

“Honey should we change seats and I drive; because right now you are scaring me.”

I stopped by the side of the road and let it all out.

Audrey tried to console me. Nevertheless; irrespective of what I was going to do; my plans, my business, media industry wise, my modelling career; -I’m just a slut or a whore as most have bluntly dubbed me. I felt so discouraged.

No one had the right to say any of the things they said to me or about me without really knowing me. Just for the insensitive and callous mocking in the name of being shocked by nudity! For the first time in my life; I felt worthless.

“Come on let me drive.” pressed Audrey. I finally gave in. She made a U-turn; and we drove to Zazzles.

I was not geared up for what was beheaded for me. When we arrived at the boutique; there were people waiting for me.

“Hello, are you Pontso?” some fat woman with a thinner version of her asked. I pushed the door open. There were more journalists inside. My girls were being interviewed.

I yelled- “Don’t you have any respect entering my shop and ambushing my workers? Are you insane? Please get out!”

I continued- “Heyi, heyi wena! Yes you! Stop touching my clothes. Get out! You can’t even afford any of this stuff, out!”

I then went to my office and fetched a broom. One said they are just asking them questions. “Ask me! Why don’t you ask me? This is a working place not some conference. Please leave! Go, Out!” I shouted shoving the broom at their faces.

“I can’t believe you gave those people attention. You let them in?” I said to the girls. “I did not know what they wanted. At first I thought they were customers.” Kgontse, my secretary said with her head staring down at her feet. I admired her respect; although she was older than me. She was pretty and was a perfect fit for my boutique.

“I’m sorry.” she added. Audrey then said-“It’s okay. But next time you guys should know better.”

I interjected,-“No it’s not okay. I gave you girl’s strict instructions and you did otherwise. Do you have any idea what they are going to write? Lord this cannot be happening to me!”

There were a number of customers inside, and few left when the alteration occurred. I did not care. My life was being invaded. I couldn’t care less whether people bought my clothes or not.

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  1. They all should all visit section 7 (a) of the Euphonik Act of 2016#Nonke. I feel sorry for Pontso bet she learned her lesson about taking nudes!

  2. U c now pontsho I used to feel sori for you for wat was happening to you coz no one deserve that but now yoh girl u are rude and full of yourself and you treat people who are trying to make a living like their nobody? Hai girl u Rilly deserve whatever that is happening to you

  3. Look at y0u guys, acting is if you’d be as cool as cucumber if your lives turned into such a negative media frenzy(there’s no time tuh be a softy at such times!!!) , or when a dirty old man touched you, you wouldn’t be all freaked out (ok Pontso kinda took it over the top with the milkshake situation) buh still haaay maan that is just nasty!!! Audrey is the 1 kinda fake! Least Pontso reveals her tendencies, unlike Audrey who lies straight t0 y0ur face then yew say she’s real….

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