Young Employed and Single

Y.E.S 20

“I am under no illusions that relationships play a huge part on who we are and how we conduct ourselves but no matter what, never lose your identity because of someone else. The day they leave you, rediscovering yourself will be twice as hard and almost always makes you feel pathetic as you gave up so much in the name of love!” Mike Maphoto


Women grew up being told that they must wait for the man to initiate the relationship and also sex! Many women, even the so called liberal minded ones that insult other women on twitter will never initiate a sexual encounter because their liberated minds only go as far as talking about their rights but not actually doing it. I wanted this man and I was not going for him to make the first move like I was some love sick coward waiting for my crush to notice me!

“Are you sure about this?”

He asked me between kisses and for once in our young relationship I did not want to hear his voice!

“Dude shut the fuck up!”

I said jokingly.

“Enjoy the moment!”

I told him confidently. Truth be told there is absolutely nothing dignified about sex and if it ever is then you know that you slept with a weak men who has no right to ejaculate inside you whether in a condom or not. Sex is raw, sweaty, greasy, nasty and the number of things you do together should be enough to make you wet when you think about them on a cold June night! If they don’t, again you not getting laid hard enough probably will never get an orgasm and definitely leaves you craving for more. The trick though is with the right person even if it’s this hard there is an emotional feel and sentiment to it. You not just a piece of meat that he is going to hump into oblivion but a lady who is sensual, vibrant and beautiful so that rose garden must be opened carefully, tended with care yet at the same time being jack hammered like those guys who close pot holes with that compressing machine!

“I want this! I want this so badly! I want you!”

He was whispering and being told this just sent the electricity in my body to ESKOM levels! Ok that’s a bad analogy with this entire load shedding business! I had been dying to get into these man’s arms since I met him and yes I know I had said he was married and I don’t do married men but who are we kidding, married men are the best in bed if you are not their wife! Why? Because with you they will do all that nasty stuff a madam of the house will never allow! I want a man who will fold me in two, holds be by my thighs until my knees touch my forehead, flips me around and spanks me in such a manner that Anastasia Steele can blush then bring me down like I am the softest feather on a birds breast! That’s me. Sfiso went at it like a hungry beast! He wanted me so badly and I wanted him too. His lips, how can describe them, felt hard and soft at the same time! His breath was warm and I could still get a scent of the mint he had eaten when they served dinner. He was not terribly muscular, maybe Lunga Tshabala size but when he held me it was like I could never break free!

I took a step back. I liked doing this to men.

“Take my dress off!”

I told him. He smiled like a child who has been told that he could have all the sweets he wanted.

“Yes maam!”

He responded! He moved forward and opened the belt of the dress which tied its bow on my side. I did say it was a wrap round so he unwrapped his goodies and I gasped… I breathed in deeply then exhaled as his eyes devoured my body! Gym helps!

“I want you to own me!”

I hissed into his ears when I pulled closer and I am not sure if he even heard me as he was already moving down to my breasts! I am a C cup but more of a small C so my breasts are big without being too big. I know guys love them because they are shaped like oranges, full and round. He put his lips around my nipples and he migrated between sucking and nibbling. When he nibbled he did not use his teeth, but more like his lips I just can’t explain. He went in between my breasts, licked down with his tongue until he reached my belly button and just when I thought he was going to go lower, he bit me with his teeth as he went back up. I counted seven bites between my belly button and the valley between my boobs but not once did he hurt me. He was taking utmost care as he did it meaning I did not have to ask for a safe word.

Then it hit me!


I was not fully shaved!




Panic set in in. Why had I not shaved? Oh dear Lord this man is just going to think I am dirty! When you haven’t been laid in a while, you are lucky to have a landing strip down there! Don’t be fooled, most of those beautiful single women you see around you, mmmm, forest! Yeah I said it because I know I am beautiful!

“Tell him to stop!”

A little voice said to me!

“Tell him to stop goddamit!”

It screams even louder as his lips went to my ears! Jackpot! He had found my Holy Grail! Every women, some don’t even shem, has a part of their body which is more sensitive than others and if touched right you can even orgasm! Like what he had done with my breast valley he did with my neck and ears. This guy was good! I swear he could have been a male prostitute the way he knew what he was doing.

Then he stopped.

With his eyes he told me what he was going to do next?

Oh no!


I said suddenly.

“I am not shaved!”

I warned him. I was actually pretty embarrassed at this myself as I am often well kempt.

“Did I ask you to be shaved?”

He asked menacingly!


I whimpered into submission.

“Then stop talking!”

He said and he went down and pulled my pants down! I was wearing my sexy underwear! No Mr. Price where you buy five in one packet for r79.99 and thank heavens they didn’t have stripes. Mara poverty is bad people! Where does Mr. Price get the balls from to sell grown women panties with stripes! Imagine, 28 years old and your panty looks like it has stretch marks! That should be a human right violation against those who can’t afford right there!

“I don’t see any hair!”

He said snapping me out of my thoughts! Well when I said I had not shaved I did not mean I had a forest just that it was like a little savannah! I ignored.

Thank God I had showered first because he went down on me. Ladies if a man does not go down on you then you should know he does value you enough. A man should be able to be click all those difficult Xhosa words with his tongue on your clit without taking his mouth off. If he can’t you must teach him. I don’t know what they were reaching him there in England but yah neh, the man had a tongue. I orgasm, squeezing my thighs together involuntarily, so fast he had to jump out of the way I could have broken his neck shem! It felt like electricity was sparking all over my body! Forgotten was the fact that he was a married half dress whilst I was already naked!

“Are you ok?”

He asked me smiling, his face still shining from…well, you get the picture!


I mumbled, deeply embarrassed by how my body had betrayed me. I had just helped a man to cheat on his wife yet it was the best feeling ever. We hadn’t even gotten to him. He started to remove his belt and I said,

“No let me… It’s the least I can do!”

I said and we both laughed. Ok that was a geeky thing to say. He was rock hard! I mean it, he was rock hard! His manhood was pointing up like the hand of that dumbest kid in class when he is the only one who actually knows the answer! You know that one, who will be shouting,

“Me, me, me… Yes teacher… Me!”

That was it. It was not too big, and yes I like it that! I don’t want to be maimed and walk funny tomorrow at work. Big dicks are for Friday and Saturday nights when you know there is no work tomorrow otherwise it could be embarrassing. He gave me the condom and said,

“Put it on me!”

He told me! He was menacing in how he spoke yet he was gentle in his demeanour! I was powerless! I wanted to taste it! Yes, he had made me orgasm with his mouth and I know with a guy it means something totally different but I wanted to taste this yellow bone milky bar! As I put my lips and engulfed his manhood, he gasped, breathed in deeply and sighed. I used my hand and my mouth simultaneously. It was working. His breathing immediately started increasing rapidly! Pshhh who said smart girls can’t bring a man to his knees too? I was in control! He did not try holding my head like my ex used to do nor try thrusting. No, I moved my head appropriately.

“Stop stop, you going to make me cum!”

He pleaded with me and I obliged. I did not want him to before he actually entered me! Why would I? I finally followed his instruction and put the condom on him! I was ready!

He aimed his colleague onto my garden entrance and he thrust. He was gentle meaning I could feel every sensation as he opened bit by bit. There is this feeling of fullness that you get and it just feels right! That was me. He was slow in his strokes and not once did he lose control! I could tell he was trying to make it last as long as possible which was something I really appreciated. Most men are selfish! They do it so fast to scratch their itch and forget that you are also in need!

As I orgasmed I felt my toes curling for a second time in a matter of minutes. My body tensed up and it was fireworks all over again. Pins and needles even in my garden but all so heavenly. He was huffing and puffing like a fat guy coming from jogging because he had indeed worked hard. I wanted to feel his colleague inside me longer so I locked him in with my legs around his butt and my hands pulling him so he could not just pull out.

That was when the phone rang!

“This is your beautiful pregnant wife calling!”

Ring Ring

“This is your beautiful pregnant wife calling!

Ring Ring

“This is your beautiful pregnant wife calling!”

His ringtone actually said that in what was probably her real voice!

She was pregnant!

What the fuck was wrong with this guy?

I have never felt so dirty in my life!

*******The End********

Mikeatdiary (Instagram)
Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I enjoy you books so much, thank you. To the readers, thank you for all the comments, I have laughed so hard at times and cried too with you in the sad letters.

I am 32 years old and I am a pastor. I read the letter from the Christian girl who had started having sex yet being born again. Being Born Again does not mean stop living; being born again means do better and set a clear path in your relationship with God. If you did not commit sin then frankly speaking the Church will be out of business. It’s like a country where people do not get sick, why would it need Hospitals, Doctors, and Nurses? It’s understandable that the sex was not what you had expected and guilt comes with the territory and for me that’s a good thing because it means you still know what your mission and purpose is. Do not let the detractors make you feel any less for having beliefs that hold you and you value. They too have a belief system and we too must respect that.

Bra Mike I also have a problem. I was not a good person growing up and one of the things I vowed to do was apologize to everyone I hurt growing up (especially in my early 20s). I found an ex-girlfriend who is married now but is being beaten up by the husband. The husband is a police officer and all the reports I have even from her is that he is volatile. I would like to ask from you and your readers how best to approach this, him and her without seeming like a meddling ex-boyfriend. The day I saw her she had a swollen lip and it’s not a nice sight on anyone.

Thank You

Jacob M.

26 thoughts on “Y.E.S 20

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, WHAT AN EXPLOSIVE SCENE OF PURE ECSTACY, if you hitting it right and you getting it right…… who wants to argue with what God created mara….. Got me a boner and sheepishly smiling by my lonely LOL!! I kinder miss my bae right now 🙂

    Jacob, This is a delicate situation that you find yourself in my brother. To meddle in other people’s issues is somewhat disrespectful, you being the ex multiplies the insult. I think the best thing you can do is to advise this lady of what her options are, give her spiritual guidance so to speak. I think you shouldn’t have a nerve to go tell another man, who paid lobola for his woman, in his home, that what he is doing is wrong…. That’s suicidal, plus this guy is a cop, some of those dudes are nutjobs (NO OFFENCE SAPS).

    Reporting him can also cause massive repercussions, being a policeman and all, he is supposed to serve and protect, not beat and rearrange. So be careful my man, don’t seem like an ex that was unsolved, just give this woman a shoulder and let her choose her path. Sometimes all you have to do is listen to their story and nod, within themselves will come the answer to all their questions. She knows what the right thing to do is, just lead her to that direction by being a pastor, but most importantly, being a friend.

    All the best to her and you


  2. Thankyou Mike for your time and dedication.
    I wanted to comment last time about the little lady referred to by the pastor. But I cowardly reserved my comment out of fear of the vultures that can sometimes be found on this blog ? Thankyou Pastor, u lemme ka khomo tsa ka. I am 26, I grew up a deligent and dedicated christian. I had friends who led me astray and encouraged me to find a boyfriend. I had the Same problem as the young lady did. But in time I learned that God wants to love Us and not judge us. We are naturally predisposed to sin, and we will, whether it is sex or lying is all the same before the Lord. What we need to realise is that we need his help and strength to fight sin and to gradually grow in our faith. I hope this reaches all of my sisters who believe Christianity is a morality stage. It’s a private journey between you and God qhaa. And as by standers we need to stop judging people for dating married men and many other sins that we believe deserve public crucifixion.

    1. Lol like the F right i mean am outchea thinking honey you should have felt dirty the min you started invading his married ass territory not when he is deep in you about to cum and his pregie wife calls but thats just me ha ha ha mo girl ona mare…….!!

  3. Oh and pastor, I agree with Jack ‘s advice. The best you can do is be a friend and mostly fight this in spirit by praying for her. She is obviously still inlove or otherwise would have left a while back. And helping a person who is still held back by feelings can be a tiresome activity. In time, with your support and prayers, she will pluck up the courage to go and find a better life for herself or maybe your prayers will help turn the husbands heart around

  4. Wow hell I’m hating being single right nw, tanx bra mike its going to b a long weekend. Jackzorro is right Jacob wena jst give the lady a shoulder to cry on dnt meddle in her business u jst made it worse fr her especially being her ex

  5. lol im at the 90 day rule trip just started seeing this guy….this scene got me wanting to break this rule, aaaah!

  6. Thanks Mike, u got me tingling #tongueout
    kuzoba rough namhlanje endlini…LOL

    Siyabonga Jakobe for that clarification.
    and yeah stay out of that business, all u can do is talk to her and give a shoulder to cry on.

    Safe weekend peeps.

  7. Wuu…thank you Mike and team for the very good chapter that had most smiling and going into dream land over all the things they would do….

    Pastor Jacob M. Please support your ex with counselling and prayer…involving yourself will most likey make her situation worse considering she is your ex…I know you mean well but that will be a territorial issue if you try speak to the husband and I am sure you understand as a gentleman yourself….and worse the husband your ex-girl married is volatile and a cop…that screams a serious danger for her and you if you try talk to him as he clearly is showing beast tendencies as opposed to being a gentleman like yourself…I know it is very painful to watch her go through such ex or not seeing an abused woman tears a good heart but she also needs to be guided in the choice she wants.If you force the matter she may even close you out…Please pray and touch her in being supportive and guiding her back to the best choice for herself which is getting back to feeling safe and loved not being battered,bruised and maybe even fearful.

  8. QnA Never have i been more convinced that this cycle of abuse is there because people like you and me stand back and do nothing. So when must the good pastor intervene, when he is reading her funeral rites? No no no i refuse! That man must be confronted and made aware that what he is doing is wrong. I am a man and i am tired of seeing our sisters cry. We stand up to these people and we dont back down for anyone. If as a woman you were being abused wouldnt you want someone to help

  9. My my my wrong move reading this during working hours am feeling very very warm in the wrong places

  10. So much torture for a Friday afternoon, yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Lungi was the new Anastatia Steele indeed. I however didn’t think she’ll fall for it so soon but I guess hunger makes us do the unthinkable.

  11. Hahaha I’ve never commented here before but this was rather funny. Just amagine, no secret he has to answer his beautiful pregnant wife aw! :v

  12. Yhoooo, so steamy, braMike I had to get me some ? hiding.
    Pastor Jacob M, since it’s yo ex, I suggest whenever U meet her for counselling & support, U do it with a third person present. Even better, hand such a case over to another pastor/brothers/sister to help.
    Pastor & all, we’re human & temptation has no limit, given yo past with her rather avoid such private close contact that cud lead to a scene similar to the episode we just read.
    U can still help but at a gud safe distance. I know she might want privacy & bcz she trusts & can open up 2U only but avoid putting yoself in a compromising position.
    I know how a warm “innocent” hug with an ex cud lead to, especially in private.
    Just my 2cents!

  13. Thanks Mike

    It feels strange getting a boner lol ? and it’s a guy writing this… I hope she let’s him finish yhoo.

    Pastor tell her to divorce him he will always hit her…it’s over for them shame

  14. Mike mike mike. You should never get us so close to cloud nine while we are at inappropriate places lije work. Anywho Pastor, before you go and lend a helping hand, firstmake sure the woman wants your help, because by interviening you might elienate her in the process. Abused ladies are very jumpy and fragile, ao you don’t wanna scare her off straight into the arms of her abuser asgain. Maybe get her to talk to you first on a casul basis and make her more comfortable each time, eventually, the topivc will find it’s way to surfice. Good luck.

    P.S: Guys, women are not punching bags, and vise versa. You need to love and cherish them ALWAYS. I f you beat your woman or any other woman, you are a PATHETIC WEAK ASS NIGGER.

  15. Damned to hell are those who have partners to snog after reading thina abanye sifunda leChapter n sleep like okapi’s :'(….eh Mfundisi, it’s really great of you to put emphasis on that being born again doesn’t mean stop living. I’ve seen a lot of people who go cold turkey on life and blame it on being born again, made beshadile baqale phansi badle ubusha okade badlula. Kule indaba kaEx, ay I agree with Jack, don’t get too involved… Advice and guidance is all you need to provide papa

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