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Y.E.S 16

“As long as a man knows that whatever he can do, you can do better, he will follow you around like a lapdog. Men cheat because more often than not you will curl up like a millipede in the corner and cry but do nothing about it. At most you will dump him but then what? If a man knows that two can play that game he is even scared of his own shadow because that ego of his can’t handle knowing that there is a replacement waiting round the corner if he fucks up!” Mike Maphoto

You know when you like a guy there is not a damn thing you won’t do for them. It’s crazy. The most sensible girls you know will lose themselves to please guys who are often beneath them. I had pride and in my life I had never pushed a car not once and I know I am not the only one who is in the boat. Women are not designed to push cars but Sfiso needed help so I was going to give it. Besides with no phones there was no other way of getting home. So there I was pushing a car in my neighbourhood. It must have been a funny sight and if only my haters could see me now!

“It’s fucken heavy!”

I shouted out to him as I made one hell of an effort. It was helping that I was wearing bedroom slippers which made the road slippery. The damn thing just would not budge.

“Are you sure you put down the handbrake!”

I shouted from behind the car as I was running out of breath but I could see him. He turned back to look at me like I was making a joke and he said that he did.

“Goodness what a question though? Of course it’s down. I will help you push and when we have momentum I will jump in the car and try it ok!”

He said coming out of the car. Why had he not thought of that though in the first place! Come on dude!

“Why didn’t you do that in first place though dude?”

I asked him rather annoyed. I noticed that he was a bit worried now because he was not making as many jokes as before. No car came down the road at this stage which was both good and bad. Bad in that it meant no help but let’s be honest, it’s hard to stop at night to help anyone in Jhb because next thing they are robbing you or worse. Good in that any car could be criminals so you just never know. If I had one wish for this country is that the crime was less.

“Ok I am going to push with you and when the car gains momentum I am going to jump in ok!”

He told me already out of the car. His shoes had better grip than mine fortunately. The car moved this time around with the both of us pushing. I am not even sure if I was putting in effort more but it was working. He can take all the credit. Eventually we had the right momentum and he jumped in as he had said. I did not stop pushing.

“Start it!”

I shouted from the back again out of breath. I was not in shape hey, wow! Just that small push and I could not even breathe. Time to take this whole gym thing seriously.

“Ok now!”

He shouted back and he started the car! Thank the heavens that it started immediately, on the first start otherwise my energy was more than just gone. He drove off a small distance and then turned back for me.

“I suggest we go park in your parking lot now because no more taking chances! I wish I could sue this rental agency!”

He said to me! I was just relieved.

“Why don’t you just take the car back and they give you a new one? You are suffering for no reason at all!”

I was still a bit sour bout all this that had happened.

“I am sorry about that. It was not the ideal perfect outing hey but goodness you are strong!”

He said teasing me. He was trying to cheer me up. I had to direct him back to my place as I said Lonehill is a maze.

“A woman who will push a car with you is a keeper hey!”

He said and this time I cracked and I laughed.

“How so?”

“With all these stuck up girls out there, in their weaves and manicures do you really think many would do what you did tonight?”

He asked me. I was not sure whether he was serious or not, mocking me or not but he made me feel funny in a good way though.

“I suppose they would!”

I responded,

“Nah don’t fool yourself, equal rights don’t include pushing the car!”

He said and we laughed again. How does he come up with these things though? We got to my place and into my parking and then he said,

“I would rather not switch off the car for now!”

He said and I totally agreed with even though this time we would be able to get help from the security people.

“I second that!”

I said.

“I am sorry about this though. Let’s change topics and talk about something more pleasant.”

He said sitting back to get comfortable. He made his car seat lie down a bit as if to show he was not going anywhere anytime soon. I had work tomorrow but for this man I can be late any day.

“What would you like to talk about? I am a pretty boring person you know!”

I told him smiling.

“I strongly doubt that otherwise I would not be here!”

He said. Here comes the charm again! This man was a heaven sent.

“Tell me about your family. It’s none of my business but I saw that your sister was crying when I got to your place, did you say something mean to her?”

He teased but I could tell he was serious. A man who is willing to listen to a woman… ‘Dear Lord Thank You for the blessings I was about to receive’ I prayed silently inside my heart literally doing summersaults inside my chest. I was in the right place at the right time.

“My family. My sister is having problems with her husband and my mother is a hypochondriac!”

I told him.

“Hypochondriac? As in someone who always believes they are sick?”

He asked me! There was some intelligence in there somewhere. Most people would start accusing you of throwing around big words when the fault is theirs that they never bothered to read a book.

“Yes. My mother is a lot of work. A month ago she convinced us that she had tumour in her head because she was having headaches. She self diagnised herself and made us believe the doctor had said so. I took her for tests, expensive ones too and she was perfectly fine! About three months ago she said she had meningitis when she had a simple flu which we treated with Flutex and now just a few days ago she came and called saying she had cancer!”

I told him.

“Why does she do that though? One day she will be really sick and tell you but you guys won’t go aid her because of it! You need to talk to her about this!”

He advised.

“Simple! She does it because she just loves the attention we give her when we are worried running around like headless chickens.”

I told him but I was lying. I knew why she did it but I could not tell a guy on the first date that my mother is so obsessed about me getting married and getting kids she would try trick me into believing she would die soon without seeing her grandchildren to force my hand. Any sane guy would run away after that date. It’s like saying I love you on the first date! Hell no!

“Oh she sounds like lots of work. As for your sister, marriage is hard. It’s not easy to just divorce when infidelity comes in …”

He started to explain but I cut him off.

“Please let’s not talk about them. It’s depressing stuff. How was your visit to Mpumalanga? I thought you would be there longer?”

I asked him. I really did not want to be airing my family’s dirty laundry on the first date and to a man I hardly knew. What if I scared him after this?

“Oh it was fine. I was always going for one night and thank you for the fragrance, my sister loved it!”

He said. I had forgotten that I helped him pick out something for him.

“How did you find out where I stayed?”

I asked him He laughed and said,

“I have a sixth sense! I just guessed!”

He said but again he was teasing.

“I called your friend and asked her. We had good laughs yesterday so I figured I had to see you again before I left!”

He said with a cheesy smile on his face!

“Should she not have told me? I can leave and pretend I never came then call you and ask for directions?”

He teased.

“I tried calling you but your phone was off. She said she also tried so I guess I was worried that someone had kidnapped you before I saw you in your stockings!”

He said and we both laughed. He was never going to let this go neh!

“No it’s not that at all. I am just surprised that’s all.”

I then went on to explain what had happened to my phone and he was cool with that explanation. Wait a minute, there was something he had said which was still buzzing in my head. Did he say he had to see me before he left, I asked myself?

“Did you say you had to see me before you leave? I did not here you clearly?”

I asked him sitting up to look at him.

“You do remember where I am based right? I am going back tomorrow!”

He said and it was like being told that someone had died. What the hell? I had barely gotten to know him and now he was leaving! Was this what my life was supposed to be? I had just met a great guy and now he had to fly 15 000km away.

“You got to be kidding me! Tell me this one of your jokes!”

I said to him with a stern face because if he was joking then he was not being funny at all.

“I am not kidding Lungi. You never asked when I was leaving and I am sorry if you thought otherwise!”

He said calmly and still smiling. You see this was the problem with this comedian, he always had a smile on his face and I could not tell whether he was kidding or not! Super frustrating I tell you! Why am I so unlucky with men though?

“What time is your flight?’

I asked him.

“It’s in the evening.”

He said. He was not joking. I could tell now. What was I going to do now? I was so annoyed.

“So why are you here? Did you think that you will come get a goodbye shag or something? That’s cruel and mean!”

I said. I was actually getting angry. For some reason I wanted to cry. I can’t believe this was happening. How had I fallen so fast?

“Goodness, I am far from being like that. Didn’t Miriam tell you I was married and happily so? We clicked as friends you and me and that’s all this is about!”

He said. It was like being hit by a truck and when you are not quite dead, it reverses and runs you over again!

“You such an arsehole!”

I said and I left the car, tears stinging on my cheeks. He was married! After all this, he was married!

******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hey Guys

I have been receiving complaints that the YES blog posts are too short. Each chapter has a minimum of 1800 words minus the quote at the top nor the letter. This works out to six Microsoft word pages per chapter. The other complaint was that I explain too much. Every writer has a style of writing. For me I like the psychological or thought processes that take place in a person’s head before the act on something. I will however try very much to make fewer insights from the character as the story strengthens.

Thank You


Dear Mike

Thank you for the platform.

I am a married woman with three kids. My husband works on a mine and is back on alternative weekends. We have been married 15 years now and because of his job which moves him from mine to mine I had to settle with the kids in one place so he could work. I am a teacher at a private school in Joburg so I have to be in one place anyway. Recently I started having an affair with one of the parents at the school. His wife is also up and down like my husband is. By recent I mean from February. The problem is I am falling for this man and I am now trying to stop the affair but it’s not working. What worries me is after 15 years of being faithful how can I be falling for another man so fast? He is making me question my entire relationship with my husband. Can someone please explain to me how after such a few months I find myself in this position? I thought I loved my husband and this was meant to be a bit of fun and move on but I find myself thinking of the affair more than I do of my husband.

Thank You


43 thoughts on “Y.E.S 16

  1. Married???? I mean Sfiso, not the letter…. I am disappointed for you Lungi. What a waste….

    Married: Ai… Me i dont know…. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Bra Mike for the chapter.

    It’s never a good thing bringing a 3rd party into your marriage coz there’s bound to be problems. We really like to complicate things kodwa!!!

    You need to think with ur head now not ur heart! Don’t throw 15 years of marriage for something that might not even grow into a relationship. End this nonsense and focus on your husband,just talk to him about your loneliness and him being away maybe there might be a solution

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome dose, still don’t know why people have issues with every single little flipping detail yaz. Leave the blog as is bra, aba bane issues bazoba strong!! Happy Thursday ya’ll

    Married, that feeling is scary hey, when you fall so heavily in love that you start to ask where the hell you’ve been and what you’ve been doing all this time with the wrong person…..Goosebumps. But hey, that fairy-tale can end as quick as it began hey. Akho challenges apho as yet and it’s not a tenured union, just fun with no strings. Wait til reality hits you sisi, then you will greatly appreciate your miner husband and your 15 year union which has been tried and tested. I won’t condone nor judge what you are doing, that’s for your conscious, but what i will say though is that, be happy and make sure you don’t get caught.


  4. Disappointed really. Sfiso married? @ married. U feel like there’s something wrong with your husband only now because u haven’t tried something new forb15years. Its like eating a new flavour of something that you have always new. Obviously you going to love it. Stolen things are nice but not worth it. What are u going to tell your kids really? Feelings for two days?

  5. Thank you bhut Mike…I absolutely looove this blog. Yhuuu hay abantu bayaika kodwa always complaining about every lil thing. Im with my Jack on this one 🙂 leave the blog as it is man…..

    Married : You need to put your thinking hat on now and close your heart. Ask yourself these questions:
    1. Are you willing to leave your husband of 15 years for a few months old fling??
    2. Are you honestly inlove with this man or are you in cheating heaven?
    They say that umntu womntu umnandi, cheating is always exciting and thrilling or else people wouldnt be doing it!!
    3.Is this man of yours in it for the long haul? Have you talked about the future in this cheating business of yours or its just all fun and games???
    4. What of this man destroys your 15 year marriage and walks away, are you willing to face the consequences of explainig to your kids that you destroyed your family simply because you couldnt handle your thirst???
    5.What makes this man sooo wonderful that your husband is not doing to you or for you??

    Start thinking and STOP being dickmatized before you lose what is important to you simply because you now all of a sudden are feeling lonely.

    Why are not talking to your husband about this khona….hay man.


    1. thank you. this couldn’t have been said any better. Married is so dickmatizesd she can’t even think clearly. You better get away from that dick boo..its going to ruin you.

  6. A beautiful chapter indeed, I however wish I can call Miriam now and give her a piece of my mind, how does she hook up a friend in need with someone married, now Lungi fell for Sfiso only to learn he’s married, life I tell you. I’m too attached to this blog, I feel Lungi’s vibe though, it’s painful to fall in love with someone you can’t have. It’ll leave the lady with a void in her heart. Mike, please give me Miriam’s number ????.

    I think the writing style is perfect as is, what I agree with is the shortness of the chapter, lol.

  7. @Pillz you just made my day…. You say what??? Dickmatized?? LMAO!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Good questions worth pondering, I like.

    1. Hahahaha you welcome Jack….ulambile nje lo and she is looking to fill her thirst.

      Now she wants to risk throwing a 15year marriage for a fling, hay man makavuke emaqandeni… This is life and not a fairy tale, when reality hits, all wont be rosey no more and it will be too late to turn back.

      She must work on bringing back the funk , spunk and excitement back into her marriage instead of looking for it elsewhere qha!!!!


  8. Thanks Mike for the good read. Its my first time commenting but iv been a fan of Diary from the start.
    I have to say this is one the best book iv read.

    I almost cried after Sifiso said hes married.
    Cannot wait for Monday maybe Sifiso is playing a joke on Lungi. (Siiiiigh)

  9. Yey!! Lungi mntasekhaya the struggle is REAL!!!..

    AM almost 30 so single and am educated am doing pretty ok hlala nawe sisi.. Even these relatinships ate time consuming and can hold u back

    Haike married..Kukho abawufunayo lomtshato wena udlal ngawo..Use your head Nono its more rational ..i believe u know what u should do…Goodluck!!!

  10. Mike, I am very much in agreement with your quote up there. I told my husband that “God blessed us with this beautiful marriage, if he dares cheat on me and I find out, I will not divorce him. No, I will do it also and he will know.
    Those people complaining about your writing they don’t know what they want hey.
    Married: your question is similar to “ask a man” on metro fm today. lady please focus hle, you cant let a 4 months relationship come and ruin what you have built for 15 years, please. Yes its challenging being in a distance relationship, if you want to have fun do it, wipe off your face and go back to your home and do your duties. But you cant be questioning your marriage for this. No, no ways. switch off your current mind and think straight. besides this is a new relationship, so its very much homeymoon phase.

  11. Hi Mike
    Your quote for today is easier said than done. Some of the ladies will tell you (friend to friend) that if a guy cheats on a you, you should also cheat on him, but if he finds out he will leave you or he will never forgive you. Ladies are mostly afraid of that. For us ladies its very easy to cheat and not get caught but the scary put is not to be forgiven. Jackzorro I like you 😉

  12. Thank you very much Mike for investing your “TIME” in writing for us I truly appreciate. Hai those who are complaining really don’t know what they want just keep writing the way you write, some of us actually really appreciating us and it always leaves us wanting more. Sibamba ngazo zombini.

  13. Thanks Team. I liked the part of feeling like a truck ran you over and before you die it reverses on you, kwaaaaps.
    Married lady – falling in love with somebody else whilst still married is common. As long as you know that this affair can never materialise; it’s built on a bad foundation. Ma’am a lot happens in marriages and we all look nice, clean and proper as if we are all angels the next day. Just respect your husband enough by making sure that he never finds out. Oooh yyaah, also leave some room for a major shock – when you find out that you are not his only side dish.

  14. I have a feeling that Sfiso was actually pulling Lungi’s leg and she over reacted… Though Merium is a crazy being I am sure she wouldn’t do that to her friend.

  15. Mike I like the blog the way it is pls don’t change anything…and as 4 lungie haai shame sisi unesinyama wen it comes 2 men, u need 2 go take all dat bad luck out at the sea ?? kodwa sorry nana…and then we get to this aunty that’s cheating kodwa yini uzihlukumeza kanje awu madoda married for 15years and you wana throw all that away!!!, haai futhi wothi ngithule

  16. I dnt know but somehow i feel Sfiso is just joking as always. Ohw well, sizobona. @married, everyone else has said a mouthful. You are married and have been for 15yrs, you wouldn’t have stayed that long if all was not okay. Concentrate on your family and leave that side because you have too much to lose. Will you be able to handle the consequences of your a divorce? What if your side is just looking to have fun and that’s all? What if that’s his life, messing with married women nd then leaving them? Are you willing to risk a union that lasted that long, because if you ask me, not many last even 5yrs so there must be something special there. A new fling is fun but that’s all it is, it won’t be so much fun soon as it gets serious.

  17. Sfiso said “Didn’t Merriam tell you that I WAS married,and happily so”. Emphasis on the WAS.maybe the guy was married before nd went through a bad breakup nd is not looking for a relationship right now cz he is still healing.or maybe like Lungi,I have fallen so hard for this guy,nd I just cnt believe he is married.???

  18. I really dnt think Sifike is married, his just pulling a joke as always… Miarriam wouldnt hook her best friend with married guy while the husband is around…I’m sure he was joking or trying to see how she feel…

    Married woman,please remember that men will go back to his wife and she will forgive him but Ur husband might think twice about forgiving u & your husband will never trust you after her catches you…so dnt waste a good few years for something that’s Nt worth it.

    All the best,make the best decision base it on what u need and Nt what u want…

  19. Stop confusing boom dick?(awesome sex)with love.Lady for the last 15 years you have been having sex with one man and adding to that most probably that occurs two times in a month.As women we need to stop using the word love to replace awesome sex.Before chanting the word love ask yourself these questions.Is his dick worth my 15 years of marriage and is his dick worth my children’s happiness.Am I just replacing the absence of my husband with his dick?If you answered yes to those questions than you are just in love with his dick??.All in all don’t gamble with your family just cause of the pleasure this guy is giving you.

  20. Thanks Boet Mike. (:

    Only take constructive criticism, never mind the negativity. However, so far so good!

    Sfiso just seemed too good to be true. That’s always the thing with ‘perfect’ guys (if there is such), you always have to wonder what’s wrong with him and the second that imperfection shows up, it’s just BOOM, in your face! Haha..??

  21. Thank you Mike for a nice read…Really appreciated.
    I really like your writing style and there really is nothing wrong with it to me; the fact that you explain is what make us read your work over and over.Critics will always be there do not mind them.

    I so wish that Sifiso is being sifiso and is just joking. Aybo Marriam cannot hook a friend up with a married man.

    Wena married dont let a short time fling ruin what you have built for fifteen years. This man hsa a wife…a married man will always return to his wife bear that in your mind. Please you cannot be a Nyatsi at your age; since it is happening just play around qha.If you allow your marriage to fall apart you will be not hurt your husband but also your kids think about that.Sit your husband down and voice your concerns a sure you will work out


  22. Thank you Bra mike we appreciate your writting, for some of us its perfect. we are learning and benefiting from this blog.

    Married please remember this. if you cheat and end up getting caught , you as a woman will end up with a lot of cleaning up to do. The man will go and apologise to this wife, he will be forgiven and you will always be known as a whore, even if you can prove that you have changed and go to church everyday that title will always follow you. very few women know how to cheat the rest make a mistake and fall in love like you are doing. You never had problems in your marriage so dont invite them.

  23. Mike, please continue educating the masses. Your writing is
    brilliant as it entertains, educate and widens awareness.

    Married, the truth is you are starving for affection as your man
    is always away. Uthola I service forthnightly kuphela sisi. Itswayi
    is killing you. If you were a guy in Jozi, I wud have told you to go
    @ Royal or Summit but women associate sex with love. Please,
    dirvoce rate is very high, stop before u become part of it. This
    guy is happy bcos he gets free shag if things go South, he will hit
    the road.

    Go to the internet and get someone to fulfill your sexual desires
    with no strings attached and forget about the SGB member you
    are shagging. It compromises your proffesionalism. Just imagine
    how your reputation is gonna be if this comes out. Obvious ne outie
    yakho gets it while away but he does not fall in love. He just get
    serviced asule umlomo. Nawe do likewise ungajampisi. Forget
    uthando. Love is for your kids and husband. Outside dliwa kuphela
    usule umlomo ngoba uyalamba ekhaya

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