Realities 132

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“I need help, I need help, I need help!”

I kept telling myself as I walked away from my brother. That help could not be my father though! I needed Mthobisi! He was the only I knew who had no boundaries. An eye for an eye right!

“Nothabo wait! Come on now, let’s discuss this!”

My brother said coming after me.

“No, Kgosi, you did not see what they did to Sizwe! If it was Zethu laying there you would have burnt everyone alive as revenge!”

I told him. It was true too. A lot of people are able to give advice if they are the ones looking in from the outside.

“If you do this there will be no coming back though!”

He warned me. I heard him but did not listen. I did not want my father because to some extent he had limits and also I did not want him in trouble if things go south. Someone had to take care of Lintle if something happened to me. I was not being dramatic at that moment but in every marriage there comes a time when it is the woman that has to protect her family by any means necessary. We can fight about a lot of things but we love first. I wanted to divorce my husband not because I did not love him anymore but it was because I was tired. Some women stay for the bomb sex that he provided and I didn’t even have that. Others stay for great conversations they share with hubby and again I didn’t have that. More still stay for the money and level of comfort and again I didn’t have that. I made my own money and could make more still so this was not my motivation to stay. I almost forgot, there are those that stay for the sake of the kids and oops, Lintle was going to boarding school so what really did I have stay if it was not for the fact that in spite of all his short comings, he was still my for better or worse! If your mother has never contemplated divorcing your father then they are not married. Every woman questions themselves at some point and with good reason, marriage is not easy! IF you thought I was crazy then stop watching American movies and watch Nollywood things because bad acting it might be, they are actually more realistic about relationships than American movies!

As I was thinking all this my phone rang. It was Mthobisi. I kid you not. This man must be a telepath because I was thinking of him right this moment.

“Why does drama follow you everywhere?”

He asked me as soon as I picked up.

“What do you mean?”

“I heard your husband was missing. Your father, whom I didn’t know was just like me caused quite a stir. He had offered r100 000 to whoever could find your husband but I am told am too late!”

He said. I did not know about this. My mother had put money for people to go search for my husband and the word had reached as far as Joburg. Wow! Thank you daddy! I thought he never liked Sizwe but who cares; he loved me enough to do that.

“Yes he has been found!”

I said with a bit of relief in my voice!

“I heard. Firstly how is he?”

He asked me.

“He is bad Mthobisi! He is bad!”

I found myself crying. Much as I did not like this man I told him everything I knew of his medical condition. Unlike my brother who had been wincing when I told him he did not make the funny sounds and noises. All he did was listening. At the end he said,

“I am sorry he went through that! Do you think it’s that Nigerian cockroach I saved you from?”

He asked me! It’s amazing how well he read my mind.

“Yes I do. There is no one else I can think of at the moment! It has to be him!”

I told him.

“You are in luck; I am looking at him right now. He has a bit of a limp, I wonder what happened. I will take care of it if you want. This is for saving me the other day from the police. I never thanked you enough. Everything is sorted now. That cop who knocked at your door…well, let’s just say he won’t be knocking there again!”

I didn’t even bother asking what that was supposed to mean but even if I had, he didn’t give me a chance to answer as he dropped.

Had I just sanctioned a hit?

I found myself smiling inside. A bit of good news at last! Women are sensitive creatures, we laugh, we cry and we care as the best of them. Push us hard enough however and we will show you that we can protect, attack and do as much harm as any man ever could. If you have ever watched Game of Thrones there is a sick twisted lady called Cersei Lannister who might be the most ruthless woman ever but she will burn down the earth if she must to do anything for her children and family! That is what I was going to be.

I walked back to my brother who I actually had not seen turn back. He was looking at me the whole way as I walked back and I saw him shake his head,

“You seem happier Nothabo, what have you done?”

My brother asked when I got there and sat next to him!

“I did what needed to be done now let’s drop it. I am not interested in this conversation and besides you will need plausible deniability!”

I told him. He wanted to say something but I think the look on my face told him that his big sister was not playing. Fortunately it was then my parents arrived, yes both mom and dad. I guess my mother had decided not go where ever she wanted to go after all. They were with Jackzorro and Berry yet again, don’t these two ever sleep. I walked up to him and hugged him. I don’t often hug my father, he gets uncomfortable but today I wanted to be in my father’s arms.

“How is he?”

He said when I pulled away or rather he pushed me away. South African men don’t show affection Shem and my dad was one of those! I hugged my mother too but she seemed more in shock that I had hugged my father so it was one of those awkward moments.

“He is bad hey but they are working on it!”

I did not want to go into details of what they had done to him because I realized that no man wants other men to know he can’t get it up. It’s not right. Let me keep my mouth shut.


My father said to my brother who had not stood up to greet him. I can’t believe that this tension was still there even now under these circumstances! It annoyed me so much I spoke up about it right there and then,

“When will you two learn that family is more important than anything else? If I ask you what you are fighting for you both are clueless but here you are angry at one another! Shame on both of you! Our family is falling apart because you two won’t get over your egos for one moment to see that you have a lot to discuss!”

I told them both. They don’t like being reprimanded unfortunately!

“You, Zethu is pregnant and wants to be introduced properly to the family yet you are so busy being proud and angry for no reason.”

I pointed at my brother then turned to my father,

“… And papa, your son needs you to advise him. Mum is waiting for you to apologize for everything you have put her through. Why can’t we just be a happy family with no drama? Ke laphile papa, I am tired!”

I explained to them. I was not shouting, I was advising. Please for once listen.

“She is right papa! I am very sorry!”

My brother stood up funny enough much to my surprise. He was like his father and often stubborn for no apparent reason. He walked towards my father. I think my father was not expecting this because he stood there frozen and stunned at how I had spoken to him and secondly, my brother, his son, walking over to give him his second hug in a few moments. At least there was direction now. It had taken Sizwe’s misfortune to re-bond us as a family and it was to be honest long overdue.

“My son, I am really sorry. I should have listened to what you wanted and not forced you!”

My father explained. In all my years I had never seen my father cry. He actually had genuine tears like a normal person. I used to think my father was hard-core but seeing him cry like this made me emotional too!

“I am sorry too nthate. You wanted what’s best for me and I was not listening. I am ready now if you still want me to!”

He said. Had my brother just accepted an internship under my father to be a taxi boss? Hell no! Zethu will never stand for that but at the very least it was a start. We were a family on the mend. My mother held my hand and squeezed it to show that she was approving of what I was doing.

“We came with the girls and they are in the car. I did not want to leave that other one, Nelisa, in my house, I told you her mother is a witch so she must not come to my home!”

My mother said and somehow we all laughed. It was not funny but with all this tension it gave us a momentary reprise from it and we laughed. I know my mother hated Nelisa’s mother because she had known Nelisa’s father first wife, Sebo’s mother. See I remember names very well.

“It’s ok. I understand, things happened so fast! I was not thinking straight when I brought them!”

I confessed which was true. It’s when Zethu had said I must go home. We chatted a bit with my family when the phone rang. It was a local Bloemfontein number 051 so I picked up as I had no idea who could it be!

“Hello, Dr. this is Detective Seepe again!”

He said on the other side. What did he want now? This man had thought I had something to do with the maiming of my own husband, imagine!

“You need to come to the station. It’s important!”

He told me.

“Are you going to arrest me?”

I asked him and responded,

“What for?

There was silence from my side but fortunately he continued.

“Your father said the moment we have any news I should contact you. I have news. Someone just walked in and said that they are the ones responsible for the kidnapping and assault of your husband.”

He said.

“Say what?”

I asked him again because this did not make any sense at all. The person would have gotten away with it scot free even so why be so stupid to turn back and come confess.

“I am not joking. A man just walked in here and gave us all the details of his crime. I am stupefied at the moment but the facts match up. I want him to give a full confession in detail when you are here to hear for yourself!”

He said. I wanted to ask if he was Nigerian because my suspect was Python but the detective did not even give me a chance.

“Please be here as soon as possible because it must happen now!”

He said.

“I will be there in thirty minutes!”

I responded.

Who could it be?

I turned to look at my father who had been listening to the conversation.

“Go, we will wait on Sizwe!”

He said. I listened.

*****The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Good day bra Mike.

Thank you for your talent that you reluctantly share with us. Your books have kept me sane since 2013 cause whatever bad thing I’m going through, there are always people going through worse which makes me appreciate my life.

Okay, I need advice from your readers. In 2014, I dated this guy, let’s call him A. A and I were perfect together, he was that one guy who totally understood me and knew how to deal with me and put me in my place but still treated me like a queen. A was, and still is, handsome with a great body and all, and the sex was amazing! We used to go out all the time and I never felt threatened by anyone at any point because he was mine – I loved (still do) and trusted him wholeheartedly and he never disappointed in any manner. He wanted to study medicine at Wits but sadly Wits did not accept him, he got accepted in some varsity in America and so he left and we agreed that we can’t do long distance because he is originally not from here so he can’t even come back during holidays. We still call and skype each other and I’m still very much in love with him.

So there is this other guy, let’s call him M. M and I met late last year and he’s just as handsome, funny and everything but he annoyingly loves his friends. He is one person I was willing to try things out with but it’s like he is not on the same page. He’ll cancel our plans just to chill with his friends – he never makes time for me and he lives 20 minutes away from me! I hate that he always manages to smoothen things up with me. He’s not reliable and also too outgoing which makes me not trust his gorgeous self even more. I’m slowly falling for this guy and the bastard doesn’t even realize it – I want to cut all ties with him as I’ve accepted that nothing will ever come out of this.

My problem is that I can’t seem to move on with anybody else. I unwillingly compare every guy I meet to A.
And every other guy seems so useless to me, it’s either they are too sweet or not tall enough or not very humorous, there’s always something wrong with them in my head. My friend says I’m unreasonable to have such expectations from them. But once you’ve had the best, you kind of can’t go back. How do I move on with my life? It gets really lonely most times hey.

And here comes the cliché part, “Apologies for the long letter.”

Best Regards

10 thoughts on “Realities 132

  1. Lonely did you and guy A breakup? Does he know you moving on with your life? Hhas he moved on woth his life? Whag are yoy two skyping about. Rathet stay single snd focus on yourself and just do you. Maybe then you’ll see things clearly and mr rigg might just pop up.

    P.S break contact with guy A coz he’s holding you back


  2. If it’s not Python it’s Nelisa’s mother revenge for Sizwe pointing a gun on her since she can’t have him Nothabo can’t have his di**

  3. Thank you bhut Mike…still sad that these are the last chapters of Realities 🙁

    So me and Jack become characters right at the end….nicely done 🙂

    Lonely : You need to take some time out and be single for a while to get guy A out of your system because if you dont do that , you will forever compare your relationships with him. Dont rush into things and get to know a person for who THEY are not what YOU want them to be…..


  4. Nelisa’s father is Sizwe @ Lonenee. I think it’s either Nelisa’s mother or Nozipho’s mother….hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. Nothabo can keep her “man”, he won’t be able to do anything since they “demanned” him.

  5. But Mike how are you going to end this when its this good at the end? Whoops I am loving this ……clueless… what are you bringing back as DOAZG did not end and you said you are giving SUgar Babe some breathing space? Can we have 2 chapters Friday. ….so you don’t congest everything together!

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, man it’s going to be an epic finale on Friday… Mthobisi in the mix, I see Pillz and her Zorro are still there LOL!

    Lonely, until you have experienced true loneliness then this ‘hold’ that guy A has on you will surely evaporate. Only your true desire to have someone regardless of the imperfections they may seem to have compared to A, only that will free you from this captivity of your own negativity.

    If you want somebody, you gonna have to get you anybody and make them that somebody. M is childish, but if you want him to grow a pair, you gon’make him learn to be that person. If all else fails, get you a visa and off you go to the Americas to get your man.


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