Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 259

“I don’t know why you had to interfere Lesedi and your friends, his body was supposed to be discovered by the maid, but you and your friends as usual had to go and mess that up.” He said sounding extremely annoyed, I could not believe the nerve of this man. “Well if you had bothered to tell me the plan in the first place then I wouldn’t have had his body removed, but no you had to let me believe that we were in the forgiveness path, what were all those months of therapy for then tell me?” I said shouting at him he calmly said “those bloody expensive sessions were for you to heal, the was no way I was going to heal knowing another man touched my home and that same man is still walking around the same earth as me, hell would have frozen over before that happened, I should have taken care of him ages ago.” He said still angry. “I cannot deal with this right now Mthobisi I have just lost one of my closest friends, this is the last thing that I need.” I said getting seriously angry with my husband who was just so… I have no words for him. “That’s fine, you don’t need to deal with me, just tell me where the body is and I will get rid of it.”

12 thoughts on “*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 259

  1. no action, drama or horror we already had too much of that in our lives… Tjo wangqqeda uLee??? they even have Horror aybantu; I love this couple

    Thanks Mike

  2. I reckon it is Spencer’s ghost that is driving behind Cleo’s car and subsequently shooting at the poor ladies

  3. Hi Mike I sent an sms to get a pin but I have not received the pin so I can read last Saturday missteps

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