Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 256

You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you are scared out of your mind, your stomach starts growling and you start to sweat and your stomach growls even louder and it’s not the hunger kind of growl it’s the growl that makes you feel like you need to get your ass in the toilet as a matter of life and death and by death I mean death of the people who are around you because they will be the ones dying of the horrible smell that will come out if you don’t get to the toilet immediately. That was me at that moment, I looked at Jessica who was now starring into space, and in my mind I just thought the stupid bitch is thinking of more shit to say, how I wished I had gone in the other car. “Our friend was filled with blood, I think she killed that man” she continued, I was right, stupid woman was coming up with more stories.

The police officer said “Ladies, I need you to both step out of the car with your hands up” I could not believe this was happening, why me? I didn’t even do anything wrong this time, I had just gone to

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  2. Thank God I didn’t use mine from last week so I used it today.

    Just email him guys he will sort you out.

  3. Sent an email for ma last weeks pin but I didn’t get a response.wud really like to know what’s happening.m a loyal follower but this is just unacceptable,I need value for ma money n loyal client service.m heart broken n just can’t risk buying more pins if I ain’t getting any.plz mike do something

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