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Growing Up – Chapter 64

I don’t think there is a woman who would enjoy being called a slut, especially if it is a man who is calling you a slut. Most of us want to be seen as respectable women and addressed as such. Societal standards of a respectable woman vary from place to place. I am familiar with the ‘respectable church woman’ standards aka the Proverbs 31 woman. Many women are encouraged to be a Proverbs 31 woman because the Proverbs 31 woman seems so perfect. Personally, I don’t think there could ever be such a woman, read it for yourselves and you will see how ridiculously awesome and perfect that woman is. No matter how unattainable the standards are, all my life I longed to be like the Proverbs 31 woman. I was very close to being that woman, well until I started sleeping around, and now I’m being called a slut by a guy I do not know. I was upset that this guy called me a slut, but it was extremely heart-breaking that my fiancé is the one who told him that I was a slut. With all these sperms spread on one half of my face, I wasn’t able to look at the guy properly. Apostle Bae took a tissue and wiped off all his dirt on my face, when he was done, I stood up and looked at this guy.

He was wearing a pink shirt, a floral chiffon, white pants and pink pumps. Yes, you guessed right, he was a gay guy, the fun kind. When I say the fun kind, I ‘m talking about the gay guys that like to: dress up, walk like ladies, and act very dramatic. Apostle Bae came out the car, and we both walked to this gay guy, they greeted each other then Apostle Bae said

“Baby this is our wedding planner Vincent, Vincent this is my future wife Hlengiwe.”

I just stared at him because I wasn’t really interested since I was still angry. But all my anger ended when Vincent said

“No, Hlengz darling your fiancé is crazy, I am not Vincent, I am Miss Vinny, or Miss V and I am pleased to meet you. I hope we will get along because we are going to be family soon.”

I looked at Apostle Bae with a confused look, and then he said “Vincent is my cousin.”

I realised that I didn’t know anyone from my fiancé’s family because we didn’t date very long. We actually didn’t date at all, we only have sex….lots and lots of it. I was probably going to meet his family on our wedding day. I was going to be part of a new family, a family I wasn’t familiar with and it was probably going to be hard for me to fit in. He also didn’t know my family, he saw them briefly at my sister’s funeral but he didn’t know them.

“We are Africans Thulani, we don’t have cousins but brothers and sisters. Planning this wedding is my gift to you, so please don’t expect anything from me on the wedding day.” Said Miss Vinny.

“It’s nice to meet you too Miss Vinny. Let’s go and speak inside the house.”

“Okay dearie,” said Miss Vinny, “but wena Thulani you must go to your house, or better just go and buy us some food. I need to know what your wife expects on her wedding day.”

Apostle Bae chuckled, he then said “My little wife here doesn’t have any idea’s of her own. Whatever she will tell you, will be something she saw from her friend’s wedding. I don’t trust her opinion and remember I am doing this for the 2nd time.” Having said that, he followed us to the house. Apostle Bae was getting married for the2nd time. When I 1st went to visit their church, Philani told me that Apostle Bae was divorced because his wife cheated on him. So he was not new in this marriage game.

When we went inside the house, and I prepared some snacks and went to sit down.

Miss Vinny said “It is very weird that I have been planning your wedding for the past 4 Months and you only contacted me today. Hai girl you really trust your man with this wedding.”

“4 Months?” I said, “but we weren’t even engaged 4 Months ago.”

“Faith baby faith, I had complete faith that you were going to be my wife. I knew it from the 1st day I saw you, I knew that you were going to be mine and mine alone. After I got to know you and we started having a lot of encounters, I decided to ask Vincent to start planning our wedding. I always knew that you would be a permanent part of my life. I loved you when I 1st saw you, I love you now and I will always love you.” said Apostle Bae, as he looked adoringly in my eyes.

I was shocked to hear him say he loves me because he hardly told me that he loves me. I also loved him, I think I still loved Philani, but I loved Apostle Bae more. I don’t know what it is that I love so much about him because I honestly didn’t know him very well, but I knew that I loved him.

A lot of people might think I’m crazy for getting married to a guy I didn’t know very well. The fact that I didn’t know him very well wasn’t a problem to me, as they say you get to know someone better and learn something new about them every day. So we were going to start a new life together with fresh perspectives and I was looking forward to it.

“Oh how cute Thulani, I didn’t know that you are capable of being sweet.” Said Miss Vinny.

Miss Vinny then explained the kind of wedding I was going to have, he showed me pictures of the venue. I was happy with everything he showed me, but I was obviously going to see everything properly and I trusted Miss Vinny’s judgement. When we were done he left , and we were I was left with my Bae.

“Baby,” I said, “Do you really love me? What is it that you love about me?”

He responded “Of course I love you Hlengiwe, I wouldn’t propose to you if I didn’t love you. You are an extremely beautiful woman, you have a very sexy body and you are young……you are the perfect trophy wife and any man would love you.”

I didn’t know whether he was insulting or complimenting me, but I decided to take everything he said as a compliment. People normally say a person should love you for the person you are in the inside, so Apostle Bae loved me for the person I was on the outside, so was his love wrong? I don’t really know what love is or what love should be. He loved me and that was all that mattered to me.

He then said “Hlengiwe come here, sit on my lap.”

I did as I was told, then he started to brush my thighs, kissed me, kissed my neck, and squeezed my boobs. He then took off my dress, my bra and then I stopped him. I didn’t stop him because I didn’t want him, I stopped him because he told me that we shouldn’t have sex before our wedding day. I really wanted him, but I had to learn restraint and give him what he told me he wants….no sex before the wedding day!

I said “Baby you said you don’t want us to have sex before the wedding day. You said we should remain pure until our wedding night. We shouldn’t fornicate, remember?”

In a very soft tone, he said “Baby do not question the things I do. You are my woman and I want you right now. Forget what I said and give me your cookie.”

While he was talking, he kept on touching me in all the right places and I was then unable to argue with him. I allowed him to have his way with me, because it felt so damn good. We spent the entire night having very explosive, awesome and fulfilling sex. Sihle didn’t come back that night, so we did it everywhere and in every way. He made me bend, spread, raised my legs and made me do things that I never thought were possible.

I woke up feeling very good and I made my man breakfast, the way he loved it. When I was done I went to wake him up, he followed me to the kitchen. When we got to the kitchen, he placed me on the table and started to kiss me. Before our kissing led to something, we stopped because we heard Sihle speaking on the phone outside.

“Baby last night was beautiful, thank you. I can’t wait to please you every day for the rest of our lives. I love you Hlengiwe.” He said when we sat down.

I couldn’t stop blushing, at that moment everything seemed perfect and I knew then that this man was the one for me. Sihle came inside the house, greeted us and came to sit with us. She apologised for not coming when I was meeting my wedding planner and asked me how it went. I told her what she needed to know. She then asked

“Apostle Thulani where are you taking Hlengiwe for your honeymoon?”

“I want to go to Paris, or we can go to Abu Dhabi. Yes let’s go to Abu Dhabi.” I said, and Apostle Bae responded

“Do you know why there is a honeymoon? We go to a honeymoon to break the honey, but in your case there is no honey to be broken. I went to honeymoon with my 1st wife because she was a virgin when we got married, but there is no need for us to have a honeymoon because we have already had sex. If you really want a honeymoon, go and ask Philani to take you because he is the one who broke you virginity!”

He said this then stood up and went to my room to get dressed, and then he left!

12 thoughts on “Growing Up – Chapter 64

  1. Yho this Apostle is a jerk Man! Now I want hlengy to go back to philani. Mara philani must suffer for all he did first. Pity, hlengy is the one suffering for this love. Life neh. Growing up is really tough :-(. Thank you Mike

  2. Hlengy’s desperation and obsession with marriage will make her lend on her ass…. Love make us do crazy things but yena o too much… Ai *throwing hands in d air

  3. Hlengiwe just need to break up with this fake pastor and just go back to school and stop chasing after rich men

  4. Mara y Apostle a tella soo,Hlengi r u sure abt this guy,nna I think he is a psychotic biajay,he is an abusive guy,he is abusing u emotionally he doesn’t give a damn whether u r hurting or not,as long as he opened his cage of a mouth and run it to whatever direction he wish to run it

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