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Growing Up – Chapter 62

I am not one to run away from a fight, if you pick a fight with me, you will definitely get it…but I was not going to fight with 3 ladies, Philani’s 2 sisters and 1 sister in law. It certainly was not going to be a fight because they were going to beat me up. How was I expected to fight against 3 people hai this is unfair. This happens a lot in the hood, especially with teenage girls. You will find a group of girls attacking 1 girl because she is dating a guy that someone in the group is also dating. I think most of the fighting between women happens because of men. We fight for men, we fight about men, and we fight trying to impress men! No matter how poor, or ugly or disrespectful a guy is, there is a high chance that there are women who have fought or him or are currently competing for his attention. Unless you are as hot and beautiful as I am, you will never find men busy embarrassing themselves fighting for women. Philani’s sisters wanted to beat me up because I hurt their brother, you see? We are always fighting because of men.

After hearing someone call my name, I was stuck. If no one had seen me, I was going to call Mrs Mazibuko and make an excuse, but now I was going to have to go inside the house.

“Hlengiwe, we are waiting for you.” she said again. It was Philani’s older sister, Thabile.

“Uhm sis Thabile, I am not going anywhere. I am going to look for my phone, I think I forgot it in the car.”

“Isn’t that your phone in your hand?”

Shit I didn’t see that my phone was in my hand, I had to come up with another excuse.

“I am looking for my other phone. I am expecting a call, so I don’t know which phone they are going to call.”

She just went back to the house, I walked to the car and checked something I knew wasn’t there.

“Father God, In the name of Jesus Christ,” I prayed, “I know that these women are going to attack me, please protect me from them. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, God be with me please. Amen.”

I quickly walked to the house, I went in and sat down. I found Thabile, Bongile, and Lungiswa who is the sister in law, and Mrs Mazibuko. I greeted them, they greeted back, and then we made some small talk. These people didn’t look like they wanted to beat me up, or maybe they wanted me to feel at ease and comfortable before they attack me. Philani’s mother looked a bit frail, but it was probably old age. Because they were son nice to me, I wanted to know who they were talking about when I was standing at the door.

“I couldn’t help but hear you talking about some girl you want to beat up. Who were you talking about?” I asked. After I asked this question, there was a bit of an awkward silence.

“Hlengiwe you won’t believe what happened to me,” Bongile said, “my husband cheated on me, I just never thought this would happen this to me.”

Yoh shame, I didn’t know what to say because she looked very sad. It’s so funny though, we normally say ‘all men cheat’, but when it happens to us we become sad and angry. Bongile was also one of those women who didn’t trust her man and normally said ‘men cheat, men are dogs’. Since we say ‘all men cheat’ aren’t we supposed to be ever ready for the day our men will cheat on us? I am not encouraging men to cheat, all I’m saying is we should stop confessing such things with our lips and act like victims when the things we have confessed come to pass. Saying all men cheat is like saying all women are faithful, it is not true. It may seem like that, but it is far from the truth. There are men who cheat.

She continued to say “What is even worse is that he got the girl pregnant. He clearly did this intentionally because he told me that he is growing old and needs children of his own.”

“I’m so sorry sis Bongile, how did you find out?”

“We had a meeting with his family and that is where they told me. They told me that I need to understand that a wife’s duty is to make sure that I give my husband babies, but obviously I have failed.” She paused for a moment, and shed a tear then she continued to say “They asked me to accept the child as my own because I have failed to give birth. They kept on emphasising the fact that I have failed to give birth.”

Sis Bongile had fertility problems, and she has been pen about it. Her husband knew that she had fertility problems while they were still dating, but he continued to be with her. His family also knew that she had problems before they got married, they didn’t seem to have a problem with her and they accepted her. Now, suddenly, they had a problem and expected her to magically give birth. It surely wasn’t her fault that she was barren, she shouldn’t be made to feel like a failure for something that s beyond her control.

“Just imagine nje, how can they say she has failed to give birth?” Sis Thabile said, “Bongile has done a lot for that family. She helped create wealth for that family and now that they have all that they want, she is suddenly a failure. What is even worse is that he cheated on her with the maid.”

The maid… many women have lost their husbands because of maids? It’s even sad because Sis Bongile took the girl in and gave her a job. On top of giving her a job, she financially assisted her in furthering her studies. Sis Bongile was one of the good employers, who empowered their employees, and this is the thanks she got. It was really unfair, how was she expected to accept the child after she was betrayed by people she loved? This was really unfair because she was such a good person, but bad things happen to good people like me and her.

While they were busy telling me what was going on and what they were planning to do to the maid as soon as she has given birth, Philani walked in and didn’t seem very pleased to see me.

“Mom I thought you wanted to see me, what is Hlengiwe doing here?”

Sis Bongile laughed and said “Why are you being so rude Philani, did you guys have a fight or something? Sit down and listen to what mom has to say.”

Philani sat down, but he made sure that he didn’t sit next to me, and then his mom said

“Hlengiwe and Philani my children, please do me a favour, I was diagnosed with cancer and I have a few months to live. All I want from the two of you is a grandchild. You guys have been together for a while now and I think it’s time you guys give me a grandchild. This is my last wish please fulfil it.”

I felt sorry for Philani’s mom, I felt sorry for their whole family because they were about to lose their mother, but it was unfair of her to want a grandchild from me. This woman had grandchildren, why was she demanding a grandchild from us? I was not even with her son anymore, so it didn’t make sense why she wanted the grandchild from me.

Only then did I realise that Philani’s family wasn’t aware of the fact that we had broken up and that I was engaged to another man. If they knew that I was getting married in a Month’s time, they were not going to be so nice and open to me about their problems. But didn’t they see the ring? I was wearing my ring, a very beautiful ring, how could they not see it? The 1st thing I look at when talking to a woman, is if she has a ring on her finger and if she has it, I will check how nice it looks. It was really weird that they didn’t notice my ring.

“Mama I’m sorry, but I don’t think I will be able to have a baby with Philani.” I said and they all asked “Why?”

I kept quiet because I didn’t know what to say to them, then Philani said

“Hlengiwe, why don’t you tell them what happened? You have been here for a while now and you haven’t told them what you have done, how you have betrayed me?”

“Philani please stop, this isn’t necessary.”

“Of course it’s necessary, they were going to find out anyway. Well, family, I thought I was going to be able to fix things between me and Hlengiwe, which is the reason I didn’t tell you guys what was happening. Hlengiwe decided to destroy everything we have worked so hard to build by cheating on me with my Pastor.”

They all directed their attention to me, as though they were expecting me to defend myself. But I just kept quiet and looked away.

“Maybe we were going to be able to fix things, but unfortunately things got worse, at least for me ,” he continued, “Not only did she cheat on me with a man I trusted, but she got engaged to him. To add insult to injury, her fiancé expects me to support them and be his Best Man.”

After he said this, in loud voices, they all exclaimed “Haibo Hlengiwe.”

I wanted to speak and explain to them that Philani was not so innocent and that he caused me to cheat on him. I also wanted to tell them that Philani didn’t want to commit to me, so I had to move on to a man that wanted to spend his life with me. Before I could speak up, Sis Thabile stood up and said

“Hlengiwe how could you do this to my brother? You think you will play him and get to live your happily-ever-after with your new man, while my brother is hurting? Well, today you will learn that you will not mess with one of our own and get away with it. We are going to deal with you accordingly.”

Sis Bongile also said “I will make sure that we mess up that pretty face, and let’s see if your new man will still want to marry you.”

I tried to stand up and ran away but they blocked me, locked the doors and went to put the kettle on.

“You think you are too beautiful for our brother so we are going to burn your face with boiling hot water!”

I looked at Philani hoping that he would help me by protecting me from his psycho sisters, but he looked t me like a mad person and said

“You reap what you sow!!”

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  1. Wow this sisters! I feel sorry for hlengiwe though I also feel that she should break up with that cheating pastor

  2. tjo I dont think the Pastor came from jogging. He was probably shagging a girl. Why did he give the wedding planners no so easily.

  3. Hlengiwe you are so stupid you should have called someone b4 u entered dat house as u heard them dat dey r going 2 fix u

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