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Growing Up – Chapter 59

There is nothing in this world that can turn women into psycho’s like love. Alot of women cat testify to the fact that most of their craziest actions were done because of love. Love just brings out the crazy in us. We act crazier when the one we love rejects us and moves on with someone else. I didn’t blame Tsiamo for being here, she loved Mlu, and she was even pregnant with his child. But I didn’t condone her behaviour, she was supposed to accept that he had moved on.

“Tsiamo what are you doing here?” Thandiwe asked.

“I came to get what is mine.” She said, “I came to get my man.”

I could see a look of confusion from Thando, and Mlu looked very nervous and irritated. He took Thando away, saying that she shouldn’t stress herself about Tsiamo.

Thandiwe wanted to give her a warm klap, but I stopped her and asked them to let me go and speak to Tsiamo outside. I dragged her out by force, because she was determined to stay inside the venue

“What’s wrong with you Tsiamo? Why do you like messing things up for people?”

“Hlengiwe you don’t understand,” she responded, “I love Mlu and I’m tired of being his secret.”

“What do you mean you are tired of being his secret?”

“I mean exactly that, I’m tired of being his secret. Everyone knows that he is with Thando but he is keeping me a secret. Mlu still comes to see me, we still have sex and he promised me that he will not marry her.”

Why is Mlu doing this to Thando? Heheehehe but this is Mlu we are talking about, he would definitely do this kind of thing. There are a lot of men who do exactly what he is doing. They are married or are in committed relationships but they continue having steamy sex with other women, and they promise those women to marry them, which in end they don’t do.

“Okay Tsiamo, I understand your pain. But Thando didn’t do anything bad to you, let’s allow her to have a great day then we will deal with Mlu after the wedding. If you want to win Mlu over, you shouldn’t cause any drama, you know men don’t like being involved in drama. I promise you, I will personally make sure that you get your man back. So now, get out of here before they call the cops to come and get you.”

She listened to me and walked away. I was lying to her, I was not going to help her with her evil plan to get Mlu back. Thando was a good friend to me so far, and I was not going to betray her by helping someone who stabbed us in the back and slept with our men.

When I was sure that she had left, I went back to the wedding. When I entered the venue, everything seemed normal, as though there were no distractions. Sihle looked at me as if she was expecting me to say something, I just smiled and looked away. As soon as I sat down, I realised that everyone was having dessert, so I stood up and went to dish up. When I arrived at the dessert table I found Bonginkosi, Thandiwe’s boyfriend, with some guys, I greeted them and they all responded.

“Guys this is the bi**h that played Philani.” Bonginkosi said and one of the guys responded

“That is how these Christian girl behave. They act all goody goody, but you will never be enough for them unless you are a Pastor.”

They continued speaking about me as though I wasn’t there. It took a lot from me to be able to stand there while they spoke rubbish about me. If tables were turned and I was a man, they were not going to be calling me names, but instead I would be seen as ‘The man’. I know I did him wrong but Philani also cheated on me, he cheated when I was very faithful to him.

One of the guys asked “When are you getting married to your Pastor?” When he had asked this, they all laughed hard. Stupid boys laughing at stupid things. As soon as I was done dishing up, I quickly went away. I really felt humiliated, and I wanted to cry, but I had to keep my cool. When I got back to the table, Thandiwe was speaking

“Cheers to my sister and her hubby. I hope you guys will be happy and will have lots and lots of explosive and crazy sex.”

All the adults screamed “Haibo”

Thandiwe looked at them like they are crazy, then she continued “Anyway, I really hope you guys will have an amazing sex life. Thando sisi, don’t be boring in bed or else he will cheat on you. Mlu, the same goes for you, make sure that you give my sister orgasms or else she will cheat on you. So you guys better make each other happy in all the ways that matter. Wena Mlu you must treat her with love, Thando is very sensitive. If she ever cries because of you, I swear I will blow your head up.”

With that said, she raised her glass, drank her wine and sat down.

“How was my speech guys?” she directed the question to me and Sihle. I just laughed and Sihle told her that it was awesome and real. She then promised me to make the same speech at my wedding because sex was very important in keeping a happy marriage.

“You know guys my parents have been married for a long time, so clearly they are keeping each other happy in bed. My mom doesn’t look like the kind of woman who would settle for mediocre sex. We are tired of men who give us average sex and expect us to treat them like gods. Hai mina shame, I am teaching my man what I want in bed, I will not suffer for the sake of love. Alot of women are always faking orgasms, because they don’t want to hurt tier men. I wouldn’t do that, he must know that he isn’t satisfying me. We are tired of mediocre sex guys, people need to pull up their socks.” She said, and everyone who heard her just burst into laughter.

Thandiwe was very outspoken but I was surprised to see her speak her mind when Bonginkosi is around. The few times I had been around the both of them, she was very reserved. I asked her if she wasn’t afraid of Bonginkosi anymore and she told me that she got tired of faking and he now understood what kind of a person she was.

The bride and groom gave their 1st speech as husband and wife, then they had their 1st dance. Soon after that everyone had joined the dance floor. I stayed at my table because I didn’t have a partner, well until the best man asked me for a dance. Oh I didn’t tell you about the groom’s men, oh my my my my they were the epitome of handsomeness. The Best Man was his cousin, he was the most handsome, they didn’t even look related because this guy was so handsome. By the way, his name is Muzi.

Anyway I agreed to dance with him because all the church adults were gone, and it was just the young people left. When we started dancing, it was very innocent, but when we started getting comfortable with each other, it was no longer innocent. The inner hoe in me wanted to come out and I could stop it because this guy was seriously handsome. I started to have some dirty dance moves, I even made him sit down and I grinded on him. While we were dancing, or rather, while I was dancing on him, he whispered

“Let’s go to my car for some privacy.”

I quickly went to take my belongings and followed him to his car. He moved his car and parked it in a secluded area. We started to kiss, oh my his lips were tasty, his hands were just perfect. I don’t know if I thought everything about him was perfect because he was handsome and I was turned, but everything about him was simply perfect. When things were getting heated, my phone rang.

“Don’t answer it, they can call you back later.” He said.

We continued doing the nasty, but the person kept on calling, without looking at the caller ID, I answered my phone.

“This better be good”

“Haw baby why are you being rude now? I wanted us to talk about something important regarding our wedding.” Apostle Bae said. I was very irritated, so I went out of the car and spoke to him. We spoke for a very long time, Muzi eventually got irritated and went back to the wedding. I was also irritated now because I was going to miss out on something new.

Just when I was going back to the wedding, everyone walking out, apparently it was time for us to leave the premises. People went their separate ways and we went to Thando and Thandiwe’s home. I didn’t even get to see Muzi again. Nothing interesting happened when we got there, so we just reminisced on the day’s events’ and eventually fell asleep. In the morning we helped with the chores, and we left because we wanted to rest at our house.


When Sihle and I arrived home, just as we were about to make food, there was someone at the door and when we went to check, it was Philani and he was fuming with anger.

“Philani what do you want? You have been doing great by not contacting me and frankly I didn’t miss you.”

I was lying, I missed him………..I probably missed him more than I realised. I missed his voice, they way he used to look at me, they way he kissed me, they way he touched me……I missed everything about him. I wanted to hug and kiss him, I just wanted him.

“Urgh grow up Hlengiwe tu! I have stayed away from you but you and your fiancé are really irritating me right now. Why are you torturing me like this Hlengiwe? I have tried to accept that you have a new man in your life, but you can’t keep rubbing your engagement in your face? If you ever loved me, you will stop doing this to me.”

Ok now I was confused, so I asked him what he was talking about because I hadn’t had contact with him for the past weeks, and he said

“You and your fiancé want me to be his best man at your wedding, are you guys insane? You know what, I think I’m going to accept the offer. Ya I will be his Best Man.”

Argh he has got to be kidding!

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