Blessed are the Blessed

Blessed Chapter One

Good morning friends! Welcome to our new blog called BLESSED ARE THE BLESSED (pronounced Bleh-sed are the Bless’d). There is a misconception in society that girls who date BLESSERS come from poor uneducated families and are from townships. There is also a misconception that it is men who approach these girls (always) as indeed if you are rich and your contact details can be found somewhere girls will work hard to get you. Women have always been taught that since the man is older he must be blamed yet we pride ourselves at having these very girls educated, in universities and some even working. The problem is that they want more and not even a constructive “more” but to want to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have, to impress people they don’t know on social media as well as show off to people they don’t like! This is one such story which will highlight that not every blessing is indeed positive as well as not every bad stereotype is indeed bad for some are blessings after all!


“Blessed are the blessed for they shall see Dubai!”

I screamed when I got my plane ticket.

“I am going to Dubai!”

Let me not lie, I don’t want to make it seem I knew what Dubai was before I joined Instagram because that would be a lie! Instagram changed a lot for me and now with Snapchat there I am a legend. I actually had over 9000 followers which made me feel kind of famous but that’s a story for another day! Today, let’s celebrate!

“Dubai baby!!”

I was at the point of hyperventilating because Instagram fomo had got me real good. I had always seen pictures and seen other girls go but I had never been that lucky to be part of the chosen few! I was probably going to be the first girl from my neighbourhood, Akasia Park in Pretoria North to go to Dubai that is for certain. For this honor surely I deserved a free manicure from the local salon. Cassper’s “Mama I Made It” suddenly played on my laptop and we both screamed my friend and I that is. The irony of that moment I must say was not lost on me at all.

“Blessed are the blessed because they shall actually get to see a real Louboutin and not these fake ones some of your so called celebs are wearing!”

Khanyi, my friend for a year and half now and was visiting said in response and we both screamed in joy! It was actually happening. We had bit the bullet and decided to do what every girl publicly shames yet privately wished she had, gotten blessers!

“Suck on this haters! Suck on it!”

I shouted waving my ticket around like I was crazy. It had just arrived, his driver had dropped it off and he had said I can bring my friend which is why Khanyi was here with me. Like me she liked things but we were not the girls you found in Kong under dressed to get a bottle of Moet, Sies, have some self-respect! We were classy and did our shit underground. A blesser though, officially, was something new to me as I had never had one, nor had she. I dated a sugar daddy once from Pretoria North and eish, these Pretoria men ke de tsotsi Shem! Never again. By the time I got to university I knew exactly what I did not want!

“Let me preach for you my child,”

Khanyi who was a pastor’s child from Soweto said as she often did when she was drunk possibly to mock her father who disapproved of her every time she did something. Why do men try to control us though? They don’t own us! Yes he gave birth to you but once you are 18 surely he should not still try to dictate your life. Khanyi was a scholarship kid and attended the capital of fun amongst all universities, University Of Johannesburg. Ever wondered why they are trying to burn other universities down but bot UJ? There is your answer there; UJ was like an academic holiday away from home. Yes we studied and wrote exams but we could win any beauty competition and sporting code around because well, it was hard at times to judge what came first. We had the best hockey, rugby and cheerleading team plus our soccer team was half decent too. At times it felt as though sports came first but I kid you not, academics kicked ass too. Perfect balance no wonders why even the arsonists stayed away from us. Her father is the one who had insisted on her going there in the first place so he should not be judging her for her life choices.

“Preach on sister!”

I said in my fake American accent as it sounds like something they would say!

“Woe to all those bitches that sit at home on twitter and curse others for trying to hustle for theirs is a life of broke men who will always break their hearts anyway with nothing to show for it!”

She preached,

“Amen Sister!”

“Woe to all those broke ass men who try and stick their things inside us without wanting to even take you out for KFC mchana! This is not Our Perfect Wedding”

I laughed when she said that but she was not done,

“Woe to the Minister who puts r3billion aside to fight blessers when seventy five percent of his fellow ministers are Blessers themselves!”

She said and I could not stop laughing. My friend was funny but almost always well informed! Somewhere somehow people thinks girls with blessers are stupid and dumb, well they are wrong. We are not township girls that date taxi drivers for free rides and rude language!

“Blessed be men with money who know how to spoil a girl and above all know that Cape Town is not a holiday destination but a business trip!”

That was a bit of low blow but will come back to that later. At least she had not mentioned Durban because that would have been the ultimate insult. If your man takes you to Durban on holiday then you is slightly above being cheap! Yeah I said it. Durban is so close half the villages there are a taxi ride away to Bree Street! You think Jhb taxi drivers are all Zulu because it’s overseas? No fam, Jhb is full of Zulu drivers because its home away from home! How then does a self-respecting man take you there and say,

“Baby we on holiday!”

In Khanyi’s spirit those men I rebuke and curse in the name of Jesus! Amen! Regardless, I get ahead of myself; let me start from the beginning. I came from pretty much a middle class family. My father works for the Department of Education but divorced my mother for his friends daughter, scandal I tell you, whilst my mother was no saint herself. She worked for COGSTA also in Pretoria and the number of her boyfriends that literally came from the day her divorce went through I truly have lost count. I know no one wants to acknowledge that their mama can be loose too but the reality is many women my mother’s age (41) have affairs at the work place. Government Departments are hotbed of affairs, it’s no secret so when my parents finally divorced, I doubt very much either really cared who the other was sleeping with. I was not that young, 16 to be exact and I remember it so distinctly because I was supposed to have a super sweet 16 party which was cancelled because of these two selfish people. Yes, the unofficial rule of thumb says be angry at your father for divorce so true to form, in the beginning I hated my father for it until I discovered all my mother’s scandals. She gave me her old phone when she got a new contract and because she did not want that number anymore she also gave it to me after telling all her people she had moved numbers. What she did not do was delete her WhatsApp and I think it’s because she did not know how. I found so many conversations from her people and pictures etc. Imagine at 16 finding out your mother is talking about having sex at the office and seeing old people dick pictures eeuw! If you thought Vavi was the only one getting some on his desk then people you are very naïve and immature! That shit messes you up for life! Most interns I got to understand spend their vocation on their knees or backs if they want that job to be permanent because men in senior position act as though they own government. One of the guys I actually knew him because at home we called him Malume Morgan as he was my mother’s friend’s husband. Her daughter was some bitchy (attitude wise) girl that I went to primary school with, Petunia, but we were not friends. She would come to my house with her mother and we could not even construct a decent conversation in spite of us knowing the same people!

Back to now,

“Dude we need to go out and celebrate!”

Khanyi said suddenly jumping up as though she was some genius who had accidentally just discovered how to make Mmusi Maimane remember he was black!

“No man, come on, we have tests on Tuesday! Remember we said that whatever happens, school comes first and I am keeping us true to that word!”

I told her calming her down. I was usually the calming factor in our relationship as Khanyi’s rebellion against her father knew no boundaries. For some reason and for this ironically I thank God too, she more often than not listened to me!

“Ok fine, can we at least take a picture of the tickets so we can put them on Instagram?”

She said. I agreed but the problem is we had no wine in the house. My mother didn’t drink or if she did she did not drink at home meaning there was none.

“We have no wine!”

I told and immediately she said,

“Dude your house sucks! At least when we go back to campus we will have a chance then!”

If any of you thought that those beautiful pictures you see on Instagram are spontaneous you thought wrong. Girls have mastered the art of taking the perfect picture and for this one we would need two passports, two tickets and two glasses of one. There will be#Baecation but it will show me and Khanyi so that people will say Khanyi and I took a holiday. The picture must show above all our destination so maybe by saying let’s take pictures of the tickets was a bit impulsive on Khanyi’s part but let’s put it down to rookies mistake.

My phone rang! I knew it was not my blesser because he never calls during the day. He says he is busy and does not want distractions something which I don’t mind as I have school and friends at the time.

It was my boyfriend.


“It’s Neo!”

I said to Khanyi showing her the phone!

“So, must I answer him?”

I asked her.

“Yes of course! He is so sweet shem! He reminds me of Msawawa when he was still doing that ‘yes yes yes'”

She said doing that pantsula run. We burst out laughing!

“Hey baby?”

I said answering the phone!

“Hi love! Guess what?”

He said very excited!

“My car made it; I am going to be an Uber driver! Finally!”

Neo was 21 and doing his third year engineering. He had failed one course so more like second\third year something very common in universities!

“Oh congratulations baby. They took their time hey in responding!”

I told him. When he got his car from his father estate, his father had passed away a year ago and the estate had taken so long to pay out. He was a sweet responsible guy and his family had struggled a bit when his father passed on. I met him once, as Neo and I had dated for two years now. Why had I not broken up with him when I met my Blesser one may wonder? Well it’s simple, I loved him and I just wanted to have a bit of fun, maybe for a year, after all I am still young and we are told every day that girls should not overly commit at a young age.

“I know hey! I am very excited. Now I can get that extra income without touching the estate money.”

He said. He was also honest about his finances. He was never that guy who will claim to have a yacht when at home he didn’t have a bicycle.

“I have to go baby. I want to tell my mom now. She will be happy I think!”

He said and we laughed. His mom had been a bit skeptical about and called it a ‘glorified taxi driver’ but oh well, she must support.

“Ok baby, I love you!”

I told him.

“I love you too. See you this evening when you get back to campus!”

He said and we hung up! Khanyi was doing her nails at this stage but I know she had been listening in to our conversation.

“You guys really are sweet. I never could get a boyfriend like that because my father would mess it up somewhere somehow!”

Serious daddy issues this one but she was right about this one, I loved my broke ass boyfriend so why was I going to Dubai?

Answer is simple,

Fear of missing out, travelling and of course, that holy grail of black South African girls, MONEY!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear bhuti Mike
Firstly thank you for the daily dose…it helps some of us get through the day…..

I’m 27 years of age, and I work for a chemical manufacturing company, now I don’t want to sound ungrateful, I appreciate my job a lot as I know there are many without but a I am irritated of this employment as is it not good. I’m a lab technician, with a Bsc qualification, I’m 1 of only 4 people in the company with a qualification…..the company prides itself about paying people according to their qualifications…..Needless to say I’m one of the worst paid employees in the company, the company pays you according to colour of skin, with some people (who don’t even have matric) getting paid x3 of my wages….education never loved us.
I’ve raised the issue countless times with management, but I’m constantly told to deal with it or spread my wings and find greener pastures.

It is so frustrating….I’m at an age where I should be okay, but I constantly find myself asking for handouts from my parents and siblings…to make ends meet. I apply ALL the time but all I ever get is “regret, unsuccessful”. If I wasn’t ugly I swear I’d have turned to alternate means of making money.

This is my cry out for help….

Struggling graduate

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  1. to b honest i dont think this story is going to b that interesting. i feel like this blog is always on about sugar daddies especially when it comes to young girls. e.g thandeka from Zulu Gil Goes to JHB, nelisa from Confessions,audrey from birds of feathers,sbongile from Realities and aurelia from Rumblings. eish enough is enough can we get something new plz. coz not every girl in their life had someone they knew or close to them who was dating a sugar daddy /blesser like me

    1. Lady M … please come up with a topic then that can be addressed? I am sure Mike will listen. As far as i am concerned Blessers are the biggestbtopic right now. Its Sugardaddies repackaged that’s true but when I grew up girls didn’t get to go on overseas trips and be offered so much to be prostitutes. That’s the difference. If I recall Nelisa actually dated the guy and so did Aurelia. Blessers from my understanding it’s more like money for sex and gifts. Bra Mike please get topics from her so you can write the story she wants told

  2. to b honest i dont think this story is going to b that interesting. i feel like this blog is always on about sugar daddies especially when it comes to young girls. e.g thandeka from Zulu Gil Goes to JHB, nelisa from Confessions,audrey from birds of feathers,sbongile from Realities and aurelia from Rumblings and hlengiwe from growing up. eish enough is enough can we get something new plz. coz not every girl in their life had someone they knew or close to them who was dating a sugar daddy /blesser like me

  3. I agree with Zuma,

    this is what is currently happening this Blesser and blessee. Its an issue and young girls like mys3lf get tempted. Im a 20 year old my mother earns less than R5000 a month and my friends live the life I want, I don’t have winter clothes just 2 long sleeves and some old jersey. My friends wear,leather jackets, coats, etc.. I feel like I embarrass them sometimes with what I wear compare to them, I get R10 if I’m lucky for lunch money sometimes nothing at all, my friends get R50 for lunch everyday, I feel like im a burden. Manje wena lady M uthi this won’t be interesting, inkinga ukuthi awukaze uhlupheke kahle.
    No I’m not a blessee I don’t even want to be one.

    Thank you mike

  4. Jeez its too early to bicker about topics if you dont want to read Lady M its your right Nana dont let the door hit you on your way out…..simple

  5. Honestly I feel like this thing of being a graduate and being paid less cause of skin colour is nonsense. Can’t this be addressed by our government. These white companies are getting away with murder and we let them. Why aren’t these white bosses brought to judgment and why has is this still happening in 2016 bathong. Aowa iv had enough of this rubbish

  6. Thank Mike

    Lady M why don’t you start your own blog, write your own stories and read them yourself. Imihlola yethu yini???

  7. I’m slightly confused..does it mean her mother sleeps with interns at work? Or with malume Morgan? Why was petunia mentioned? I didn’t get the relevance of that. Lovely story though.

  8. I agree with Lady M, after reading this chapter I went like pprrrrhhh, as much as you guys are saying the blesser/blesse topic is trending at the moment, its always been like that, Mike, make diary unique, the sugar daddy material is too common, any1 can write about it and you can find it in most platforms, we need something new… I know you are skilled enough to take an offramp and join the next street, mara eseng di blesser blesse papa no no!

  9. I suggest to you complain to other people. Take it to the media. If you lose your job atleast you have done something noble. Stick it to them! If you leave your job won’t the next black individual suffer like you? or contact the Reformation Act people, BEE people. Make it so big that your employees have no choice but to listen to you!

  10. Struggling graduate.. I believe that no one is ugly, its either you beautiful or you look unusual

    Don’t give up as yet keep applying for jobs and have faith..some things you just have to pray about them, especially if you have an unusual look. Good luck!

  11. Can we respect each others opinions. You don’t have to agree with it as its an opinion and not a fact. Whenever somebody shares their dislike of a the blog its like the self appointed blog police come out. Lady M had an opinion which she is entitled to just like you entitled to your opinion about how interesting the blog is to you. This attitude of “if you don’t like it, don’t read it” is BS really. Nobody comes and stops you from saying “good read Mike” everyday so why you picking on others.

    Struggling graduate….This is a sad reality of our so called “rainbow nation”. Some people of the lighter pigmentation will never see us as equals or even better than them. It pains them that a black person can be more intelligent and qualified than them. They can’t oppress us openly like before so they do it privately in the corporate world they still control. All I can advise is for you to apply and seek other opportunities, eventually you will find a company that will know your worth.

    1. I agree, most people here are petty. every time one person passes their opinions which does not put Mike in a good light they get attacked. Lady M is right, Mike has kinda lost it, all his blogs are about beautiful girls whom are dating old men for their monies. Why cant he ever write about rural girls or people from rural areas whom actually struggle with real life issues like poverty. I just feel that his blog has lost its direction somehow, yes it is exciting but one can almost predict what will happen next!

  12. I feel like people are suck up for like. Lady M was just raising her opinion. Frankly speaking she is write, the is always some old men and young girls plot in all the stories. Mike and the team are gifted experience writer and they can do with some constructive criticism. Loner you situation has nothing to do with what Lad M is raising. You do not know her background either.

  13. Eish and here I was thinking My situation is unfortunate. I cheated in a mechanical technology exam this morning. I’m in grade 12. In my school, we have learners who have English as home language and learners who have Afrikaans as home language (I.e we have blacks and whites ). Some white learner snitched and i swear I wanted ta jump on her. I even thought of changing schools coz blacks don’t snitch. But now I understand that there are bigger race problems out there. I don’t have any advice for u but I appreciate ur letter. It calmed me down

    1. Well, you cheated and that was wrong. The person did the right thing by snitching. Your situation is completely different to the person who is underpaid.

  14. Thanks Mike already loving it.. don’t let negative haters affect you, people gonna hate potatoes gonna potate😜.. I’m a fan for years now and I hope God continues to bless you with your talent to write. God bless!!

  15. I can officially say i am one of those people who Mikes’s blogs never related to me in any way. but i love them anyway. they get to teach me a lot. i guess i am just an ordinary person. neither stories had characters that had a little me in them. btw i am not complaining. job well done MIKE, Thoz and Kanyi and the new girl.

  16. Thanks Mikeesto. New book and it’s going to be epic, exploring these mentalities of such females, especially now that this blesser/blessee thing has turned into a pandemic of some sort. Those that aren’t interested in it can rather focus on other books and not impose what direction any book should take, that is solely at the writer’s discretion. Current affairs has always been part of our stories in one way or the other and this story has hit it spot on. Thank you team for your efforts in entertaining and educating society. #TEAMDOAZG
    Struggling Grad, if all else fails then seek the kingdom of the lord coz some individuals within those structures have serious powers in prayer( it could be something else but andaz nam). If church aint your thing then get you some muthi to futha and catha, we are Africans after all, and it is Africa month. Good luck sisi.


  17. Mr 37 and Lady M no one is forcing you guys to read the blog so it will be much better if you keep your negatives comments to urselfs

  18. guyz what I’ve heard here so far it’s criticism, even if you criticise, try to do it in a constructive manner coz you are breaking the person’s spirit. Remember that we don’t pay these writers a cent for writing these blogs for us, let’s at least respect their work and try to help them improve where they can, with our assistance of course. Please good people. Thank you

  19. Every writer has a set theme and topic so this is Mike theme. You can go and chose a different blog that offers different themes of topics that might interest you.

  20. Dear struggling graduate it’s the plight of all bsc graduates dear especially in chemistry, I also recently graduated and I flat down refused any lab technician jobs because I know they will never increase your salary instead I researched on fields I could get into that are not common . finally found one it’s always better to not let the pressures of unemployment get you to accept those jobs they are career traps , as you know in bsc your first job is probably your last field of specialisation, hit me up in September if you have a life sciences major . All the best

  21. Mike please bring miss steps, lezi ndatshana ezintsha azingihlabi umxhwele from Growing up, yes, birds now this! Ngathi akusabhali wena usu Outsaurce to high school scholars to do the writing

  22. BraMike is a like a specialist in his field hence he writes stories that are similar. Any eye specialist will deal with matters of the eye & cardiologist will likewise deal with matters of the heart.
    May those who want to hear matters of the hear play themselves a Beyonce song. I’m playing myself a Riri song.

  23. just read the first paragraph and I dont think I will like this much. Maybe I will warm up to it with time but I am with Lady M for now

  24. Internet is better than TV, you can chose any website u like with
    the click of yo mouse. U won’t complain to Hlaudi for the crap Sabc
    Is feeding us yet u hide behind keyboards and complain about this blog
    Media’s role is to educate the society about the ills they face with dire
    consequences and this blog is no disappointment to that. To Lady M and
    Mr Something, I understand you may have topics of concern. Rather than
    ukugxeka, why don’t u seek advise on a layout of a story, and also how
    to relay it to the next person. Maybe u can make awareness on more
    issues to educate our nation rather than acting high and mighty as if you
    are in a board that chooses programmes to be flighted on TV. Shut up
    or write.

  25. The name Ozymandias reminds me of a poem/short story we were reading in high school. How did you become Ozymandias?
    I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether ladybird and Mr Men don’t like the new story should not concern anyone. Just read and comment on the story like they did. If it’s good to you then voice out your comments.

  26. If you are a reader and I mean True Reader,You would know by now that authors write similar books.For instance Tim O Rourke has over 30 novels based on vampires and they are all great.So dont judge abuti Mike if he wants all his diaries to be based on blessers/sugardaddies so be it ..his book are awesome and we love them tp bits.Thank You abuti,your is highly appreciated

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