Birds – Chapter 6

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Monday- 6 a.m.


I heard a knock at my front door. “Urgh am coming!” I was still in bed. I struggled sleeping the previous night. I had finally found sleep really late; having tossed and turned. Now about having slept a mere two hours; some person decides to disturb me. I was pissed. But a little embarrassed with the time. Because at 6 a.m. I’m usually up and off to check in my boutique. I went there every Monday and Thursday. Then go lunch with Brian, and spend most of my free time at my place or go out with my best friend Audrey.

“Who is it?” I said over the intercom. “It’s me Pontso.”


Yebo.” it was my maid. Mabel and her narking meekness. Why can’t she be rowdy or rather interesting? “Uhm, I forgot to send you a message. You can have the week off Mabel.” I said

“Are you sure ma’am?”

“Yes, I’m sure! Now go see your kids off to school or something.”

“Okay sesi.” she replied

I really wasn’t in the mood for someone roaming around my house making machine noises.

I headed back to my bedroom. But in few minutes, there was another thwack at the door. “Modimo!” I yelled. “Who is it and what do you want!”

“It’s me, open up.” I opened the gate. It was my boyfriend Brian aka- Dj Brant.

“Don’t look so surprised; I told you I’m coming.” He said pushing me aside and made it through to my house.

He was wearing a black tight t-shirt- revealing his muscles and abs. Around his neck was his yellow with black stripes scarf. He had on a blue jean, and his favourite honey mustard timberlands. He looked good and charming as always.

I said- “What do you want? I’m so exhausted. I’m really not in the mood to fight, just-”

He started looking around my living room and spare bedroom as if searching for something, “What are you doing?” I said staring at him.

“Nothing.” he responded

How pathetic he looked. Was he expecting someone to be coming out of my bedroom in shorts and other belongings in their hands, and scurrying out; because the famous Dj Brant was in the house?

“There is no one else here but me… why are you here Brian?”

He replied- “I received tons and tons of calls this morning concerning those pictures. I don’t know how to respond to them anymore.”

“Why do you care? You were fully clothed. Your integrity is safe Dj.”

“You really think I do not care? Thabiso found them in my PC. I don’t know why he searched. You know he’s a stupid punk.”

I rolled my eyes. How rehearsed his story sounded, -“Well your stupid punk of a friend pretty much ruined my life.”

He walked to my fridge. He took a bottle of flavoured water and sat on the couch.

“I just want to stay in this house and deal with this by myself. I switched my phone off; so no one will bother me. Just leave me be Brant.” I said heading to my room. I just wanted to go back to sleep. Let the world howl and curse over nudity; but I need some sleep.

“I’m not leaving. Baby, i think you are making this a bigger deal than it is. And I’m sorry about calling you out last night. I was just so frustrated. This whole thing is being blown out of proportion. Is it because it’s me? Come here, where are you going?”

I stopped and looked back at him. He placed the bottle on the glass table.

“Come.” He said. I sighed. I went back to him.

“Look, if anyone says nasty things to you; it’s either you keep quiet or you tell them off…Choose silence. This will blow off eventually; trust me. It will all go away. It is just scandalous for the mere fact that it’s us. This whole thing just creates jobs for those pathetic bloggers.” he continued- “Trust me. It’s really nothing to be bugged much about to even lock yourself in here.” He was always reasonable. With so much experience in the industry; I had to go with what he said.

Brian aka “Dj Brant” has been in the public eye for over a decade. He’s way more well-known than me. He’s a Radio jock and a club Disk jockey. He had produced two house music albums which did immensely well. He also does a little bit of modelling and acting. He’s also a respected high fashion photographer.

Dating him was a strategic move suggested by my promoter. I didn’t find him alluring nor appealing. He had a big ego, and was too cleaned up for my liking…swag? But he kept making passes on me. And people would say we looked cute together; so why not? He’s successful, independent; and he is good for my image and my career.

Dating him did score me a few points when I started off modelling. We met at my agency four years earlier when he was hired as a photographer. I knew who he was, but I wasn’t really moved on the spot. I then made many appearances with him in clubs, concerts and parties -as my promoter and cousin advised m. I was instantly known as his girl; and also a highly booked runway model.

To mention a few appearances, I was featured in Elle South Africa, Glamour, Babe, True Love magazine and FHM.I also made and still make commercials for hair and beauty products, and I’ve walked for well-known designers in Africa. I still had a long way to go as a runway and lingerie model; but in four years; this has been satisfying for me.

“Okay baby?” said Brian

“Alright, I guise you’re right.” I responded

“Now being the greatest boyfriend I am; I deserve a head. Right here, right now.” he was now teasing me

“You nasty fool.”

“No am serious, I’m horny. Seeing you in those sexy pyjamas; I swear I have a boner…look…” and he was. We both giggled like little kids seeing each other’s private parts for the first time. My relationship with Brian was more sexual than anything else.

I went down on my knees without thinking twice and gazed in his eyes. I teased him for a while, and then we kissed. I then opened his zipper.

He stood up. I grasped his buttocks; he let out a loud groan, – which always kept me going. His eyes demanded more. He wanted to take me right there. Brant really had a knack of swooning me into having intercourse with him. I have to say every time he wheedled me; I was instantly turned on. I have a high libido and he loved it. I don’t think any girl has ever made him happier than I did.

He said- “Get up.” aggressively so. This is new, I thought; but I did. He picked me up and threw my pyjamas on the floor while heading to the kitchen.

He placed me on my kitchen table. I reached down his jean pockets and took out a condom. I quickly slid it on whilst he caressed my long legs. He slowly and ultimately made it through to my heated region. His other hand was now stroking through my hair. I leered into his eyes. I was totally turned on. I was all wet and pleasured. I moaned.

He was now playing with my clitoris; while looking straight to my eyes. I could sense his hands getting stronger and stronger as he played around that field. Without fluttering an eyelid; – he did so staring into my eyes, – as if looking for confirmation. He looked angry and mean.

He then jumped thrusting deep into me. Again and again moving; dancing in me; holding and toying with my boobs. I was now clinging on to the wooden table by the sides.

My head was sagging on the other edge of the table; whilst my long body lay on top of it like a buffet. He was making love noises. I grind my teeth.

He climbed further as if on top of me. He pushed harder. The house was now echoing our moans. He turned me against him. I could feel his strong hands. His left arm holding me tight against him; while the other holding my jaws. Faster he went. He table was now moving with us. I felt controlled but secure. Although he was meaner; I let him.

This was no love making. He then turned me over again. He finally climaxed whilst resting on my chest. I felt his hot breath on my left breast, – this was a breath of satisfaction. I stroked and played with his short hair and literally forgot about everything else. He was satisfied and I was happy.


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