Birds – Chapter 5

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My stilettos where surprisingly not hurting me anymore; but I was a bit tired from the tedious dinner I just came from. Being surrounded by snobs and posh people is not always particularly ideal. The music was boring, the speeches were boring; and all I could think about the entire time I was there, – was my next move into keeping Dingaan drawn to me.

The atmosphere in the house was the extreme opposite of that of the gala dinner.

When I opened the door of my bedroom; I found Senhle with two men having a threesome. I just laughed. It wasn’t the first time I found her banging in my bedroom. And it wasn’t the first time I see the two men. My presence didn’t even stop them from what they were passionately indulging in, – “Senhle again!” I shouted
“Barbie get out and shut the door now!” she shouted back
The guy behind her was huge. We called him “Mr Capital”. He was Nigerian and very much loaded. He always came back for Senhle; they always came back for her.


I went back to Omowumi’s bedroom. I changed into a Pink plain top and jean shorts I found in her closet, and remained in the Stilettos. I then went to the party.

I opened the communion freezer in the kitchen. I was welcomed by an outlandish glut of cheerful Alcoholic drinks -courtesy of Senhle. I grabbed a two pack of siders and rested them on the white granite counter. People were definitely having some fun. I knew most of the guests who were in the living room and outside. A few lived in the complex.

The air was cigarette smoke, and the smell was human sweat and booze. It was really “happening”.
I notice a coloured guy standing unaided at the living room door. He seemed out of place. It wasn’t the first time I see him; I’ve heard about him. I ambled straight to him.

“You are here to deal; fuck, or you are a body guard?” I asked him intending humour; but he just looked at me. He looked daunting and interesting as always. Tattoos on his arms, and a piercing on his right eyebrow area. “Khakha right?” I said
He just nodded. I hovered inelegantly beside him; and him smouldering his cigarette- not bothered by his taciturn tactics.

After some awkward silence; he finally uttered with his Afrikaaner accent- “You are Audrey aren’t you?”
“Yes.” I replied
“Then I have nothing to offer you.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You know what I mean. I’m not rich like your celebrity friends.” he said
“But you look loaded” -he didn’t.
“I do? Well I’m not.”
“I don’t care, come…come drink with me. Everyone looks occupied and having a good time, and we both look bored. Come with me.”
He hesitated for a few minutes; but we went and sat at the kitchen table facing the living room; – where everyone was drinking, smoking, dancing and kissing.

“Who are you with here?” I said to Khakha. I knew who he was with; I didn’t want it apparent. “That short, yellow bone over there.” he said indicating with his can of beer. “Portia?” I asked
“You guys are dating right?”
“Kind of.”
“She’s drunk.” I said regarding her dry humping some guy at the door. “I know. I’m used to it. And I’m here with you now, am I not?”
I giggled when he said that.

He then reached for another sider for me. “Don’t get sloshed too.” he said smiling
“I don’t get drunk.” I said opening the drink. I quickly gulped it in.

“How long have you guys been together?” I questioned. “Why?” he said
“Just asking; you don’t have to answer me.”
“I’ve known her all my life. It’s an on and off kind of relationship.”
“Oh, I see.”
“We have two kids together.”
“Oh, you’re the father!”
“I see.” I said again nodding.

“She never told you?” he said seeming surprised. “Well maybe the others know; but she and I are not close. But I see you.”
He nodded. Then there was a straight silence between us. I never had difficulty making conversation with a guy. Whether hot, ugly, old, young, short, tall or rich. I never stutter or run out of things to say; but this one was hard to crack -which made him even more interesting.

Shirley (a housemate) and Charmaine’s twin sister; -came from the bathroom in a bra and shorts. She started doing what she does best-Dance. Shimmying and making sure people looked at her.

Khakha went to the freezer, and took cans of beer and continued drinking. He was still quiet and occupied with his own thoughts. I looked around again. As typical, Senhle’s sister Kamohelo was at the balcony smoking with her new soccer star boyfriend Marumo.
Omowumi was now sleeping like a log on the couch. I knew the other twin sister Charmaine – was either banging in one of the rooms or out.

I looked back at Khakha who was now staring at me. “That man who dropped you off; is he your uncle or something?” he said now in my face, welcome to intoxication. I responded- “You and I know very well he is not my uncle.” I finished my fifth drink
“I thought you were dating that TV guy with dreads….uhm what’s his name, ehm …MK?”
“And you and I know very well we broke up.”
“Ja, you’re right.” he sniggered
“How long were you two together?” he asked
“A year…It felt like a decade”
“Yeah.” he said cornering a smile. He then gave me another sider. I knew he wanted to get me drunk; I allowed him.

“You are very pretty.” He said. His eyes were now glaring. “I know.” I replied
“Yeah, I’m sure you have heard that a lot.”
He guzzled another can of beer.

“How many guys did you bang or town in here?” he said
“Nada.” Responded
“None? Really?” he said stunned
“Is it shocking?”
“How many tried to?”
“Almost every one of them.”
“Audrey…” he purred,
“The prettiest of them all…”
“So they say.”
“Must be nice.” he said now brushing my back and my upper right thigh.

I peered at Portia giggling with the guy at the door. Khakha kissed my cheek; I went for his lips.

Few more drinks, and the next thing- Khakha and I were having sex in Portia’s bed.

I knew what I was doing. I was not drunk, and he wasn’t either; but we banged anyway.
“Don’t tell Portia we had sex.” I said moaning heavily on top of him
“I won’t, I won’t.” he panted
“You won’t?” I shouted choking him
“I won’t.” he reached for my boobs,
“No, tell her! Tell her! I don’t give a f**k! I don’t care you hear me?” I slapped him on the face
“I will tell her.” he murmured
“Yes, tell her! Tell her I banged you to a smoke! Tell her I f**ked her coloured nigga like a bitch! Tell that bloody shermuta! You hear me Khakha?” I slapped him again; he laughed.

“Open your mouth; open your mouth Enatih tibeda! Mother f***er! I want to hear you scream like a little boy as I ride you to Jerusalem!” I exclaimed.
“Faster, faster.” he murmured begging
“Work with me coloured boy. Hold me! Hold me like that!”
“Like this.”
“Awo, awo ebakih! Yes, yes, please!”
“Get up! Turn around.” he ordered. He then reached down his pants and took out a gun. I eyed him stunned. I wanted to sprint for the hills.

“Turn around!” he repeated. I obeyed. He jumped, prodding hard inside me. He then held the gun against my head, – “Scream now! Scream slut!”
“What’s my name?!”
“What’s my name?!” he was now going incredibly faster
“Khakha!” I screamed
He then turned my head to him and held my chin, -“I said what’s my name, you hoer!”
“Do you want this gun in your mouth you hoer?!”
“Do you like it hoer!”
“Aah faster!”
“They say what’s- my –name?!”
“Aah khakha! Khakha!”

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  1. A gun? This has turned into rape mos!!! Considering she is now being called a whore and all

    So much sex on this blog today

  2. 50 shades deeper jo he e so brutal quite rough and waaaay too explicit left me a bit shaken and freaked out …. I know you tryina make it all steamy and fun ngwanyana but slow the jinxy down will ya!

  3. Yes. Kinda freaked out too. Why is Aubrey acting like a cheap hoe though? And she must move out of that gutter.

    Dingaan come save your blessee. But #HoeIsLife right?

  4. So I’m reading this chapter and moving from words I cannot pronounce to the continuous mispelling of ‘cider ‘ and how sexually dark this chapter is. I’m not sure if it’s turning me on or makes me want to write a column about the roles of females in the bedroom, or how frminists would react to this free writibg style. In my head I’m also questioning our perception of sex as South Africans. All the while I’m thinking you go you, this is different from the way Mike writes, I’ve read all your chapters with little to no scepticism. Which is hard considering I compare every blog post I read to how Mike writes. This is different. This is words. Keep on

  5. Saying work with me coloured boy brought the real coloured in him to light??? uAudrey though? in her case #HoeIsLife indeed.

  6. Is that what happens at parties nowadays. I miss my spin the bottle days. Thanks Keletso for sharing with us a glimpse of reality. Some of us are dinosaurs and don’t know that things have changed this much #kunzimakurough.

  7. This blog is shit, I read the first 4 hoping that it will get better with time but no such happened. …this one was just the show stopper nje. Stop writing sisi. This is not meant for you

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