Birds – Chapter 1 (Intro)

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This is not just a story. These are events that happened to me. These are impulsive incidents that happened to me when I was just aiming to live a comfortable life without anyone invading in it.

The media had tried; I mean TRIED to destroy me. They tried to destroy my brand, my status and most importantly-my life.

One minute I was just a South African model trying to build a name; the next minute, I was a public hooker.

It happened in less than a month. My whole life turning into a rugby field in just a month. I was kicked, I was punched, I was pushed and I was slurred at.

You heard about the strangers on social media who will empathetically start making stuff up about you without even knowing you. Or the people who will not hesitate to call you names. I mean horrendous names while hiding behind a keyboard. What is the internet word for it again? Oh cyber bullying!

I lived a good life. A life so private and almost perfect; even though I was a public figure. Public, I mean one could see me in a magazine posing in ridiculously expensive lingerie. The next they spot me on TV socialising with celebrities; or they could just come across a picture of me with my famous boyfriend.

I will not lie; I am not a saint. I am not perfect. I have made mistakes like so many people. But the drama that has constantly surrounded me was ridiculous. And at the end; I just wanted to run. Run and run far.

I am Pontso Molomo. The only daughter of one of the richest political figures in South Africa. My father is a business man, and holds various shares from huge companies. He has a seat in parliament as cabinet minister, my mother a house wife, and my brother a lawyer. I’m a second year part time student studying business. I’m also a model, socialite, and I have my own clothing Boutique titled “Pontso Zazzy wears”- which I have employees working full time.

My boutique is an empire, and competes against the best. I stork women clothing wear from cocktail dresses, cooperate wear, day wear as well as bikinis and lingerie. From Emilio Pucci, Mooi moii, Crane, Escada, Amishi, Armani cullezioni and Vanessa G London; just to name a few.

The boutique does pretty good considering I opened it just four years ago. My dad gave me a hand, I know fashion, and I took it from there.

I travel to the UK, New York, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria almost every six months to buy new trends in bulk. Mostly celebrities and people with means come to my store. These are the people I expected to come to my shop anyway.

Becoming a model was easy. I grew up knowing people who know people; I got recognised, made appearances, featured in few commercials and BOOM I’m famous!

My first appearance on TV I was seven. I was advertising milk. Pretty immature, but I loved every bit of it. I was on billboards; just a young cute black girl with milk on her upper lip.

A few years later, I was a presenter on a teenage show ‘Teens Mzansi’. I was only fourteen by then. I co-hosted the show with three other teenagers for three years. I got tired of it and concentrated on school, and passed my matric with distinctions. I then received a three years scholarship and went to study accounting -as my father suggested.
But things did not go as papa expected. Well I did not like it; so I bunked classes, flunked and quit.
I did not regret any of it. Of course although no one wants to fail; but I did not feel anything when it happened. Nothing was lost. And then I decided to do modelling. The only thing I wanted to do since I was five years old. I’m beautiful, really tall, have a great body and striking features as modelling agents would say; so why the hell not?.

When turned 20 years old; my brother Lebogang helped me draw up a business plan to open my own Boutique. I presented it to my father, and I’ve been making big money since.

I then decided to go back to varsity to study business part time-my father insisted. I am now twenty four years old, I have all that and all I have do, is LIVE.



BIOGRAPHY: Keletso Mopai is a writer from South Africa whose short stories have appeared on several online magazines such as Brittle Paper and Tuck Magazine. She wrote ‘Birds of a feather’ solely for the love of entertainment.

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  1. It sounds great already but shouldn’t it be Pontsho instead of Pontso? I know this because it’s my sister’s name. I stand corrected.

  2. Sorry to impose but Mike I would like to find out if any of your story’s have a happy ending as three of them all ended tragically or is that our destiny as black South Africans?

  3. Yew know the story? G00′ f0r y0u, don’t continue reading then problem solved.. Naht all of us know it!!.. Buh damn y0u guys can be rude!!

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