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Y.E.S 19

“There is nothing more irritating than a person who six months later is pining for the man who broke her heart! You were not the first person to fall in love, will not be the last person to broken heart, cheated on and dumped BUT… There is only one you and all you are doing is waste YOUR own time on someone who didn’t love you enough in the first place!” Mike Maphoto


You know as a woman when you are dressed well not even a hail storm can stop you from feeling confident and beautiful. When you are wearing just the right heel and fragrance you know that even a bullet won’t bring you down. I don’t know if men have the same feeling on days they think they are dressed well but for us clothes can change a day. It’s like hair; good hair can make or break a day. I know I had chosen that day specifically. I wanted him to know that when he goes back to England all those women will never match with what he left in the mother land. Having a good education and money means that you are able to spoil yourself to some of the finer boutiques in South Africa. I did not have many such clothes because frankly speaking, most South African men don’t know the difference between Mr. Price clothes and Nicci or Paloma Boutique in Sandton. The difference is quality and quality is expensive! Good luck with free education!

“I am sorry I am late!”

I told him as I got to him even though I was probably fifteen minutes early. He came in for a hug and because they were people there it was hard to refuse the hug which is what I had told myself I will do in the first place!

“No, dressed like that you could have come tomorrow and I will have waited!”

He said with a look of awe on his face. It was either a flirt or a joke but he made smile! I could not stay angry at him long; he just had a way with words that I cannot explain.

“Look, dressed like that I feel ashamed that we should have dinner here! They have an amazing restaurant yes but maybe you deserve to be taken out!”

He said to me.

“No thanks! I had a long day and I have already driven all the way here! I am not a show off kind of person and already there are more than enough people who have seen me!”

I said looking at the men who were openly ogling me at reception. The sex appeal wears off very quickly when you feel people are undressing you with their eyes.

“Ok that’s fine then. Don’t say I didn’t try!”

He said. Well another reason I didn’t want to go out again was that it was cold. Beautiful dresses normally don’t work well with winter unfortunately. He pulled the chair for me and I sat down.

“Thank you for coming! I didn’t think you would to be honest!”

He said.

“Well I did and I am here! I thought about it but I decided I was hungry so I came! Its free dinner!”

I said. He smiled back as the waiter came to us with the menus

“What would you like to drink?”

He asked us politely.

“May I please have a glass of dry red if you have?”

I told him. It was cold like I said and a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt to warm me up. I needed it. It was not because I was trying to be sexy because I am told men, classy ones that is, find a woman drinking wine sexy. Yes, when you read a lot like I do, Cosmo is one of those books that are part of your reading list! To me, it’s a religion! I am even subscribed!

“I will have tea please!”

He said something which totally surprised me but I recalled he lived in England and tea is like water to them and must be drunk as often as possible.

“Yes sir!”

The waiter said and was about to walk away which was not a good thing because I was actually very hungry at this stage.

“Can we rather order now?”

I said stopping him. He looked at me funny but what…a girl has got to eat right!

“Sure you can. Do you know what you would like to have?”

He asked me. We perused the menu and eventually we both ordered.

“Sorry if I wasn’t ladylike for you!”

I apologised be it sarcastically.

“Why did you ask me here tonight?”

I asked him the most obvious question. Considering how things had turned out the last time we were together it was not immediately obvious clearly.

“I had to apologize. At the end of the day I am a gentleman and no matter how you perceived I would like to leave as such!”

He said.

“Thank you! I appreciate that. I was really hurt!”

I told him.

“Well lets part as friends! That’s all I want. Let’s not discuss what happened and just be us! We are like laughing relationship and we always happy!”

He said. Well it was soon too soon for him to making such conclusions but the effort was appreciated.

“So why did you not leave today as you were supposed to?”

I asked him.

“I fly on a diplomatic passport so the minister had last minute instructions for our office. As I was already here it made sense I wait for it hence here I am! Even my family doesn’t know am still here!”

He explained.

“I called your friend last night to ask why she had set us up. She apologized but I felt kind of bad because her husband was very unhappy with her! I don’t want to interfere in peoples marriages!”

He explained. He was obviously talking about Miriam and I was unhappy with her too. He had said we must not talk about yesterday but he kept on going on about it. Of all the restaurants in Johannesburg guess who walks in, Susanna! You have got to be kidding me. She did not see me because as soon as they entered they turned and went to the window seat at the far left. She was with a woman so must be her friend I guess! I was not sure! Did she have a husband? I actually don’t remember ever seeing him or her ever talking about him but then again I and she were definitely not friends.

“Please don’t think me forward but is there any chance we can go and have our dinner in your room. Don’t look now… But by the window, that’s my boss!”

I told him in what I think was a whisper.

“Oh that’s awesome! Lemme go say hi and maybe they can even join us!”

He said in what clearly was a joke but I immediately said to him,

“Now is not the time for jokes!”

And he saw I was not playing with his Trevor Noah side!

“Ok cool! I will have to tell the waiter which will cause commotion so I suggest you leave first. I will then follow! Here is my card… Second floor room 22!”

He said to me.

“Thanks! She cannot see me!”

I told him. I walked out as quickly as I could. I don’t think she saw me but will only know tomorrow. I did not want her to spoil my evening because this woman had a way of sucking out all the sunshine in the world just by her presence. When I got to his room I must say I was surprised at how neat the place was. He had not unpacked and if he had lay on that bed he most certainly had ironed out any wrinkles on the covers. Because he now had no key he had to knock to enter! I opened for him.

“What was that about?”

He asked me as he walked in.

“It’s just office politics. I think she is trying to get me fired but then again I am not sure because she has always been evil from the first day I was hired!”

I explained to him.

“I know what you mean Office politics are the worst. The waiter is right behind me with food so we can eat and I don’t have to keep you hear long!”

He said.

If you never been in a Protea Hotel room, it’s a bed, small work desk with a lamp on it, a fridge underneath the TV. There is also a bathroom with shower by the door. It’s pretty much cosy. I unconsciously sat on the bed as the chair seemed like unnecessary work. He went and sat there. The food came and his first comment was,

“You were not joking when you said you were hungry hey!”

He said looking at my portion of food. Compared to his mine seemed as though it was a lot.

“What? I didn’t know it would be this much hey wow!”

It was a lot true.

“Are you going to take a doggy bag?”

He asked me and I laughed. He could not figure out why I was laughing and he had this puzzled look on his face. It must be the wine.

“You just said doggy?”

I said mid laughter.

“You know!”

I gestured with my hand. I was getting horny with this wine. Time to stop drinking.

“Oh I get. No more wine for you young lady!”

He said standing up from the desk he was seated on and came to take my glass away.

“I am a big girl Sfiso and can handle my liquor!”

I told him defiantly but I still gave him the wine glass. We ate in silence for some reason. Talking and eating is often rude. I ate on the bed whilst he ate by the work desk. The wine had stopped flowing now and I had not forgotten that I had to drive back home later but might have to call Uber Shem and pick up my car tomorrow!

“You are a very interesting character you know that!”

He said to me when he was done!

“How is that?”

“What is it about the way I said doggy that took your mind so far there?”

He asked me.

“Don’t mind me! My mind tends to wonder at times and I find naughty moments in things!”

The words came out even before I could stop myself. Now he was going to think I was making a move on him.

“I think maybe I should leave!”

I said and stood up so suddenly the wine went straight to my head and I felt a bit dizzy. I stumbled and he came running towards me.

“No, stay down! Rest a bit and you will leave in an hour or so!”

He said. He was holding me so tightly I could feel his body on me. I could not help it, I wanted this.

I kissed him.

At first he did not kiss back but I didn’t until he started kissing me back.

His hands which were on my waist slid down to my ass…

Forgive me Father for I was about to sin!

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I am 23 years old and up until three weeks ago I had saved my virginity. It was not for marriage or some religious purpose but a mixture of fear, not wanting to conform as well as no one really bringing me to that level.

Three weeks ago I went out with friends. I am very outgoing, I always have been and I drink too. We went to a local club. One of my friends was not drinking as she had to go to Cape Town the following day. A table across from ours was a group of guys and they tried to join us but we really were not interested. We were not rude and explained to the guys we just here to catch up and we are out. They were fine with the explanation and left us alone. We didn’t party for too long and on the way back a car stopped us around ten. It was those guys. We were three girls in the car. Mike they beat us and raped us. I still have the scars of this right now. I know maybe this is not the platform for this but I would like to know from my fellow readers why a person can do that to another? We had not said a bad word to them. Is this the fate of “independent” women that if we refuse their advances we should be scared for our lives? Two days ago I got the message that the friend who was going to Cape Town committed suicide! Imagine how I felt? I was there when this happened to us. Four guys taking turns on each of us! I don’t even know what to say.

Thank You


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  1. Oh my God! Im so sorry victim. You guys definitely need counselling after something so brutal. are you going to take it up and did the restaurant have CCTV. WE say we are not a rape culture but these are probably “normal ” men who wouldnt take no for an answer, unless they are a crime syndicate but still its not normal. Im sorry. Have all the hugs in the world and may your friend rest in peace. the remaining two of you should be there for one another and pray for each other. In Gauteng there are organisations to counsel you specifically for rape like POWA and Lifeline. Im so sorry dear

    1. Victim you should have laid charge those guys will have been caught because most restaurants have CCTV cameras for security reasons go there with the cops and get the footage and they will be behind bars soon this is so bad please stay strong.

  2. Omg Victim I don’t even know what to say. How can another person be so terrible. Did you press charges? Do you guys remember them at all? Have you been for counseling? Please tell me your family know of this and that they are there for you.

    I never ever do this but I would like to talk to you and hold your hand and just check up on you from time to time because your letter cut to my core.

    Email is:

  3. Thanks Mike and team for a great read…im dripping from imagination mhhh mhhh mhhh.
    Victim: things that are happening in this country nje they leave me in awe, im deeply sorry for the ordeal you went through…please pray girl…you and your friend find someone you can talk to or perhaps relate to, I hope you have opened the case and let justice deal its card.the pain that your going through right now awaits them in prison so please be strong and courageous and fight for yourself…
    Its so dissapointing that the very same men meant to protect us they themselves holding guns at us, raping us and beating us to a pulp…
    what does it say to a fellow brother reading this?
    What is happening to our once beloved country?
    Things are falling apart… something needs to be done, Lets turn to God couse its clear the devil has his way and its enough

  4. I cannot begin to express how this made me feel. Ka nnete some men cannot take being denied. This is sickening. Sies.

  5. QnA when i read this letter my heart breaks into a million pieces. We have laws that are putting rapists in jail every day but this is not stopping them. I read a statistic which said in 75% of all rapes alcohol is involved. Should we therefore ban it? 60 % of car accidents also Alcohol as well stabbings. I also know alcoholism to influence many divorces as well so we know its a major cause to most things negative. Its just a thought.

    I am sorry you lost your friend. As a man i am sorry for all men and what we have reduced our country to. I am even ashamed right now because we have failed you so badly.

    1. I am trying to figure out if you blaming them for being raped as the were out drinking? Please explain

      1. I believe he is pointing out that consuming alcohol is a precursor to all the incidents he has mentioned. He is not blaming the ladies but the men who were under the influence and committed the horrible act. Rape is never the woman’s fault. Women do not ask to be violated even if they are under the influence.

      2. you know when i was 17 i also got raped ,i was a start up model by then so i didn’t have money for a cab going home from a show,was very sober and we where a group ,these guys came up to us and started making advances and stupid comments i being the talkative one i replied and swore back at them.The older guy ran to us and asked who said that ,my friends pointed at me,he slapped me so hard that i fell on my back ,my friends ran away, he then held me by my hand saying he is taking me to the cops .( i will get you arrested for saying such things to me, we will see how a pretty young thing like you will survive the weekend in jail) he said and me being stupid and not knowing my rights as a woman i started to beg him to let me go instead of going into the police station.He then took me to a dump ,beat me up,raped me and left me if that wasn’t enough i stood up when i saw people coming explained my situation (twas already around 12 am by then already late for me to go home.)they offered me a place to sleep then one of the guys came where i was sleeping and raped me a swell. I never told anyone about it then because i thought it was my fault since i was the one who insulted the guy.

        weather a person is drunk or not drunk raping her is never justifiably.

        1. Its not your fault that MEN can be so … i have no word for it….. IT is never justifiable – You suffered a great ordeal –

          He played you and you fell right into his trap – the same people who supposed to protect us are the ones that are breaking us ——

          They are so evil that they are now raping little boys – so defenceless —- how can you call yourself Human— How can we raise our boys to become humbled and protect women when they themselves suffer the same ordeal under the so called “Teacher” “Father” ” Uncle” “Coach”

          They supposed to be our Heroes – our protectors –

          I guess its only “In the shadow of your wings are we truly safe Father”

  6. Hi, Lady

    The first step of healing is to stop calling yourself victim, you my dear are a survivor. It hurts to think the people whose ribs we come from would commit such horrendous acts. My angel seek help, you are in no state to face this alone.

    Second step is to seek Justice- its not your fault, dont ever blame yourself, its time to speak out about barbaric acts and stand up against these animals. get CCTV footage from the restaurant and open a case with the relevant departments., not only that, share their pictures all over social media and be a force to be reckoned with. with your help who knows maybe you will be an inspiration to all the other ladies who have gone through the same situation.

    Third step is learn to forgive and trust again. not all man are the same and not everyone will judge you accordingly. Forgive what you’ve been through and lean on someone in order to heal.

    Fourth step is give it time to pass and prayer. talk to GOD and shout about what you’ve been through, cry if necessary but most importantly seek his face and favor that this too shall pass.

    I dont know you but I love your courage, unlike you friend you chose to talk it out instead of ending your life that my dear is a big step. Im praying that God be with you during this confused, hurtful difficult time of your life. Im sending you a virtual hug and all we can do for you is give you hope for a sunny tomorrow.. this too my angel shall pass…

    Lotsa Luv

  7. Thank you bhut Mike…eish Lungstar is in for a treat….or not, lol

    Eish Victim….when I read about such my heart breaks into a million pieces being a woman myself and now having a girl child. I live in fear everyday. And I have always prayed that I never get raped.

    Please seek counselling my angel. And I hope you guys layed harges againts these monsters, nxa

    I am truly sorry man for the terrible ordeal you and your friends endured. May the good Lord comfort you.
    Bayandi caphukisa man ababantu nxa


  8. Its sickening what this country has come up too. Dear victim hope you find right counselling and pray to God for comfort . These bustards should rot in jail.

  9. Victim! I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you guys I’ve got shivers just from imagining what you guys went through,and what you are still going through.this is sad,cruel and as your friend may her soul rest in peace.

  10. Victim I am so sorry about what happened to you. Everyday I fail to understand how our men can be so evil. The people who are supposed to protect us.

  11. Q-A – it sounds like this guys are used to doing this — PLease like the other readers said- Get CCTV footage and press Charges – Post them on social Media if that s the case – Save another sister from the Ordeal — they might be stil doing it……i dont have much to say as im breaking as it is — Get counselling soon – i can not begin to imagine the hurt and pain you feeling – it becomes a scare fo life-

    Trust God in the healing process – remember the devil comes to steal Kill and destroy- *Crying*

    Please Speak to someone — The world we live in though — We women cant go out because we always have to be in fear of such things – What is happening to our beloved country?

    LOrd Please help us… Help your children –

    Ladies Please when travellng at night especially DO NOT STOP FOR ANYTHING EVEN A ROBOT – If its cops rather drive to the police station with them. if they are reall cops they will follow you thier if not they will turn around — DO NOT STOP ON THE ROAD EVER – I DONT CARE IF ITS A BUSY ROAD – DONT STOP

    People are sick out here I tell you

    ===lahdivah and Victim- I pray you find healling and comfort ===== God , comfort your children, they need you now more then ever.

  12. keep praying victim find someone who you can talk to. its not easy it is a work in progress through and through. and remember you are not a victim, you are a survivor. I hope your friends soul finds peace.

  13. Ei Ive had it tough, I thought someone was hacking me or something…… Couldnt post comments for two full days.

    Thanks Mikeesto

    Victim, I hope you are plotting a massive retaliation on this senseless and inhumane attack these bastards projected you and your friends too. I think its about time activists and victims, along with brothers4life take arms and deal with these vultures. When will we ever say enough if we sit back and just express shock when we know these things are happening every minute of every goddamn day.

    Qina mntan’omntu


  14. Ta braMike, l.
    Victim, sorry to hear yo ordeal. As a man I’m ashamed as they make all men be painted with the same brush. U can go from Victim to Survivor then Victor & even Champion to save other girls/women. First report the case & be brave to identify the culprits.
    But naming & shaming can only he done once they have been convicted unfortunately bcz doing so B4 can jeopardise a case as the case will have been judged by the public.
    U can give info & warning to girls in yo area which places to avoid & how to stand up for each other. Paper spray can help if UR going in groups etc. Motivate others bcz U have been thru it, U can tell others to know how to avoid such traps.
    I pray for U to get strong & defeat this tragic mishap. May the perpetrators get incarcerated & get a revange in prison.

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