Y.E.S Chapter Five

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“The truth is no woman was born a feminist. It was a man who brought her to knees and made her realise she should put herself first!” Mike Maphoto


Sometimes I think I hate her. I know I am already jealous of her, unhappy with her, judgemental of her but the hate thing, sometimes I think I do. Why is it it’s the bad girls that attract men whilst the so called good girls get left in the lurch? I know so many people that say it is not about attracting just any man but about the calibre of man you attract. In a way they are right but at times knowing someone loves you more than makes up for all the bullshit they bring. As I was thinking all this my phone rang, it was Jeff.

“Hi Jeff what’s up?”

I asked him. I know we had swapped numbers but the little boy needed to learn patience. Give it a day or two you know otherwise you look desperate.

“My brother has been trying to call Miriam, can you please give her the phone!”

He said to me.

“She went to the bathroom but if you call back in five minutes I will have her!”

I said obviously lying.

“Please do find her because he is about to come there to look for her.”

He warned. Why was he coming here though? It was a bachelorette party for crying out loud. Men who are possessive always show signs way before one day you find yourself with a black eye. We just refuse to acknowledge it until the day he snaps and causes you more harm than good. Men don’t just wake up and start beating up a woman, they show you all the signs of aggression accumulatively over a period of time before the evil comes out. Women choose to make excuses for it and that’s the nonsense I can never allow. I was super careful of how possessive a guy could get around me and if they did not suit my criterion I did not hesitate to dump them. I found myself running towards the room Pamela had told me she was in. As soon as I got there I knocked.

“Miriam open up, it’s an emergency!”

I said knocking even louder. I could bloody hear her in there panting heavily yet she was ignoring me! What the fuck was up with that?

“Dude come back later!”

She said to me clearly annoyed.

“Jeff just called me, they are on their way here I lied desperately!”


I heard her say and she jumped up. She came to the door and opened for me. Guess what, she was buck naked!

“Why didn’t you just say so?”

She asked me. Could she not see she was naked though? I explained the phone call to her.

“I know what he is like; he already has it in his mind that I am doing something. We need to swap rooms she said!”

I had a room? No one had told me I had my own room.

“What room? No one gave me on!”

I told her.

“I forgot to tell you with all going on. The keys are in my bag. Hurry, it’s over there!”

She said going to the bathroom to rinse her mouth. I went into the room and there was the equally buck naked guy sleeping on the bed.

“Why don’t you just call him like he requested? Maybe you are panicking for no reason!”

I told her. She was now wiping herself, no that’s not quite the right word; she was now scrubbing herself with a wet towel. All that swag was gone now and adrenalin had taken over.

“I know my fiancé. Jeff was the first salvo! Jeff has already told him I am in the bathroom and he is already thinking it’s a lie and driving himself up the wall!”

She was explaining to me.

“Ahem ahem!”

Someone we had completely forgotten was here finally broke his silence.

“So what happens to me?”

He said with a very unconcerned tone. He did not give a single care in the world that she could lose her fiancé.

“You stay in bed. I don’t want you bumping into him by any chance. Lungile will stay with you here and for fuck sake cover up! Are you not even embarrassed she is in her! Come on man where is your self-respect!”

She snapped at him. She had said what I had failed to say. He did what he was told. She quickly dressed up and we went to my room. We dumped the few bags we had on the floor.

“I brought a sleeping T-shirt for you as you didn’t know what was going on earlier!”

What did she mean?

“The BnB and all. Hurry get into it!”

She said.

“No, I am going home Miriam!”

I said to her forgetting that I had no car! Fuck!

“You have no car and if you are in bed with me there is no way he can suspect anything!”

She said half pleading with me.

“Why can’t you sleep with your other friends?”

I asked her quite annoyed.

“He doesn’t trust them and you are too educated and smart not to be trusted!”

Had she just played on my ego! Yah neh, humans are weak. I found myself getting into the t-shirt she had brought. We had not sat five minutes when my phone rang again. It was Jeff.

“Yes Jeff I am with her now!”

I told him as soon as I picked up.

“It’s not Jeff, it’s me!”

That was the fiancé. I was tempted to say and I did not hold back either,

“Me, who?”

As though I didn’t know! It was her fiancé and he identified himself as such.

“Here she is?”

I handed over the phone to her but she put it on speaker!

“Why is your phone off? I have been calling you for hours!”

He said angrily.

“My battery is flat. I left my charger. I sent you a message with Pamela’s phone even. Check your phone!”

She said without raising her voice.

“Well I am outside!”

He said in an angry yet defeated voice!

“Outside where?”

She asked him.

“By the parking lot!”

He responded smugly but still full of suspicion.

“Yay! I am getting laid finally! I told you he would come. Come to room 110!”

She said of which he responded,

“Don’t hang up!”

I think that was his way of searching for noises in the background. With her sign language she cued me to say something.

“Hell no you not getting laid! Come on, it’s the day before the wedding, he is not even supposed to see you!”

I said. I heard him chuckle,

“He is my husband and I can fuck him anytime I want!”

She said and we both laughed. By the time he knocked on the door we had buttered him up. She went to the door and opened to door for him.

“Love, what are you doing here? Lungile says its bad luck to see the bride but fuck it!”

She jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately.

“Oh baby I missed you….”

She was mumbling as she kissed him. He pushed her away at some point and stepped into the room as though he was looking for something.

“I am sorry I disturbed your slumber party! Can I use the bathroom please?”

He asked. This man was not to clever. He wanted to use the bathroom just so he could check if there was someone in there. He did not find what he wanted and finally he let his guard down.

“Baby what’s wrong? You look disappointed!”

Miriam asked him.

“No its nothing!”

He said smiling.

“I hope you did not think there was someone in there because a day before our wedding that could be a problem and besides pregnant women dont sleep around, its not in our culture!”

She said sounding as though she was getting angry.

“No love, it’s not that but you should not be drinking!”

He started to explain.

“Can you please step outside, I am not dressed so I can give you guys the room. I will go sit with Jeff in the car!”

I cut him off and had he said pregnant because I was not sure i heard right. She never told me that! I did not want them to argue or fight in front of me. It would make me very uncomfortable. They agreed. I put on my dress and as I went outside, they were kissing.

“You guys have ten minutes! Tomorrow we have a long day and we can’t be tired!”

I told them both. He was calm now and happily in love again. I felt sorry for him though but it was none of my business. My loyalty was to my friend. I could not help but wonder though if she had given the guy in the other room a blowjob though because that would mean…eish even the thought disgusts me! I called Jeff’s number as I could not find the car they had come with earlier.

“Red car!”

He said. He was parked right in front of me. I went to the car and got into the driver seat as he was in the passenger seat.

“Is everything ok?”

He asked me. I told him it was and what had happened, including why I had been exiled. He laughed and said,

“I am sorry about that. My brother is paranoid. He is so in love with her. I think if she screwed him over he would probably jump off a bridge!”

I wish I could have someone want to jump over a bridge for me, hell I can’t even jump over a bridge for myself.

“Nah she was in the bathroom like I said. Now I don’t have a room because I was sharing with her that’s why I am outside in the car with you!”

I said.

“It’s not entirely a bad thing though now is it? I am shy but not boring you know!”

Shy people are boring. No offense but they scare the shit out of me because I can’t get out of my shell around them.

“You called me ma’am like I am old so ah!”

I said to him.

“I never said you are old. I was showing you respect in a way or would you have preferred it if I said ‘nice ass babe'”

He asked and we both laughed.

“Of course not. But a lady needs to be made feel like one you know!”

I said. I think the alcohol was starting to go up my head again.

“Well you beautiful regardless. You can’t fight with yourself over the word lady or ma’am but it won’t change that I think you are beautiful!”

He said. Had he just hit on me? This Ben 10 I had crushed on in the afternoon thought I was attractive.


Is this part I kiss him or reprimand him? How would I feel about myself in the morning?

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for all the good reads.

I am 34 this year and my daughter just turned 14. I was never strict on her growing up because she was never a difficult child. Now she has discovered boys and I am worried. I found pictures of her boy in her school on her phone and I also saw that she had sent him nudes of herself. This was at Easter and I went crazy. I don’t know what to do to be honest. I took her to my mother who when she tried to question her my daughter got cheeky and was rude to her. My mother is old school so she beat her up with a belt. My mother then told me that the problem was with me for not having a firm hand on her. I downgraded her phone the way “Nothabo” did as she needs a phone for her transport. My daughter has not spoken to me since but I still feel that how I handled it was not enough.

Does anyone have any advice on how to handle teenage adolescence? Her father left us a long time ago so it’s just me and her. I love my daughter but I can’t stand for this.

Thank You

Worried Mum

16 thoughts on “Y.E.S Chapter Five

  1. Tnx for the daily dose Mike,@ worried mom,for crying out loud ur daughter is in adolescent stage she need u more than anything, dnt give up on her. Rather sit her down & talk bout issues that doesn’t make u happy, hear her side,advice her & mostly b her friend in that way it will b easy for her to confide on you. Dnt b too harsh wen u talk to her, pray for her. She will come around soon,remember u were once a teenager

    1. But Lira, where in the letter did she say she was tired and ready to give up?? She just asked for advice thats all wena why are you judging?

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, Friday dose :).

    Tough Q&A, Ei angaz ke when it comes to these teens being rebellious. Good luck sisi, I hope all turns well.

    Happy Friday Fam

  3. thx for the dose buti Mike
    @worried mom
    – i have a boy child going to 17 i dont spare the rod, first we talk then the rod if needs be.
    – i search his school uniform / schl bag in his presence and tell him why i do so, now they even laugh bout it coz he even told his young bro that he’s going to do exactly that to him, which i applauded him for.
    we talk girls / sex ;momy said to him boy if you happen to have a child that child is yours nna my child is you, that to show him a child comes with responsibilities.
    – the 2 two of them are not allowed even during to go where i am not notified.
    – to scare them my son looks like momy so i told him that if you do bad out there thinking no1 sees u know that mom is known by so many pple out there.
    – so for now i cant complain but i still keep them gurded.
    do your part dont be Nothabo or else you lose her.
    -they do own a phone not smart phone, i monitor it, it does not go outside the house period.

    good luck.
    mom to 2boys teenagers.

    1. Hehehe Nongo you remind me of my mom. The woman was very strict and she would say to us: “if you dare go to the tavern people will tell me, people know”

  4. Thnak you Bhut Mike for the daily dose…and did I mention that I love the outlay of this book? Well I do… 🙂

    Worried Mom: Your first mistake was to “spoil” your child..There is a saying in Xhosa ” Ligotya liselitsha” meaning you start when they are young…you cant expect to be all strict now when you never were…ofcourse she will rebel because she is not used to this….

    Buuut there is no right or wrong way to raise your child…she is YOUR child…be firm , Stand your ground but most importantly talk to her…understand her.

    All the best hey.


  5. YOU NEED TO RAISE YOUR OWN CHILD…SENDING HER AWAY TO YOUR MOM TO SOLVE HER FOR YOU DOESN’T WORK. We are now parenting in the new age,,,,fix your child yourself…dont let your mom do your job for you

  6. @QnA, Just talk to her. Tell her she can have a boyfriend and tell her all about that comes with having a boyfriend. I don’t believe hitting a child solves anything. I was also like that at the age of 14, but my mom spoke to me about everything (sex, pregnancy, HIV/AIDS etc) and never tried to stopped me from having a boyfriend. In fact she even advised me to use a condom if I was having sex. Because I had no point to prove, even though I started having a boyfriend at 13, I only lost my virginity at 23. I decided on my own to wait until I was mature enough for sex. But had my mother beaten me up and told me not to have a boyfriend I would have gone all out to prove to her I can do whatever I like. I would have probably fallen pregnant in high school.

  7. Mike i enjoy reading your article, worried mom just talk to your daughter let her know of everything that could go wrong in her life. Talk to her as if she is an adult. At this stage i think its safe to talk about sex and prevention methods.

  8. Nice read. QnA Uou need to discipline your own child. The factnthat you are asking for advice means that you are worried and would like to make things better. Sit down with her and speak to her about the dangers of her behaviour especially sending nudes at 14 no. Thetha naye kakuhle and downgrading her phone will not stop her instead uzoganga more. A straight talk is needed and do it as in yesterday.

  9. I love this new book!, it’s amazing to read what your creative and intelligent mind comes up with and thank you Abuti Mike and Thabang Lebepe for changing our lives with the books they write.

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