Y.E.S – Chapter 9

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“Loving someone else is the easiest thing to do, trusting them completely the dumbest and expecting the very same reaction from them childish. You can never love each other the same way nor express it in the same manner. Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so you can complement each other as well as avoid disappointments!” Mike Maphoto


Finally Monday, work. At least I know that only one aspect of my life makes sense and is worth celebrating, my job. I love it will all my heart. I am not like those women who are content with getting a job and a degree, sit behind my desk and find comfort in having one degree. Nope, I want to compete with whoever is on top man or woman. I have heard girls say that if you as a woman compete against a female boss then you are not helping women empowerment blah blah blah! Funny thing is if it was a man they same girls say it’s this male patriarchy which must fall! Why can’t I challenge a woman? I want to go on top and be the best I can be so if a woman is standing in front of me should I suffer? No thank you! Needless to say my boss hated me! She was white and in her mid-forties as is most of these people but I think she could not fire me because pound for pound I was the best medical scientist she had. I know a lot of people don’t believe in the ANC but if you work in private sector you worship them otherwise black people would never get jobs in these companies and even you did, they will treat you like servants. It’s very personal in the work space and you have to navigate both office and race politics. She probably was the one reason for me not to be all happy at work otherwise I loved it. I greeted everyone I recognized as I went in. I was actually a bit late but its allowed, will make up the hours on my chronos by leaving later.

I had not even walked to my office when I met her, that person who makes Monday an even worse day than it already is.

“I need to see you in my office!”

Susanna said when I entered. What now I asked myself?

“Good morning Susanna!”

I chirped back cheerfully. She had this constant scowl on her face but she wore a ring meaning she was married. Don’t you ever wonder how all these people that are so serious and always angry at work behave when they are at home? I do, and I wonder if nasty Ms Susanna here was like this to her husband at home! Bet you anything he never got laid the poor bastard!

“Morning, I was waiting for you!”

She said as soon as we entered her office. She was making it seem like I was in trouble but I know I had done nothing wrong.

“We have a new intern and I would like you to orientate her!”

She said calmly. Was this it? Why had she acted as though it was a disaster that needed to be discussed?

“Ok cool. Why now though?”

I asked her. I have orientated a few interns that came through the company so I did not mind but what was odd was the time she was coming to join us. We in April already normally we take people in January. All the new black interns are given to me. It’s a little unspoken rule of the office place because I am sure to them who would want to work under a black girl.

“Because she came in late and HR delayed her papers so that’s the only reason why she is a late entry!”

She said confidently. In other words she was saying she is either connected or white and white kids don’t come to me.

“What’s her name?”

I asked her.


She said already impatient with my questions. That made her Coloured then or black. I knew not to push her though.

“When she gets here you can just send her through.”

I told her and walked out of her office. This woman really got on my nerves. She acted as though she was in that post by divine right. We will see about that! I work in a research lab where they measure different levels of drugs in chemicals but that’s not always the case as I do a lot of travelling to other research centres. When I got to my office, which I share with someone else I found someone sitting with my “officemate”, Rhudzani.

“Hey Rue!”

I said with a smile when I walked in. We actually got along her and me. She reminded me a bit of Cindy in that she was also a frank talker and did not mince her words. She however was a true born again and was convinced that Jesus was coming back tomorrow.

“How are you?”

She responded with a smile. She had a gap in her teeth which I always liked and fortunately she was forever smiling.

“Missed you on Friday, how was the wedding?”

She asked me.

“I will tell you all about it. Who is your guest?”

I asked her as we were being a bit rude to the young lady who looked lost sitting there.

“I am Nicolene!”

She said standing up looking all perky and prissy, blue eyed blondish hair! She was white! You got to be kidding me. I could sense a setup here. White people are difficult to train because they do not like taking orders from black people and they often ask a lot of unnecessary questions. I smiled at her and shook her hand.

“Oh awesome, I was briefed about you. Where did you graduate?”

I asked her.


She said with so much pride she sounded like those UCT kids who always pride themselves about where they studied.

“You a Matie I see, sorry about the Varsity Cup! Next year I guess!”

I said remembering that I saw that they had lost to I don’t know who in the final.

“Thank you but I hate rugby and I don’t speak Afrikaans either. I think that offended Ms Susanna because when I failed to respond to her in Afrikaans she just got a bit cold!”

She said thoughtfully and we all laughed. Explains why I was the one given to orientate her.

“Don’t worry about her; she is like that to everyone. The burdens of power I suppose!”

We chatted a bit more about her and told her about us. She seemed genuinely interested. Turns out she was originally from Port Elizabeth but her family had moved to Jhb. Because I had not been to work on Friday I had a bit of paperwork to do so I asked Rhudzani to give her a tour of the place whilst I caught up.

I was coming back from lunch when I found Nicolene again waiting for me, twice in one day, must be my lucky day.

“How is the orientation going?”

She asked me. I had even forgotten about that girl to be fair. Rhudzani and Nicolene walked in around that time.

“I gave her to Rhudzani to do. I have the reports from the labs to compile. Seems like the samples were messed up and we could…”

I could see her turn red in front me. White people are really funny people and we all know what that signifies.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked her.

“I thought I gave the task to you to do, not your assistant!”

She said to me angrily.

“I know you did. The contract I signed when I got this office does not include orientating people. I am not a junior in this company. I am a level below you and there are three levels below me. Would you like to refer to my contract which I signed with you at that?”

I asked her. You can’t fight white people on emotion. They understand rules better than anyone else especially when applying them to black people. Why do you think the Democratic Alliance is so self-righteous and thinks it was them that shit out the Constitution and the courts! I honestly think there is someone in the DA who sits to wait for any tiny thing ANC does so that first thing tomorrow morning they go to court and call ENCA to tell them that these blacks have done it again. Imagine being a clerk in court, I am sure you know the DA people are coming the moment you hear that Zuma has done something. Courts should have a special unit just to handle them shem no wonder why there is backlog of cases in the country and prisoners still awaiting trial!

“But you always do it!”

She complained,

“Yes I do because I won’t be busy and I will be doing you a favour since you like to put them my way. You not even in H.R. This makes it not your job to delegate such things. I don’t call you out on it because I respect you immensely and you the best boss ever!”

I said. Be careful never to go too far, stroke their egos a bit and the world moves on.

“Ok fine then, you should just have said you are busy!”

She said and walked away. Rhudzani and Nicolene just looked at me I think either in awe at my balls or in shock of my insubordination.

“Did I do something wrong?”

Nicolene asked and I told her no.

“No you did not. This is what life is like here, boss lady always angry, everyone else always running around but we like her regardless. She is good at her job!”

I said. I was still not sure if she was a friend or spy because her presence here was a bit questionable.

“Ok cool. Really don’t want to be the cause for all the tension!”

The poor girl said. She was not. The rest of the day was uneventful until just before I knocked off I got a call from Miriam! Why was this girl not disturbing her husband?

“We need to have an early supper, you, me and my husband?”

She said,


I asked her.

“Just be there. Come on, I have never let you down before!”

She said. In the back of my head I thought maybe they wanted to ask me to be a Godmother or something. So many of my friends had me on the shortlist because I was well, single!

“Ok then!”

I was tired when I got to Melrose! Goodness when you think about it this man had really upgraded Miriam. With her other guys we would definitely be at a shisanyama somewhere.

“You are late, sit down!”

She said after she hugged me. The husband hugged me but seemed to have a confused look on his face or maybe he was just ugly I don’t know.

“How are you feeling?”

I asked him when we sat down.

“I am good thanks. This is so random bumping into you here!”

He said with a smile on his face!


He didn’t know I was coming. Miriam pretended not to hear that and looked at the menu in front of her and before I could say anything a fourth person joined us,

“Ah finally dude, you fucken made it!”

Her husband said to someone who had walked in behind me!

I turned and the man behind me moved in to hug his friend (not that cheesy side chest bump men do but a full on hug with a squeeze and two slaps at the back, why do men do that by the way?).

“Five years and you fucken miss my wedding! How do you miss a flight at Heathrow after 5 years dude! Come on now!”

He said happy to see his mate. It was then he turned to me and said,

“So is this the bride!”

Ouch! Dear me!

Awkward but who gives a fuck this man was HOTTTT with only one problem, he was so yellow if I didn’t know I would think he was AKA’s cousin but the hair gave it away, he was full on black! Cheese!

Eish, light skinned guys often have diva tendencies but here Satane uyangi linga!

*******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading this.

I have a problem which I am not quite sure how to deal with. I am dating the most remarkable guy. For the two years we have been dating he has opened doors, calls two or three times a day, checks in whenever he gets somewhere as well waits up for me when I go out. He has never raised his voice at me and whenever we fight he will apologize before and after we fight. He pays attention to detail, my parents absolutely adore him and he is allowed to visit me at home. Sometimes when he comes he will help my father fix things around the house etc. They are convinced he will marry me.

Now here is the problem, a lot of people have told me that he is abusive towards women who are not me. Two of my cousins (male) told me that they were once out at the same club as him and he beat up some girls (not sure for what). Other people have told me such stories as well. One of my female cousins when I introduced her to him told me in front of him that he was a piece of shit who terrorizes girls in his side of their neighborhood by hackling them and calling them names. I am so confused. I think I have had four such stories of him and the ones I have been able to investigate have all been true. Girls are terrified of him and when I say I am dating him they ask how I could possibly date such a monster and some even ask if he smiles at all as he is very cold and mean out there. Its like we are discussing two different people.

Please what do I do about him because I have an absolutely perfect man at home but a wolf outside!



13 thoughts on “Y.E.S – Chapter 9

  1. Thank you bhut Mike…eish your quote today hit home hey….Yeah nhe…Love and Relationships #sigh

    Eish Tina: Hay I dont know what to say to you hey.I am going to sit this one down…I hope JackZorro and Bhejane can help…..


    1. hayi ngu dyakalashe nyani lho. baleka sisi, ndoyika nokuthi mbuze hleze aku nkukuthe wena kuqala. im scared on your behalf sana. hayibo, injani na le ndonda nkosi?

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, she is definitely ANC hey!!

    Tina, this dude has not gone Ike Turner on you so I don’t think there is any reason for you to worry, yet. I would say that ‘Banomona’ but then what do your cousins have to gain by disrupting your relationship?! Sit the dude down, interrogate him regarding the neighbourhood stories and come up with an action plan. If indeed your man is bipolar like Faith’s BF/Cousin then ya’ll need to address that sooner rather than later.

    If he marries you and he has this behaviour issue, it’s going to impact badly on your rep too, so let him open the skeleton closet and deal with it. If he ever touches you, let your dad and cousins trap him vas, no room for woman beaters outchea!



    1. The movie “Perfect Guy” comes to mind when I read Tina’s letter. And yes he could be bipolar and needs assistance. I say give him a chance and make yourown assessment, Don’t make any decisions based on other people’s experience.

  3. Thanks ta’Mike.
    Tina dear your story sounds exactly like that movie ‘the perfect guy’ if u don’t know it. Do watch it. Such warnings are not to be taken lightly and ‘if it’s too good to be true ,then it ain’t true at all’. All the best

  4. Yho I thought Simba was joining them so sad….Tina sit him down and investigate the behaviour……ask him the triggers….are close to his family? if so, ask them also what they know maybe bazokuxelela intwengcono cc

    1. And for the why vele light complexion dudes wanna be worshipped? I just cannot deal. Thanks Mikeesto nice daily dose

  5. Thanks Mikie

    Tina have u heard about wr there is smoke there is Fire?run now I have been there.

    I hate the light skin or tall n dark crap hai, can we be adults lol.

    Tina ppl with bipolar or depression need medicine or treatment to balance there condition or u have to be that perfect lover cause if u piss them off ur f.cked. When they love its 200%,so speak to his family members n find out please. But talking to ur partner is always the best option as all should know know.

    Mike apparently there is this speed dating around jhb what do u know about it, I’m handsome 30something with stable jobs in a townhouse also between relationships in Pretoria. Not Date my family please ? have u ever though of a dating site mara Mike?

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