Realities 124

Just when I thought that I had turned a corner with this wretched woman she had taken us back to zero again! Why or why was she like this? I as so angry I wanted to scream and I was simply too stunned by her. I cannot believe that she had done this to us. How could she have done this honestly? I was just speechless I am telling you. I just did not know what to say or do. You know with women, when it comes to hating one another, it was the devil that created that element in us. I know the bible says that God created Man in his image but I think it was in Woman that he thought he had made his masterpiece. Think about it. We are more beautiful, more caring, more loving, strong, resilient, caring and a whole lot more. When the devil saw this about us he realized that God had won so he came after us and planted this vengeful seed of hatred of each other in us. Women will go all out to destroy each other! Somewhere somehow we find time to make sure our enemy stays down and must be hurt forever. Have you ever seen in horror movies when an evil thing walks past a cat and its claws come out instinctively then it hisses, does that not remind you of us women? I swear we can walk in a mall, see someone we don’t even know and we will automatically dislike her to such an extent that we give them that face of disgust or contempt. There does not have to be a reason, we simply don’t like you. Now think of it this way, if that is what we have reserved for a stranger what about someone we actually know, we feel has wronged us and we really have a reason to dislike? Now that’s a whole other level. If women were a race then definitely we would be white people because we hate for the sake of hating. We have apartheid against other women because we believe that all women are beautiful but I am more beautiful, righteous; better make up, dressed etc. than others. There is an unspoken civil war taking place amongst women and the sides are me vs any other woman who I think thinks she is better than me and that is every other woman out there! You all know this is true!

“Are you sure it was mama ka Nelisa?”

I said walking after the uncle as he was about to walk away. He was so happy he was getting free treatment he did not hesitate to tell me the whole story again.

“Does this mean she wants compensation for her own daughter too?”

I asked him so I could get better clarity as to where she was going with this. When we had discussed this at the restaurant she had mentioned Nozipho as her daughter and it made sense at the time because my sister’s child is my child and I would call her my daughter too. Now that I was thinking of it, was she not talking about Nelisa too? This woman though.


He asked me.

“I mean damages?”

I changed immediately but who am I kidding, paying damages for a child who is 20 and dead at that or even 20 and alive is like when Germany was made to pay compensation to the Jews forty years after World War Two! It’s no longer damages because by that time surely the woman would have moved on and if she has not then she is plain stupid. You cannot let a man who cares nothing about you determine your life, your happiness and your future. Such women are the type that grow with hatred in their hearts and are definitely never happy in life about anything. They are often bitter and end up abusing their children because of a man they last saw 20 years ago when he planted his seed in them.

“I am sure she will! We were surprised too! She is my niece but that one is a piece of work. Often she gets whatever it is she wants, no matter what!”

He said looking me straight in the eye. I don’t know if he was warning me but for a moment there it did sound like a threat. In my head I was asking myself what it was she wanted the most and only one thing came out, Sizwe! A month ago I would have said over my dead body will another woman walk into my house to break up my home but this time around she can have him. I had no more will to fight for him.

“Thank you for the help!”

He said when he walked away. I told him it was ok when more I felt like saying thank you for being the snitch and telling me everything that went down. I was still waiting by the car when another pulled up next to me. It was Zethu and my brother. The way this woman had made him grow up though. At least she was here because I was dying to hear her opinion on this. I must be losing my mind I thought. It can’t be real that someone can be so conniving and vindictive to the point of not want someone to be buried.

“Finally you guys! I was losing my mind alone here!”

I said hugging her. I was so happy to see her. At least now I had someone who could relate to me.

“Get in the car I want to tell you something!”

I said immediately. My brother said hi as I entered their car in the backseat. I told them all about the meeting that had taken place in the morning, what Nelisa’s mother had said and how she had tricked us all. My brother was just smiling through this but Zethu was already plotting our revenge.

“Why are you smiling Kgosi?”

She asked him.

“No don’t involve me in this. What did you expect to happen? That she would just forgive all those years of neglect, roll over and play dead? No! I don’t think so!”

He said.

“Whose side are you on?”

I asked him very annoyed.

“I am on Sizwe’s side always but take a moment to think what it must have felt like to raise those children without their father present in their lives and tell me how much anger would have been bottled up inside after all those years?”

He asked me. Zethu was so annoyed she kicked him out of the car and told him he must walk back to Jhb. I was annoyed too because our men must know, when I am fighting with another woman, you should always take my side! That’s my story and I am sticking to it. It’s the one thing that men never learn. It’s like the am I fat question, I know I am fat, I tell myself I am fat even but if I should ever ask you that make sure you know that your eyes are on diet and I look skinny to you! White people are the ones who taught us that being big is ugly so think like a white man and forget your love for big asses and big boobs! Fortunately for him Sizwe appeared from around the corner and he came to us.

“Thank You guys for coming. It’s a bit tense here they want more alcohol but I am not going to buy it. When those old men are drunk they become a handful!”

He said to us. Zethu offered Sizwe her condolences of which he accepted. He turned to talk to my brother who was now outside with him when at the corner of the house we saw the witch come in with her sister.

“There she is!”

Zethu said.

“We should beat her up!”

I was so filled with rage because she saw us and waved at us with a smile. This woman! The things I will do to her if I met her in a dark ally. I smiled back and waved.

“Did you tell Sizwe?”

Zethu asked.

“No I have not told him. I don’t want to be the trouble maker!”

I told her.

“He is still your husband. Stop acting like a child and let him know what’s going on. He needs you to protect him no matter what! Is this not what they call for better or worse?”

She asked me. As far as I was concerned, when we took our marriage vows ‘for better or worse” meant something to do with money not fighting of exes and baby mamas!

“Ok fine I will tell him!”

I told her.

“No tell him now! Don’t let him face this alone? What has gotten into you mara?”

She asked me sounding a bit annoyed. This has now turned on me. I went and called Sizwe from my brother and I told him all that had happened. He listened attentively and he kept on making deep breaths as though he was calming himself down. He was angry I could tell but I was not sure what he would do next.

“Go sit in the car!”

He said.


I asked defiantly.

“Woman, go seat in the car!”

He said angrily. He went to the boot and took out something I was not sure what it is.

“Sizwe what are you doing?”

I asked him! He was not listening to me. I did not go to the car! Zethu my brother and I ran after him try to pull him back. We found Nelisa’s mother talking to some of the uncles, probably conspiring who knows. He pulled her roughly by the hair and held on to it as she screamed from first the shock then the pain.

“Are you the one who said I must pay damages?”

He screamed,

“Are you the fucken one, then you call a meeting with my wife and tell me that these old men are greedy and stupid, I should refuse to pay? Are you the one?”

He screamed loudly.

“Sizwe you are hurting me!”

She cried pitifully. Her kin started to run to her protection and that’s when I saw it, he had come out with a gun.

My husband had a gun?

Of course he did, why am I surprised though, I know nothing about the man I had been married to for seventeen years!

“Step back! Tell them what you told us at the meeting? Telling your sister how this was all your doing?”

He shouted.

From the other side of the house I saw Lintle walk towards the commotion then Nelisa ran through,

“Papa what are you doing?”

She cried and fearlessly ran towards him to protect her mother!

I don’t know if it was out of anger, panic or vengeance but Sizwe pulled the trigger,

There was a loud boom,

And everyone stopped!

Then someone screamed!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I am so addicted to your work at times I feel like the weekends are too long. Thank you for entertaining us the way you have all these years. You are like the Isibaya of blogging, just better!

I am 28 this year and I have a problem, I am in love with two men who both know about each other and that they are dating me. I met them around the same time but dated John (not real name) first. We ended up in a long distance because he was working in Durban and I am in Jhb. I cheated with Peter (not real name) because he was always there and I fell in love with him. As fate would have it, both Peter and I were then transferred to Durban, different companies. I went first and moved in with John as I had nowhere to stay. He is perfect in every way. I told him about Peter and he was angry then forgave. When he asked me to dump Peter it was when Peter moved to Durban. I could not bring myself to do it. Peter already knew about John and me. I have not lied to either men but now Peter proposed to me, diamond ring and all. What do I do next? For a while John has been saying we must meet his mum and uncles but because of scheduling it has not yet happened.

I am a mess.


Love Triangle

21 thoughts on “Realities 124

  1. love triangler – Nice life problems but unfortunatly you cant have your bread buterd on both sides— one will get hurt or cheat on you as well down the line especially john— Men never forget

  2. @love triangle, its a tough one. But you just have to make a decision and hope its the right one. Both these men care you, but you owe it to yourself and them to choose one. Pity the whole polygamy thing does not really work out in favour of women. Men simply can’t share indefinitely.

  3. Hi Mike

    Somehow all these books are starting to be pridictable and very short. I wait a month before i can read and the 4 or more chapters seem like its just a chapter. Maybe once a week and longer chapter would do.

    1. I am rather surprised you would think that because all chapters are 1800+ words. In word document that’s around 6 pages a chapter. As to the predictability I apologize and will improve.

  4. Thanks Mikeesto, whoa! what an epic start to the week my gawd!!! He pulled the trigger…… o o

    Love triangle, thank you for a good laugh hey, I say have a threesome with them and whoever rides better than the other, you pick. I find it highly suspicious of guys to be ‘ok’ knowing they sharing…. These guys clearly know something that we don’t 🙂


  5. Thank you bhut Mike…yhooo ayo drama man at this funeral haibo……

    Love Triangle : Pull a Karabo on them, lol Clearly you love both these men…But ke sisi you will need to decide and hope you’ve made the righ choice…

    Where do people get these men who want to marry them…spend moeny on them…Like where do I need to go to find me a Blesser??? I need one ASAP, lol

    Happy Monday Family 🙂


    1. lol PillzBerry just this past weekend I learnt there is a website for finding blessers try your luck there

    2. PillzB Honey im with you on that one, please send us directions tuuu… money proposing marriage etc!! need to get on that bandwagon, really nice life problems!! 🙂 pick one and pass on the other

  6. LoveTriangle..some of us are single and there you are having both your cake and eating you really are having nice life problems

  7. Totaly agree with you jackzorr kunuka ifutha la ayikho vele indoda ekuthandayo e accepter enye indoda, i dont know maybe the world has changed, naba no karabo married two man!

  8. Love Triangle sisi badlala ngawe bobabili labo bantu I say dump them both. Men don’t like sharing and they never forgive nor forget having shared you. This will come back to haunt some day if you stay with either of them.

  9. Dankie braMike.
    Problem with burning a candle from both ends is either U will burn the furniture & the house or U cud actually burn yoself.
    Wentombi, umlilo uyashisa!

  10. I just hope its not Nelisa coz d man will loose his mind if so coz he will b d reason 4 both his daughter’s death

  11. I cant be little because Nelisa is the one whom ran to towards her mom to try and shield her.

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