Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 252

When I came to the girls were standing above me including Priscilla at first I didn’t know where I was, when I opened my eyes I could see the sun setting behind them and it looked like such a beautiful picture for some reason I froze in that moment I was fascinated by how beautiful nature was and I was reminded of the song “all things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small” that song we used to sing in Primary school just kept playing in my head it was a soundtrack to this beautiful picture that I was seeing in front of me. “Lee are you okay?” Cleo was asking and I nodded but I had a smile on my face “Why is smiling?” Priscilla asked She Rocks said “she’s happy for me because I’m pregnant.” Priscilla explained to them that I was also pregnant and maybe I got to excited and fainted, now the girls were excited hugging me and forgot that I had fainted. Cleo whispered in my ear while she was hugging me and congratulating her “it’s your call whatever you decide I will follow, I had no idea she was seeing that bastard, I would have stopped it” she said with her back turned to She Rocks and Priscilla who were chatting away about pregnancies and Priscilla was giving She Rocks tips and advice on what to do. I knew that Cleo meant if I decided to tell She Rocks about Spencer she would back me up and if I decided against telling her now after finding out that he was the father of the baby that she was carrying she was okay with that too.

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  1. Iyooooo, thanks Mthobisi that son of a B…H deserved to die. Imagine how Zandile wa s gonna feel when she found out that Spencer raped Lee and she was expecting his baby.

  2. Hi Br Mike.

    i have a problem. I can only use my pin once, then it expires. Is that how it works now This happened 3 times.

  3. MT is the best hubby ever, Lee is so lucky to have him as her own …((((((((((BOOM))))))))))))) Spencer!!!

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