Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 244

To say I was shattered would be an under-statement, I was crying so hard I was shaking, I tried calming myself down and sat on the floor but all I did was sit there shaking and crying. I wanted to stand up and leave the place but my body would not move, I must have sat there crying for a good hour I was brought back to my senses by my phone ringing it was Priscilla she wanted to know if I would be home for diner the last thing I could think about was food, I lied and said I was still busy with work, she asked if I was okay, I guess she must have picked up on the sound of my voice that something was not right, I tried very hard to hide the fact that I was crying even though tears were pouring down my face as I was speaking to her, I again lied and said I was coming down with flu, she told me she would leave some vitamin B tablets on the kitchen table for me in case I came home while she was sleeping, I thanked her and as soon as I hung up I broke down into tears again, I stayed for another hour. After some time when I felt I was a little better I got up went to the ladies and washed my face with cold water and walked back to my office and while walking in the corridors I couldn’t help wondering if Spencer was still around and the

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