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Growing Up – Chapter 52

People are constantly trying to break and destroy other people’s relationships and this has become a norm. It is often hard to enjoy a relationship these days because from the very beginning of the relationship you are fighting to secure your place and make your presence felt within the relationship. But the sad reality is that no matter how hard you try to secure your place in a person’s life, if they want to cheat on you or move on to start a new relationship with another person, they will do that.

It hurts when a woman takes your place in your man’s life but it hurts more if that woman is someone you considered your friend. Friends should support you and want the best for you, they shouldn’t be part of the reason you are hurt. When Tsiamo said she slept with my man, what she said didn’t register in my mind until I asked her for the 3rd time and she said

“Sorry Hlengy I have slept with Philani about 3 times now, but he still told me that he loves you and not me.”

Sihle and Thandiwe were shocked and they didn’t have anything to say because in all honesty, we never expected her to think about or even do such a thing. Tsiamo was proving to be the complete opposite of what we thought she is.

Her words hurt me, but I tried to act strong and I asked her “How did it happen?”

She responded “Hlengi I love you my friend and it wasn’t my intention to hurt you, I just wanted to see if Philani was the type of a man I thought he was and he proved me right. He is exactly what I think he is, he is a cheating man who can’t say no to sex, I think you should break up with him because if he loved you, he wasn’t going to sleep with me.”

“Don’t tell Hlengiwe what to do with her relationship, just tell us what happened. In case you forgot ne, I am going to cut this hairstyle of yours, then I will cut one of your body parts and feed them to the rats at Alexandra. So please dear don’t test me.” said Thandiwe who seemed very angry.

“Okay I’m sorry. I invited Philani on facebook, he accepted me then we stated to have conversations that were initiated by me. As time progressed I started to like him, then I started to flirt with him, to which he responded accordingly. The time when I was staying at my mother’s house after losing my baby, I offered to visit him and he agreed. I went to his place with the intentions of sleeping with him and I think that is what he also expected because we spoke for a very short while then suddenly we were in his bed.” She paused.

Then continued “This happened again 2 or 3 times. I will never do it again my friends I promise. You guys are the only true friends I know and I don’t want to lose that because of a silly mistake. Our friendship is deeper than that, guys, I love you and you love me. I admit that I am wrong guys but let’s move from this, I promise it will never happen again.”

The nerve of that girl, okay sure I can forgive her but just not now and if she thinks our friendship is going to continue, she is crazier than I thought. I was not going to be friends with someone I can’t trust, that is just not the way things work. Friendships survive on trust, loyalty, love, honesty and alot of fun. My friendship with Tsiamo has always lacked fun because she is extremely uptight, then the trust and loyalty just died because of what she told me. I would never be able to trust her again, so there was no need for us t o continue with the friendship. I wonder how she felt when she was busy riding my man, then coming back, smiling at me and acting like everything was normal.

I wanted to kill her but I also wanted to kill myself for being so blind and trusting Tsiamo. I was heart was torn into pieces and I didn’t have a clue what was going to help me heal. I stood up, went to my room and took 2 pairs of scissors, I gave them to Thandiwe.

“Thandiwe you can do whatever you want with this one, if you decide to kill her, then it will be a good thing. Wena Tsiamo I wish that you will grow old and die lonely, I wish that no man will want to spend their life with you. You are a snake and I will never forgive you. Once Thandiwe is done with you, please kindly leave my house, I don’t want to ever see you here again.”

Having said that I went to my room, locked the door and cried myself to sleep.


Before I went to sleep I sent Apostle a message saying “Hey love, I know I asked you to give me time but I think you are the man for me, I love you and I want to have you on my life. Can we please meet tomorrow afternoon so that we can talk, we can meet at your favourite restaurant. Goodnight.”

The next day I woke up and went to meet with a client who was going to get married. We could’ve spoke and confirmed everything over the phone but she was a bridezilla and she wanted to have control over everything. My meeting with her was just a waste of time because we didn’t agree on anything. I am not the type of person who let’s a customer have their way, I am a professional and I know what’s best for my clients. Some people don’t understand the kind of hairstyle or make-up that would suit them. They see their friends having these hairstyles and without knowing whether the hairstyle would suit them or not, they would want the same hairstyle. I always want my clients to look their best, so if you come to me and ask me to do something ridiculous on your head of face, I will not do it because, as much as I want to make money, my job is to make women look and feel beautiful. So this client and I were not going to be doing business together because I felt what she wanted me to do with her make-up and hair was going to make her look like a cartoon character.

After my meeting with her, I went home and cried my sorrows away, I think it was time that I moved on to greener pastures. Surely the Apostle will not hurt me the same way Philani did, surely he will make me feel like a very special person and I know that he loves me, so Philani can stay behind and have sex with all the women he wanted to have sex with. I know that I also cheated on Philani but this was different, he cheated on me with my friend, someone I considered a sister, someone I shared a house with. I was not willing to be part of that relationship anymore because by continuing with Philani I was going to be depressed for the rest of my life, and I will always want to prove that I was worthy of being his woman.

While I was busy thinking about my problems, my aunt sent me a ‘Please call me’, I was shocked to realise that people actually still sent those things. My aunt was an adult and it was her place to call me, not the other way around. I ignored her 1st ‘please call me’, then she sent me a 2nd and a 3rd one, I had no choice but to call her.

“Yebo aunty”

“Hlengiwe what do you want? We tell you that you should get married t Mduduzi, you tell us that you don’t want to. I tell my daughter to go and stay with Mdu for a while, you become jealous and you tell him to chase her away? What is the matter with you? You have a boyfriend right? Let Zama keep Mdu entertained.”

I was not in the mood for my aunt and her drama, so I hung up, switched off my phone and took a well deserved nap. I woke up after a few hours then I got ready to meet with Apostle Thulani then I went to meet him.

I found him already waiting for me outside the restaurant, so we went in and sat at a quiet corner. As soon as we sat down he asked “Are you sure that you want to be with me? Have you broken up with Philani?”

“Yes I am sure that I want to be with you,” I said, “but I haven’t broken up with Philani yet.”

“Hlengiwe I don’t want to share you okay? You must break up with this guy, I also broke up with surprise. If we want this thing to work out we have to start afresh and it has to be just the 2 of us.” He said and I agreed with him.

He continued to say “Okay if you agreeing to be with me, you must know that I am the man in this relationship, I am the head and what I say goes. You will not question me and you will not argue with me.”

I will not question him? What? Of course I will question and argue with him.

Before I could ask him what he means when he says he is the head and blah blah, he took out a ring box, and I felt my heart doing jumping jacks, but I tried to hide my excitement because we all know what happened the last time I got excited when I saw a ring box.

He opened the box and indeed there was a ring inside, a very beautiful and simple ring. He went on bended knee and said the magic words

“If you are willing to be mine and mine alone, then I want you to be my wife Hlengiwe.”

Before it could register in my mind or I could digest the his whole statement and actually think about the answer I want to give, I found myself saying “YESSSS YESS I WILL MARRY YOU.”

23 thoughts on “Growing Up – Chapter 52

  1. No Hlengy, not Apostle. Dont do things out of anger. This man will control you too death..As for Thulani, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  2. Philani ke kgomo, Lerato n maybe Tshiamo, Hlehle must just drop him… mare the ene Apostle ke a no no no no!!! #Perv!!!

  3. Tjo girlz it seems like we have double standards, this girl cheats with apostle n brother In law or have we forgoten
    n now ur pointing fingers at philani for doing the same thing

  4. I have feeling that this girl is still nt telling the truth and she never slept with Philani but she wants to move to Philani now. God why is Hlengy sooo weak kodwa nkosi

  5. About time Hlengy left loser Philani, but ay ngeke sisi Thulani will control you for the rest of your life. Vele Philani was a jerk but the acceptance of that proposal is just too desperate

  6. when will chapter 53 be posted, the waiting is really killing me i keep on guessing as to what will happen to Hlengiwe let it be soon please.

  7. Hlehleh mina I prefer ukuthi ushade no-mdu coz he will take good care of u, i’m sure ur sista will be happy wherever she is coz she’ll know ukuthi her man is in good hands, khohlwa u-philani no-thulani,they r using u

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