Growing Up Relevant

Growing Up – Chapter 51

When you are involved in a physical fight the last thing you want is for your opponent to take out a weapon when you don’t have one. It is better if you both have weapons because you will be fighting fairly. I personally think people who use weapons in physical fights are cowards, lets fight using our hands and feet not weapons. It is obvious that if you have a weapon on your side you will win the fight, not because you are a better fighter but because you have weapons on your side. A friend of mine was once involved in a fight and she was beaten to a pulp by the other girl because she trusted her physical strength while the other girl trusted her weapons.

In all the years I have got to know Thandiwe better, I have learnt that she is a very impulsive and violent person. When she is angry, nothing else but her anger drives and motivates her thinking. All she does is cause havoc all in the name of wanting to teach the other person a lesson they will never forget. Thandiwe once beat up a girl from church because of something the girl did at some party they both attended the previous night. Thandiwe waited for the church service to be done, then she went to wait for the girl outside, she called the girl aside but the girl took her sweet time and that angered Thandiwe even more. Thandiwe eventually decided to go get the girl for herself.

The girl was with her mother, that didn’t bother Thandiwe because she pulled her aside and started to hurl insults at the girl and giving her some few slaps here and there. The girl didn’t bother fighting back because she knew what a tornado Thandiwe was. People at church only noticed the fight when it was getting out of control, then they stopped it. Thandiwe’s impulsiveness caused her family embarrassment and she also managed to validate everything that was already being said about her at church.

Based on her impulsive behaviour I became very worried for Tsiamo’s safety when I saw her take the knife. I knew that Sihle wasn’t a violent person at all and she wouldn’t use the knife, but on the other hand I wasn’t sure about Thandiwe. I didn’t even know what I was going to do if she stabbed her, telling her to stop would be hard since she is hard-headed and can direct her anger towards me and harm me.

“Thandiwe please don’t kill me, I promise I will stay away from you guys from now on. Please forgive me guys, Sihle please forgive me. I will do anything to show you how sorry I am, just please don’t kill me.” Tsiamo said pleadingly with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Thandiwe looked at her and said “What are you talking about wena?”

“Please don’t kill me guys, Hlengy please talk to them they can’t kill me. I still have alot to live for plleeeeeaaaassssseeee.” Tsiamo said while holding on to Thandiwe’s leg.

“You have a lot to live for? You want to live for our men ne,” Thandiwe said, “Let go of my leg and calm down, I know I am capable of doing anything but I am not going to kill you…..for now.”

Yoooh that gave me a huge snese of relief I didn’t want any blood to be shed here at my house, I associate blood with bad luck and I don’t want any bad luck in my house, especially not bad luck cause by psycho’s like Tsiamo and Thandiwe.

Sihle asked “what are we going to do with these knives?”

“Come here, I will show you what we are going to do” said Thandiwe.

Sihle stood up and went to Thandiwe, Thandiwe took hold of Tsiamo’s pony tail, then said

“Sihle this slut thinks her cheap hairstyles give her power to mess with your relationship, you think you are beautiful Tsiamo? Well let’s see if you will still be beautiful after we have cut of this stupid high school hairstyle of yours. We are going to cut it off so badly and we will, hopefully, cause permanent damage to your hair.”

I laughed so hard when she said that, how the hell did she think of cutting Tsiamo’s new hairstyle as a form of punishment? But I think it is a fitting punishment. Women feel extremely good after getting their hair done and they feel like they are on top of the world. Our hair is our crown, and honestly speaking we look beautiful when our hair is not done, but we look extremely beautiful when our id done. So cutting off a woman’s hair, when she has just done the hair, is the worst punishment in the history of all punishments.

Tsiamo said “Ladies please don’t cut my hair off, I will do whatever you tell me.”

“You don’t get to come here and make demands Tsiamo, we will do whatever we want to do. If we want to cut your toes off, we will do that. Just be glad that we only want to cut off your hair and nothing more.” Said Thandiwe.

“If you want forgiveness,” Sihle said, “tell us exactly what happened between you and Tshepo. Do not leave any stone unturned because Tshepo told me everything and I will know when you are lying.”

Thandiwe said “Before she confesses, let’s go to the lounge, so that we can hear her properly and I’m tired of kneeling here.”

We all went to the lounge, I sat next to Sihle and Thandiwe sat next to Tsiamo and she still had the knife in her hand. She told her that if she lies to us, she will be saying goodbye to her hair.

Tsiamo hesitated a while before she spoke, Thandiwe told her to speak fast before she drives her crazy.

“Okay guys, I will tell you the truth but I know you guys will think that I am lying, because of your spiritual maturity. Well Sihle the Spirit of the Lord came over me and told me that I should break you and Tshepo up because your relationship wasn’t pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. You know very well that your relationship wasn’t pleasing to my eyes and to the eyes of the Lord, so it was my task to do anything in my power to break you guys up, actually, it isn’t even my power but by the power of the Holy Spirit. I am doing this for you Sihle and one day when you have matured spiritually, you will thank me.” Tsiamo said very confidently.

Here she goes again, acting like a Senior Deputy Jesus and telling us that she knows what we need and that she was led by the Holy Spirit. I really hate it when people use the Holy Spirit as an excuse for their stupid behaviour.

A pastor can make the whole congregation run naked or make you do other humiliating things and they will boldly say that they were led by the Holy Spirit or they were under the influence of the Holy Spirit. As far as I know, the Holy Spirit is not stupid and doesn’t make people do stupid things. The Holy Spirit that comes from God is disciplined, ordered and doesn’t humiliate us.

Tsiamo told us this lie without even blinking and what surprised me is that she told me that she was attacked by evil spirits and she had no control over what she was doing. What was the truth now? Holy Spirit or evil spirits? I think none.

Thandiwe laughed and told Tsiamo to not treat us like fools, to which Tsiamo responded

“Ladies I’m am telling you the truth, you see if you guys were matured and understood the things of the Spirit, you weren’t going to laugh at me like a fool because this is real.”

“Really?” I asked, “You are going accuse us of being spiritually immature? When I asked why you wanted to date Tshepo, you told me that you were attacked by evil spirits and didn’t have control over anything you were doing. You told me that you didn’t want this to happen and it was just the evil spirits. Now you are telling us that it is the Holy Spirit? Are you so mad that you would involve God in all your madness, come on tu please tell us the truth.”

Sihle said “whether you want us to believe that it was the Holy Spirit or the evil spirits, I don’t care because I know it is all a lie. You know that I have been through alot when it comes to relationships, now that I have finally found a man who loves me for me and treats me the way I deserve to be treated, you want to mess it up for me. What kind of friend are you?”

Thandiwe said “Wena your problem is that you think you know God better than us, I might not pretend and act like a perfect Christian like you but one thing I know is that no spirit has control over your actions, you are responsible for everything you are doing. You are a stupid girl and your mandate in this world is to destroy people’s relationships. 1st it was my sister, now it’s our friend, what is wrong with you?”

Tsiamo stared blankly at us and after a while she spoke, and said

“Okay guys no spirit was controlling me. Honestly speaking I become jealous when I see people’s relationships prospering because it seems like no man want to build a relationship with me and that hurts. When I got involved with Mlu, I knew very well that he was with Thando and I was hoping that I will break them up, unfortunately I didn’t get what I wanted. I saw the way Tshepo treats Sihle and I also longed to be treated like that, I also want someone to call my own.”

I said “But you can’t want another woman’s man, you will get you own person to call your own. Just stay away from other people’s relationships.”

She continued and said “Sihle you are very lucky to have a man like Tshepo, he really loves you and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. No matter how strong I came, he managed to resist me. Unlike some men who fell easily into my trap, like your man…”

We all looked around who she was talking about and she was looking at me.

“Huh, what are you talking about?” I asked, then she said

“Yes Hlengy I slept with your man!!!!!!!!”

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  2. i am starting to love this Khanyi chick. you rock girl. how did you manage to develop humour so fast? keep that up Skhanyi.

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