Missteps of a Young Wife

Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 246

By handled I knew exactly what she meant and now the big question was “how are we going to handle him?” I asked and Cleo said we will come up with a plan, he is a man after all and we know his weakness is sex, I laughed and said that is the weakness of the ninety percent of the human population, we both laughed this was the first time that I had laughed since the whole rape thing happened, Cleo was one of those people who knew how to make me feel better without even trying. We chilled for hours just talking and catching up. She Rocks called me and asked if I was okay because she had popped in my office the previous day and Spencer told her I wasn’t feeling well, wow I thought the bastard was even making up stories ot cover for me, what was this man’s problem. Since it was a Saturday she wanted to know if I had any plans or if we could hang out, I told her I was very busy and would not be able to hang out with her but I would call her once I get some free time and I hung up. “How long are you going to avoid her? You do know it’s not her fault that the pig attacked you? She was just looking out for you, trying to get you a job.” I nodded and told her I just wouldn’t know what to say to She Rocks at the moment I did not blame her for what happened but I also didn’t want to tell her so I just needed some time to put things into place in my head then I will see her. Priscilla made us lunch and we ate and chatted over lunch discussing how we were going to get Spencer and make him pay for what he did to me. Cleo suggested I go back to work and then try to lure him the same way we did Mfundo, I told her there was no way in hell I was going back to that place and at least with Mfundo I had wanted to sleep with him he didn’t force himself on me now this one, had taken me by force and just seeing his face made my blood boil and my stomach turn so how do I then try and pretend to be nice to someone that I could not stand, someone that disgusted me like he did. I told Cleo there has to be another plan that did not include me speaking to him. I told her we will think of something we had the entire weekend to come up with a plan. Mthobisi called and told me that one of the guys who had come to our braai the previous day was having a braai and wanted to know if I wanted to come, I told him I was still tired from the previous night’s braai and was really not looking forward to another crowd of people, he said he understood and would also not go and would rather come home to spend time with me, I was happy to hear that. Cleo asked “what if it’s Spencer who is having a braai call Mthobisi back and ask if it’s him, this could be a great opportunity for us to find out where he stays and how to get to him.” I shook my head and said if I suddenly call Mthobisi back and tell him that I will look highly suspicious just a second ago I didn’t want to go and now I have suddenly changed my mind, I told her besides if it was him I’m sure Mthobisi would have mentioned it.

After a couple of hours of chilling with Cleo she decided to leave and I waited for Mthobisi to come home, he took longer to arrive. Priscilla and I decided against cooking as there was still meat that was left from the braai so we were going to eat that for supper. Hours later when I was already in bed Mthobisi arrived and he smelled of alcohol I didn’t even bother asking where he had been because it was obvious he had gone to the braai, I just pretended to be asleep while I heard him knock a few thing while trying to move in silence it’s funny how drunk people think that they are being silent while they are really loud and knocking everything that is not even on their way and making so much noise and waking everyone with their noise, that was what my husband was doing and I chose to act like I wasn’t hearing any of that noise when he was done, he jumped in bed and within seconds he was snoring, I don’t know how he does that, I had been in bed for hours and was struggling to fall asleep, him just a few seconds and he was gone fast asleep.

The following morning he was up before me I guess this is because I struggled to fall asleep and only slept in the early hours of the morning. When I finally woke up he was there reading the Sunday Newspaper outside the pool area, he looked up and when he saw me he said “it’s such a beautiful day, do you want to go out and have a picnic in a park somewhere.” We had not had a picnic since Neo died and just the thought of a picnic made me think of my precious baby. I smiled and said yes we should, I said I would go and shower and get ready and I left him there reading his paper. I showered got dressed and within an hour I was ready which was record breaking for me. I went to go find Mthobisi to tell him I was ready to go and he looked at me and said I looked beautiful and he hated doing this to me but an urgent call had just come and he needed to go and take care of something. I smiled trying very hard to hide the hurt and told him it was fine and we could do the picnic some other time. “No Honey don’t cancel it, call your friends and do it with them” he said with a smile on his face, I nodded even though in my head I knew I was not going to do such. After he left I sat at home doing absolutely nothing which is the worst thing you can do for yourself when you are going through so much I needed to be around people because when I was alone all I did was think, think why Spencer did what he did to me. Did I send him some sort of signals that suggested that I wanted him? I once read somewhere that we are always sending out signals to the people around us without even realizing it. I started think that maybe I said something or did something that made him read the situation the way he did but for the life of me I could not remember or think of anything that I did that suggested that I was interested in him. I could not even think of anytime that I was ever flirty or suggestive with him, maybe he mis-understood our lunches together and saw them as something that they were not. I was wrecking my brains trying to think of what I did wrong. I also could not get over the mysterious accidents of his wives, how dangerous was this man. I mean he was doing business with my husband and my husband is not exactly one of the most safest people in this universe. Sitting there with all these thoughts was not helping one bit, I was just driving myself insane. I decided that I was going to ask Mthobisi about Spencer and how well he knew him but when because the man was hardly at home. We had this beautiful home which we hardly ever spent time in, I believe Priscilla spent more time in the house than Mthobisi and I. I had also been working hard and coming home late trying to grow my business so I was not turn on Mthobisi for doing the same thing I completely understood, I just missed him, it was so funny we stayed in the same house but hardly saw each other. I badly wanted to tell Mthobisi about what Spencer did to me but if what Spencer had said about us being broke and Mthobisi goes and beats the crap out of him and he decides to cancel his contract with Mthobisi then I would be killing my husband’s dream, I decided screw that I didn’t care if we were broke and were in a verge of bankruptcy I was going to tell my husband but there was that little voice in my head telling me that once a man knows his woman has been touched by another man he never looks at her the same way, whenever he will look at me he will always have that vision of another man having sex with me, I’ve read too many men magazine to know that men do not forgive that easily, yes all that was facts but I was still going to tell my husband, I did nothing wrong and I shouldn’t be the one leaving with the shame and guilt Spencer should, I was done punishing myself for something that I did not ask for.

That evening I fell asleep a few minutes after I got in bed which made me happy I was tired of tossing and turning in bed not being able to sleep, I don’t know what time Mthobisi had arrived in the house but he woke me up asking for a charger saying he misplaced his, I told him to look for it in my bag and I went back to sleep, a few minutes later I was dragged out of bed by a very angry Mthobisi, he told me to pack my shit and leave his house, I laughed thinking he was making some kind of a joke and I walked back to bed, he grabbed me by the leg and pull me off the bed and told me again to get out of his house, by the look on his face the man was serious. “Mthobisi, I honestly do not know what has gotten into you, but can you just leave me to rest.” He was now shouting telling me I was not going back to bed, “I found the ARV’s in your bag, you are sick, shit Lesedi did you infect me with AIDS? And you are trying to save your ass, you taking ARV’s behind my back. What about me? You hoping that I die before finding out that you are killing me. What kind of an evil person are you? I want you out of my house I don’t want to hear your lousy excuse because there is not a good enough reason why you would do that to any person, I would not do this shit to my worst enemy.” He said opening the wardrobe and throwing me with my clothes. I was still standing there in shock and when he saw that I was not moving he picked me up and went to the door opened it and threw me outside and a few clothes that he had with him and shouted “stay out and never come back, I never want to see you again.” And closed the door behind him and left me out in the cold with nothing but a night dress and a few clothes laying all over the floor and some being blown by the wind.

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