Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings of a Jilted Baby Mama Update

Good Morning

I received complaints that i left Rumblings hanging and I beg to differ. I believe we lost each other somewhere somehow but some of the questions asked I will answer here.

1.In Rumblings what happens to Mudenda and faith do they finally get to co exist and raise their child?

Mudenda and Meladi came and made peace with Faith. This was probably the one time we had them all together where there was peace.If you read the last two chapters carefully you can see that all warring parties actually came to an amicable end.

Mudenda is a typical baby daddy unfortunately, he remembers his child when he wants to etc. The second last chapter was the first time i think where he bought groceries, something we have not seen in the entire book. its almost as though a truce was reached.

2. what about Amo and Reuben,Aurelia and her shenanigans, Meladi and the paternity of her baby, Lunga and his parents also etc.

Aurelia went back home. that was a very significant moment in that if you look closely at these IT girls in Jhb from KZN, going home for good is like swallowing bricks. Its the last thing they want to do but Aurelia in spite of her hasty retreat adapts very quickly. we tell of a scene where she goes to a fashion show in Gateway and that was our way of saying Life Goes On for her.

Faiths Mom finally took a parental decision by kicking out Judith even though it ended up in an unfortunate consequence.

The paternity of Rueben and Amo was never in question. We know which child belongs to who and already the law emphasizes that the correct child goes to the correct parent. She never had a choice in the matter. the question then became if she would allow Agnes to move in. Agnes lost her husband meaning chances of her going back there where she was staying are very slim and she needs a job and a home. Logic therefore would want her close to her ‘son’.

Lunga and his parents where a side story whose existence largely depended on Auerelia. Lunga and his father treated Aurelia like shit at the end. they threw her out like a dog meaning that she will never come back to them. that storyline showed that when you are the other woman you really have no grounds to stand on. She might have been engaged to Lunga but the damage she had done surely coming back to either men would have been stretching a story a bit much.

Unfortunately friends when I write a book, I prefer for the reader to see deeper than the words in front of you. Lessons come from understanding the consequences of actions, events and characters. that is what creates the depth in the story.

if you have any more questions kindly ask.

thank You

Mike Maphoto

19 thoughts on “Rumblings of a Jilted Baby Mama Update

  1. Well said Mike.Thank you.When you read a story,you have to summarise yourself & make conclusion. The story cannot end the way you want.

  2. I hear you Mike but my question would be what happened to Growing up? Never saw the Chapters for last week Sunday or did I miss anything

  3. Hai but why Faith had to loose so much, I mean was it fair for her to lose Thulare and Tidimalo and was accident neccessary?? I’m sad

  4. My only question is what did Lunga’s mom do to Aurelia that she warned Faith about, she said Aurelia will see as time passes.

  5. Mike and your team thanks for the great books but please try to re-read your chapters before posting to avoid unnecessary grammar mistakes

  6. I feel people should have read with understanding and not read just for the sake of reading. Before the end of the last chapter there were a lot of loose ends tied together.

  7. Thanx BhutiMike. To those who have been reader (hard/soft cover/books/novels) B4 blogs came to be, we do understand that some stories can have abrupt endings where the author leaves U with “food for thought ” meaning U come to yo own conclusions. Alternatively it cud be an “appetizer” if there’s intention for a follow up book.
    I consider we’re lucky as it’s a blog hence we have the opportunity to interact with U the author. More so, I thank U for being ever so patient with us bcz the way other ppl complain….. it’s enough to drive somebody to the edge. I salute U my Commander!

  8. Hi Mike do you still have Diary of A Zulu Girl Part 2? And Are we going to see a movie or series based on it? Thank you.

  9. Hi Mike. Thanx for a good read. Are you not able to write a sequel on Rumblings of a baby mama. It would be interesting to find out how Faith copes on her own without the support of her mum and Judith

  10. Eh such a bad ending .. How is faith gonna look after her kid ?? Whose gonna baby sit him ? What will happen to amo? What about aurelias pregnancy ? Was essien cheating ? What was it that refiloe did that made sure that Aurelian will pay, what happened to thulare and tidimalo? … .. He couldn’t atleats say 2 months later or 2 years later. He ran out of a story n decided to just kill off people n saw look at the deeper meaning of the story .. . Yeses. a book has a beginning , middle and most importantly the conclusion .. He has no conclusion .. What kind of nonsense is this .. He wasted my time .. How can u not have a conclusion .. Everything needs a conclusion! what kind of a writer are you ??? .

  11. I just finished reading the book. It was a very nice book and a very good storyline but your story telling still needs a lot of work. I was so exhausted reading your book that I had to skip quite a few paragraphs because you told too many short stories in every chapter. You did not have to start every chapter with a short story.

    It feels like I read two novels and a number of short stories. Some of the references that you made in this book were not necessary. I understand you wanted people to relate to our mzansi life but I would have enjoyed you book even more had skipped the real life references.
    When you write about someone’s character you don’t have to justify every action as to why they act the way they do. This woman had multiple personalities at some point It felt like you also got confused about the character because you changed her personality and values so much that I felt she had either bipolar disorder or was suffering from schizophrenia.

    I was hooked into freaking on until the end because this was a very good story and very original. Well done! This was good work and you can only get better with time and experience. Good luck with your work and I hope to read more soon.

  12. CORRECTION: I was hooked into reading on until the end because this was a very good story and very original. Well done! This was good work and you can only get better with time and experience. Good luck with your work and I hope to read more soon.

  13. eeehhh Mike it’s a great read… often though I found myself thinking this is too much drama for one person… i was very eager though to see what Rifileo had set in motion that I believe is missing from your climax

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