Realities – Chapter 110

Putting on a brave face when in strife is not easy at all.Your heart beats so loud it feels as though the next person can hear it. There is no hiding at all you feel. I was so nervous inside me but I could not be seen to be panicking. I had already concluded that if they caught him I would say I had no idea how he got there in the first place. Will worry about many things later. I should have told my husband what was happening when I had the chance but now with the police here I could not do so. The officers were running up and down. It felt as though they were opening everything and some point I had to shout at them to be careful. I overheard one of the men saying that this door to door business did not work because the guy was probably long gone by now. From the sound of it they wanted to go home already meaning they will be clumsy in how they checked. They would not pay attention to detail. My other concern was for the officer unlucky enough to open that wardrobe because Mthobisi was carrying a gun and I am more than certain he would try to shoot his way out. I had so many concerns. Fortunately I was put out of my misery very soon because in ten minutes their leader was back downstairs.

“Did you find him?” I said bravely.

“No we did not. Why did you not just let us in the first time though?” he asked me.

“Would you allow just anyone to go through your things?” he stared at me blankly as though he didn’t know that it was wrong.

“We were just doing our jobs for your protection. The person we are looking for is not your common criminal. He closes his eyes to pity and is merciless and ruthless.” he told me. I think that was made to make me be scared but oh well, did not work really.

“You didn’t say all that when you first came. I never minded but your approach was wrong. I am a woman alone in the house so you are just as scary as the criminal to me!” I told him. I didn’t want him suspicious of me.

“But maam I am in uniform, why would you be scared?” he asked me.

“You are South African Police so you never know which one to scared of!” I said. I think I insulted him by that statement because his response was curt and abrupt,

“Good day madam!” he said and he walked out. His men followed him and I closed the door behind them for good measure. I had listened to Mthobisi. This time I waited for a good hour before I went to get him. I was also starting to get concerned as to how weird it would look if Mapula came back and found a man in my wardrobe when my husband was away.

“Would you tell me what’s going on please because this is not on! You can’t keep putting my life in jeopardy like this.” I asked him as soon as he was out of there. He dusted himself up a bit and tucked his gun back into his belt. It felt like I was in a movie the way this was happening.

“Thank you so much for the help. I won’t be bothering you again I promise!” he said ignoring my request for an explanation. I still had no idea who had been shot earlier on when we heard gun shots.

“Are you really going to leave without explaining to me why I endangered my life yet again?” I asked him trying to make him feel guilty but a man like this guy has no conscience and that is the last thing that would bother him honestly.

“What will knowing do for you?” he asked me. I stared at him blankly and with that he walked out. Good riddance. I hope he was a man of his word when he said this was the last time I would be seeing him again. I could not live this lifestyle no matter what. As I was thinking all this there was a knock at the back door.

“Who is it?” I asked a bit nervous thinking one of the cops had lurked behind in the bushes somewhere.

“It’s Simon ma’am!” The young man’s voice shouted from outside.

“Come in!” I told him with a smile. He said he had seen the police in the house and wanted to find out if all was fine.

“Everything is fine. How far is your aunt because we must start cooking?” I asked him. It was actually a bit late now so she should come back.

“I haven’t spoken to her so I don’t know but let me go call her!” he said.

“No stop! Come keep me company for a while. I have been stuck in the house all day with no one to talk to!” I told him. He was wearing those jogger pants and a tight fitting T-shirt. The problem with jogger pants is that they highlight a man’s manhood. As he walked towards me I could see it move from side to side. What was wrong with me?

“Do you have a girlfriend back home?”I asked him. It was the first question that came to mind. He laughed and responded,

“Yes ma’am I do! I think its hard to find someone who does not have one!”

At least he was honest. I felt jealous at that candid admission from him but I did not show it. The sharp pain in my heart stayed with me though.

“Oh that’s nice. So how are you going to see her if you are this side? It can’t be cheap to buy airtime and you can’t trust these young girls alone! The temptation is too great!” I warned him. He looked a bit uncomfortable at that and I moved on, “I am sure she is the one in 10 million that doesn’t cheat so you will be fine!”

That was a low blow on my part. I was trying to throw a brick at someone who was probably the same age as Lintle.

“If it happens it happens but truth be told I prefer older women to young girls. It won’t be a terrible loss!” he responded. I was not sure if that was said out of innocence or to feed to my vanity but I blushed immediately. I had not expected that last part, really I had not. Wow, I stood a chance after all. I didn’t get to respond because in the kitchen I heard Mapula walk in.

“I am sorry I took long madam. The lines were long but its done now, finally.” she said already taking meat out of the fridge. When someone has worked for you for as long as Mapula had worked for me they have a routine which they can do like it’s the back of their hand.

“It’s ok. Make sure when you cook you remember Nelisa. She is here and I don’t think you saw her last night!” I told her.

“Simon, I didn’t see you there. How was your day? Did you do what I asked you to do?” Mapula asked her nephew. He said he was done with it and things were looking okay. He stood up and went to the kitchen to talk to her. I did not hear what they were talking about. I went upstairs to take my keys. I needed to go buy a sim card because I could not use my phone. As I drove out of the estate I felt as though I needed to be doing something fun with my time other than sit at home and perv over a child. I had nowhere to go. When you get older you will see how quickly your life revolves around your house! That’s when you know you are old.

“Hey love. The interview is done” my husband said.

“How did it go?” I asked him.

“We’re on our way back now and things went perfectly well! What did you do all afternoon?” he said. He was excited. Lintle had succeeded in getting in, so there was reason to celebrate. I was finally getting rid of her and maybe this would change her. If this failed I did not know what else I could do to save my child from this phase.

“I spent it indoors. A bit of drama here and there but nothing I couldn’t handle!”I told him.

“Mthobisi called me and said I should thank you for the hospitality.” he said. What the hell was Mthobisi trying to do to my marriage really.

“Why didn’t you tell me that he came?”he asked me. I am sure the girls could hear this conversation so why was he asking me in front of them.

“Love get home and will talk in person. Some things can’t be said over the phone you know!” I said trying to soften my voice so that it must not seem like I was fighting.

“Okay fine but you should know I am not happy!” he said. I didn’t blame him but we will discuss when he got home. I got what I needed and drove back home.

“Your brother hit me!” she said in tears.

“He did what?” I was shocked beyond measure because my brother has his demons but hitting women… No!

“I don’t know what to do? Must I go to the police station?” she asked me.

Wait… this was my brother!

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike and readers

Thank you for keeping us entertained. I am a lady who is in her mid-twenties and for the past 7 years of my life I have had an on and off relationship with a guy who is married now. When we met he was in a relationship and so was I. He hot the woman he was dating pregnant and now they have two kids. With our relationship being on and off, I have also been dating other people and I always find my way back into his arms. I got pregnant in 2014 and I found out after I had broken up with him and he didn’t want us so I had an abortion then he later on he came back to apologize and since July 2015 things have been good between us. He told me he wanted me to consider being his second wife and I agreed though I told him I wasn’t ready for marriage then. We got pregnant again in January and he was excited. So was I.

Unfortunately that ended with a miscarriage at 6 weeks and since thane he has been distant. So everything that has happened has gotten me insecure and wondering. As much as I would like to believe that he really wants to be with me how do I know that he really does? How do I know if he doesn’t want me anymore cause of the miscarriage? I live everyday. In fear that he will just turn against us and decide to go be a a good husband to his wife, how do I talk to him about this?

I really love this guy and I believe he loves me too. Somehow I understand that he loves her too and I am okay with that because after all the man I have been with, no one makes me feel the wAy he does. Is it stupid of me to believe in him?

Please help a sister out.


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  1. Confused I pray you feel nothing but pain all your life. Causing another woman pain and Breaking her home. Sies

    1. cha bo! Nash yebo what she’s doing is wrong but she’s not breaking that women’s home alone but with the husband help
      by the looks of it even if confused would walk away hubby will still find someone coz usili nje

      who are we to judge for we all hv mistakes by not like hers but we do
      U should b praying that she finds the courage to walk away and find happiness elsewhere

      for your prayer is going to keep her in that relationships and continue breacking that home

      I hope u get my point angilwi just Saying nje!

  2. I really feel for you my dear that you sooo in love but i need to ask this question though…..
    Why the hell are you still getting pregnant for this guy, he has a wife and you are just a girlfriend!!!
    Any use of condoms sisters? Coz if he can cheat on his wife with you then dont you think he cheats on you too?
    My main concern is this pregnancy business because im feeling scared for you siswam…..diseases stis and what not to note
    Kodwa ay ke let me say that the heart wants what it wants but the head needs to be used more.
    Think about your life as a secknd wife and you are gon be happy at all knowing there might be third in line………take care of yourself

  3. Thanks Bhut Mike ey some of these letters though.

    Past Seven years? Nothing Solid, Problems only, he is recently distant after the miscariage, where is the love you are talking about? when he told you he was considering taking you as a second wife, did he tell his wife that he was considering taking a second wife? i have not picked up a single sacrifice he has made for you all these years, you have chosen to stay hidden all along. for what??????

  4. I dnt understand yo confusion coz da guy z married nd has no intention of loosing hs family.yekela ukchitha imizi yabantu.

  5. On and off for 7 years and he still has not taken you as a second wife. He has no intention. Move on with your life, clearly he is okay with you being his seasonal person.

  6. Confused…
    I’m not here to judge because it takes two to keep a relationship going,but ngeke sisi,you can’t believe someone like that. Why even get pregnant with him? You also said you had other guys while and after seeing him….HIV is real darl, keep the cookie intact. Also on that note, the second wife thing is a ploy all married men use,if not divorce, but DOLOLO!!! You’re worth much more than this dear and I hope you heal from all the emotional scaring the abortion and miscarriage may bring. Let it go and go find a man that will be yours

  7. Thanks Mikeesto Friday dose…. and that Dr was warned about this brother character…Tuesday cometh!!

    Confused, From all that I read I can’t help but pity you in all of this. You seem to be nothing more than a mere convenience for this dude. He is getting his bread buttered on both sides and getting all the benefits, and you aint even got a problem with it. A man can only have such a hold over you if you allow it, I feel you have allowed this guy to literally shit on your life.

    All guys are different, I get that point coz i know I’m one of a kind…. But really ousie, mid-twenties and sharing a man that is married? How low are your hopes for yourself!! I mean like there is 7billion people on earth, that’s about 3billion Tom, Jack and Harry’s. So you mean you can’t find one guy that can belong to you and only you? If you are comfortable with this arrangement then I must admit you’ve got one helluva liver.

    I just think you selling yourself short, like didn’t you have fairy-tale fantasies as a kid, about the perfect man, the perfect wedding and all that happy ever after stuff…. I know it doesn’t happen all the time in real life, but wena you just want to be the official side dish, that’s your aspirations…. It’s pathetic.


  8. Is it just me or are there missing parts on Today’s episode?
    One minute Doc is driving thinking how old shes become then all of a sudden shes talking to her husband….. And again in the middle of the conversation “your brother hit me” comes in who hit who n how does it fit ku phone call ya Doc and her Husband…… Mike please assist

  9. Just as the hiv support group, I think it is time we start a support group to help young ladies realize their worth and walk away from such situations… Every second letter is about a lady who has settled to being the other one.

  10. Jackzorro u read my mind that’s so spot on u can not aspire to be aside chick.God is not going to send u somebody else’s husband. Thank wife is on her knees praying for u right nw wena u busy feeling confused! Wake up can’t u see u r this man’s spermdish. No man u cant be that self loathing. I pity u becoz wen u eventually have his baby- I say eventually becoz stupid pple like this do end up actually having the dudes chid! He will leave u to go find another spermdish if he doesn’t have another one already. Seven years of wasted time stress tears and pussy hayi sisi u are beyond redemption. I will fast for u beta u be struck by lightning maybe u will get ur mind right.

  11. Confused Hebrews 13:4 ere Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge… Watseba kotlo yagotswa go Morena ebohloko go feta seo ose kwang ka se sebaka, Nna I refuse to judge you as these people are judging you as though ke Mrs and Mr perfect. Kamoka garena re dira diphoso and the onus is on us to want to change. Morena otlogofa Monna wa gago sesi… Monna oo wa go nyala ase oo Modimo ago kgethetseng yena. Pray, enjoy singleville, live your life, enjoy your money, travel and love yourself… Otla bona wena dilo will fall into place. I used to be a single miserable woman a few months ago until I decided to do things that Make me happy, I decided that I was not going to let a man or a relationship define my happiness and I have never been happier, right now I have a few men bangfang attention that I cant decide which one I actually wana be with. Live your life to the fullest samma and Modimo will bring you a beautiful soul mo bophelong whom will be worthy of you.

  12. BraMike heita!
    “Deja vu” & “Rendezvous” are both French origined words borrowed by the English which I can now use to describe yesterday’s letter meeting today’s letter.
    It’s a pity the heart almost always wins against the head. Take a step back sister. Sometimes all U need is a view from a diff angle to notice yo errors.

  13. So confused you are willing to be a side at 20something??? Zero goals!!! I wish you were sleeping with my husband so that I moer you

  14. Hi Bra Mike thanks for the good work. But I think you should have a look at this part, you might have skipped a line. I know it’s Zethu, but some might not get it.

    Love get home and will talk in person. Some things can’t be said over the phone you know!” I said trying to soften my voice so that it must not seem like I was fighting.

    “Okay fine but you should know I am not happy!” he said. I didn’t blame him but we will discuss when he got home. I got what I needed and drove back home.

    “Your brother hit me!” she said in tears.

    “He did what?” I was shocked beyond measure because my brother has his demons but hitting women… No!

    “I don’t know what to do? Must I go to the police station?” she asked me.

    Wait… this was my brother!

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