Realities – Chapter 108

I had never thought I would find myself in this situation where I would find myself craving a Ben 10. I think as women it is instilled in us that much as it is disgusting for a man to go for a young, hot, 21 year old, with a firm stomach, breasts that don’t sag, no love handles, no wrinkles, flawless skin and all that energy, as a woman to look for a similar is an abomination. I don’t think men would judge me as harshly for it compared to how a woman would judge me. It’s okay therefore for men to have the best in life at any point of their lives, but on the other hand women have to accept their fate, that after 40 you can only look at people with mkhaba, ex-wives, kids and a bond. We can’t allow ourselves to enjoy life because it must be written somewhere that women should not seek the best for themselves. That’s the truth about Ben 10s, we wait for other women to tell us that we are bad and disgusting yet their husbands are at Laborie Village whoring themselves with first years! Did I say that out loud? Good!

I had not noticed that with all the things that have been happening Zethu had become my new best friend. We were close yes but I had never considered her to be my best. She was a colleague I was close to and because she was much younger than me it never looked that way. A woman, and perhaps it’s a weakness, always has a “tell someone” moment as keeping a secret can kill us.

“Zethu please tell me you can talk!” I said as soon as she picked up the phone.

“Nothabo I told you to switch off this phone why is it still on?” she said angrily. Fuck I had forgotten that part with all this happening.

“Shit I forgot but I really need to talk to you its important. Please!” I said to her and before she responded I went on to say, “I am in lots of trouble Zethu please I need you advice then I will switch off my phone I promise!”

I said giggling like a school girl whose crush has just asked her for her number. “Ok cool what’s up?”

“I have a crush on a kid young enough to be my son and I had a cramp and I let him touch my thighs now I am horny as fuck and it’s only 10 in the morning!”

I told her in one mouthful. I guess I didn’t want her to hang up.

“I am so confused. What are you talking about? Tell me one thing at a time!” she said annoyed at me.

I then slowed down the story and told her everything that had happened from the moment that boy walked into my house. She listened attentively and all she did was say ‘ok’ at every sentence I finished.

“What should I do?” I asked her when she did not seem to be saying more. She laughed out loud as though I had cracked a joke but when she realized I was serious she said, “Oh!”, then cleared her throat.

“You’re in a bad place hey. Look, if you were just my friend and not my sister in law I would say you must shag the kid but now that I know Sizwe very well and we are family I would say walk away now!” she said. I guess rules differ when a person is your friend vs being your family. That’s how women work then we blame the world when things go wrong.

“He must leave your house. When Sizwe comes back tell him that the kid must go. You tell him that.” she told me. I think I already knew that he had to go but did I have the will to do it. I was not strong enough for this.

“You seem to be looking for ways to get yourself in trouble lately. Stop this because you have more to lose than he does! You are married to a good man and I know at times Lintle is a problem but you have a beautiful family to boot.” she reminded me.

“A Ben 10 is nice for a moment. They make you feel great and beautiful for a moment but they are not emotionally mature enough to handle a woman!” she explained to me. I heard someone call her from behind. She said she had to go but this talk was not over. When she hung up I felt lonely again. I missed going to work. How do people who stay at home survive? I was getting bored with myself and it was not even two days since my suspension. I was not going to survive this at all. I needed something to do with myself before I pulled my hair out.

As I was contemplating what to do with myself, going to the mall maybe to watch a movie by myself being an option, there was a knock at the door. Talk about timing! I was going to watch Happiness Is A Four Letter Word with Khanyi Mbau and those other ladies. Everyone was talking about it and maybe for once I should let this FOMO win and go watch.

The person knocked again and this time with more urgency than the first knock!

“Hold your horses I am coming!” I shouted as I walked was a knock I went to check who it was.

“What’s the rush for?” I asked as I opened but my mouth shut immediately when I saw who it was.

“Thank God you are here!” It was Mthobisi! He walked in immediately and closed the door behind him. He looked scared as though he was in rush and someone was chasing him.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him and because of the obvious fear in him I was now scared too!

“I am sorry to come here like this but I had nowhere else to go! I was in the area and this was the first place I thought off! I actually thought I would find your husband home!” he said. This man thought he was my friend. He was not. He needed to get out of here and I could not even say I will call the police. He looked outside the window to check if anyone was coming and all this just made me even more scared.

“What’s going on Mthobisi?” I asked him.

“It’s got nothing to do with you. You will be fine don’t worry!” he said to me like that helped at all. He sat down and stood up again to go to the window.

“But you have not said what you are doing here!” I protested. He was not telling me what was going on and its not that I cared to hear it but not hearing it would be death for sure. Why was this man so dodgy though?

“I will only be here for an hour then I will leave. Please don’t ask too many questions!” he said when he saw me fold my arms across my chest. I could not see clearly but it seemed as though he had a gun on him.

“I am going to my room. Don’t shoot anyone who walks in because they stay here!” I told him sarcastically but to be honest, Mthobisi was hardly a man who understood sarcasm. He did not respond to me and I did not care. How is it that this man had so much power to do whatever he wanted in my life when no one else could.

I called his wife. She did not pick up but this had to stop. What ever I owed Mthobisi, the debt had to be paid because I was tired of him just coming into my life whenever he wanted to. At least I asked him for help when I needed it. I decided to call Sizwe. At least talking to him would calm me down. The phone rang like forever before he picked up.

“Hey love how are you?” I asked him.

“I am good thanks and you!”

I could hear the car was still moving and the music was playing meaning he was not using his hands free. I always warn him about this but all men think they can get away with short cuts.

“Are you there yet?” I asked him which was dumb as I could hear he was still in motion. He said they had just passed Escourt meaning they were almost there. I could hear the girls talking in the background. Lintle really got along with Nelisa. I felt like an outsider in this family. I was the pantomime villain in that everyone else got along except for me. I was the bad guy on far too many occasions.

“You sound a bit rattled, is everything ok?” my husband asked. How could he sense that? I was tempted to tell him that there was another man in his house but how do I even begin to explain it. Maybe leaving him downstairs by himself was a bad idea. I went downstairs and I found him still standing by the window. He kept on checking the time as though he was waiting for something.

“You are are scaring me. You can’t just come to my house and do this! Its wrong!” I told him finding my voice.

“You the only friend I have this side of town so where else was I supposed to go?”

He asked me. I was a bit stumped by that admission and wanted to scream that he was not my friend but the words would not come out.

“Get down!” he whispered!

I did as he said, even though I was in my own house. He had the curtain slightly open so I saw a guy driving by slowly.

What the hell was…

Then I heard gunshots. Lots of them!

****** The End*******

Mikeatdiary (instagram)
Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike and Readers

I have a problem and I need help from you and your readers. My mother took in
her male cousin’s daughter when she was 2 years old and the boy was took in
by my aunt because the mother abandoned the children. My mother’s cousin told
his children who their biological mother is and where she stayed before he
passed away. The biological mother never came to visit her children even
though she knew were the children are and we all thought she will come looking
for her children after the death of my uncle but that never happened.

She started being rebellious from the age of 12 like any other teenager and
she fell pregnant at the age of 18 and gave birth before her 19th birthday,
her daughter is 1 year old now. All this while my mother and I have been
taking very good care of her and now her child. She reached out to her
biological mother whom she met for the first time when she was 17 years but
the biological mother never shown interest of having a mother-daughter
relationship with her and that’s affecting her emotionally. The problem is
every time she makes mistakes and when we talk to her, she always drag her
biological mother into the conversation saying she is behaving like that
because the mother doesn’t want her, she is always promising that she will
come but she never comes.

I am currently staying with her because she is attending school in the
province where am working and the mother is in the same province. Three weeks
ago she called her biological mother asking if she can come visit but the
mother said she is still going to check with her friends if they have plans
for the weekend and she will let her know of which she never did. Since that
time her behavior has changed for the worst and she even wrote me a letter
after I scolded her for not sleeping at home telling me that she is even
thinking of running away because her mother doesn’t want her, she wishes if
her father was still alive, she is full of anger and she is taking out her
anger on the wrong people and that her life is a mess.

What should I do in this situation, I love her as if she is biological sister
and my mother loves her too, we have shown her nothing but love, we want
nothing but the best for her but she is treating us as if we are the enemy. My
mother is breaking apart because of this.

Concerned sister.

12 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter 108

  1. wow great chapter.. Thanks Mike for your work.

    QnA concerned sister, please write for STEP IN.. I trust Angie Diale, she might help you!!!

  2. She needs counselling, every child needs her mother’s love, to her its like there is something wrong with her. Only counselling can assist her..

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    Q&A. Im trying to say something but words are failing me, like ithiwani xa inje.

  4. Even schools can help as a teacher I deal with such cases daily so talking to one of the teachers would help not only u but also the sister

  5. Why do I have a bad feeling that those bullets have somehow managed to get Simon:(… Q&A kenagana gore leisheng ngwanoo ko a therapist, she feels rejected and needs someone to talk to, it is not always easy opening up to family members, sometimes talking to a stranger does a whole lot of good to someone.

  6. A2Q it’s not easy to be rejected by a parent and at that age she is still seaking acceptance from her mother. It hasn’t sunk in yet because naturally a parent loves their off springs above all else so being rejected by her mother has led to the assumption there is something wrong with me if my mother cannot love me. It’s a continuous circle whenever something goes wrong in her life, she goes there and she is probably right. That’s the root of all her problems.

    What you can do as a family is Encourage her to set goals from herself and praise her when she reaches them. Always let her know you love her and whenever she starts talking about her mother imagine you where in her shoes. Explain to her it is not every parent who is loving to their children and that is normal. Ask her what she wished her mother would be like and direct the conversation to her child so she can strive to be a better parent. Remind her she is an adult and needs to find a way to forgive her mother for her own piece of mind.

    The other readers are quiet right, she needs to see a therapist or social worker but that tends to make them even more rebellious or fall too much into self pity.

  7. She feels rejected by the situation and I can understand that. You need some tough-ish love in this situation. Make her see someone that she can talk to about what she has been going through and feeling and work through that. And let her know that you love her and want only the best for her and will no longer accept such excuses for bad behaviour. Also let her know that she is an adult now, she is responsible for how things will turn out for herself from here onwards. I hope that I am not being too insensitive because I have never been in such a situation, but she has to do better in life and for her daughter.

  8. Mike, Simon is not going anywhere please, the life of ben 10’s is very much in our lives this days, so really we would love to see where this goes.

  9. Thanks Mike.

    QnA – #sigh I’m in tears- as others have said therapy n help her be a better mother she has to live for her child. These are instances where u realise @ times its best not to tell who biological mother is. All the best n keep in prayer .

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