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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 239

There are guys that are hot-headed, those are guys with hot tempers; you piss them off and they come after you with everything they have. Those guys that are controlled by emotions, guy that get angry now, act now and regret later. My husband was not one of those guys he planned his things well, he would strategize and look at different angles before approaching a situation. That is how he dealt with business and life but when it came to things that concern me he was extremely hot-headed, you would swear someone had poured hot Indian chillies in his head, he would not hear of anything about me. His love for me at times scared me, this is why I had worked so hard to make sure that he never found out about my affair with Mfundo.

So back on our game drive, the lions were coming our direction and Mthobisi was strangling this man and people were screaming and others were trying to pull him off. I was the only one sitting silently in the chair, I did not want to get killed by lions, they were going to go for the ones that were causing a racket and I did not want to be part of that group. If lions could read I would have carried a placard saying “I don’t know those fools”. I kept whispering Mthobisi’s name telling him to come and sit his ass down, not that he was able to hear me through all that noise and chaos that was happening in that bakkie. Even if he could hear me I doubt he would have listened to me. Mthobisi was like a possessed man, he wouldn’t let go of the man’s throat and eventually the game ranger realized that there was no stopping this fight. He told the driver to start the car, which he did and we were taken back to the gate and Mthobisi and I were thrown out of the car and we were told we were not allowed back for the entire year and would not be getting a refund for our money, then they went back inside and left us at the gate.


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