Rumblings – Chapter 143

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When people are angry they believe that they have the right to do whatever they want in the name of anger! I remember when I was young my sister once had a fight with a girl at school. She used to live close to us and she was older. She then came to my house after school because everyone knew my mother was always at work. She started hitting my sister in our own yard. Imagine the nerve! My sister and I beat that girl so badly her mother came to apologise to my mother for her daughters miscalculation. When people come and fight out something at your house it’s really embarrassing and rude to say the least. I never thought they would follow her here. This was crossing a line. You fight your own battles in the streets not in other people’s houses. It’s not your right hence they should have expected my parents to be there.

“What’s going on?” my mother asked as she stepped out of the car. I don’t think Refiloe and her band of merry man had calculated that in their planning when the came here!

“We are here to pick up Aurelia!” Lunga’s father said sternly but I could hear he was trying to soften his voice. Aurelia immediately came out when she heard my mother’s voice! She was terrified to say the least.

“Please don’t make me go with them!” she begged my mother immediately. That’s when my father, eish this guy was fast becoming a factor, stepped in.

“Pick her up for what? Is she your daughter?” he asked her.

“No! She has been sleeping with my husband whilst engaged to my son!”

Refiloe said calmly but the anger in her voice was quite evident. There was a moment of silence and everyone stood still, which was broken by my mother who turned to Aurelia and said,

“My child is this true?”

Aurelia though cornered realized that there was nowhere to hide and she looked down in shame and said, “It’s true and I am so sorry!”

I don’t doubt that she was sorry, that’s a fact, we are all sorry when things go south and we ask ourselves how we could have been so stupid to do all that. Truth be told though, getting caught is what we are sorry for because had we gotten away away with it, we would not have cared!

“I am so disappointed in you but we will discuss that later! Get in the house! my mother said looking at her as she walked in as though to make sure she got in okay.

“So you come to my house, to disrespect my space with your own family issues?”, she then turned to them her hands on her waist.

“No mama it was not like that. We have issues to resolve so she ran away from her place to here hence involving you!” my boss explained. My mother ignored her and focused on Refiloe.

“I am sorry too about what she did! I don’t even know what to say but like Faith here, she is my daughter and I can’t in good conscience let her come with you!” she said sternly. My boss tried to argue but that’s when my uncle stepped in.

“Well you heard what she said. The problem madam is not with the girl, it’s with these two idiots you call husband and son. Your men saw an opportunity to exploit the girl and they tag teamed her. So what are you going to do? Hit her? Then what? What happens if you harm her, you go to jail?” my uncle asked her. I felt like telling her that such people don’t go to jail. Jail is for poor people.

“It’s fine, we will leave but this is not over. We need to talk to her because she has destroyed this family in more ways than you can imagine.” my boss was saying and I really was confused by him. He sounded like his wife but I could not get why because was he part of the problem, if not the problem. Young girls don’t know that when your sugar daddy gets cornered he will throw you under the bus and pull the trigger himself just to save things with his wife. I seem to remember a time when he was telling me how he wanted to divorce her and vice versa. Now it was like they were working together. That’s the hypocrisy of marriage.

“How did she destroy your marriage if you were the one sleeping with her? Respect your wife please. Such a young child with an old man like you! And you son, what are you thinking sharing a girlfriend with your father? I swear Jesus is coming but now leave my yard and don’t come back!” she said and turned her back to enter. We all followed her as they scampered back to their car with their tails in between their legs. I had forgotten my mother had a little fight in her.

I sat with Aurelia in my room in silence because there was nothing that could be said. This had happened and needed fixing as soon as possible. I could hear her footsteps coming towards the room and I gave Aurelia the heads-up that my mother was coming.

“Aurelia, so what’s your plan?” my mother asked her when she got into the room. I could here she was very unhappy with her and I don’t blame her either.

“I am going back to Durban tomorrow morning. I am sorry I came here I was so scared. I could not think of anywhere to run to!” she said. She was scared that’s for sure.

“You messed up. You do not mess with married men. You do not do that. Now look what you have done!” my mother said. I thought she was going to shout at her more but she did not. She left the room instead. I wonder what she would have done had it been me in this situation. I am sure she would have given me to Refiloe to go and kill. I laughed internally at that thought.

“This means all those modelling contracts are gone. You will have to g et a job of some sort!” I told her. After the words came out it felt like I was rubbing it in. I should not have said that. Looking at her it struck me that she used to be jealous of Refiloe. As women we envy another woman for what she has when the truth may be, she might not even have it all, when we have! Lunga was gone now! She had lost so much.

I went to my mother’s room and found her sitting by her dressing table reading the bible. My mother never reads the bible unless she is troubled.

“Do you think I should resign? Fall on my own sword so to speak?” I asked my mother. She looked at me like I was mad! Forget that she was holding the Holy Book in her hands.

“Hell no! Let him fire you and you will take him to labour court!” she told me putting it down and standing up. I forgot she was a union person. These people understand labour court like nobody else. It’s like they live for it.

“We need to discuss your friendship with Aurelia.” she said a bit cautiously as she sat me on her bed next to her.

“Please tell me that you did not also sleep with old men…” she coughed I think to clear her throat,

“I have always trusted your judgement so it’s not like I am doubting you it’s just that I need to know otherwise I won’t sleep well!”

It’s amazing how “sugardaddy-ism” is so widespread but still disgusts people. It’s become second nature to many young beautiful girls. In fact, we are running out of sugar daddies if I can be honest the way these filth are so popular.

“No mom, I would never go there! You know me very well. I have advised her a million times but we all don’t have the same views in life so that advice fell on deaf ears!” I told her. She stood up and hugged me then went to bed.

“I am sorry I never listened!” I heard a small voice behind me. I did not know that Aurelia was standing behind me when I was talking to my mother

“No its not like that. These things always have consequences. At least now I hope we move on and build bigger and better. Nobody owns you!” I told her. I felt sorry for her but I missed my son. I wondered how he was. They had not said when we will start seeing our boys.

I needed some fresh air so I went and sat outside by myself. I was surrounded by people the whole day and I just needed to be alone. I was wrong though because the moment I stepped outside the loneliness got to me. Where was my baby? I decided to call Agnes. I know it’s random but I had to do something and I think in that moment, on this day, she was the only woman in the whole wide world who understood my pain. A life without hope is bleak and a life without love and my baby was not worth living. It’s life’s greatest treasure to love and be loved in return. I had over indulged Aurelia long enough when I had problems of my own. I dialled her number,

“Hello! I wanted to call you but I didn’t have airtime and was too embarrassed to send a callback!” she said as soon as she picked up. I didn’t understand at all because it implied she had been waiting for my call.

“Agnes it’s me Faith…” I started to explain but she cut me off,

“Off course it’s you I know. I miss my baby Faith I don’t know what to do!” she said and started crying. I also started crying on the phone with her. Come to think of it, that was all that was said and eventually I hung up. Airtime is not free. I stood up from there and walked back into the house. My sister was sitting watching TV.

“What time are we going tomorrow?” she asked me.

“Going where?”

I was sure they had said we will meet again in two days. It felt like an eternity.

“Going to Kagiso’s house remember?” she reminded me. I had forgotten about that. If I could I would just sleep in and rest eish. I didn’t want to go but it was my turn to be there for her.

“Let’s go around lunch but please first you must call so that they expect us! Do you know what they want?”

“I don’t know and it’s been troubling me, bugging me. Goodnight” she said, and went to bed. I was left alone. I still had one more thing to do and this was just out of hopeful wishing. I took out my phone and sent an sms.

“Am I fired?” I asked in my message. I expected the silent treatment but was very surprised when immediately he replied,

“Of course not! My business has nothing to do with my personal life!”

That was my boss.

Okay now…. this was going to be awkward!

I couldn’t resign I needed the job and experience.

******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am sorry to be a bother but I have a problem and need your advice. I am married and 46 years old. My husband has been cheating for the longest time. Somehow I have let him get away with it. The last straw was two weeks ago I found out he was sleeping with the girl next door. She is a child and we saw her grow up. She was born when we were already married for heavens sake! Her mother chased her out when this discovery was made. She is pregnant with my husbands child! I did not want her in my house either so I chased them both away when she came to my house. I want to kill this man the way I am so angry. We have a son in university and I am afraid he will turn out like his father. What do I need to do to get my sanity back?

Please help


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  1. Mrs Boksburg…….. leave his sorry ass. He does not deserve you. As for your son you can trust that the values you have instilled in him are good. Life is about choices and unfortunately your husband made one. What I would like to understand is why you kept on taking him back. Not only did he cheat but he put your life in danger by having unprotected sex.

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, Faith’s mom is G.

    Boksburg sis’wam I feel for you. This man is proly same age if not older than you which means proly over 50…. That’s disgusting, ingane yase next door nogal, younger than your son in varsity, that’s just below creepy. Eintlek labomdala abekho loyal mos.

    I understand the fact that ma-uyalwa as a wife they tell you to stick to your marriage and never abandon for whatever reason, but sisi this old man isn’t worth sticking around for, times have changed. You need to keep him out since you did the sane thing of throwing him out. I shouldn’t put any blame part on you, I don’t want to be a hypocrite, but you let this go on for too long. If a dog is a dog, you treat him like a flipping dog. You married this dog and you need to either put him on a leash permanently or the let the dog loose for eternity.

    The issue regarding your son, I think that if he sees what you’ve gone through because of his father, he might just Be one of the good ones. A pastor can have a murderer as a son so often than not, your son might resent his father for the humiliation he has brought upon your family. For your own sanity siswam I suggest you get someone to talk to, not a shrink asomblief. Get a friend or a relative, chances are they have been cheated on too. So get a strong woman to talk to and that will help, I don’t know how you going to stay in that same neighbourhood though but ke be brave, this will pass eventually. If you can sell the house and move, that would be ideal coz your neighbour might not kick that child out permanently, blood is thicker cliché.

    I wish you peace and happiness


    1. i always look forward to JACKZORRO’s comments. True thats Boksburg it’s high time you leave his sorry cheating us, you deserve better.

  3. Thanks Team.
    I know that a thousand people will shoot me for this, but you don’t have to leave him. 1. I take it that you’ve invested a lot in this marriage, your home and life, then why throw it away. He can go if he wants, but wena hlala kwakho… As for that skunk yakwa next door, she should go get an abortion if she knows what’s good for her.
    2. Your son is old enough to make his own sound decisions, he may just suprise you and not condone what his father did.
    3. If your husband chooses to stay – then you need to set some ground rules, no glove – no love, that is if you still want his thing inside you.
    But nje, hlala kwakho Sisi, umuzi wakho lo, ngeke uqale manje uzozifaka ezindlekweni zokufuna indawo yokuhlala, zabammeli and divorce nestress sakhona… Those who have been divorced – they say it’s the worst thing that could ever happen to you, they always say that had wished death for their partners… Who knows, you might be lucky, and he meets his maker soon, uvele ukhale kanye and go on with your life….

  4. Boksburg. Listenin firstly if you read the bible careful adultery should never be forgiven in marriage.2 as a woman we never forgive a cheating husband.I’m leaving proof though not married,I was cheated on the whole of last year worse I was pregnant.nothing he says now means anything to me I just can’t let him touch me. My biggest mistake was forgiving him the first time it happened. I’m a person who believes in second chances. But with him I gave him 3rd fourth to a point where I stopped questioning strange we speak I’m busy looking for a place when I find it he will get an sms that we have moved out before we become enemies cos I really want him to be present in our baby’s this point we are friends,a friend I can’t trust I mean you lied to me and caused me pain I can’t keep friends like that. Every now and then he tries to be all touchy touchy but I can’t. Respect me,ain’t no community dick getting into my sisi forgiving him means you accepting the child he made outside your marriage and being hateful towards him or leave and find ways to deal with your loss

  5. faith loves drama. like seriously? I would have left that job in a heart beat. the environment she is so desperate to cling on is unhealthy and very toxic. she is not even looking for another job.
    She has been entertaining these people long enough and still plans on continuing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kaak

  6. Thanks mike you are the best
    Boksburg Dear i feel your pain and im with Kamanyosi. Do not leave your house, let the people who started this finish it. dont make it your problem. And dont blame yourself for this awumithisanga muntu,Just work on healing yourself and your emotions.Dont take decisions while you are angry and talk to someone you trust but again be careful not to overconsult. Some people just put fuel on fire they dont help.

  7. Thnx BraMike.
    Sisi Boksburg, they say, “Life beggins @40” bcz everybody weights their achievements (if any) vs their dreams since half yo life is gone. Yo hubby unfortunately is one of the few that fail to overgrow mid-life crisis/stupidity of following dresses. He definitely missed the truck selling the “Been-there-Done-that” T-shirts. (I don’t mean to laugh at yo problem tho)
    A divorce is usually simpler if both parties agree on most terms, so chew yo pride, call this dog-man & ask him to attend with U divorce counselling.
    Its like cutting yo “body part” due to a cancer or something & counselling is the anaesthetic. It just makes the most difficult process less stressful & myb amicable too. Both of U need to make peace but move yo separate ways.
    Don’t worry abt yo son, yes it will be confusing for him but sooner or later he will find a way of dealing with it. 1thing 4sho, he doesn’t need parents that are always fighting or angry at each other. He might have commitment fear but shud turn out ok in the end.

  8. Boksburg you have put up with the nonsense for a long time,I advice you to let this go and live your life,let your son know about his father’s behaviour and divorce the good for nothing man

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