Rumblings – Chapter 142

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First things first when I left I went straight to the police station to report an assault. In all honesty they hardly ever follow up on those things. More importantly I asked for a restraining order against Mudenda saying he cannot be near me. This was all part of my plan. Of the people who had witnessed him choking me, no one cared that he had been screaming that I burned his car. Oh no, why would they, this is South Africa as long as he is seen laying hands on you for any reason at all, he is abusive. I am sure I could even destroy a man’s life and the moment he retaliates, he will be the one found guilty. I love my country.

“Was that why we burned the car down?”, my sister asked me when we were still in the station.

“What do you mean?” I asked her innocently.

“So that you can have him arrested and so on? It’s like you set him up and now you are enjoying all the glory?” she asked. She was not pleased if the tone of her voice was anything to go by, but she will just have to be strong.

“Ag nevermind!” she said when she realized that I was not going to explain myself to her.

I think the drive back home was the longest I have had ever. It was as though I was accepting a fate I was powerless against. They had done it. They had won. I had two options, to be sad or to be angry; sad that I had just lost my beautiful boy or angry that this was all Mudenda’s doing. Every bad situation feels better when you have some one to blame and yes, it does not relieve you of the pain, but it most certainly gives you something to focus on.

My phone was ringing. It said Aurelia on the ringtone but I was not sure, as just yesterday I found myself in a situation. I hesitated to answer the phone but I did.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you spoke to Refiloe last night?” she asked me angrily.

“I called you yesterday after I spoke to Refiloe and she picked up! Aurelia she knows everything, she has always known!”, I warned her, which I guess was a little too late now as the secret was out already.

“I know she knows. You were supposed to warn me first before everyone else!” she told me. She sounded scared and as though she was in a hurry. Something was happening.

“Did you not hear me? I called you and Refiloe picked up your phone! How did she have your phone anyway?” I asked her. She did not seem to believe me as she kept on blabbering about how she must get out of there? Get out of where?

“Aurelia, what’s going on you are scaring me?” I said and she did not stop talking to herself for a good minute before I asked her again.

“I am going back to KwaMashu! I am going to Durban. I need to lay low!” she said. The fear in her was real. You know ladies, its fun when you are being spoilt by another woman’s man, its probably fun when you’re sucking his dick too, but when shit hits the fan that fun becomes a memory. Everything is forgotten at that moment. I have heard stories of women pouring acid on each other, and in Meladis case boiling water and a lot more but that will never stop us. As young girls we like things and are not patient enough to try build our own fortunes. What the hell for if there are men who with the help of another woman can do do that all for me?

“What about Lunga? What does he have to say about all this?” I asked her. There was always the Lunga factor.

“Faith, Lunga dumped me! He threw me out of his car and left me in the middle of the street! His father then came to my apartment, which I lied about by the way, it’s in his name, he came with police and I was evicted! The only thing I have is my car which by the way is still being paid for by his father but it’s not paid off yet meaning it will go too at some point!”

Stupid girl! Stupid stupid girl! She had been sucking an old man’s dick for this long for what? For getting to use his property? If I was with her I would have slapped her. What a stupid girl! Some of these yellow bones have no brains! They only know how to count the inches on their weaves but cannot think much more ahead of that. Don’t be fooled when you see them in pictures in Dubai, it’s not their money, it never will be, they are feeding off his change and bending over on their knees for it, sies! I was so disappointed and angry that I forgot to feel sorry! Now it explains why she had worked so hard to get Refiloe to like her and get that job. She had realized shit would turn south quick.

“Lunga loves you too much to dump you, come on now? He bought you an expensive ring even!” I reminded her and I guess consoling her in a way.

“Lunga does not love me. He told me that he made a bet with his friends that I was a whore and if he offered me money I would sleep with him the same way I slept with his father! Imagine, he called me a whore to my face!”

She cried. Its true, all these girls, she can have a million affairs but call her what she really is and she will lose it. All of a sudden she remembers her rights as a woman and woman abuse but forgets what she has been doing to other women.

“He called you a whore? Lunga? Are you sure?” I asked her. I knew Lunga had always known about her dad and her but I never thought he would do this.

“I thought he was going to hit me when he threw me out but guess what, he laughed at me and called me a fool. He called me so many names Faith. Can I sleep at your house tonight? I want to leave for Durban first thing in the morning” she asked eventually. Eish this time I did feel sorry for her. I know she had earned every insult she had been given but she was still my friend. It’s like that saying that you don’t pick the people you fall in love with because I loved my friend. She had been there for me when no one else had been.

“It’s fine, of course you can come over.” I told her. When she hung up the phone, in spite of my own issues, I tried to imagine what she could be going through. It’s a bit selfish, what about what Refiloe was also going through, but she was not my friend. It’s already a man’s world but women spend so much time making enemies of each other and for what? Do we not have enough problems?

When we got home my sister asked me what had happened with Aurelia. I really did not feel like telling her because it meant a longer conversation. Something had changed between my sister and I, we had actually become much closer since I gave birth. I used to judge her so much but she really had calmed down. We walked into the house and before we sat down there was a knock on the door. I was not expecting anyone.

“Is Judith here?” the lady said. I had never seen her before so I called my sister.

“How are you?” she said to my sister. I tried to walk away but my sister held my hand.

“I am good thanks.” she was not welcoming.

“Do you still remember me?” the lady asked her. My sister I think had recognized her but was not sure on the name.

“I am not sure hey but you look familiar!” she said, a bit apprehensive.

“I am Kagiso’s sister!”

Did she just say Kagiso? My sister’s ex-dead boyfriend who had died in a cash in transit!

“Oh crap, hi!” my sister said, let go of my hand and went to hug the lady. I had forgotten about this guy totally. I remember how heartbroken she had been but ever since I found out he had been a thug, I had lost my love for him meaning her being here was not a good thing. I did not go back into the house.

“Hi. I was not sure you would recall, seeing that we only met once. I am not staying. No one had your number hey but we found some documents in Kagiso’s things which had your address. Could you please come to the house, there are things we would like to discuss with you!” she asked. What did they want? He was dead, they must let my sister go and live her life.

“Okay I will come tomorrow. I will come with my sister as I don’t want to be alone!”.

Really? I did not want to go and be awkward. At least I was not the only one who was uncomfortable with all this. Made sense therefore that she said I was coming with.

“Yes please. We need a witness on your side anyway.” she said and stepped into the darkness and disappeared.

“What’s that about?” Judith asked me with a confused look on her face. I could say that I did not know but we will find out tomorrow. I was afraid that they were going to drag her back into the pain she had gone through. We got into the house and it’s amazing how now that we knew what was happening with Amo it felt so empty. There was a part of this household missing.

“I don’t feel like food!” my sister said as she sat down to watch TV. She flicked through the channels and paused. I looked at her and I could see she had tears in her eyes. Why was I not crying too though? Did this mean I had accepted my fate?

It was not much longer before Aurelia arrived. Goodness why can’t I just have a normal day though! There was always something going on and I needed a break.

“Hey love, are you okay?” I said as she walked in. It was a dumb question honestly because how could she be okay. The perfect little rug had been pulled from under her feet and she had fallen down with a thud.

There was a loud knock on my door. Who was it now?

I went to check and even before I got there the impatient knocker had knocked again.

It was Lunga, and ehind him, his mother and father!

“Where is Aurelia we want to talk to her?”

Her car was in the driveway so there was no denying where she was but the problem was, these people looked as though they had come for war not peace.

“You’re not doing this at my house!” I said to them.

“Doing what?” Lunga asked.

As he did so my mother drove in with my father. This was going to be so embarrassing. They had in tow a police vehicle and I knew whose it was. One of my uncles.

There was going to be a scene here!

*******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)


Hi Mike and family

I’m 27 and my boyfriend is 22. I once wrote a letter to you sometime last year about my boyfriend’s family who don’t approve of our relationship because of the age gap. Well I took some of the advice to break up with him but we failed. We really love each other. What happened is last year during festive season, mamazala came to her senses an invited me to their house. We talked and she told me how she felt about this relationship and she apologized by judging me. Things seems too good and to my surprise now in Jan when I asked to visit my boyfriend’s house he told me I must forget about his family, that all what happened in Dec was just an act, his mom was just pretending. The worst part is that I’m pregnant. I asked him if he’ll tell his mom and he said he’ll never tell her. I feel like this guy is hiding something from me


10 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter 142

  1. Thanks Mike and team for such a good read.

    Preggy you witnessed your boyfriend’s mother’s affection over Dec right? I say sit this guy down and force him to tell you what’s going on. You must also keep in mind that he’s still young and impulsive, and is bound to make irrational decisions sometimes. Explain to him that you will need his mother, with the child you are caring. Does he even consider marrying you if he can just wake up and decide that you are cutting all ties with his mom? How are you one day gonna go about the lobola negotiations and all (just saying)? . As the more matured one in the relationship, i’m sure you’ve had plenty of 1st hand experiences, so your instincts more than not should count for something, so trust them.

    Just make it your mission to make sure that the guy’s mom finds out about the pregnancy, but in a much more mature and respectful manner. When she knows, then you will see if all the Dec love balloon was fake or real.


  2. Preggy.. I dunno how your culture works, but your elders better go report that pregnancy to that guy’s family.. I also feel like that guy is hiding something.. ngeke sbali

  3. It sounds like the guy is freaked out by pregnancy n what wud be expected from him now u n his mom seem to get along. At 22 most guys r still immature n mayb now he sees the seriousness of everything something he might not have seriously think about. Talk to him and get the real reason behind the change of heart

  4. Thanks Mikeesto, eish cant you just hit us with an afternoon post nyana…. Wednesday owanini….

    Preggie, it sure looks like you shouldve taken the advice….. the likelyhood of you being a single parent is fast becoming… Good luck sisi.


  5. Preggy at 22… Eish, go talk to his mum, i think he may have changed his mind about your relationship and actually looking at exploring other avenues. i think he may have another girl… who may also be pregnant. Was in a similar situation, but fortunately for me i was not pregnant and the other girl was. i got dumped and he married her.

  6. Preggy you and your mamazala established friendly ground in Dec which wasn’t so long ago. Ignore what your man is saying and go tell her whatsup, depending on how she reacts then you know where you really stand with that family. Your bf on the other hand needs to start preparing for responsible fatherhood no matter how things turn out between the two of you

  7. Asibonge bhuti Mike.
    Preggy, prepare yoself to be a single parent.
    @27 UR more mature & can read btwn the lines & interpret riddles. In yo case U don’t even need to consult a sangoma bcz they told U straight in yo face unless UR expecting a prophet to tell U otherwise.
    @22 I had no direction in life so I can easily identify with this boy UR expecting to man up. Jst make sure U notify his family abt the preggies but don’t expect much. If he takes responsibility then idlozi lakho li strong.

  8. Thanks Bra Mike

    This Ben 10’s ain’t loyal gal,involve the parents dear.When I was 22 I was thinking about sex only, guess what I’m 33 n not much has changed except I have job.Good luck ?

  9. Aowa mara le wena Preggy..did you really le 1994 le kanna ready to be a dad??? No man.. That child still need to play sesi..Be ready to be a single parent.

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