Realities – Chapter 98

I remember growing up there used to be this principal in my area who was a very cruel man. The man was famous for beating up his students and to be fair the grades at his school were better than that of most schools, even those in the suburbs. When we got to grade 7 our parents wanted us to go to that school because at the end of the day, which parent does not want their child to pass? Now imagine if you are that child and your parents are actively seeking for you to go to that school… absolutely terrifying. My point, the kids who got the short end of the stick, the dumb ones that didn’t pass would go and throw stones at the principal’s house at night because that was the only realistic form of revenge they had. One day unbeknownst to them he’d bought two pit bulls. Those dogs were vicious I remember. The boys came and did it again because the gate was always closed until one day it wasn’t… they had pushed him too far and his dogs came out. To cut a long story short they ended up in hospital and he was arrested. The community had him set free of course because much as he was sadistic he gave their children a fair chance in life. The point of my story is that you can only poke a man so far and this Nigerian man sounded fearless. He was challenging me on my own daughter! What kind of bullshit is that? Wa ntlwaela sies!

I immediately went upstairs to her room. She was still sitting on the bed with Zethu.

“Lintle where does this man stay?” I asked her angrily.

“Which man mommy?” she asked innocently!

“Really Lintle? Which other man can I ask you about?” I asked her. This not the time to try and act like she did not know what I was on about. She was just making me angrier.

“That snake person, black mamba or whatever you said his name was!” I said.

“Python! I don’t know!” she said. Every mother knows when their child is lying and at this point I knew she lying. I was not going to be intimidated by a man. That much I refuse. He might have been a thug but this was my daughter and there is nothing I will not do to protect her. It’s the one thing most men don’t understand, a mother will do anything for her child even die if it must be. Fuck this bullshit.

“Why mum, please just let it be..” she pleaded with me but the time for pleading was over. She knew where he stayed and I wanted to know now. This guy had balls of steel shem and I was going to melt them for him. You see these thugs go after little girls so that they can feel like men. That’s fine! I am not a little girl, I am a woman.

“Lintle if you know what’s good for you, you will tell me where this man stays!” I threatened her. She could see I was not backing down.

“Mum what if he is dangerous?” please let it go she begged me but I was not going to. She said all she could tell me was that he was from around Benmore. She then kept quiet and I allowed her to do so. She was not talking. That’s fine. I called him and the cheeky bastard actually picked up.

“I am bringing your drugs. I will drop them at Benmore Police station. Whether you pick them up or not that’s not my problem. I know you have friends there so tell them I am coming!”

He was stunned and responded, “Woman are you mad?”

In that accent of his but I was ready to show him what madness is so let it be.

“Yes I am mad, if you think you know powerful people then you haven’t met me. Ask around about my husband Mthobisi Jumbe and get back to me! For now I am doing you this favour because I want you to leave my daughter alone without involving him because I don’t want her testifying in courts!” I said. He was now stumped and I don’t know whether it was a dare or not he said,

“Drop them there then!”

Adrenalin is a bad thing people. I had spoken too much. What if he goes around looking for my fake husband, this could end up bad for me. I held my breath as I took the pills. Sizwe came and asked what I was doing but I told him to stay out of it.

“If I am not back in two hours call Mthobisi!” I told him. I don’t know why I said that but it sounded like the right thing to say. As I drove, in my head I was asking myself what if the police stopped me. Benmore is not far from where I stay but I took a wrong turn meaning I doubled the time for the trip. As I sat in the parking lot I panicked. I was suddenly scared to get out of the car. How do I walk in with a bag of drugs in a police station and be comfortable? There was not much traffic here either meaning the station would be empty and again that made me debate with myself on what was the right course of action here. Should I wait for a crowd to enter this way there would be safety in numbers or should I go in now that it was empty? As I was debating my brother called,

“What are you doing Nothabo? Are you mad? You could get yourself killed!” he said angrily. I think I can safely conclude that my husband had called him. What were they going to do now that I was here?

“It has to be done otherwise we will live in fear of this man forever and I don’t want that!” I told him. He was against the idea but he was there and I was here. Zethu came to the phone also and tried to talk me out of it. I decided before I totally lose my nerve I should just hang up which I did. I took the plastic bag, thank heavens it was black and I walked in. As I got to the door I felt someone hold me by my upper arm roughly and I thought I was going to die. I wanted to scream but the shock and strength of that grip actually froze me to such an extent I did not move at all.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

It was not a Nigerian accent, phew, it was Mthobisi Jumbe in the flesh. What was he doing here. The relief that went through me at that moment though. I freed myself from the grip and I hugged this man I hated. I hugged as though we were long lost friends and rightfully so. He was here to save me and no matter how angry he can be, he was not some Nigerian trying to kill me.

“How did you … How did you know I was here?” I asked him. He was very angry but that hug took him by surprise. I think now he was no longer sure what to do.

“Your husband called me.” he said pulling me to the side.

“Contrary to what you might want to believe, I do not know every thug in Jhb and you could get us both killed by your shenanigans” he said, looking around as though someone was stalking him. As for me though, I did not feel any of that, I knew I was with whom I wanted to be at this moment because if anyone shot our direction he would shoot back!

“Mthobisi what was I supposed to do! Someone was forcing Lintle to sell drugs at school and I found these in her wardrobe!” I said trying to show him but he immediately said I should put them away. I did not disagree with him.

“If I do this for you, you will do what I asked you to do in the first place!” he said. I had no choice but to say yes.

“Give me your hand!” he said and I obliged. He held my hand and we walked into the station as though we were lovers. It was the most awkward thing. If Lesedi saw me now I am sure I will be dead. I even blushed but I had a job that needed doing and I was going to do it by hook or by crook.

“Who is in charge here?” he asked with so much authority the officer at the desk was taken aback.

“Who is asking?” he asked back.

“Just tell your station commander that Mthobisi Jumbe is here. He is expecting me!” he said. The officer looked very confused and did not move. Mthobisi took the plastic bag and put it on the desk.

“I have come to drop off these. Tell your Nigerian friends not to come into my schools! Next time I will come here with every reporter I can find whether they write a high school newspaper or are on CNN, to expose this crap!” he said. The officer I got the impression knew what he was talking about because he did not budge. You see when you show people with balls that your balls are even bigger than theirs, they tend to respect you.

We turned around and we walked out. He did not run. It was like matter of fact whilst for me my heart was beating so fast I thought it would fall out.

“Go home! I will call you!” he hissed at me and just like that he let go of my hand and walked away. I had not seen where he had come from nor where he had gone but I walked so fast to my car I thought my legs would break.

Why was I still scared though?

When I got to the car I tried to put my keys into the key hole but I was shaking so much the keys fell.

“Breathe, calm down!” I told myself so I could get composure and drive home without killing myself. I had so many questions but now was not the time. I drove home slowly and very confused by what had just happened. This week Lintle was leaving! She could not stay here come what may.

When I got home everyone was waiting for me anxiously. My phone rang even before I could say a word.

It was he. I picked up.

“That was a bad move on your part!” he said and hung up.

My heart froze!

*****The End******


Dear Mike

Thank you for reading this.

I am stuck and I don’t know what to do because it is my mother that’s the problem and I feel guilty about it. I am 27 and I work. My mother found my father cheating and she left him and moved into my flat with me. That was four months ago. I am obviously angry at my father but now that my mother lives with me she does not lift a finger to do anything. She goes to work and comes back like she is not going into a home. She does not buy food nor electricity but instead comes home and cries. This is everyday except for Sundays when she goes to the same church where the woman he cheated with goes. I ask her why she tortures herself like that and she said this way she can show she is not ashamed. What’s worse, she is now talking to my father again but they are not making any moves to either break up or stay together.

I know am selfisb but my mother can’t stay with me. I have not been laid in ages because when I leave the house she makes me feel guilty about it.

Please advise me I am dying.

Thank You

Selfish Daughter

16 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter 98

  1. Your mum is obviouly depressed. Have her go for counselling at an NGO closest to you. Yes you are being selfish and you wont die if you take care of her for a few months, becuase at one time, she used to wipe your bum when you were a helpless baby or probably sacrificed her happiness to remain married to your father hence why she is so heartbroken. Imagine if this was you and your adult daughter was looking at you as an inconvenience.

  2. I think you should let your mother stay, she needs space from your father for now. Suggest things that she can do with her time (join another church and join in on activities there) so that you can both be happier. Suggest that she talk to someone about what she is going through, either a psychologist or a counsellor at church. Hopefully that way she will start moving forward, either by going back home or moving into her own place.

    Don’t let her make you feel guilty for leaving the house because you need to have a life. Once you get laid and have your life going again, you will be happier and not mind your mom being there so much
    You can tackle the groceries and electricity issue later. Once she is getting a bit better. Or you can just do this small thing for your mother.

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, the drama… 🙂

    Daughter you are not selfish at all, your mom needs to mom up and bounce. 4months? nah she needs to go, as in A.S.A.P tshini.This is not only affecting you, wht about your man? Ha a, #MOMMUSTGO.


  4. Hay zange ndayiva. Ufuna mamakho a contribute kwi grocer and electricity! Seriously, is this gal for real? Your own mother? Hay the world is really coming to an end.
    Make up a story of going out with friend, it might be your house/flat, but truth of the matter is, mothers will always be controlling noba ukwakho, awunode caba ufuna ade ahambe hay noko dats a bit extreme.

    1. So her mum is just supposed to feed off her, just because she’s heartbroken? Awunyi perhaps? Her mum should help her out even with just buying electricity. Help around the house. akuna world is coming to an end nex la. Her mum is obviously not ready to heal, so manje she must suffer because her mum does not want to face realitry?

  5. Hai “Selfish daughter”,
    You are not being selfish, we leave home in order to be our own individual selves. Mum clearly wants to stay a victim & is expecting you to host her pity party. Continue living your life and talk to her about her contribution to the household. She can’t loaf nje and expect you to handle everything on your own

  6. Your mom is married to you father not dating him. Why move out when ur father is the one who cheated. She was supposed to stand her ground and stay in her house coz staying with you is js making things more uncomfortable. You left ur comfort zone (Home) so you can grow as an individual not be a roomie to ur mom. Yes she could have came for few weeks to cool off not 4months. As for groceries she’s working why can she contribute as she used to in her house. You can’t support a working person as if you her husband. They need to sort their differences and see a priest if need be bt not put a burden in ur shoulders. World is not coming to an end apha, you mom needs to get her life back whether by mending her shaky marriage or get her own flat

  7. Today story made me want to comment.

    Women are meant to be independent. My husband took all the things i did for granted. He never cheated but just wasnt there for me. So i asked him to leave. He couldnt take the car it was in my name. Yes i was sad for 2 weeks but i picked myself and decided life goes on. My husband couldnt even work his internet banking. Depended on me for everything to be done. So after two months of living with other family members n trying to find transport to work. He caught a wake up call. A much needed one. But my life never stopped in those 2 months. In fact i got a promotion at work. Ladies we so much stronger than we get credit for. So 5 years later we still together and i am made to feel like i am the most important person in his life. He helps with everything

  8. Selfish daughter you are not at all selfish my dear, and yeah I think she has to contribute, I mean you are renting where you stay don’t you? and taking care of two is not easy, especially with you being a daughter. So I suggest you go get laid, get your father out of your mothers house, he can go stay with his nondashaza and help your mom find happiness again. One more thing she needs to stop sucking up to this lady by going to her church, it wont do her any good. I agree with Jackzorro #MumMustGo!

  9. Lol…MomMustFall…. Selfish Daughter uthi uphethwe yiDraught dooown theeeere and you want the Ziiiiiiiiiing lol .

    I think at 27 you can tell your mom that you are going out without having to explain where you ging with who and all that…I meanshe will need to trust you and know that you have a life as well.

    Still waiting for the Berry Juice Bhut Mike, khawenze kaloku…lol


  10. Some of us will give an arm to have your problems Selfish daughter. Just be a bit patient with your mother you may never know when she will be taken away from you. Me & my siblings used to complain about how mom was now that she’s gone we wish we can take all that back. It won’t kill you to be patient. She needs you right now.

  11. Should she go or should she stay?its a dilemma nana,just like that of a broke dude with a great d**k but ke sisi awutsho nawe uba she plans to stay indefinately or not,I understand yo needs n wants but ke she’s yo mom n u love her hopefully n remember when u said “I love my mom more than anyone in the world n I will do anythin 4 her”remamber that?Well now is that time kenana .

  12. BhutiMike, yo writings are my daily dose.

    Selfish Daughter, I heard that love for mom is supposed to be beyond boundaries, or is it? U tell me. After all UR a woman & they say only a woman can have those feelings.
    As for getting yo groove yo flat must be in some Arabic Desert. Arabic bcz fornication is a sin punishable by death. Desert bcz there are no hotels.

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