Realities – Chapter 105

Okay, I know listening in on people’s conversations is wrong but if this was the daughter of my enemy then yes I probably wanted to hear it. She was in my house so technically everything said in this house belongs to me in a way. Besides, I sensed that something mischievous was going on with these two. For people who had just met they were amazingly close. In fact the other sister was long forgotten and it was always them. Nelisa was a bad apple and ever since she was introduced to Lintle, Lintle was one too! I was not dumb nor was I blind to this. It’s hard however to accuse someone of something you don’t know which is why I could not just barge into there and accuse her of that. I needed evidence and this was my way of getting it.

I was not wrong either because when I got to the door I heard,

“Dude what did you do? He called me and he was pissed off. He said that your mother called him and shouted at him!”

Nelisa said to Lintle angrily.

“It was not my fault. My mother is lazy you know that. She never packs my wardrobe until that day! Imagine the shock on my face when I heard what had happened!” Lintle responded. I was a bit embarrassed that my daughter thought I was lazy. The reason why I did not do any house chores was because I was paying someone else to do it. I was often tired from work so why should I come then and work.

“Well, he is not happy at all. I told him to stay away from your mother though because he is not normal!” She explained of which Lintle jumped in said,

“Too late for that. We bumped into him at Rosebank today. My mother stood up to him. I was so proud of her in a way!” my daughter said.

“Yeah be proud when he forgets about you and doesn’t harm her!” she warned. So Lintle saw me like some kind of hero at the moment. I smiled to myself because that means to her I had done the right thing.

“I found someone else for him though so am sure he will be fine!” Nelisa said. “He says you are his best seller!”

“Well I have moved on from this. I am going to boarding school next week faraway! My dad hasn’t said where yet and I have no phone!” Lintle told her.

“You must write down my numbers in your diary. This way we keep in touch! I am sorry I introduced you to him. I never expected he would make you sell for him!” she said. I think they hugged because there was silence but am not sure.

“I also agree with boarding school. It means you stay out of trouble for a while. I think you and your mom have been fighting enough. I remember when I used to fight with my mum… It was bad!” she said. Where was her mother? I had not checked up to see how the thing had ended but I am sure I would have heard something from Sizwe by now.

“I don’t trust my mother, she likes to eavesdrop so let’s change the subject!” I heard my daughter say.

“There is this hot guy who moved in. She is my nanny’s nephew! I think you should meet him!”

Lintle told Nelisa. Nelisa laughed and said she was not into boys but why not. What was Lintle up to? So all this was Nelisa’s doing? Was she trying to break up my family? There used to be this show on SABC a few years ago where all the characters seemed to intersect one way or the other. Everyone was linked to everyone, I can’t quite recall it’s name but Lintle used to love it. My husband would complain that she was too young to watch and she would always have a smart answer for him. Anyway, I felt as though everything in my life was linked to one thing or the other. Now Nelisa was the link between Lintle and the Python character! I had it in mind to burst into the room and tell her where to get off but I think I had done enough damage as was. I was about to walk away when Lintle said,

“Thanks for advice yet again on that pregnancy thing and thank you for coming with me. You are the best sister ever!” she said to Nelisa! All the secrets were coming out now. Nelisa had gone with Lintle to the abortion no wonder why she didn’t want me there.

“Just don’t do it again. Condom condom condom please never forget that!” she advised.

“I hate condoms!”

Tjo! When you hear your fifteen year old daughter say such a thing you just want to die of shock and shame! I am a doctor and the ignorance Lintle had just shown here was beyond beyond! What was this expensive education we were paying for achieving then if she could show such ignorance!

“Nah don’t say that! You will be a baby mama before you ever hit university so that’s not clever!” she said. Lintle just laughed it off meaning she was not paying attention. I had to do something about this mentality soon before it killed her. I was so annoyed with that statement. I went downstairs and my husband, the couch potato was still watching.

“You were gone for a long time! What were you doing there?” sy husband asked me as soon as I entered.

“Nothing why?” I asked back.

“Leave the girls alone dear come sit here by me!” se said smiling opening his arms.

“Let’s watch what you want to watch. I don’t mind as long as you sit with me!” he said. I don’t know what he was up to because I hate cuddling and he knows it but I went anyway.

“Are you ready to be in the workspace?” I asked him.

“I think so. I haven’t taken orders in years so it should be interesting. Besides, I was getting tired of sitting at home so its good for me!” he said. My husband always had an angle though. There was no way he was entering this consultancy without an end goal.

“Is there something you are not telling me?” I asked him. He laughed and told me that I am always suspicious for nothing and again I was wrong.

“Nelisa!” he suddenly called out loud. She responded.

“Why are you calling her?” I asked him. She was already on the stairs so he could not answer. As I was lying in his arms I sat up.

“Yes papa!” she said. She was very different from Lintle. Yes I did not like her because she was immoral you could sense she had structure and foundation in her. Lintle was very “white” for lack of a better word. She was respectful on occasion but only when she wanted something.

“On the phone you said you had to come because you were unhappy. What’s wrong?” he asked her. My husband had said that something was wrong. I had forgotten that part.

“Oh that. It’s sorted. I haven’t been able to get hold of Lintle in a while so I got worried!” she said. I did not believe her because I had already overhead their conversation. I was tempted to spit it out but I had realized that being a parent to these girls, coming out kicking and screaming had not been working for me so maybe I should try be a friend and see if I can get through.

“Really? Why didn’t you just ask me on the phone and I would have answered?” my husband asked curiously. I could see he was on to something. This was my moment to gain her trust,

“Oh come on Sizwe. Give her a break. She came to see her little sister and there is nothing wrong with that! This is why she never comes to see us because you are so hard on her!” I said. She was a bit surprised at me coming to her defence but I knew what I was doing and she did not which is what was important.

“Eh ok!” my husband said. I think he was not sure whether to challenge me or not as it could have consequences.

“Have you eaten? Go get something to eat in the kitchen!” I told her. She stood immediately, I think to run away from her father more than anything else.

“Why did you protect her?” he asked me. I guess I had surprised him too. I explained to him that there had been too much tension in the house and we should not be adding to it but diffusing it.

“The tension is caused by Lintle though and she is leaving soon!” he reminded me. I accused him of looking forward to it which shut him up immediately.

“I am still torn about this whole thing. I am sorry if I snapped you!” I said to him. He said he was fine with all that had happened. TV was boring. I am not a TV person and honestly can’t get how people can sit for hours watching something. I was saved when my phone rang and it was Zethu.

“I will take this upstairs!” I said to my husband but I don’t think he even heard me because he was concentrating.

“I have been trying to call you for hours Nothabo, where have you been?” she asked me as soon as I picked up.

“I was here. My phone was on the whole afternoon and I don’t have missed calls from you!” I said.

She mumbled that I was lying, clearly not believing me but I protested further,

“That’s not possible! I have not done anything to it!” I explained.

“I don’t know what’s up then but its okay I have you now!” she said.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her!

“Listen to me! You need to do something!” she said.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“They want to take your medical license. I heard them talking. They want to make an example out of you and she intends to make it public!”

Women oppressing other women!

*******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I’m 24 yrs old lady from EC and i am dating a 36 yr old guy also from EC but now works in another province. We’ve been together for 4years now. When we started dating we were chearing with our partners then after a year we decided to break things off with our partners and be together. At first the sex was sooo amazing,he knew my honey pot and all the right spots to hit and i experienced my real orgasm with him. We used to have lots of fun together,weekends away,getting wasted and every other thing but now all of that has died,even the sex. All we do now to go out is to watch movies,eat out maybe once a month on pay day,the sex is so bad that i just don’t feel it anymore,there’s no foreplay..he will just get on top of and do the deed the get off. He doesn’t really have a big tool down the there but he used to know how to use it,but now he has also put on weight,has a pot belly and it’s sooo small it’s not even funny,andiyiva tuu ngoku sana and it’s frustrating shame. I really miss wat we had we started dating. What can i do to bring back the spark and spice up our sex life?? Coz i really love the guy.

From N.

7 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter 105

  1. Thanks Mikeesto #TGIF #DailyDose

    N, If you communicate this with your man and it still continues then Andaz. If he is shrinking and making it worse by not building you up like he used to before then tell him. You need to sit his pot belly lazy ass down and put it to him straight, Besides talking and making changes, you also need to step up.

    Now regarding the spices, you mention that he hops on and hops off and it sucks. Well what are you doing? Adult World currently has specials on promo . Go buy you lingerie, buy you sex toys and be spontaneous about this. Stop making it a chore for this bellied homie to do all the work, so when he gets off, you get on top of him and ride his pony like nobody’s business. When you go out to the movies or to eat on payday once a month, do it in the car, the restaurant toilets or a quiet spot in the taxi rank. Just think outside the box and bring the excitement back.

    Sex is what you make of it, if the chemistry is there between you then you can’t fail with proper attempt. So loosen up a bit and encourage him to be youthful again, he is aging after all and you cant expect a 26 year old performance, which is spectacular, from a 36 year old going to old age type of fella, unless you give him incentive of course.

    And on that note, lemme make reservations for tonight 

    Happy sexing

  2. Hahahaha Jackzorro, you the man butiza. such a good laugh to kick off my weekend. Uwatye onke buti nam ndikwelo lakho…..thanx for the great stories Bhut’ Mike. lovely weekend fellas

  3. I would like advice from Jackzorro.

    I am 28 years old and been dating my boyfriend for 14 years, high school love. We have handsome son and i’m expecting our second born. he hasn’t paid lobola yet but told him i’m not having second born without any commitment. The date is set and we waiting for the bank if we are approved for home loan. we are both working good paying jobs and we both love each other. My problem is out of the 14 years, I have sex partner for 10 years. it goes back to 2006 when we first meet in varsity and thought when we part way it will stop that was in 2009. Unfortunately that has not happened, we saw each other 2012 and it started all over again. He stays in another province but comes to Jozi now and then and we hook up. We both have partners but seems like we just can’t stop hooking up, by the way he knows I am pregnant luckily we haven’t slept since told him. He understands and says its fine as long he gets to be with me. Now I am at point where i know I am going to be somebody wife and he keeps popping into my life. How do I get over him?

  4. Ta braMike.
    N, I’m reading the age diff makes U guys belong to 2diff generations already. That tish of “indoda ayigugi” was true to the past generations who did not eat nandos & kfc with fork n knife. Those duds had special roots they wud chew like chappies the whole day to boost their libido etc. 4yrs ago, the guy was prob @his peak & 4yrs down the line, UR prob @yo peak. Generation Gap!
    Prove me wrong 10yrs from now U will have feet/back problems or general fatigue.
    Unless U communicate & work out solutions this cud break U up. Encourage him to exercise. Have an indoor gym if he is shy to go to Prof gyms. Cook mostly diet menu & do these things 2getha so he doesn’t feel left out.
    Buy the viagra stuff/men’s clinics or whatever it takes to save yo relationship dear. Visit gogo Dlamini for the “African chappies” & African redbull & all that tish. Don’t fail to try & hope he is game to all this adventure as U used to do b4. Gudluck!

  5. KK, firstly congrats about the pregnancy 🙂 the engagement and good luck on the mortgage outcome.

    Let me tell you straight that what you are doing with your side dude is wrong on all levels. Like you have another bf in him, 10years? Haybo nontombi yeka what you doing because it’s going to get nasty. How do you even have the audacity to demand this guy marry you ekbeni usazi that you’ve been cheating on him, for 10 full years. If you know what’s good for you, then end it with that dude, finish it mayiphele.

    If your soon to be husby finds out about this, I can best assure you someone will die. Be careful


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