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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 231

I know I was acting very ungrateful, this guy had practically saved my life and here I was pointing a gun at him but I had no choice my husband was my main priority, I needed to save him. “Wow, are you serious right now?” he asked calm as a cucumber “Listen, whatever your name is, thank you for saving my life but my husband is dying and waiting for him to die and dumping his body is not an option.” I suddenly realized that I didn’t know this man’s name. “Well, the least you can do is know my name before you blow my brain out, I’m Steven.” He continued telling me that he was not scared of guns and he’s been shot way to many times to be scared of one, he told me I could shot him and kill him but in the end I must remember I don’t know how to drive and we are very far from town so I could kill him then wait for some good Samaritan to stop and help and it could be hours before that happens and by the time someone will eventually stop Mthobisi will be dead. Shit, he was right I didn’t want to admit it but he was absolutely right, I was screwed, I didn’t know what else to do I was running out of ideas and my husband was dying right in front of my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it, as we were driving I heard sirens, it was an ambulance I could see it from far. “Stop that ambulance it’s coming for Mthobisi I asked a friend of mine to call it.”

23 thoughts on “*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 231

  1. Yoh bra Mike since last week i’ve only been able to read only one chapter…then when i use the pin on the next chapter it say invalid… please help

  2. Bonus please you cannot leave us like this, I refuse this cannot be the end!! How am I supposed to work next week I won’t be able to concentrate please Thozama n Mikey somblief tog bana ba ko gae hle re a kopa tswetswe!!!

  3. I mean Uncle V o tlo tlohella Florence just like that? Can’t we now what he is made of please I am traumatized!! It can’t end death is too easy nogal My Lee go out with suicide? Really? No it can’t be!!!!!!!

  4. Bonus pls we did not get one last week kanti hini bo why vele nisenza so, aowa hle this can’t b the end kjanlo nje

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