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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 229

This was bad, I could not even trust my own husband, my heart was beating so hard. I must have been sweating because Mthobisi asked me if I was okay I pretended and put on a fake smile and said I was fine. “I know you don’t like surprises but you are going to like this” he said very sure of himself. My heart was beating so fast deep down I knew Mthobisi would not hurt me but his mother is a different story, that woman was pure evil I don’t even know how Tsepang was not influenced by her. My husband on the other hand, was her puppet. Koketso didn’t realize that she had the good brother and I was stuck with the mafia one whom deep down I knew would never come out of this criminal life. This was not the kind of life that you just retire from, there was always the one last job after one last job, the last jobs never end.

Mthobisi put me on the wheelchair and took me to the dining room and went to open the door, in walked a white lady who looked tough like a man, she had muscles everywhere and the only reason I could tell she was a lady was because of the long hair and earrings. Mthobisi welcomed her in and introduced her as Esther, we shook hands and he told me she was my physiotherapist. She spoke with a deep Afrikaans accent and told me that the doctor in Mozambique had sent her my x-rays and when I was thrown out of the police van I had unfortunately landed on my back and with my bad luck I landed on a nail so the was a nail very close to my spine that the doctors had to remove and this is why I was now in a wheelchair.

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  1. Hope this is not the end of Mr Jumbe… thank u guys 4 this great work, never miss any reads whn it’s Saturday… kodwa what happend to the bonus chapter Mighty Zama 🙁

  2. Nooo! Mthobisi needs to survive this,Lee has been through waaaay too much and lost so many people to lose him too…, shame man

  3. Someone please much and send me the story from the part where mthobisi is arguing with guys in the shady house. My b3 died, so now i cnt use my pin again to finish the story and I cnt buy a pin for a half chapter pleaaaaase 0780948368 send me on whatsapp please good people

  4. Mikey this is a very interesting movie in the making and MT is a hard core indeed. However, I have been reading the Missteps from inception and never missed a chapter. My question is what happened to MT’s daughter? Now that Neo was killed, Lee on a wheelchair, and MT is now bleeding to death, could it be because MT’s precious plant was broken?

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