Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 226

In all the years that my mom had known Mthobisi she had always been his biggest fan, in her eyes he could do no wrong so for her to be screaming and shouting like this was a surprise to all of us. My sister asked mom why she was shouting and she said she blames Mthobisi for what had happened to me. “Ma, you don’t even know what happened to me, each time I trying telling you, you shut me up, you won’t even give me a chance to tell you and now you want to blame my husband for it? He is nothing like Lwazi, he didn’t beat me up if that’s what you think, he would rather die than lay a finger on me. In fact you should be thanking him if it wasn’t for him you would be burying me right now.” I know I had no right to speak to my mother like that and if I was not in a wheelchair I would have received a hot slap on my face that would burn until the following year but thank goodness for small mercies because I could see the anger in her eyes, her look on

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    I wanna start reading this book but I’m finding it hard to get to chapter one I have been trying

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