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Growing Up – Chapter 34

A woman’s body is very precious and shouldn’t be exposed to any man who cares to see. Our bodies should be treasured and shouldn’t be violated. I always told myself that the only person who would see my naked body would be my husband, but then that that didn’t happen because I slept with Philani and the Apostle. With these two I was okay with them seeing my body because I wanted to be with them. Sending my naked picture to a man who has never shown me any interest, a man who has a wife and was my neighbour wasn’t my intention at all. Mr. Nhlapo is a very handsome man, but I was no marriage wrecker, I would never be with him in that way and I was disgusted at myself for sending him my picture. Judging by his message, he was really angry at me for sending those kinds of pictures, I just hoped that he would delete them and not show his wife. I didn’t want his wife to be as angry as he is with me and end up ruining the good neighbour-relationship that we have.

I quickly sent him a message saying “I’m really sorry Mr Nhlapo, the pictures were meant for my boyfriend. I sent them by mistake, please delete them and don’t tell your wife.” After sending that text to him, I sent Apostle Thulani the pictures because I didn’t want him to get angry at me. Upon receiving the pictures, he called me,

“Hlengiwe I don’t think I will be able to share your body with Philani anymore. You are too damn beautiful and that body hai I can’t share you anymore. I want you to be all mine, make a choice before I make it for you.”

“What do you mean you will make the choice for me?” I wanted to understand what he meant.

“It doesn’t matter what I mean, I just need you to make a choice. You have 3 months to choose because I have great plans for us and our future. You can see that Philani doesn’t want to have a future with you, maybe you are just a good time for him now until he finds someone else. Consider that when you make a choice.”

After he said that he told me to sleep well and he hung up. Ay this man was pressuring me, as much as I love him he also needs to keep in mind that Philani has been with me for the longest time and I loved him as well. Making me choose was unfair, he was supposed to prove himself and make the decision easy for me. Who am I supposed to choose? My Philani who has been, despite certain times, a great boyfriend to me or Apostle Thulani who I don’t really know as much as I know Philani, but has been so great to me.

After a week or 2, Tsiamo was discharged but her mom fetched her and said she doesn’t want her to live with us anymore. She was recovering physically, but her emotional recovery was taking it’s sweet long time although she was going for counselling.
Thando’s wedding was getting close, she hadn’t picked a wedding dress and we also didn’t have our brides maid dresses yet. So one Saturday me, Sihle, and the twins, had to go shopping for the dresses. We went from one bridal boutique to the next, she found a dress that stole her heart in the fourth boutique. It was a very beautiful mermaid dress, with diamond studs. The tail of the dress was detachable, so she was going to wear it for the matrimonial ceremony and remove it for the reception. Finding dresses that we all liked and would suit all out body types was hard, so we agreed that even though we would have dresses of the same colour and material, our designs would be different and made according to each person’s body shape. We decided that our dresses have to be lacy and a bit short… mhhhh we were going to look very sexy on Thando’s wedding. We then went to a seamstress for the traditional attire we would wear for the traditional wedding, which was going to take place at Mlu’s home. The nails, hair and make-up was sorted because I got that all covered. Shopping for wedding dresses was really enjoyable, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it this much.

After deciding on our clothes, we went to a restaurant for some food. When we arrived, a few of the waiters fought to help us, yeah we were that hot. After we placed our orders, I received a message from my ex-friend Bongile, it read “Hey girl, my traditional wedding is in the next few weeks and I would love it if you could come. Hope you will make it.” Ey I regret giving that woman my number, I didn’t realise that she would use my numbers to her advantage. She knows what she did to me, now she expects me to come and rejoice with her at her wedding? Mxm she’s insane.
“Girls, you remember the Bongile who was once my best friend? She just sent me a message inviting me to her wedding.”
“Bongile? You mean the tramp that took your high school lover? She has a nerve, is she marrying your ex-lover?” Sihle asked.
I gave her a nod, and she continued “She is disrespectful. Why would she expect you to come to her wedding while she is marrying your ex?”
Thandiwe laughed and said “Who in the hell sends a wedding invitation via sms? This girl is really brave, I want to meet her.”
Thando interjected and mockingly told Thandiwe that she was also going to send her invites via sms because it was a cheaper alternative. We all burst out and laughed at what she said.

“Girls I think we should go with Hlengiwe to the wedding, I need to see this wedding. We are all going and we are going to look smokin’ hot, the bride will have nothing on us” said Sihle and we all agreed with her. I wasn’t going to show up at my ex’s wedding alone and looking shabby, I was going to make a grand entrance with my girls, looking super fly.
So we had our food and went our separate ways afterwards. Spending the day with Thando made me realise that Mlu actually loved Thando. He kept calling her, not the interrogative and possessive kind of calls, but he “I care for you, I miss and love you” kind of call. He asked her about our progress, how she was doing, how much he missed her and so on. Thando also seemed very happy and well taken care of. I was jealous, what was wrong with me mara? Everyone around me is getting married and mina I’m not getting married, this is unfair shame. Bongile yena didn’t deserve to get married because she stole my man. Men thieves don’t deserve to get married, they must die single.

When we arrived home we chilled and discussed Thando’s wedding, then a bit later Tshepo came to fetch Sihle and I was left alone. I am a reality TV fan, so I just switched on the TV. I then received a call from Mr. Nhlapo, I was hesitant on answering the call because I was still embarrassed about the whole photo-saga that took place a few weeks ago.
“Hello Hlengiwe, can you please come to my house now because my wife isn’t around.”
I asked why he wanted me to come while his wife wasn’t around, it didn’t make sense to me and he said “I heard my wife telling me that she would love to get her nails done and that you specialise in that. So I want you to come with your pamphlets so that I can see what you do and what my wife would like but I want it to be a surprise. So please come quickly because we don’t have much time.”

This man was sweet and he loved his wife yez, she was a lucky woman. Before I went out of the house, I don’t know why but I went to change into a shirt and skirt. The skirt was short and and the shirt was sexy and a bit revealing. I put on some lipstick and perfume, then made my way to his house. I arrived there, sat on the sofa and poured me some juice. He asked me how I was doing and how were my friends doing. I told him everything from the fact that Sihle got her car back and that Tsiamo lost her baby, he seemed genuinely sorry for her. I was uncomfortable with being alone with him, seeing that it was my first time in their house and his wife wasn’t around. I went straight to the point and told him about how much my services cost and what the best choice was for his wife. While I was talking, he kept on staring at me and then interrupted me by saying

“Hlengiwe you are so beautiful. After you sent me those pictures, I can’t get you out of my mind and I can’t stop thinking about the things I want to do to that body of yours. As you are busy speaking, hearing your voice makes me imagine how it would sound when you are moaning and screaming my name when I f*ck the hell out of you.”
I was shocked although I was happy to know that he desired me and found me attractive. I honestly wouldn’t mind sleeping with him just once but I wasn’t going to do anything with a married man plus I already had 2 guys that satisfy me.
I responded quickly without thinking my words through “You are very handsome as well and I want you to f*ck me in every way possible but unfortunately you are married and I respect your wife.”

“You want me, I want you, don’t talk about my wife because she isn’t here right now. This will eventually happen because you want my body on top of yours as much as I want yours. So we might as well do it now.”
Before I could respond, I was already on my back with him on top of me kissing me and touching me in the right places. He took of my t-shirt and bra, then he rubbed and nibbled on my boobs….oohhh it felt sooo good. He went down to take off my skirt and panty, just as he was about to perform some underground magic on me….we heard a car pull through in his drive way.
“Stop, I think your wife is here.” I said when I saw that he didn’t want to stop. He only stopped when he heard his kids bicker about who was going to close the gate.
He was startled and said “Hlengiwe get dressed, HURRY UP. My children can’t see you like this.”
I wanted to get dressed as well, but it was too late.
His family walked in and I was never ready for what happened next!

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  1. Eish…… Hlengi maar le wena you never learn nor listen. What comes around goes around. Someone might wreck your marriage too one day. Know what you want and keep your panties ON , please sisi.

  2. Wow what a chapter, but sisi Khanyi why must u post on Sundays only, I can’t wait for next week Sunday stay blessed and happy valentine fam…

  3. Ubushishi ke lobu, at its best. I can understand 2 guys, but 3, hhayi bethuna that’s three much honestly…. Kanti ubufebe into enjani? 2 guys are not ubufebe, it’s just a goid back up system, but 3?! Wish Mrs Nhlapho catches you and beats the shit out of you!!! Akulalwa nobaba wakwamakhelwane…nnxx, stupid child…

  4. This is exactly how most of girls who took long to break their virginity behave….afta thy taste thy cnt keep their panties on, been there done tht hlengy….

  5. this is the most predictable, boring and annoying story ever. I’ve been patient with it hoping the build up will reveal what this girl’s struggles are its contradictory, has no punchlines dare i say badly written. i’m not sure what is being communicated about Christian girls here but all i see is judgment and double standards. some of the lines are unnecessary and childish, but anyway maybe i don’t understand the story line. Others seem to enjoy it maybe i’m being too harsh but after reading all the other pieces dating all the way back to DOAZG this is a far cry from those standards. i understand its a different author now but stori se bosula tswe tswe. ke enough ka sone

  6. Forgive me but I thought after the car was found it wud be taken in by the police for forensic analysis, dusting fingerprints & other evidence to try & catch the perpetrators???

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