Growing Up Relevant

Growing Up – Chapter 33

I wonder how it feels to be in jail, for the people who were convicted for crimes they didn’t commit. Imagine being accused for something you have no clue about, then being found guilty and having to spend a few or many years in jail. I know a man who was falsely accused of murder, he was sentenced to 25 years in jail. Having spent 7 years in jails, the truth about the murder he was accused of was revealed and so the real murderer went to jail and he came out. Even though he came out, he had already lost 7 years of his precious life. A lot happened during the 7 years he was in jail, his mother passed away, he missed 7 years of his son’s life and the woman he loved moved on and married another man. When he came back he had to start his life from scratch, which was really unfair. Here we were, Sihle and I, being accused of murdering someone we don’t even know, who the hell is Lefa Mohapi? Mohapi is Tsiamo’s surname and this woman who came to us with the police is Tsiamo’s mother, but what is confusing me is that Tsiamo didn’t have a sibling named Lefa. Who was this woman talking about?

“I’m sorry officer, but we don’t know what you are talking about. My friend here only got discharged now, and we don’t know a person named Lefa.”

“Young lady keep quiet, you will explain yourself when we arrive at the police station” said the fat, short and ugly police officer.

I decided to keep quiet because I didn’t want to anger the police officers. The police officers cuffed us and we walked to the police van. The walk to the police van seemed like a 2-hour walk, everyone was staring at us, it was so embarrassing. When we arrived outside, fortunately Tshepo saw us and asked what was going on. Tsiamo’s mom was quick to answer him “These 2 witches are murderers, and now they are going to pay.” Tshepo didn’t understand what she was talking about, so he quickly rushed to his car and drove behind the van. Sitting in a police van was a very humiliating and daunting experience. Sihle and I were too beautiful to be trapped in this filthy van. We arrived at the police station and the ugly cop pulled us out like common criminals. As we walked inside, Tsiamo’s mom was busy hurling insults which drew a lot of unwanted attention. Normally police stations are too full and there are people standing in queues but this police station wasn’t that full. There were many police officers helping the people, clearly they knew their jobs and weren’t lazy.

The station commander, Mr Mashifane, saw us coming in and luckily it was a man from church. He asked the police why we are cuffed, they told him what Tsiamo’s mom told them. He told them to bring us and Tsiamo’s mom to his office because they can’t just accuse us of such a gruesome crime without having all the facts. When we arrived at his office, they had to beg Tsiamo’s mom to calm down because she was busy behaving like a straat-mate, threatening and insulting us. When she eventually calmed down she was given a chance to say her side of the story “Babu Poyisa these two witches orchestrated the murder of Lefa Mohapi.”

I quickly interrupted her “But we don’t even know a person named Lefa Mohapi. How and when did we murder that Lefa?”
She continued “Lefa is my grandchild, he is Tsiamo’s son and you girls brought people to kill my daughter’s first child. They must be put in jail and punished for the pain you brought to my child’s life.”
With that said she burst into a loud cry. I also shed a few tears, I couldn’t believe that Tsiamo lost her baby. Clearly the baby didn’t survive the gun shot, I felt really sorry for her and guilt consumed me.
Mr Mashifane gave us a chance to say our side, Sihle spoke her side of the story, followed by my side of the story. Mr Mashifane told Tsiamo’s mom that we are not guilty of murder because we weren’t the ones that pulled the trigger, he also apologised to us on behalf of the police for traumatising us like that. We walked out of his office and left Tsiamo’s mom busy behaving like a mad woman. We found Tshepo waiting for us, we went to his car and told him everything. He was so pissed that the police would arrest us based on such a ridiculous accusation.

While we were driving home, he told us that they found Sihle’s car so we should go and fetch it. Sihle was really lucky to have Tshepo, he went up and down trying to fix everything for Sihle, as soon as he’d found out that Sihle was hijacked he called the tracking company and the police, so they were able to hastily find her car. I’m glad he was around because I never thought of calling them. We went to where the car was, and I drove back with it because Sihle said she was too scared to drive.
We arrived at home and found Philani waiting outside for us. We all went in and Tshepo told Philani what we went through. He was also angry but he laughed at the thought of us being cuffed and shoved in a police van. We ordered pizza and after we were done they left.

When they had left, we went to sleep. Before I fell asleep I heard someone knock harshly at the door. “Open this door before I break it” a voice said form the other side of the door. I went to wake Sihle up, and we were afraid to open the door. The knocking continued, after much debating we decided to open the door but we were armed with knives in case something bad happened.
As soon as we opened the door, Mlungisi barged in and caused a racket “How could you guys keep quiet about something so important? You had no business keeping quiet about this. I had the right to know when Tsiamo was pregnant and I had a right to be informed about her losing the baby so that I can mourn my baby. You are going to pay for this, Tsiamo’s family is also going to pay for this… you are all going to pay for this.” We were left confused because we had no clue who told him about Tsiamo’s pregnancy and losing the baby. I know it was unfair that he didn’t know but it was not our place to tell him. This was between Tsiamo and him, I don’t understand why people like to include me in issues that don’t concern me. I have issues of my own, but you don’t see me involving my friends, I think they lack the emotional maturity to deal with their issues on their own. As soon as he left we went to sleep.

The following day I had to go and fetch my supply for business, and we also wanted to go and see Tsiamo. So we first went to fetch my things, then we went to see Tsiamo. When we arrived we found her staring blankly at the TV, as soon as she saw us she gave us a faint smile and she tried to hide her tears but they failed her. Witnessing her cry so much was painful, she was really pained.
“My baby is gone guys, I never even got a chance to spend time with him, the Doctors tried to save him but they failed. Maybe God is punishing me for fornicating” she said as soon as we sat down. We comforted her and told her that God doesn’t punish us no matter how badly we have behaved and that everything happens for a reason.

She cried more and said “What reason is there for me to lose my baby? Yes, I didn’t want this baby at first but now I was really looking forward to being a mom and I bonded so much with him. I loved him before I met him. All the dreams and hopes I had for my child are all gone now and I am left to pick up the pieces alone. Life is really unfair.”

“Nana you aren’t alone, we are here for you. We don’t know how you feel but we will be here whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, you will never be alone. We love you and we are our own little family, so you will never be alone” Sihle told her as she tried to comfort her. We stayed there with her for a while until her crazy mom arrived and chased us out.

We went back home to eat and prepare supper for later because we were planning to see Tsiamo again a bit later and we wanted her to have a good meal. Later we then went back and spent the entire afternoon with her and she showed us an sms from Thando, it said ,

“Hey Tsia, I heard about your baby and I’m really sorry. Words cannot begin to describe how I feel right now. I do, however, believe that you were supposed to tell us that you were pregnant with Mlu’s baby, we were going to find a way to make things work. It wouldn’t be fair for your child to be raised as if he doesn’t have a father. I will try to calm Mlu down, so that he doesn’t come there to upset you. I hope you will find the healing you need. You will be in my prayers.

Wow that was very mature of Thando, everything she said was true and I believed that it came from a sincere heart. We left the hospital when the nurses told us that the visiting hours were over so we had to leave because Tsiamo needed to rest.

When we arrived at home, I received a sms from my other man Apostle Thulani: “Hlengy baby please send me a photo of your body, something enticing and for my eyes only. Please send it now my baby.”

I have never sent a man my nudes, Philani has never asked me before so it took a lot of courage for me to do it. I took off my clothes and sent him 2 pictures captioned “Is this what you had in mind?” After about 10 minutes he sent me another message saying “I have been waiting for a while manje why aren’t you going to send the pictures.” Before I responded I checked what was delaying the pictures from being sent, and only then did I realise that I actually sent the pictures to the wrong person. I was shocked to see who I sent the pictures to.

After that the person I sent the pictures to sent a message saying “What are you trying to achieve? You want my woman to see these pictures and leave me? If you don’t know what to do with my number just delete it.”
I was so embarrassed, how will I ever look at him in the eye again?

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