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Growing Up – Chapter 32

We live in a very dangerous country, anything can happen to you anywhere and anytime. No matter how much you try to protect yourself, you will probably never be entirely safe. It’s not about being in the wrong place or walking around late or living in an unsafe neighbourhood because you can get mugged walking in a safe environment during the day. I never in my life imagined that anyone would ever break into my house or that a shooting would occur outside my yard and I think I will be traumatised for a very long time. When I saw the person who broke into my house, I was shocked and really pissed and I didn’t understand what he was trying to achieve.

“Shit man! What the hell are you doing here? Do you want to kill me? How the hell did you get in and why isn’t your car outside?”
“Hlengiwe please calm down, what’s wrong with you? I wanted to see you and I was brought by a cab because my cars went for service. When I arrived I found the house wide open, so I waited for you because I was worried. Thank God you are fine, it’s just me so please calm down baby” he responded in a desperate attempt to calm me down.

“Hai Thulani please don’t ever do that to me again or else I will kill you.”
He just laughed when I said that, this man was really sick ey. Who walks into people’s houses and waits for them in the dark in an attempt to surprise them? Okay yeah a lot of people do that when they throw surprise parties for their loved ones, but this was really freaky. He saw that I was beyond pissed, he tried to hug me and I pushed him away. He also became irritated, and shouted “What’s wrong with you Hlengy, Did you expect to find Father Christmas packing gifts for you? You must be glad that you found me here because I safeguarded your house. Don’t treat me like a common criminal, you’re so irritating yez.”

“Please don’t shout at me Thulani, I almost got shot today and my two friends are in hospital and my boyfriend wasn’t there for me, so excuse me for not being very nice right now.”

After I said that he apologised for shouting at me and asked what happened. I told him the whole story, with some sobs in between telling my story and some uhhhh’s and ahhhh’s from him. When I was done telling my events of the story, he took me in his arms and comforted me. This was exactly what I needed, being in the arms of a strong man. When I was done crying, which was a long time, his shirt and vest were drenched in my tears and he took them off. I studied his upper body, his abs, chest and broad shoulders were so perfect. I always knew that he is super hot, but now that I actually studied his body with no sex involved, I was totally overwhelmed. He was a work of art, everything was perfectly placed.

I came back to my senses when he said “Please prepare me something to eat, I’m very hungry.”
“Last time I made food for you, you didn’t eat it. So why should I make food for you now?”. I asked this because he rejected my food last time, because it was not the way he liked his breakfast.

“You are my woman now, so I will eat whatever you have cooked.” He just called me his woman, I love belonging to a man, but in my case I belonged to two men and honestly it felt great. If Philani doesn’t do something right, I can always run to Thulani and vice versa. I don’t know how long this was going to last, but right now it’s working so well out for me.
Luckily I cooked earlier and my food was almost done, so I finished up cooking and dished up for both of us. When we were done eating, he complimented my food and that honestly made me blush because I was worried that he wouldn’t like my food.
I went to wash the dishes and I sang, I can sing guys I’m really gifted. When I was done, he made me sit on top of him “Come sit here and sing for me, I want to hear that beautiful sweet voice.” I refused because I became shy, so we just sat and had a long chat.

During our conversation, he asked me a very important question, “What would you do if I said I want to marry you?”

“I’d probably say yes.”

He asked why I would say yes and I said “Well because I love you, you are hot and you make me happy. I know if I’m with you, I won’t have to deal with the kind of drama I deal with when I’m with Philani. Why would you want to marry me?”
“Because you are beautiful, sexy, intelligent, loving, sweet and you are so damn great in bed. What I love is that you are a woman of God, so making you my wife and First Lady of the church would be a great move. You would be an awesome addition to my life and I love you more every time I spend time with you, so imagine how much more my love for you would grow if we spent our entire lives together.” His response really made my heart melt, this pastor man was very good with words.
I have been with Philani for 3 years but till this day he doesn’t want to marry me. He only wants us to move in together and be “life partners” without any paper binding us, so that it can be easy for anyone between the two of us to walk away if things don’t work out for us. Then here was Apostle Thulani, who has known me for less than a year, but is already discussing the possibility of marriage. I want to belong to someone and I want someone to belong to me, I don’t want to be a single parent, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone and I want someone to share life with, so basically what I mean is I want to get married. I think when the time comes for me to choose, I will choose Mr Apostle. .

All the times that Apostle and I had sexual interactions, it never felt like we were making love but this time it was different. We connected on a whole new level and in a different way. I gave all that was within me away to him, and I believe he did the same. Being with him like this reminded me so much of Philani, I felt like I was with Philani, with a sexier version of him. We made love and cuddled, yes we cuddled. FINALLY! It felt so damn good to be in his arms, he was doing everything the way that I wanted.

In the morning I was woken up with breakfast in bed, better known as morning glory. When we were done, we went to have proper breakfast and took a bath together….uhhh guys I was really falling in love with this man. When we were done, I heard someone knock at the door. I peeped outside the window to see who it was, and I saw Philani’s car. Dammit what was I going to do now?
I told Apostle to hide because I didn’t want Philani to see him, I saw his face turn red because of anger “I will not hide, Hlengiwe are you mine or not? I need you to know who you want to be with and make your decision right now.”
After much begging, he finally agreed and so he stayed behind in the room. I went to open the door for Philani, we greeted and I moved away when he tried to hug me.

“What’s wrong baby? Don’t tell me you are angry about last night, I was busy Hlengiwe but I’m here now to check on you. So forgive me for yesterday Angel” He spoke so casually, as if he didn’t do anything or say anything wrong.
I just looked at him and I told him what happened yesterday, finding out that both my friends were in hospital, he went on to interrogate me “You say both your friends are in hospital, but you have 2 dirty plates and cups in the sink, who were you having breakfast with Hlengiwe?” Yoh I didn’t think he would notice the plates, I had to come up with something to say before he gets suspicious.

“Uhm baby ey it’s a funny story yez. I’m so used to making food for me and the girls, so I only realised when I was done with making the food that I’m actually alone.” I had to go from angry to a good girlfriend telling her boyfriend a funny story. He seemed like he believed my story so he let it go. He went to the next room and switched on the TV.
Isn’t he supposed to be rushing to work or at least rushing to work, he can’t stay here so I had to make him leave “Philani aren’t you supposed to be going to work?”
“No, I took the day off because I want to spend some time with you. I have a great day planned for us, I’m going to spoil you today” he said this while making himself comfortable, then he told me to go and get ready so that we can leave. I was really nervous now, I didn’t know what to do.

I went to my room, locked the door because Philani liked to walk into my room unannounced and I told Apostle Thulani that Philani wants to leave with me, so I was going to use Tsiamo’s key, then he can use my key to lock.
In a very harsh manner he said “Who do you love Hlengiwe? I’m not going to sneak around like a teenage boy. You must choose right now, if you want him then I will respect you and hide but if you want me, we will walk out of this room together.”
I became dizzy and my palms became wet because I was nervous. When I was still trying to decide, I heard Philani try to open my door luckily it was locked. I opened the door and walked out quickly before he could see what was going on.
“Hlengi love I must go, they called me at work. There is an emergency meeting for the management and I have to leave. I’m really sorry baby, I will make it up to you tomorrow.”

I tried so hard to put on the disappointed girlfriend look on my face, but my heart was jumping up and down. I was extremely excited! So after he left, I apologised to Thulani but when he left he was still angry.
After he left Sihle called and asked me to bring her some clothes because they discharged her. I packed some clothes for her and made my way to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital, I went to check on Sihle. I gave her the clothes I brought, when she was done getting dressed we went to the cafe in the hospital because we were waiting for Tshepo to come and fetch us. We ordered food and she told me everything that happened to her the previous night. She says the car followed her for a while, and she was about to open the gate when they told her to get out of the car and when she did they beat her up. My friend was really traumatised shame, and I didn’t know how I was going to be helpful.

As we were eating, we heard a woman’s voice say “Here they are, arrest both these murderers before they kill more people.”
We looked to where the voice was coming from and we saw 3 police men walking towards us and they said their magic words
Hlengiwe Zulu and Sihle Ntombela you are both under arrest for the Murder of Lefa Mohapi. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law……What who the hell is Lefa?
I’m going to jail for a crime I didn’t commit! Hello Orange overalls.

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  1. Tjooo uJezebel mpela we Thenji usufuna nalobaba nextdoor usile!!!!!!! True that an apple doesent fall far from the tree.Thanks Khanyi

  2. It would be in your best interest to choose Thulani at this point, Philani is such a jerk honestly. He is inconsideration, insensitive, selfish, manipulative, vulgar and doesnt give a damn about you.

  3. aI, but in all fairness sometimes these stories seem too far from reality…. I try to be optimistic, but these past two chapters, hai no sham. Cant deal.

  4. Khanyi your plot is engaging but your pace nah!A week before you post is too much,please work on your speed.>>>>>>>neh?

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