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Growing Up – Chapter 31

Back when I was still a child, if I fell I would sob silently but if I fell and saw blood oozing out of my wound, I would cry hysterically. I would cry hysterically, not because it was extremely painful but because I saw blood and I associated blood with pain, aclot of pain. To this day, I still see small children having exaggerated cries because they see blood, whether they are in pain or not. When I heard the gunshot and saw a lot of blood, I was immediately traumatised. You guys must remember that the first gunshot I heard in my life was when my mom was gunned down by her scorned lover. From that day on I have associated any sound that sounds like a gunshot with death. After the gunshots, I stopped running after the car. I thought they’d shot me, but they hadn’t. So I looked around to see who was shot and I saw a dog lying next to me, fighting for it’s life. Then I heard Sihle telling me to call the Ambulance, I looked to her direction and I saw Tsiamo lying on the ground. Those bloody bastards!

Firstly they hijacked Sihle, and assaulted her. She was the one who was screaming earlier and we went outside to rescue. They took her car and everything that was in the car, luckily that day she didn’t have her handbag with her, she forgot it in the morning. So her ID, bank cards and licence were safe. They only managed to take her laptop and tablet, what I didn’t understand is why they had to beat her up so badly. She says she didn’t even fight with them, when they told her to step out of the car, she was first confused but when she realised that they wanted to take her car, she just stepped out and didn’t try to fight. But two of the guys beat her up. Just imagine 4 guys hijacking a helpless woman, and then two of them decide that they haven’t done enough damage, they need to beat her up. The world we live in though.

Secondly they shot Tsiamo, our pregnant Tsiamo and they managed to shoot her belly. This was going to endanger her and her baby, I just wondered if the baby was going to survive. Thirdly they shot my neighbour’s dog. When a dog see’s you running, it is most likely to run after you, maybe something about running excites dogs. So when this dog saw me run, it came running next to me. When they wanted to shoot me, they missed me and hit the dog. This dog saved my life and I will forever be grateful to the dog. May the dog’s soul Rest in eternal peace wherever it is. Come to think of it, where do animal souls/spirits go after death? Maybe evil dogs’ go to hell and the good dogs’ go to heaven.

I was so pissed that all these things happened at my place, and with everything that happened I got away unharmed. What if the girls resent me for their misfortune? People are often blamed for things they had no control over. If it happens that you are involved in a car accident and you were driving, if the passengers all die and you get away with a few scratches, people will forever blame you for the death of the people you were with. No matter how little power you had to prevent the accident, you will be blamed for the rest of your life, especially by the families of the deceased. I’m not talking about drunk-driving accidents, I’m talking about real accidents, which were real misfortunes. I called an ambulance for Tsiamo or Sihle, and the SPCA for dog. We live in a very quiet neighbourhood, it’s a sub-suburb and people hardly ever go out to help other people. So there were very few people who came out of their houses to see what was happening outside, I didn’t blame people for not coming out though because they had to protect their lives. My neighbour, Mr Nhlapo, came to ask me what happened as soon as he arrived, I told him everything. I was crying as I told him the story, he hugged me and damn he smelt so good, whatever cologne he was using was good for him. Mr. Nhlapo is one of those hot grown men, he is in his early 40’s and if I was into sugar daddies he would be the best choice for me. He is good looking, tall and works out and he doesn’t look his age. His wife is also very beautiful, they have 2 children. They are what I consider to be a perfect family.

“My wife and I will take you to the hospital, let me go and fetch her in the house. I will be right back”, Mr Nhlapo said as soon as the Ambulance arrived. The ambulance arrived really quickly. The Nhlapo couple and I drove behind the ambulance, I was really scared especially for Tsiamo and her baby. I didn’t have Tshepo’s number, luckily I had him on facebook so I inboxed him and asked him to meet me at the hospital. I wanted to call Philani but I didn’t have airtime so I asked Mrs Nhlapo to lend me her phone.

“Hey baby, Sihle and Tsiamo were harmed so we are going to the hospital now. Could you please come if you can?”
“When did that happen? Are you fine?” he asked as soon as he got a chance to speak.
I told him that I will explain everything when he arrives because I’m not using my phone and his response shocked me.
“Hlengiwe I’m sorry that your friends are hurt, but they are just that Angel – your friends, not mine. If you were the one in danger I would be there now but I can’t drop everything I’m doing because your friends were harmed. You can’t expect me to care for your friends, they mean very little to me. Anyway who is taking you to hospital and whose phone are you using?”
I was beyond shocked and I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t want to fight with him using another person’s phone, so I just hung up. Philani was really stupid, how could he say the things he’d just said? I didn’t want him to be there for my friends, I needed him there for me as his girlfriend. I was traumatised and I needed him as my man to be there for me.

Mr. and Mrs. Nhlapo were having a beautiful conversation about random things and the love between them was evident. The way they looked at each other and the way they addressed each other was so beautiful, I really envied them and their love for each other.
We drove, and they were wheeled in. I called Tsiamo’s mom and told her what happened. A while after we had arrived, Tshepo arrived followed by Tsiamo’s mom. I tried to explain what happened but I couldn’t because I kept on crying, so Mr. Nhlapo told them.
Tsiamo’s mom was very upset and she said “I was stupid to let her go while she’s pregnant. I should’ve let her stay with me, now she might lose my grandchild.”

“It’s not your fault, don’t blame yourself please” Mrs Nhlapo said, trying to comfort Tsiamo’s mom.
Tsiamo’s mom responded very quickly “It’s my fault from not protecting her from bad friends. They first managed to make her fall pregnant, now she might lose the child because of those same friends.”

I was confused about which friends was she referring to, because Tsiamo only had Sihle and I as friends. She lost all her other friends because of her judgemental character, they just couldn’t tolerate her. I saw her walking towards me with anger written all over her face.

“Hlengiwe this is your fault, you and that slut Sihle who is dating a sinner. This is both your fault, I won’t be surprised if you orchestrated this because you saw the greatness that God placed in my daughter, now you want to destroy it. I trusted you and you do this to me daughter. I don’t know what I expected from a parent-less child, your mother wasn’t even a good example to you while she was alive, and she was busy with other people’s men instead of raising you and your sister. Your life is messed up, now you want to mess it up for my daughter. If anything happens to my child or grandchild, I will never forgive you and I will make sure you pay for this”. She completed her rant by giving me a very hard clap, which left my head spinning for a few minutes. I heard Mrs. Nhlapo begging her to stop, when I finally came back to my senses I saw Tsiamo’s mom sitting with Mrs. Nhlapo very far from me. I found myself crying because of the things she said. Very few people know about my mom and her life and I expected them to keep those things private. I told Tsiamo about my childhood because I trusted her and I didn’t think she was going to tell her mom. That is a violation in friendships, you as my friend don’t have the right to tell your family, friends or boyfriend the things I tell you in complete confidence. I was really disappointed in Tsiamo. I didn’t care about the other things she said because she was more paranoid than I could ever imagine, although I couldn’t help but feel guilty about everything that happened.

We waited for a while and finally we were told that Sihle will be discharged tomorrow because the physical damage to her was minimal, they just wanted to make sure that she is fine. Tsiamo’s doctors were still working on her. It was getting really late, so I had to leave because the Nhlapo’s left their kids alone at home. We left Tshepo and Tsiamo’s mom in the hospital.
When we arrived Mrs. Nhlapo went inside the house and she told me to call her whenever I need anything and she asked her husband to walk me to my house and make sure I’m safe. He walked me to my door, hugged me and said “You must call us if you need anyone to talk to or when you feel unsafe.” I watched him walk away, yoh this man was really handsome, too handsome for his age and he smelt so gooood. The light switch in my room is next to my bed, I know my way around my room so I navigated in darkness, before I could switch on the light……someone said,

“I’ve been waiting for you, where the hell have you been? And who is the man you were talking to?”

I screamed so loud and ran out of my room, I took a knife from the kitchen, I was not about to get raped or killed by some foolish man. I was ready to kill whoever it was, I was going to deal with the consequences when I’m done and I waited for him in the kitchen. When he came towards me, without looking at him I took a vase and threw it at him….he ducked and walked to me.
I tried to take my phone to call my neighbours.

“Stop acting like you don’t want me Hlengiwe” This person even knows my name.
This man was probably part of the gang that hijacked Sihle and shot Tsiamo, these bastards have probably been planning this for a while now! I turned around to look at him and I couldn’t believe my eyes….

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  1. Oh no! Khanyi I couldn’t even finish reading the chapter. You blabber too much on unimportant issues. There is no urgency of the situation at hand. You loosing the plot. I must say I was enjoying the previous chapters but in the past few week your writing style just went from good to worse. Yoh! No!

  2. This chapter was so………….childish (couldn’t think of any other word) where do dogs go when they die…….really!!!!!!!

  3. I smell a rat here,this mysterious Lefa could have been murdered by the Apostle thats why he took a cab to Hlengiwe’s house and stayed in the dark…………This dodgy pastor!! khanyi may you post at least a few more chapters when you do ngoba 2 chapters isonto lonke cha cc angeke

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