Missteps of a Young Wife

Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 234

Out of nowhere I started sweating, why couldn’t my life be just simple for once with no complications, I had no way out of this one, he paramedic was going to expose me and knowing the police I was probably going to be sent to jail. Just then my mom and Priscilla entered and asked what was going on the short police asked “who are you asking the people of the law what is going on?” Do you see what I mean about short men, why get defensive and rude instead of answering a simple question. I told my mom we needed to go wait outside as Mthobisi was being interview by the police on what had happened to him, Mthobisi said we didn’t have to go, I gave him the look that said we are going and he changed his mind and said we could go, my mom left his clothes on his bed and pushed me outside the ward, I first popped my head out to sit where the paramedic was, he was sitting on the chair I guess waiting to be called in, I told my mom to push me the opposite direction and she asked why I told her I wanted to go to the bathroom, my mom being my mom said there were other bathroom on the other side of the hospital and we should go use those, no we were arguing about the toilets. Eventually I had to whisper to her and told her I didn’t want to pass the paramedic because he was going to recognize me, my mom said a big “ohhhhhhhhh okay” that everyone turned to look at us including the paramedics, eish mara old people can be problematic, why did she have to be that loud? I quickly looked away before he could recognize my face and my mom also started pushing me the opposite direction of where the paramedic guy was sitting, we found ourselves outside the hospital, I told my mom I would wait in the car while she and Priscilla go back to wait for Mthobisi inside to finish with the police I didn’t want any mistakes so I was not going to go anywhere near the police.
After an hour and a couple of minutes they were back the son had burnt me nice and proper while sitting in the car, they were so happy and chirpy, I was tired and bored, I wanted to leave the place immediately. I asked Mthobisi how it went and he said it went well and that he had even reported his car missing, I told him St’vovo had it, he said it didn’t matter where it was the Police were never going to find it, I didn’t question this I just kept my mouth shut. My mom had bought him a tracksuit, he looked like he was about to go for a run, I kept teasing him about that. We eventually got home and by the time we did it was already getting late the sun was going down. We walked in and the second we got inside the house, Mthobisi went for the whisky and Priscilla put her foot down and said the medication he was given is not to be taken with alcohol, my husband was not too happy about that, but he obeyed and said he wanted to rest, I was also tired I told him I would join him, we went to the guest bedroom downstairs and took a nap for an hour after an hour Priscilla came and woke us up and told us diner was ready. We went to the dinning room and the woman had cooked up a storm I wondered why she was not fat if she ate and cooked so much food everyday, I thanked her and my husband and I started digging in we were starving. After dinner we were so full we couldn’t even walk, well for me that’s an everyday thing but for Mthobisi, my mom and Priscilla it was so funny to watch we all from from the dinner table to the couch and all just laid there like we our stomach’s were about to burst. Priscilla stood up and asked who was ready for desert was this woman trying to kill us with food, my mom told her to sit down no one was going to eat dessert. We sat in the couch chatting about this and that and my phone rang, it was She Rocks, I had completely forgotten to call her back, she had played a big role in saving Mthobisi’s life she said she was in our hood I told her to come over. As soon as she arrived Priscila gave her food, She Rocks loved it and afterwards everyone went to sleep including Mthobisi who said the medication was making him weak and tired, he went to bed while I stayed with She Rocks catching up, she wanted to know what the drama was all about the previous day when I had told her to call the ambulance I thanked her for the ambualne and I told her that she save Mthobisi’s life if it weren’t for her he woulnd’t have made it to the hospital on time and he could have died, she smiled and said that’s what friends are there for, to support each other and help each other in time of need and then said “speaking of helping each other in time of need how far are you with my gun” shoooo the way she was talking you would think she was just talking about buying an ice-cream. “Rock Star, I told you those things are dangerous, I’ve got a pepper spray and a tasser I can give you to use as protection” she laughed and said “Lesedi, I am a nervous wreck I have not slept since the day we got back from Mozambique, I keep hearing movement in my house at night, I am paranoid when I’m on the road I feel like I’m being watched and I’m being followed. What’s a pepper spray going to do to a person with a gun?” she was right that spray was nothing against the gun. I lied and told her I was working on getting it and I should have it soon. “Please Lesedi, you are my only hope.” She sounded really desperate, we chatted about work and how things have been at work she said all was well at work except for the new CEO the old one who liked and this new one was cutting down things and people, he was even cutting down jobs, she was worried she could be next to get retrenched as they put it, that was one thing I didn’t like the constant worry of being fired for making small mistakes, it sucks working for someone else, you make them richer while you making peanuts. I told She Rocks to sleep over since it wa too late to drive especially since she had the fears of being followed, she slept upstairs with my mom while I went to go and join my husband who was passed out.
The following morning we were woken up at seven o’clock by Priscilla she said breakfast was ready, this woman it seemed like all she did was cook, she was going to make me fat, she had the whole English breakfast made, She Rocks and Mthobisi were happy to feast once again, I don’t know how I felt, after breakfast she took me for a bath and my mom and She Rocks left for work. After I was done with the bath Esther was already there ready to start another physio session, we went at it for three hours she left I took another bath and sat with Mthobisi outside the pool area, the bullet had hit him in the chest so he’s chest was bandaged and was constantly shirtless, I teased him and told him to stop walking around the house half-naked she was going to scare Nurse Priscilla to which he would laugh. A few hours later Priscilla made us lunch which as not as big as breakfast then later diner, for a week we did the same thing my mom and Victor would once in a while pop in to check on us and Victor and Mthobisi would have intense conversations on those days but I never asked what they were about I was just happy that we had a stable life, even though it felt like a routine I didn’t care it was still drama-free. After a week I was ready to get off the wheel-chair and I was on crutches, Esther was pushing me really hard she was not there to play. I could move around the house in crutches even though I got tired quickly but it was great progress the following week Esther made me walk around the complex with my crutches and after that it was easier to do anywhere.
On the second week Mthobisi said he needed to go run some errands, he was now getting better, I had once again reminded him of getting She Rocks a gun but he had flat out refused and said we should go for shooting lessons first, I was not ready to shot and things that were standing still, not that I was ready to shoot at moving things either but I was just not interested in going to a shooting range, but when I told She Rocks about it she was very interested and so was Cleo so I had no choice but to go with them. We decided that we would go when I could stand on my own as it was not going to be comfortable with me in crutches. The second week when after my husband had come back from the hospital his mom showed up out of nowhere, she had not called once ever since the whole thing and now suddenly she was popping up unannounced Mthobisi had gone out to run errands so it was just me and Priscilla in the house and I had just finished doing physio and was dead tired. She came in and looked at me from top to bottom and then asked where her son was I said he was out. “You look terrible” she said staring at my crutches and asked if they were mine I simply nodded, she nodded at say “so you no longer a cripple, I thought you were never gonna walk again” she said it sounding like she was disappointed that I was making progress. Priscilla came in and they gave each other looks like they knew each other. “Priscilla this is my mother in law Florence, Ma this is Priscilla my nurse.” Priscilla extended her hand to Florence while my mother in law just gave her dirty looks then said “mxim” I swear my mother in law is a physcopath, how do you become so rude to someone you’ve just meet. Priscilla left and went upstairs to clean while I sat with Florence downstairs not knowing what to say. “So how come you never came to see us all this time?” She looked at me and asked how come we never visited her and we always expect her to visit us, this woman was unbelievable. I decided to just shut my mouth because this was a waste of time. So we sat in silence for about twenty minutes until Mthobisi arrived when he arrived I was so relived at least I didn’t have to sit with his mom. “Honey I’m home” he shouted from the door, he knew how much that irritated me because I knew he was home so I felt there was no need to announce it but he would always say when they do it in movies it sounds romantic so he also wanted to be romantic. As soon as he came to the sitting room and saw his mom in the couch his face changed. “What the fuck are you doing here?” I had never heard him speak to his mom like that. I wanted to ask him what had gotten into him speaking to his mother like that but before I could say anything he grabbed her and she shouted “what are you doing?” he didn’t even give her a chance he grabbed her and pushed her to the door, that was really unnecessary I didn’t like Florence but she didn’t deserve to be treated to be like that. I grabbed my crutches and I followed them to the door “Mthobisi what the hell has gotten into you?” I asked him right behind them “This thing that calls herself my mother tried to get me killed. From this moment on I have no mother, stay away from me Florence or I swear I will make your life a living hell. I never want to see you ever again.” He said shutting the door behind her. She screamed from behind the door “You are going to regret this Mthobisi, you think you can treat me like garbage and get away with you. Wait and see, you are going to pay for this.”
I didn’t if I should be happy or sad, happy that my husband had finally gotten rid of his witch mom or sad that she had threaten us…

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