Missteps of a Young Wife

Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 227

Okay I know I was being dramatic but I have learnt the power of prayer in all the craziness that I had been through and I am proud to say God came through for me big time, I think if it wasn’t for my here and there small prayers I would be dead by now. “Let’s not worry about getting pregnant now Honey, we first have to make sure you get the best medical care, speaking of which I found you a home nurse, it’s an old lady she will also help with the house chores. Old lady sounded good to me the last thing I wanted was a young nurse bending over every chance she got in front of my husband,

I don’t trust young help, it’s dangerous I’ve heard to many heart-breaking stories to even play with the idea in my mind and judging by my husband’s choice of nurse I must have said it to him way too many times that it finally got through his head. After lunch I took my medication which made me drowsy so I told him I wanted to nap, he again carried me to the guest bedroom so I could sleep, I told him he could just wheel me in the chair there was really no need for him to keep on carrying me back and forth he told me he didn’t mind. I slept like a baby I felt so peaceful and I dreamnt beautiful dreams where I was running in a beautiful garden with lots of pretty flowers I was laughing and smelling all the flowers around me, I only dream such dreams when I am at peace, Neo was in the dream and I was chasing him around, we were both happy and he told me that he loved me and as I was about to tell him that I love him too I was woken up by a noise in the house, there was voices coming from somewhere in the house I couldn’t exactly pin-point where and with my current leg situation I could not get up to go and investigate so I laid there trying to make out what they were saying. When I eventually realized I was not able to hear anything just muffled sound I called out to Mthobisi a few times before I got a response, he came rushing and asked if I was okay, I asked him who he was talking to and I didn’t have to wait for long to get the answer his mom was right behind him and so was his brother Thabang and his wife Koketso. They all just stood there and stared at me and Koketso asked “Can she speak?” what a stupid question I decided to let her think that I could not speak and started making weird noises “is she dying?” Koketso asked, I wanted to laugh but this was too good an opportunity to pass so I started rolling my eyes and shaking a bit to make it seem like I was having a stroke, “Call an ambulance she’s going to die.” Both Mthobisi and I burst out laughing, we laughed so hard we couldn’t stop, Mthobisi’s mom got annoyed and left the room. Koketso was standing there all upset “the two of you are very cruel even in difficult times you make stupid jokes, I was seriously worried about you Lesedi but I take my worry back, you don’t deserve it.” She was upset and I just couldn’t stop laughing I wanted to apologize but I was laughing so hard words wouldn’t come out. “Tshepang let’s leave these fools” she said grabbing Tshepang by his arm. Mthobisi and I were still laughing “you are such a clown” he said when we managed to calm ourselves. I laughed and told him he also just stood there and didn’t say anything. I decided I was not going to be rude, I asked Mthobisi to take me to the sitting room so I could apologize to Koketso, he wanted to carry me and I told him he can’t do that when we were amongst people so he put me on the wheel chair and drove me to the sitting room where they were drinking juice and had biscuits, damn my husband was organized where did those come from, I usually offer people water, juice for what? And buscuits? I never offer such luxuries especially to his mother.
“We came to check on how you were doing Lesedi my child, the last time we saw each other it was not under good circumstances but I want you to know that we have put all that behind us, I am back and so is your husband and all is well in the world again.” I guess she didn’t want to mention the fact that she got arrested in front of Koketso, since she was the idiot of the family. I smiled and said I was glad to see her alive and healthy, she frowned at the alive part and asked if I wanted to see her dead, that had come out wrong but knowing that witch she was not going to leave it “I meant it’s good to see you looking so well” I said with an irritated smile, they had hardly been there ten minutes and I already wanted them gone, how does a person manage to make you uncomfortable in your own house? Mthobisi’s mom was one of a kind. “Maybe this will stop you guys from being such outlaws” Koketso said looking at me and maybe this wheelchair down your throat will shut you up, I wanted to say but had to keep that thought and imagination to myself. “So how did your mom take it?” Tshepang asked “Not so well hey, she flipped” I said thinking back to how crazy my mom reacted to me being in a wheelchair. “So are there any chances of you ever walking again?” Mthobisi’s mother asked I shook my head and said I didn’t know. “We will do everything in our powers to make sure that you get the best doctors, we will even take you overseas if we have to.” Mthobisi mom was being awfully nice, I wondered why. “But you know people in wheelchairs get grant from the government so you might consider staying there for sometime.” Only my stupid sister in law could come up with that logic. “No thanks I will pass on the grant.” She shook her head and mumbled something about me thinking I was better even though I was in a wheelchair. I don’t get why people once you have so sort of sickness the first thing they suggest is you will get grant so you don’t have to worry about money as if money is going to give you your health back, how are you even going to enjoy that money when you are sick. I remember when we were in high school Emily was diagnosed with Juvenaile athristis and the doctors told her it attacks teenagers under the age of sixteen and one in a thousand people get it so she was the unlucky one, the kids in our school who would go visit her in hospital kept telling her how rich she was going to be because people with athristis get grant from the government that would just upset Emily even further because all she could think of was that she is not going to live to see her twenty-first birthday and no money in the world could buy her time. Luckily for her it turned out she was miss-diagnosed and she just had an infection that was attacking her limbs which doctors mistook for athristis this is one of the reasons why I do not always take an option of one doctor, I learnt from an early age that they are human too and make mistakes. Mthobisi’s family stayed till late, Koketso offered to cook supper since I couldn’t so I offered to sit with her in the kitchen “so how are you going to satisfy your husband?” she said looking at me with that look at you now look. I smiled and said “my hands and my mouth still work” she laughed and said I am disgusting, I apologized to her about the prank I had pulled on her, she said it was okay she knew how stupid Mthobisi and I can get and she at times wished Tshepang could loosen up but he was too uptight I looked at her and said she was speaking to the wrong person I was no expert in relationships. “So what happened to that guy you used to work with? The one who once came to your place at night when Mthobisi wasn’t there and said his wife was cheating on him. What was his name again? Errrr, Mfundo right?” of all the things she could have remembered she had to remember that particular fool, I shifted in my wheelchair uncomfortable trying to make sure no one else heard her. I whispered “He died” and I wanted it to end there but the stupid woman wouldn’t not stop asking questions “shame what happened? I bet it was that cheating wife of his she probably poisoned him?” I swear Mfundo was haunting me, why couldn’t I just get a break from hearing or being asked about him. “No car accident, horrible, horrible death. Are you still friends with that chick who does braids maybe she could come and do my hair, it’s a mess.” I said quickly trying to change the topic, she said the lady was bad news because she was using muthi she would come to people’s houses do your hair and put her muthi to make you fall asleep and while you were sleeping she would be busy seducing your husband. That was the most redundant thing I had ever heard, I told her that I will just make sure my husband is not home when she comes and she side-eyed me and said “that muthi calls your husband from wherever he is, he will come home running, now I have heard it all. Koketso knew how to bad mouth a person shame, she could have masters in it. “I know of someone else who is amazing but she is always fully booked it might take moths for you to get an appointment, she’s soo good her diary is filled till September.” So why in God’s name was she telling me about someone who was unavailable, this is why it was impossible to have a decent conversation with her, her mind was just full of dust, nothing she said made sense. Nonetheless she cooked a very good meal and we all had a pleasant time. Mthobisi and his mom went outside to go sit by the pool it was a bit too chilly so I choose to stay in the house with Koketso and Tshepang. Mthobisi’s phone rang and I answered it, it was some guy I told him to hold on while I wheeled myself towards the pool area, Koketso and Tshepang were having an argument about something stupid so I didn’t want to disturb them by asking one of them to take the phone to Mthobisi, so I pushed myself to the sliding door as I got there Mthobisi and his mom were in a deep conversation “Son, you have to do this, this is our last job then we can call it quits otherwise all of this, all of it would have been for nothing.” I heard Mthobisi’s mom say. “I can’t Ma, this will pull me right back in, I have already promised Lesedi all of this was behind us I can’t go behind her back and start another war.” Mthobisi said “Forget about that crippled wife of yours, this is business don’t mix it with emotions. You will do this or that cripple dies.”

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