Rumblings – Chapter 140

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At times you have so many problems you just want to laugh. It’s a reaction better than having no reaction at all I think. At this moment though I am not sure it would have been appropriate but I was dying to laugh. It’s not because I am a bad person at all, or that I did not appreciate the gravity of this moment. I did but what could I do? She had called me to tell me about something else with the intention of finding out about this. Maybe she must go to #askaman because that question was definitely not meant for me. We all have a liar within us but there are times that you are caught so offside, the lie does not come out. That was me. I wanted to shout out that she was crazy if she even thought that but that was not coming out. Not at this moment. See why I can never be a politician, I don’t know how to deny obvious truths. I would have paid back the money the moment they asked me shem! That’s just me. I am weak like that. Refiloe was deep I tell you. Okay firstly, how can a person be so calm when they ask you such a question? This was a woman who had just burnt another woman with water and now I was supposed to rat out my best friend? Nah fam it does not work like that.

“What about Aurelia and your husband?” I asked her also very calmly. I was not about to panic and spill the beans even though I knew she knew and I know she knew I knew. Okay that’s a bit of a mind twister but the facts still remain.

“Don’t play dumb with me Faith. That little bitch has been having an affair with my husband for a long time.” she said and again in a calm voice.

“What makes you think that?” I asked her.

“I have suspected for a long time. When she announced the engagement to my son, remember how he reacted. He was angry all the time. He even wanted a divorce etc… that’s how I knew! She does not look him in the eye when they talk and she never wants to be left alone with him. I am not dumb!” she continued. I remember. I was invited for dinner and they had fought. Her husband had behaved like a child which more than just gave it away. Lunga had said that the fighting was a common thing but now I was starting to feel like he had exaggerated to make it seem like it was much ado about nothing.

“I didn’t notice. I thought you guys were one of those fighting couples and frankly it was not of my business. I was a guest at your house and that’s all I know!” I explained to her. It’s true though, do you go to people’s houses and start fixing problems? That’s unheard of and could even get you beat up for meddling.

“Well just wanted you to know that I know. It goes way back even. When you got the job and just happened to be Aurelia’s friend. Come on now? Do you girls think you are that clever? No you are not. My husband does not just hire people and he had always said he wanted Lunga to take his own path. That day he hired you and Lunga. Lunga was meant to try and cover you up so that I did not ask why. Remember I even came to the office to see who you were and you were even invited to my house for dinner by Aurelia!”

Okay she was making sense. We had not covered any of our tracks well at all. In fact, we had given her everything on a sliver platter. If she had known for this long how could she have kept quiet.

“But your son?”

“What about my son? He knew too and like his father chose to sleep with her and have the nerve to want to marry her. In all this who is the stupid one? Me!” she continued. I could hear that now she was getting angry and I think she was crying. I did not blame her. This had to be the ultimate betrayal from both father and son. Her own son had done this to her. Maybe people don’t fully appreciate this but imagine your mother sleeping with your husband or boyfriend? I would die! I understood where she was coming from. Her temperature was clearly rising.

“Please don’t get me involved in this. I am an outsider and Aurelia and your son are my friends. You in a way have become my friend. Your husband gave me a job when no one else would. Betraying any one of you really would be the end of you!” I cried. I was right too, which side could I betray. I was not about to throw any of these people under the bus. Each one had to deal with their own part in their own way.

“Oh no, I am not going to mess with anyone. Things will fall in place on their own way. God always has a way of punishing people.” she said and she chuckled. What the fuck? What had this woman done? I tried to think it through but I could not place it.

“Are you going to confront them? Must I resign from my job?” I asked her. I was not sure whether to cover my ass or theirs. Eish, I was so deep in people shit now I had to live like this as well.

“No don’t resign. Like you said, you need the job and I know your problems are bigger than all these other selfish people. I just pray that you don’t end up on the bad side of this because there will be consequences and in fact, there have for a while!” she said. Again she was being cryptic. She really had done something but I was not sure now.

“Refiloe what have you done?” I asked her. I don’t think I had ever called her by name to her face, ever. I was not raised like that and in my work office there were no old people to debate on what to call.

“I have done nothing actually. I have just kept my mouth shut but things have been happening in the background. I am not even going to confront my husband or any of them. I am sure you will do that for me. People will come beg and grovel and apologize and yes I will act angry and crazy but what’s done is done. I can divorce all of them and marry a new man even but what happened to me will never change. I have my faults but I was a good wife!” she said. I felt like she was testifying to me. Was she about to commit suicide? Ok that’s extreme but at this moment she just sounded as though she had given up but very angry at the same time.

“Please don’t do anything to Aurelia. Please. She messed up and she knows she did. She has tried to break up with Lunga so many times but he will hear nothing of it!” I lied. I lied because she was my friend. I lied because I loved her inspite of how much I disapproved of what she had done. I will never condone it but if she could do that to Meladi, what would she do to Aurelia.

“Wait, how come you attacked Meladi and not Aurelia?” I asked her. Now that did not make sense. Aurelia was next to her but Meladi was not. She had actually sought her out. She had made me look for who was cheating with her husband when she already knew who it was.

“I have my reasons!” she said and she hung up the phone. That had been a bizzare phonecall but no time to think it through. I called Aurelia immediately.

“Refiloe knows everything about you and her husband!”

That was the first thing I said as soon as she picked up the phone.

“Yes she knows!”

Wait a minute, that was not Aurelia’s voice, that was… Refiloe! What was she doing with Aurelia’s phone. Before I could ask she hung up. What the hell was happening? If it was her plan to make me panic, it had worked. I did not know what to to think. I already knew that she was unhappy and she could take things to the extremes. Maybe I should call Lunga but what if she had that phone too. I did not want to take that chance. I had to look to my own problems at this moment though. So much was happening in my life and focusing on this would mean I paid less attention to what I needed to do. I put my phone down and tried to forget anout it but truth be told that was not working. Somehow I slept.

I had nightmares. I dreamt that Refiloe had killed Aurelia and kept on saying that it was my fault, I should have stopped her. When I woke up in the morning that dream would not just go away. I was not going to call again. This time I called Lunga, his phone was off. When my phone rang I was startled. It was Juju. I picked up immediately.

“We have a meeting with the social workers at 10.” he said. Some good news at last.

“Ok that’s fine. Where?” I asked him. He explained and I was good with that. It was not too far.

“I understand that the father of your child will be there too including his lawyers!” he explained. Really? Ag, that sucked as far as I was concerned. Wasn’t burning his car enough to keep him away though?

“It’s fine. I am not scared of him. I want my son, not him!” I told him. He laughed and said that’s what he was hoping for because he did not want me breaking down when I saw him. We agreed to meet there. I went and told my sister the developments and she obviously said she was going with me. She told me that she had told mom what had happened. I was not happy with that but she told me that this was bigger than us. She told me she was going to tell her about this meeting too. I could not protest because she was right in a way. Eish this thing of knowing that your mother wa jola though! Not really comfortable even if it’s my father she was doing it with.

When we arrived at their offices we found Julius standing at the door. Mara of all the names in the world his parents had chosen Julius! Some names make a hot person look ugly!

“I got here a bit early to check the coast and get a feel of the proceedings!” he said as he greeted us. Before I could answer I heard footsteps from behind me and I did not have a chance to turn as someone started throttling.

“You stupid bitch you burnt my car!” Mudenda screamed choking me from behind me before anyone could even react. By the time everyone jumped to pull him off me he had a very good grip and was not letting go. I could not breathe and I was actually fighting for my life. There was a lot of noise and commotion and eventually they got him off. My neck was bruised and sore.

“I will kill you!” he was screaming as they dragged him away!

“I will kill you!”

Part two of my plan had just worked out brilliantly!

I smiled.

****** The End******



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Good day fam

I’m a 21 year old female (turning 22 in Feb) dating a 31 year old foreign man. My parents are hostile about this guy especially my mother she doesn’t want him anywhere near her or her house (she has even said she hates him) and I’m still staying at home.  My problem with my guy is that I think he lacks ambition although he is a very humbled n caring guy. I’m still studying by the way n next year will be my final year in varsity. My guy is always saying that he wants to pay lobola for me as soon as I finish school. This guy is involved in not so legal activities (which aren’t harming to anyone) which I know about n he makes a decent living out of it. Although I know of his plans that he wants to pay lobola for me so that we can be officially together,  my mother doesn’t know about this because she wants nothing to do with him and my mom is forever talking bad about him saying he is good for nothing n saying he just wants to use me and will not amount to anything in this life. Now my problem lies in the fact that my guy isn’t doing anything to improve the type of life he is living, I tell him everything that my mother says about him n that we need to prove her wrong, him more importantly n that if he is serious about me he must also show with his actions.  My father is quite accepting of him. He acknowledges him as my bf but with the insults my mom is hurling about him makes it very hard for me, I’m scared that at some point I will have to choose between the two, my family or my guy.

Caught in the middle

15 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter 140

  1. Caught in the middle, sweetie, listen to your mother… She has your best interests at heart

    These foreign men, a whole lot of them do not have honest intentions (speaking from experience). There are good ones yes, but a few.

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    Middle centre, I think your struggle is very brave my dear, it takes a lot for a woman to stand up for her man to her family, especially her mother. With that said, you are 21, about to finish studying and yet with all your intellectual capability, you still see fit to justify your man’s illegal money making moves…..Hmmmm!!

    Simply put, crime does pay, that’s if you smart and you never get caught, chances of that though are slim to none. What’s going to happen when you are married with a few kids and he gets arrested… Visiting CMax, Sun city or even Polsmoor isn’t kids play nana, especially if you have kids. You need to consider your options here very carefully, i mean like really, there is over 20million males in South Africa, you seriously trying to tell us you couldn’t find one single, legit, non-gay, no violent, no cheat, successful, god fearing and humble mofo from the block or the burbs worth fighting for? You in the wrong struggle nana, ALUTA CONTINUA.


    1. “There are over 20million males in South Africa, you seriously trying to tell us you couldn’t find one single, legit, non-gay, no violent, no cheat, successful, god fearing and humble mofo from the block or the burbs worth fighting for?”

      Maybe you can suggest where to find him Jackzorro…

      I think young ‘middle-center’ here is in love. She is making a conscious decision to be with this man despite her mom’s efforts and horrible retorts about him to get her to stay away from him. Yes there are good foreign men in SA, mara statistically speaking, they form 3% of the total foreign population. In my mind Middle-center has to look around her and realise that her man, that is doing ‘not-so-legal’ things can throw her under the bus when he is forced to and wont even hesitate. Young Middle-center has to also know and appreciate that while she is old enough to vote, her 31 year old foreign man is far too old for her and that can in the long run prove to be trouble. She should aslo be reminded that there are lot of young women are sitting in foreign jails because they were in the same predicament as Middle-center, they ended up having to prove their love to their men by muling drugs and prostituting themselves.

      My advice to Middle-Center is the same as yours Jackzorro, this young lady must find a nice young man, grow with that man and realise her dreams because unambitious older foreign man, in my mind uzobambezela uMiddle-center or amufake enkingeni.

  3. Caught in the Middle sis, you are too young for this kind of struggle. At this age you are supposed to be worried about your future and having the time of your life (even if its with a guy) but not having such problems.

    I am yet to hear a good story about foreigners (I know they are there) but it’s one in a 100. I have had friends and relatives go through hell and back because of foreigners. I have a friend who’s sister got married to a foreigner they were married and had 3 kids. She woke up one day and he was gone left with millions of debt and 3 kids. This is just one of many stories.

    It doesn’t look like this guy is willing to prove himself anyway you are in this war alone so what are you really fighting for? Cabanga kahle girl

  4. Ayi gal i have nothing against foreign guys but you are too young to be thinking of marriage your mum is not wrong listen to her, she knows whats best for you. As is I’m fighting with my sister she is pregnant from a Congolese guy everuything was going well all of a sudden things turned South, Now she is with Nigerian guy very sweet understanding, God fearing man, but guess what when i heard him con pple of their hard earned money to certify his cost of leaving i got sick to my stomoch. Worse is arrogant about it, his an illegal immigrant he doesnt love my sister he wants papers thats all he wants, the is real out here my dear. Catch a wake up. This guy doesnt love you he wants SA citizen ship. Ask him what permit his on, i bet you he has an Assylum.

  5. Oh my God. . This letter speaks to my soul. I’m also a 21 year old young lady,still studying,dating a 31 year old foreign guy.

    The struggle is real,i’m so glad i’m not alone. I’m also conflicted on what to do but I think everyone’s advice has put things in perspective for me.

  6. Faith always raising the bar or surprise nne Thanks team.
    Middle center babygirl you at the peek of your youth enjoy life nd leave this worrying about boyfriends illegal business to desperate older woman 😉 do you really want to start your marriage life like this you already know you won’t have a happy ever after with such a person.

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