Rumblings – Chapter 139

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I know some will think I went over the top but let me ask you this, when will we wake up and say a man went over the top? Is this after he has seduced you? No? Is this after he has seduced and made you pregnant? No? Is this after he has seduced you, made you pregnant then left you all alone at the hospital with the baby that he denies to be his? No? That’s not enough is it? Is it after he has done all this, then you raise the child by yourself then out of the blue he gets strangers to come rip that child off your hands and say that child is not yours? Is that when a man has gone over the top for you? No! Clearly not! Why must they always win? I have no regrets doing what I did to a material thing because he had done way worse! He was messing with my life and my child’s life and I swear by I have that if anything happens to Amo, I was going to gut him! Is that over the top enough for you now! I loved my child and just because he loved money more does not mean I was him.

My sister was not driving erratically. In fact with all that had happened she was pretty calm. I don’t think she ever imagined that I could have that in me. I was always the passive one that let people walk all over me!

“Don’t you think that was a bit overboard?” my sister asked me after we had both caught our breath or rather after I had caught my breathm

“What do you mean?” I asked her. I don’t know what she was talking about. Men think we are weak because we are not willing to go the extra mile. Mudenda had been asking for it for a long time. Having my son taken away from me when he had never done a thing to lift a finger to help me and Amo was the last straw. I might not have poured boiling water on him like I should have but this time I had hit home. Again fortune was on our side via this back route and in thirty minutes we were home. My sister put the number plates back on and I called Thulare.

“Where are you? I have been waiting for you? It’s 30 minutes now since you said you will be here!” I shouted at him.

“I thought you said you will be here by five?” he protested.

“I said five I will be home. You should have been here already. You really are skating on thin ice. I don’t have to wait for you on top of all this!” I told him. He was confused by it all but I knew what I was doing.

“Okay I am on my way to you!” he said. I swear ten minutes later he was outside my house. It was like he was parked somewhere waiting for me.

“How did you get here so fast?” I asked him.

“I drove fast!” was his response but he had that guilty smile on his face. Shit, had he seen me enter!

“Tell the truth Thulare!” I asked him.

“Okay fine, I wanted to avoid traffic so I was parked at the shops.”

We had two sets of shops and if he had not seen me come in it means he was at the ones obscured from my house. That was important in my plan. As soon as he walked into my house Mudenda called. I knew that was coming but I was prepared.

“What do you want?” I asked him as soon as I picked up.

“Where are you?” he asked me.

“Where am I? What does that matter to you? Do I ask you where you are?”

I responded very rudely.

“Faith, I am not fucking around. I am with the …”

I hung up the phone. I told you he is predictable and true to form he called back,

“I told you I am not a child and you are not an American so you do not swear when you talk to me on the phone!” I said very calmly. I am sure if he was light skinned he would have turned red at that moment with frustration.

“What do you want?” I asked him with such coldness I swear he felt it.

“I said where are you?” he asked me,

“I am at home, why?”

“Who can verify that?” he asked me.

“Did you just ask me who can verify where I am? You not my man but if you should know talk to my new man!”

I said and handed the phone to Thulare!

“Thulare here what’s up?” he said. I wish I could have heard and seen the look on Mudendas face when Thulare said that. Eish. Do you know how painful it is for your ex boyfriend to hear the voice of your new man? Ouch. That hurts and ladies, you should try it. Put that bastard in his place and he will pray to his ancestors for forgiveness for the day he ever crossed you. Mudenda had just tried to take my baby away from me not once but twice. He now wanted money for my suffering? Who the fuck did he think he is?

“Thulare give me the phone!” I told him. He was not sure what was going on when he handed it over to me.

“Was that necessary?”  Mudenda asked, obviously incensed at having Thulare speak to him like the little worm that he was.

“Now listen to me. Don’t call me again!” I told him.

“I am of the father of your child!” he screamed.

“No you are not. You are just as irrelevent to me as a sunroof on a Polo! Irrelevant!” I screamed back and hung up the phone. Okay, I don’t know why I said that about the sunroof, its the first thing that came to my mind. But let’s face it, why would you put rims and a sunroof on such a car?

“What is going on?” Thulare asked me!

“Its Mudenda trying to get under my skin. He had the social workers take Amo from me, now he is trying to rub it in!” I told him

“Eish this is bad! Have you spoken to Julius?” he responded, putting his hands on his head. I think after all the anger and tantrums I had thrown, when reality sank in, I was childless. He had taken my child! I broke down and cried. This was hard. This was painful.

“Julius said he is too busy right now but he will look into it. What hurts even more is that they are refusing to tell me where they took him!” I told him.

“I think Mudenda has crossed a line and there have to be consequences! You can’t let him get away with this! What a bastard!” Thulare said. This is the sad part. It takes men to sympathise with women’s problems when another woman won’t? How is it we live in such a society where we hate each other so much we will not stand up for each other. My heart just breaks when I think of that, it really does!

“I am not hungry, I am going to bed!” my sister said. I did not see she was standing at the door since she had been replacing the number plates. She was crying and her face was wet with tears. Tonight I was not going to call my mother. I wanted her to be happy where ever she was because no one deserves this.

“It’s only 6pm Judith you can’t sleep this early!” I told her weakly but I don’t think she heard. She walked past me with a dazed look on her face. She was too heart broken I guess.

“Let me go buy you guys pizza just in case you eventually decide to eat.” Thulare said thoughtfully. I did not stop him, nor did I tell him what flavour to buy. He left. I think he too was overwhelmed by the emotions in the house. 15 minutes later I got a call. It was Julius, finally!

“I am sorry I took so long things just kept on getting hectic for me, how are you holding up!” he asked me, but I think the crack in my voice made it clear that I was not doing okay at all. He immediately said,

“Look, there is nothing that we can do tonight about this. It will have to be tomorrow. I have already tried making calls to that social worker but nothing.” he explained what was obvious. In South Africa no one works after 4:30pm unless you work in a shop. There was no way he was going to find her at work. I knew that but thank you for trying.

“Do you think I can get my son back?’ I asked him. I don’t think he expected that question because he kept quiet for a second before he responded,

“I will do everything in my power to get him ba…”

“I asked if you think I can get him back?” I cut him halfway as he was not answering the question I had asked him. He hesitated to answer but I did not hang up.

“Well…” I asked him,

“I don’t know!”

This time I hung up. I knew the answer to that. I had to prepare myself for the worst but at the same time I needed a plan. These people only function if you expose their incompetencies to the media.

My mother called. I did not pick up because if I did I would have to tell her the truth which would make her rush back to be with us. Let her have her good time with my father. As I was thinking that my phone rang. It was the last person I expected, it was Refiloe.

“How are you holding up?” she asked me. Was I not the one who was supposed to be asking her that?

“I’m good and you?”I asked her.

“Aurelia told me she told you what happened!” she stated.

“Yes she did. I hope you did not cause any permanant damage!” I replied coldly.

“No, I wish! I missed and caught part of her leg otherwise she will be fine!”

Ah! Why had Aurelia made it seem like it was the end of the world? She had gotten her revenge now we can both move on!

“That’s good news then!” I said actually a bit relieved that Meladi was not in the grave.

“Yes it is. Now tell me about Aurelia and my husband!” she asked very calmly!

You could hear a pin drop!

******The End******



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hi Mike and readers

I’m in need of advice.

I’ll try to list my problem concisely but I’m still afraid it might be a bit too long (sorry):

My cousin’s mom (aunt/ mamkhulu) passed away a few years ago, when my cousin and I were in grade 11. He came to live with us. Since this tragedy He (cousin) has gone from bad to worse.

In his first year after matric, he went on to study away from home. When the final results came out, he had failed almost all his subjects furthermore he had been evicted from his apartment due to drug usage.

In an attempt to teach him a lesson, it was decided he should move back home and rather commute to and from school. He again failed those subjects he was repeating.

Now the problems are that 1. tertiary education is expensive as is what more paying for someone who isn’t serious? 2. He has a drug problem. (Not sure which drug, I’m unfamiliar with the scent the smoke leaves on his clothing)  3. Since no one is willing to pay for his education anymore, he was requested to apply for learnerships or some form of job that will keep of the streets.  To date, he hasn’t done that.

I’m not only terrified of what will happen to him if he doesn’t get of the streets and get his act together but I’m also fear for my mom’s health due to her stressing over him. ( in the past 2 years she has suffered a minor stroke and heart attack- she wasn’t declared overweight BTW).

Everyone in the family has given up on him.  I’m at odds, how do I help him, help himself?

Thank you


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  1. Thanks Mikeesto, happy friday fam.

    Have you tried those FET institutions? Get him some practical skils training, be it bioler maker or bricklayer. The guy needs to find a purpose and he might just discover that when he is sweating them drugs away doing hard labour. Organise him a job as ‘Udaka-Boy’ in construction even. If all else fails, send him to rehab. I dont believe in therapy shem, i just think thats a waste of money to tell someone else your problems.

    DIY therapy helps though, buy a bottle of Smirnoff 1818, Viceroy 5yr Old and a case of beers and some weed. After you finish the first bottle, you start talking about the real reason this dude is drifting into hell, his mother passing. If that dont help ousi then God doesnt exist.


  2. OMG Faith is in sh*t ke ngoku1. With Mudenda as the flat might probably have surveillance cameras.2.With Refiloe as Meladi might have ratted out Aurelia & stated that Faith can vouch for her joooh owaninike uTues.

  3. Lol ay Faiths life is rough for u. But violence to get even with a low life man is not it. You hv messed up dearly tryna get a revenge on Meladi. Revenge is just like drinking poison and hope the next person dies

  4. Wow Jackzorro welcome, though I was with you on Shaznaz Letswalo we really missed you here. Mike and team thanks for a great read and have a fantastic weekend guys.

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