Rumblings – Chapter 138

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I don’t know if I am the only person who feels like whenever things start going right for me, something always comes up and goes wrong. I am not trying to feel sorry for myself or anything like that but it just seems like that’s my reality. I can never be happy for consecutive days. That’s just the law of nature in the life of Faith. I called Juju, the lawyer I was using and he picked up. I told him what was going on and he said he was going into court and will get to it as soon as possible. Eish, did he really have to go into court. I went and told my boss what had just happened. He told me it was okay for me to go home. Lunga was asked to drive me and he obliged. In the car he tried to make small talk but I was so far away in my thoughts. What had changed so much in the last few days that they could just come in and take my child? I had taken the number of that Social Worker but now I could not remember her name on my phone. Why didn’t I just write her as Social Worker though? When I got home my sister was sitting at the door crying. As soon as the car got into the driveway she stood up and walked to me explaining.

“They came and said that they are taking both babies. They already had Ruben in the car. They left a number and said they are taking them away from both parents for their own safety until they can determine what to do next! she said in tears. I wanted to tell her to calm down but I was no longer calm myself. I wanted my baby back. I wanted the baby back now. Dear Lord why have you abandoned me like this I begged in a silent prayer. I hope someone was listening because really this was the last straw. My mother’s phone was off, she might have known what to do. I was stuck. I had no one to call and no information.

“Did they give you a number?” I asked her. She said they had and she gave it to me. When I called it was a white lady who picked up. I told her what the problem was and she put me on hold. That was the longest hold ever but I waited. When she came back she said,

“I am sorry ma’am your case worker said that you should not be told were your baby is for now as they are working on an amicable solution!”

I tried to ask questions and get the Social Workers number but she said she was not at liberty to say. My heart broke. Why were they doing this? I know they will say for the benefit of the children but that would work in a situation were the children where in any danger. Up till the day Amo got sick there had never been a moment were his life had been put in danger. With the way Agnes loved Ruben that’s something I can say too on her behalf with much certainty.

“We got a call ma’am from the father of the child saying that you intended to do harm on your child if things were not reversed immediately!” she said to me. Why would Agnes’s husband do that though? Why would he say such a thing?

“But what kind of harm would I give Amo? I love my baby with all my heart and I have never ever strayed from that path!” I explained.

“Ma’am I don’t doubt you. Amo is not the baby in question, Ruben is!”

Now she was getting confusing. Yes I know Agnes’s husband had issues with his ancestors but how could he call and say that.

“Ma’am please explain what happened? What did he say exactly?” I begged her.

“Ma’am it’s not us who made the first move, you did!” She said.

“We did? I was at work today I made no such move and I doubt Agnes would either!” I explained.

“It doesn’t really matter because all I know is that we got a lawsuit on our table. One Mudenda Gumbi, father of Ruben is taking us to court for inaction when we found out that there was a switch.”

Fuck I should have known that it will be Mudenda. This man was determined to destroy my life. He was going to do whatever it takes to make sure that I got nothing left of my sanity.

“He is the father of the child so has a legal right to do so. We are safe as an organisation though because time is on our side. My bosses however felt that let’s not give his lawyers more ammunition and do what should have been done on day one.” she explained. I don’t think I was still listening. Mudenda had crossed yet another line and I had let him. I bet you where ever he was he was, he was sitting there laughing at my expense. This one I was not going to take lying down. Now he had really made me mad. I told Lunga that he could go as there was nothing that could be done here.

“We need to do something about Mudenda am tired of this bullshit. He thinks he can mess with me? He has another thing coming!”

I told my sister. She was the crazy one but she did not see this one coming.

“Take the number plates off your car!” I told her.

“Why?” She asked me.

“Just do what I say okay!” I shouted at her. She often did that with her friends when they went on long distance trips and wanted to speed. She told me this way the speed cameras would not catch them. This is how I knew she knew how. When they were off I sent her to buy some things. I told her to wear a cap.

“Faith I am scared, what do you want us to do?” she asked me, now concerned when she saw what was on my list.

“Just do as I say and hurry back!” I said offering no explanation. I think because she too was hurting with all that was going on, she obliged and went. I gave her cash and told her under no circumstances must she swipe for anything. She looked confused but she did it. When she was away I got a phonecall from another person who had seemingly disappeared.

“Hello Thulare!” I said coldly. I knew where he had been but I am sure they are allowed a courtesy phone call or something. He left at a time when he knew a lot was happening in my life.

“That’s rather cold, are you mad at me?” he asked me.

“Of course I am mad at you. You have too many secrets and you just disappear without a word. What am I supposed to think? I tried to call you a million times and your phone was off.”

I told him which was true. I was not being unreasonable because I am certain he would have received a message saying he had missed calls.

“Are you at home, I would like to come and see you?”he asked me without answering any of those questions.

“No I am not. What do you want to see me for?” I asked him as a rhetorical question because it’s obvious he wanted to explain.

“Please don’t be like that. I know have a lot of explaining to do and I will if you just give me a chance!” he pleaded. I honestly did not want to see him. Why would I? He had given me the perfect excuse to break up with him so why would I allow myself to be pulled back in.

“Okay I will tell you when I am home. Don’t have any expectations because you know I am not happy with you! I hate being treated like a doormat with no feelings. I can’t believe that you of all people knowing what I was going through totally dropped off the face of the planet!” I said to him. I could hear his hopes sink but he managed to say,  “I am sorry about that. I will explain everything when I see you, I promise!”

I am not sure I even wanted to see him anymore but I obliged. What if he committed suicide on me, then what? I hung up the phone without responding. Nothing sends a message to a black man like hanging up on him. Yho! They get so mad. It’s like it’s their right for you to hear them in your ear. I know where ever he was he was not fuming but extremely worried that’s for sure. This guy had killed his baby mama, accident or not. I did not feel safe around him anymore.

“I am back. Are we going to do what I think we are going to do?” My sister asked me. I told her not to ask too many questions otherwise she would make me change my mind. Her response: “Do I look like the type that squirms out of a challenge? Come on Faith, you know me better. I was born for this!”

She put on her Coloured accent and we laughed. I don’t know, in South Africa there is an unwritten law that to sound gangster you must mix your English or vernec with Afrikaans.

“Take the highway.” I told her but she refused saying that we had a higher chance of the police stopping us for not having number place. I told her where we were going and she said she knew short cuts. Surprisingly there was no traffic. We parked a few parking lots away from Mudenda’s gate.

“Do you think he will be here?” my sister asked me. I could hear a bit of hesitation in her voice.

“Maybe this is a bad idea Faith! she said but I told her to calm down. I knew what I was doing. Mudenda lived in an apartment but usually when he came back from work he parked outside so he could run up and get his gym bag. I always told this guy never to leave things in his car but Mudenda had that thing of when he came back from work he would go to the toilet. It’s amazing, he was almost always pressed for number two and not number one. Okay maybe that’s too much information but I am not lying. His poop had a schedule and it was that schedule I was going to use against him.

Twenty minutes after we parked Mudenda arrived and true to form, he left his car on the road and ran upstairs. They had no security at the gate as they used that tag system. I think my ancestors must have been finally fed up with him too because there was not a single person on the road.

I took my jerry can of paraffin, eish my sister had bought a lot, and I poured it all over his car. A car passed and I stopped for a second. When the car turned I lit a match and threw it on his car.

I ran for my life back to my sister as the car caught fire. We drove off immediately. I turned just in time to see the car turn into a fireball.

Hell hath no fury…

*******The End*******



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Greeting to you Mike and the Readers

I need yours and your readers advise on the below issue .

I have a 15 year old nephew who I think has a problem academically. I am saying this because he is 15 and he is doing grade 6 this year. I am the breadwinner back home n I have a child as well, that means I have to take care of my sis, her 2 children, my own child n myself as well. Well I don’t have a problem with that coz I’m managing with the little that I earn. My only concern is this child, his future is fading right before our eyes. The child can’t even read something in Zulu. If you try n ask him to read or study he cries. I’ve seen that he’s very good at soccer, he loves it too and he can draw.

We’ve tried to do it the traditional way n we were told to take the child to his fathers home but the father is not a responsible person n he always makes empty promises to the kid n we thnk even that disturbs him a bit so we do not contact the father anymore.

I know you may ask yourself why did we not try n seek help for so many years, its been hectic back home with a lot of tragedies that we’ve faced including both my parents’ death, my brother committing suicide in 2013, my unplanned pregnancy, our other brother uyisigqila sotshwala n uhlalele uksethuka njalo ma edakiwe.

His mother has even threatened to take him out of school because there’s little progress on the child but what is he gonna stay home and do at 15?

I think as a family we are cursed in a way and I’m even afraid that the other 2 kids will have the similar problem growing up if we don’t act as fast as we can, (nomkhuleko siyawudinga lana!)

As a family we cannot afford to take him to therapists but if there is anyone residing in PMB and can help me find a counsellor for my nephew, I will greatly appreciate.

Thank you

Concerned aunty!.

21 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter 138

  1. aaah u Faith madoda shes all revenge revenge ,this is bad ..this is really bad.

    Corncerned Aunty myb umntwana is dyslexic try finding a school for children with dyslexia bazokwenza ama test before admission ,use internt to find one in pmb.

    money shoudn’t be a problem zikhona ezamahala.

  2. Tjo Faith that’s extreme; don’t you think
    Thanks Mike and Team
    Concerned aunty your nephew needs to see a professional for assessment he might have a learning disability/difficulty. Why don’t you speak to the teachers? they might know where to refer you to.

  3. yhooo FAith this tym u ve gone too far,

    Mudenda will know ukuth this ws u and he wil use this against you being an unfit parent ecourt

    #I prayshedoesnotgetccaught

  4. The company that you work for, do they have an employee assistance/wellness program? if YES, then I suggest you register your problem with them. The company pays for professional therapist and any other assistance that you may need. usually if you register, the company responds within 48hours. So if you do this today, by Friday you will be assisted and can start sending your nephew Monday for therapy and any other assistance you may need.

  5. lol lmao lol kwaaaaaaa Faith though. she always hits below the belt. this lady really isn’t helping herself here. this is so dumb. faith will regret this

    all the best with your problems. I hope you find the help you seek.

  6. Aaaah Faith does NOT think at all.She uses her emotions all the time!How is this goin to help in anyway.STUPID!!!This is why bazomphuca umntwana.

  7. QnA

    The child needs to be assessed by an Educational Psychologists for conformation but it sounds like he has special learning needs and must be placed in a Remedial school. Go to the Department of Education and ask for an appointment with an Educational Psychologist, they will asses the child and place in the correct school for his learning needs, Also, you can ask the school to do it, however, they should have noticed long ago and done something about already. I do not think the child needs a Therapist to help deal with the challenge, he might need one for the consequences of it, but counselling will not help the child progress if what i believe is the challenge turns out to be true.. All the best.

  8. Mike it seems like you have intentionally made Faith’s character wild. She doesn’t think like a mother. Maybe you need to rework her just abit. Its way too extreme nje. as much as we say we would do anything for our children, we have limits & always think of tomorrow.

  9. This Mudenda idiot has pushed Faith too far, its time he faced the consequences of his actions. you want to turn a woman into a monster? go after her child. Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned

  10. Faith has more that a babymama drama she’s bitter nje. She always trying to prove a point to mudenda she’s driven by bitterness and burning all the bridges inda process . I wish she looses that kid coz its ppl like her who give women bad reputation. every action has consequences

    1. Mmmmmh shenis mot solving but making things worse …. And it will soon come back to her. She will them loose both the kids. Thou is hard for her but she had the opportunity to still love and raise Ruben… After all that is her real flesh n blood n at least Ruben was not even a year old. I known I ‘s hard for her . But her restless decisions will get her to jail.

  11. Cornered Aunty – we have Gorverment hospitals where they have Speech Therapist, Psychologists and possibly all the kids of help you can get….. Since well you the breadwinner try looking at those options and see how far it will get u

    Those ppl are there in Gorverment or they would refer you to ppl who work with Gorverment and will not make u pay. Jus go out and find out more info at those hospitals…

    Hope you find the help n they help that little boy . Is good u have already seen his capabilities and that might help shape his future…. And they might refer u to special schools around ur area that deal with his kind of situation…

    Good luck

  12. Faith is more bitter than I thot,nd mudenda dznt make it easy for her,my cnt he stay the hell out of faith ‘s life? She will sort the bby issue alone jst like she raised him

  13. I see y’all talking about Faith being dumb and I’m like “where”….have you people got yours baby (ies) taken away from you? It takes away all sense, ima nse inqondo and you’re left feeling hollow. Yo ay man nam if i knew the person responsible for my baby being taken from me, I’d slice their nostril! Thaaaaatha Faith Thatha!!!

  14. Concerned Aunty, please take the child to a special school. M certain dat at his current school he has a name abizwa ngalo othisha.
    Special school will give him the attention that he needs.

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