Rumblings – Chapter 137

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They often tell us that giving up as a mother is not an option. They do not tell this to the millions of father who left their children on the street. It’s always a woman who has to run after a man and fix everything. You think life is unfair for you as a man when women chow your money and cheat on you? Well try being a woman for one day and see what it means to be us. Everything is set up against us. How many years must women fight to be treated equally before you realize that we should not even have to fight at all. Mudenda really had a nerve. Where had he been all this time? Was he really going to try and show up with his expensive lawyers and try hijack the efforts that my mother had put in to secure this deal?

“I did not press any charges against the hospital. Don’t forget you are not even on his birth certificate nor listed anywhere as his father so on what grounds do you think you can go and sue the hospital?” I asked him. I was so annoyed by this son of a bitch! Who the hell did he think he was to just waltz into here and think he can take control of a situation he was not part of?

“Oh I thought that too at first. In fact I even regretted it. When I then consulted my lawyers, they said I should not lose hope. In fact they said I can win. I told them that from the beginning I told you that the child in your hands was not my baby. I even had Whatsapp texts to prove that. I showed them me saying you must get a DNA for that baby but you had insisted that it was my baby. Do you remember?”

Men, I swear on everything that I have that God must burn them in hell or I will. He had denied Amo because he did not want responsibility of the child not because he knew that there had been a switch.

“But Mudenda, you had denied Amo because you wanted to claim I slept with someone else not because you knew there had been a switch!” I cut him off.

He laughed and went on to say, “I admit it, I was wrong. My instincts blamed it on the fact that you had cheated and for that I apologise. I am such an idiot. You know me though, I always jump to wrong conclusion but you can’t fault me for insisting something was wrong. Come on, look at us now, we are in this situation because you did not listen to me. If you had just listened, you would have seen the baby was not mine and before you argue, because you did not cheat you would have questioned them as to why.”

Somehow he made sense but in a twisted was hey. He was now blaming me and he was doing it in the lowest way possible.

“Mudenda you can’t be serious right now! I had already taken you to maintenance court because you did not want to help me raise our child!” I protested.

“Yes I did not want. That child was not my child and now that you know it you are still insisting. No, I sensed something was wrong. It’s funny how you didn’t and you call yourself a mother!”

Now he was back to insulting me but I did not hang up,

“My child is the other child and the hospital made a mistake. They gave us the wrong child and we should sue them… together. We can’t have two separate cases because it won’t work. My lawyers say you must join us in our lawsuit so that it’s smooth and is faster.” he said, now calming down.

I could see exactly how his evil genius mind was working. Accept that Ruben was his son then get lots of money for it. Whether he abandoned him later or not was irrelevant as long as he had money. People must not act shocked at this. How many girls do you know who were raised by their mothers but come lobola time they insist on going to get married at their fathers residences or amongst his people? True story, they forget the person who fought tooth and nail to get them to this stage. He was not the only chancer out there. He thought he had me in a corner.

“No. I am not interested. I am also very sure that the hospital will remember that I was there alone that day and you were not there. I am very certain that Amo had my surname and not yours because you denied my baby. You think you are smart Mudenda that’s the problem. No wonder why I deleted your thesis!” I said. It just came out. I had not meant to say it but I wanted to hurt him.

“You did what?” he screamed at me angrily.

“I am going to have you arrested for this!” he screamed angrily.

“You going to have to prove it first!”I said and I chuckled.

“You say I am a bad mother for not recognising that Amo was not mine? How dare you? Are you a good father for not being able to count that the months Meladi told you were wrong? Are you a good father to have taken care of her through her pregnancy when the baby belonged to an old man! You a fine one to talk you idiot!” I shouted back.

“Now you know how it feels like to work so hard and have someone come in one moment and take it all away. That’s what Meladi and you did to me. We built our relationship and then one morning you thought it was fine to leave me and our baby out on the corner. Waste another year writing another thesis!” I shouted some more.

“No Mudenda, you are not as clever as you think you are. In fact you are stupid if you think for one moment I am going to let you near my child. It’s fine, we will go to court and I will tell them I knew all along of the swap just so you don’t get near either of these babies! I will rather lose the money than have you take one cent from it you selfish bastard! How dare you think you can just waltz back into my life now that there is money involved? I had to take you to court for the maintenance and because you really didn’t want, you hired expensive lawyers when that money could have fed Amo for a year. Go tell your lawyers that the bitch at North Riding said no to being part of that lawsuit because if she is called to court she will say the opposite. You will lose the case plus that money you paid them to represent you. Let’s see how your logic works now genius!” I said, spitting fire and brimstone. I still did not hang up. I wanted to hear what he had to say. I wanted to hear that smart come back like he always does but there was none. He kept quiet for about 20 seconds I am certain thinking of what to say. Eventually it came out,

“It doesn’t change the fact that I am suing the hospital with or without you and I am going to take all that money!” he said.

“Over my dead body you will.” I warned him. You know those black families that fight for an inheritance when the person is still alive. Families that hate each other for what’s not even theirs in the first place. That was Mudenda and I at this moment. We were fighting as though the money was already out and the hospital had paid out. He was forgetting that the hospital was going to have its own lawyers waiting for us to defend themselves.

“Goodbye Mudenda!” I finally said and put down the phone. I was tired. This time I switched off my phone and slept. In the morning I woke up early and went to work. Life had to go on somewhere somehow right. Besides if I was getting fired I think it made sense to do it at work as opposed to doing it at home.

When I walked in my boss was in his office. I won’t lie I was surprised because I thought he would be with his wife whereever she was after the events of last night. He was looking down reading some documents and did not look up when I walked past. Orapeleng was the first to see me. She immediately ran to me and hugged me saying,

“Oh my goodness I heard what happened to you and the baby issue, I am so sorry!”

Ah who had told them. I did not want too many people knowing my business.

“Things are still being fixed so hopefully by end of the month I will know what’s up!” I told her. She came and sat next to me and we spoke for a while. Lunga came in an hour late. He looked as though he had not slept.

“Welcome back Faith!” ee said rather distantly. I am sure he knew, Aurelia had told him.

“Lunga you didn’t finish your piece yesterday please can I have it by noon!”

Orapeleng said standing up. We really were back at work eish. Already hated day one.

“How is your mom?” I asked him. He looked like he did not want to talk about it. He gave me that curt, “Fine!” and I knew today was not the day. Did he blame me? What next! As I was going through all my work emails my boss came into our side. He saw me and said, “Faith my office please!”

I was certain I was going to be fired. I went to his office but he did not follow immediately. He was talking to his son. I could see even from here, that Lunga was angry but they did not raise their voices.

“Welcome back. Is everything sorted?” my boss asked me when he entered. I told him that we have not sorted anything yet. He sympathised and told me to hang in there for the sake of my child. I wonder which one he meant. He made a bit of small talk then sent me back to my desk. I was expecting more but that was it. When I got back to my desk, my sister called.

“You better come home quick. Social welfare people came and they have taken Amo!” she said anxiously.

They had what?

******The End******



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading this.

I am a fourteen year old girl from Kempton Park and I have a serious embarrassing problem. I still bed wet and I don’t know how to stop it. I am too old to be like this and my parents have taken me to doctors even. I can’t live like this. I often think of killing myself because if people ever find out I will just die of humiliation. I can’t even think of dating boys yet as I feel like it’s written all over my face. I have younger siblings and how can they ever respect me if I am this disgusting. I don’t even know where to hide the way I am ashamed by all this.

Is there anyone out there who has ever had this problem and how did they stop it?

Thank You


8 thoughts on “Rumblings – Chapter 137

  1. Go to the doctor (GP) and get bladder strengthening tablets. If the problem persists then go see a psychologist. I know people who still wet the bed in their twenties

  2. I had the very same problem, I understand your pain, for me it was really bad that even if I’m not sleeping I would need to go to the toilet immediately, I know the all about the embarrassment, and the pain of your cousins and other family members laughing and comparing you to your younger siblings that don’t wet the bed and brag about how they stopped wetting the bed when they were 2 and stuff. I went to see a urologist it helped me, they might help you too.. All the best

  3. I wet my bed when I was eleven my parents did the “imbeleko” Xhosa custom that was the end of it I didn’t wet my bed again… But for you I can be a deferent story

  4. There are adults that still wet their beds. The best way is to empty your bladder often. Before you go to bed and every four hours after that. It means waking up in middle of the night to empty your bladder.

  5. hi Kempton I understand my cousin had the same problem. try to stop drinking liquids by 6 or 7 and set an alarm for 11 or 12 to go pee. the doctor also can recommend tablets to delay you. Eventually you will get used to it. Another thing you can attend sessions with psychologists because the problem might be psychologically. Family related issues and so on.Hope you will be fine

  6. Hi Kempton.
    I used to have the same problem as you and I only stopped wetting the bed at the age of 12. I was in boarding school at that time so you can imagine how embarrassing that was. Anyway I was taken to a doctor who gave me pills which I had to drink everyday around 5/6pm and then after taking those pills I want allowed to drink any liquids. Eventually I stopped wetting the bed and I also don’t have to get up during the night to go pee.

  7. Thank you Mike.

    @ Kempton, I used to wet my bed till I was 9 and it didn’t stop by it’s self. I would wet myself even if I just took a 30 minutes’ nap, and I once did it at a SARS office, having gone there with my mother.. I was born out of wedlock so I had to go to my father’s family for “imbeleko” and that was the last day I kissed that embarrassing problem goodbye. But ke as they say, different strokes for different folks…

  8. Q&A…one of my sisters had the same problem but it stopped by itself then one of my cousins had the same problem too. I think it will eventually stop, I dont know when and how but it will eventually stop.What I think you should do is set a certain time that maybe after 6 you no longer drink liquids and see what happens. Stay strong

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