Rumblings – Chapter 136

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I don’t know what to say right now. Refiloe had done what? I am all for beating the shit out of a girl who sleeps with a married man. I am totally for it. I don’t care how dis-empowering other women might think it is for us to attack each other but you should never show leniency to a baboon. Never! If it enters your field you beat it up in such a way it will tell all the other baboons how cruel you really are! Meladi was that baboon and had she not been pregnant I would have beaten her up a long time ago. I know there are many women who will say walk away, or ask why you go after the girl and not the man but cut the bullshit. You go to the man and he beats you up for your efforts then what? That woman sized you up and said you were not a threat to her that’s why she thought it was her right to share your man! Lol, I am laughing right now because the anger in me is boiling. It was her right! She figured that you did not need to have his dick all to yourself so by right God made it such that it’s meant to be shared! Well I would like to see if her rights are stronger than my fists in this case! Never ever allow another woman to disrespect you like that! To come into your home and take your man then you allow her to waltz away when she has done the damage! Yho, Jesus take the wheel because I will kill the bitch! This was a married couple and she knew he was a married man so yes I blame her! I blame her for being a whore and I blame her for doing this to another woman. I don’t blame him because the legs were open and ready to take him in meaning to him it was free cheap pussy! Him I will just divorce but like all things free they must be shown that it takes time to make money hence a lesson is needed here! Pouring of hot water however, I disagree with! You don’t disfigure a person for life because your husband could not keep it inside his pants. Nope! That is too extreme and often comes with consequences you will not be able to handle. A bitch is a bitch yes but you don’t cut off your dogs privates because too many male dogs are at your gate trying to hump it!

“Aurelia you are worried about Meladi, what will happen when she finds out that you too have been sleeping with him?”

I asked her calmly. I don’t think that Aurelia for one moment ever thought she was doing something wrong. If you ever paid attention to her tone there was hardly a care in the world. It reminds me of those girls on instagram who post a million pictures on holiday showing off their affairs because they are not ashamed and actually feel very powerful being his sloppy seconds. To her Meladi was wrong but she was not. Because she was young and beautiful it meant she was justified in being his mistress.

“This is not about me Faith stop changing the subject!” she snapped but I didn’t stop,

“You are her friend. Think! She will do worse to you than to Meladi who she did not even know until I guess a few days ago!”

She wanted to say something but she paused. I had struck a nerve. I had said something that actually sank in. Now she knew she had a problem.

“Oh come on she will never do that to me. It’s not like I have his baby and besides I have moved on. We are through! You know that!” she said,

“Yeah, you have moved on to her son and guess what, if it comes out that you were friends with Meladi how do you think it will go down!” I asked her. She fell off her high horse with a thud I heard all the way from my house.

“Shit!” I heard her whisper. Now I was making sense to this moron.

“What do I do?” she asked me. Why was she asking me what to do? I had never once woken up and had a sfebe mentality even for the fun of it. I was considered uncool because I just didn’t take chances in my life. Yes my life had turned out complicated but I did not have people trying to kill me for their men. How low must you be as a woman to be that woman really?

“Go home to KZN!” I said very coldly. All these little harlots leave their home provinces to come all this way to cause problems for others because they know they can run home to their rondevaals with no consequences in the first place. She must do the right thing and go catch a taxi and go home.

“That is not funny!” she said, “I need this contract you know!”

Here we go again. Have you ever noticed how sugarbabies have a sense of entitlement. It’s like they are God’s gift to their sugardaddies so they must get everything they want. They are proud and loud making them think that it makes them sound wise and smart. How wrong they are!

“You really think Refiloe is going to still worry about the contract! Think Aurelia. If I was the person who was supposed to be giving her the contract after hearing what she has just done do you think honestly that I would want to work with her again? Come on now! You know this industry better than I do!”

Wow I had just popped her bubble. I had just showed her that what she thought she was cultivating was not going to germinate. People never think things through. There are always consequences.

“This is all your fault now she could be badly hurt and Refiloe could be going to jail for it. That’s not all, now you have jeopardised my contract.”

I had just told her that yet she felt a need to repeat it. Yawn. Who was she kidding? People like Refiloe don’t go to jail. They have too much money and influence to do so but okay maybe I am wrong, so did Meladis dad!

“You know she won’t, come on!” I said, still very cold to her concerns.

“You like taking the moral high ground but you too think for one second. If this goes to court and they ask Refiloe who told her she will say it was you. Now if that’s the case and you know you will sooner or later be fighting for custody for for Amo or that other boy, do you really want powerful people like her father opposing you! This is far from over and you know it! Stop acting like your moral high ground has no consequences!”

She shouted then she hung up. Shit, she actually had a point! Ag! There was never a time when I did not have consequences with theee people. Now I had been dragged right back in when all I wanted was to be left alone. I had to go back to work tomorrow to see whether I still had a job as well as to see what my boss would say. I stared at my phone for a while and I started to cry. I had fucked up yet again. They say the truth shall set you free but in my telling the truth I seemed to have more to lose. In this country lying gets you places that’s why people with fake degrees have higher post than you with no degrees.

“You are fighting with people again. Don’t you ever get tired?” my sister asked when she stepped into the room. I had not realised that I had been shouting but I guess she had heard everything.

“Please don’t listen in when I am on the phone. It’s creepy and uncool!” I said to her but she just brushed it off like she always does.

“So your people are now burning each other with boiling water. That’s deep.” she said. She was fishing and wanted to hear more but I was not going to indulge her. I had too many things to worry about.

“Go away please!”

“It’s my room so you go away!” she said but she was in a good mood. I think having Amo with her made her like this. I stood up and went to my room.

I always say this, whenever I am in problems I know someone who seems to sense it and almost always comes through to make them worse, Mudenda. He was calling. What did he want?

“Where have you been?” he asked me just like that. Really? This guy had a nerve. Why couldn’t Refiloe have poured water on this idiot too!

“What do you want?” I asked him not interested in any of his bullshit.

“I want to come see my son, my real son!” he said so confidently.

“He is in Orange Farm go see him there!” I said coldly.

“You haven’t gone to take him!”

You know when it comes to Mudenda, nothing hurts more than knowing that once upon a time you were committed to someone who couldn’t possibly care as much about the relationship you shared than you did. Now all of a sudden he wanted to see Ruben when he never cared for Amo! What the hell did I ever do to this guy?

“Shouldn’t you be with Meladi?” I asked him trying to change the topic.

“Why? I haven’t spoken to her in days and never will!” he retorted.

“I think you should. Something happened. It’s important you need to find out!” I warned him.

“How come you always know her business? Stay away from her. She is an evil person. I could tell you things about her that could make you cringe…” he offered but I cut him off,

“No please don’t. I don’t want to talk about your ex!”

Don’t you just hate people who after they break up with someone they want to reveal all that persons secrets? What the hell for? I don’t want to know!

“Oh well you are missing out on some juicy gossip. I am going to destroy that girl for what she did to me!” he said I think more to himself than to me.

“I don’t want to hear it what do you want?” I asked him coldly.

“I called to tell you that my lawyers have opened a case against the hospital that swapped my son!” he said.

His son? The nerve of this guy. He wanted to cash in!

My ancestors will walk naked to his house first if I ever allowed that!

Yhoooooo shem!

******The End********



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  1. Thanks for the chapter Mike.

    Soweto, I can see myself in that baby daddy of yours, only difference is I broke up with my baby mama coz she was rude and physical. Only thing I can say is you got a good guy there. But, it’s possible that he still has feelings for you but doesn’t wanna jinx things or he could have possibly really moved on with his life. Only way to know is to find out if he is with someone else and how seriois the affair is. Alternatively, you can come clean to tho this guy and admit your feelings. You know what they say that it is better to admit your feelings amd live knowing that he doesn’t want you than to never confess at all amd live with the doubt for the rest of your life. If he’s into to you then you guys can hit it off again and if he’s not, well it will hurt but eventually you’ll move on and find yourself someone else. You are still young so there’s still plenty of time for you to look and bond also woth your daughter. Soon she’ll be all grown and you will miss her early days.

    Good luck.

  2. eish Mike u Faith uyangi stressa ngale temper yakhe e uncontrollable. 1 does not always have to get even. sometimes u have to let things go man

  3. Guys like Mudenda will make u regret the day u started to have unprotected sex,he is such an idiotic moron who really dnt care abt any1’s feelings,

  4. Thanks Mike…. you know i was so worried about that girl… I have been thinking about her so much…dat could happen to anyone..I will make a deposit into the account…

  5. Mike go open an account then and get us another account number but not yours. It doesn’t even take 5 minutes to open a bank account especially when you a private banker, if not go and q and get a business account.

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